Extremist Muslim Doctors Do More Than Heal

Opinion CategoryWhen I initially read the article Radical Muslim doctors and what they mean for the NHS, I thought about the Catholic Church. Now, before anyone gets all upset, let me clarify: I am not in anyway connecting Catholic and radical Muslim ideology. Instead, I see a historical connection between the political clout the Catholic Church once had and the religious influence many Muslim doctors now have. Let me explain.

The British Medical Journal article mentioned above attempts to answer timely questions regarding doctors and extreme Islamic ideology and actions. When it became public knowledge that several doctors were alleged leaders of the 2007 attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, it shocked many. Muslim terrorists are nothing new; Muslim terrorists who are also medical doctors, well, that’s a whole new story.

Islamic GeometryFloating around, gathering followers are a number of explanations that attempt to explain why the more extremist views of Islam are being endorsed by some Muslim doctors throughout the world. Some of these have merit but the report published by the Centre for Islamic Pluralism brings to light a cultural element that may, at least partially, explain this disturbing trend. This is where the connection between the historical Catholic Church and the operations of current Muslim culture come into play.

In the past, the Catholic Church was not just a religion — it was a government. The entire religion of a country could be, and was, dictated by the ruler. More times than not, this meant that Catholicism was the mandated religion. The fact that there was corruption within the church ranks than is not surprising or abnormal. After all, political power seems to be almost synonymous with personal or government corruption… as we are all witness to on an all-too-regular basis.

Although the extent of this religious-political conflict of interest seems almost bizarre by today’s standards, at the time, this was normal, the way society operated. And to understand why extremist Muslim doctors are an important part of the fundamental movement, we need to grasp the fact that their society still operates on a principal not unlike the one mentioned above.

The Airy Doom of the DuomoIn many traditional Muslim cultures, they welcome this conflict of interest. Just as the Catholic Church was once known as much for its’ political actions as it was for its’ religious doctrine, many Muslim doctors today are regarded both as medical adviser and religious leader. Sometimes, in fact, their professional clout gives them more religious stature than someone known only for their religious authority.

So the question as to why a percentage of Muslim doctors are following suite of extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudi Wahhabis, and the Pakistani jihadists , isn’t an easy one to answer. But, a closer look at the traditional culture, the one that espouses extremists views helps:

  • Muslim doctors are professionals and are thereby leaders.
  • Muslim doctors are considered to be medical and, somewhat loosely speaking, spiritual practitioners.
  • Spreading Islamic laws to patients is considered a duty of doctors.

Along with these cultural beliefs, the study shows that some traditional Muslim professionals, including doctors, are quite open to using a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam to solve problems. Because of the influence these professionals have, simply by the title they hold and the education they have, they are considered a key element in influencing others to take on embrace radical extremist views. These “others” that they are expected to reach are people who, like the majority of Muslims, believe in a “mainstream Islam,” the Islam that can easily co-exist with other major religions.

Just as Catholicism is more beneficial as a religion instead of a governing body; many may feel that a medical doctor would do better to stick to treating physical aliments instead of attempting to recruit others through the status they have attained. But, as all of humankind has learned since 9-11, cultural differences are not always as simple as they first may seem. It’s important to remember that many, if not most, Muslim professionals find this cultural pattern as disturbing as anyone outside of the Muslim community does: a conflict of interest that takes advantage of the title M.D.


Al-Alawi, I., Schwartz, S. (2008). Radical Muslim doctors and what they mean for the NHS. BMJ, 336(7648), 834-834. DOI: 10.1136/bmj.39282.655035.4E

  • I have been concerned by the news that so many Muslim doctors appear to espouse radical Islam. The realization that men trained to heal can murder innocent people is shocking to the Western mind.

    Your analogy with the Catholic Church is apropos. However, at the roots of Catholicism are the spiritual values of love and service which Jesus preached. My study of Islam finds only a totalitarian poltical doctrine written by a psychopath. What else could you call a man who beheaded 600 Jews? None of this is critical of your work since you didn’t make the argument that Islam is in any way good for the West, or the East for that matter.

    You are right about divorcing Islam from medicine. I don’t think it can be done. The logical conclusion for me is that Muslim doctors should not be included as part of the NHS billing system nor licensed in the West. People who think this is bigotted can ask themselves the question: How many Nazi doctors does the West need? Once they have the answer to that they can examine the Koran and the biography of Mohamed and come to their own conclusions about the similarities of Mein Kampf and the Koran.

    Zealous Christians emulate Christ. They love God, love others, and spread the Gospel. Zealous Mulsims emulate Mohamed a murderous thief and rapist. I know who I want as a neighbour and a doctor.

    People who love freedom must wake up and then stand up or we will lose in a generation what has taken 100 generations to build.

  • Sorry, but I have to disagree with the comment above. Especially with this part:

    Zealous Christians emulate Christ. They love God, love others, and spread the Gospel. Zealous Mulsims emulate Mohamed a murderous thief and rapist. I know who I want as a neighbour and a doctor.

    Zealous Christians follow, as they have always done, the diktat of their Church. They tend to be “pro-life”, against stem cell research, evolution (if we talk about evangelical confessions) and homosexuality. In the Middle Ages, they used to be intensely antisemitic – after all, Jews used to be considered responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.

    If zealous Christians really followed Jesus, they would be less judgmental, more generous, and less attached to authority than they really are.

    Also, it is constantly ignored that “radical” views of Islam are also a reaction to other “Western” views seen as descendants of a colonial past which is not far away. Being “radical” goes with being nationalistic most of the time – a bit like being Fascist/Nazi and Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox…) used to be, and is, for many in Italy, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine, and so on.

    People whose countries are constantly harassed by the West will empathize with their Muslim brothers, and feel that their religion is their only strength – as its rhetoric includes the vision of a prosperous, powerful, and independent Muslim world.

  • First off I want to thank you for your comment and the link to read your fine article, we would be pleased if you could author on our blog if you have the time.

    You asked for a response to your article above and I wish to say that I concur with your assessment between the two religions within the time frame you stated. The difference between the two is apparently to me in such that the Catholic religion is one of love for all man kind as well as a love of God. Also the western culture has become educated and thus tolerant of all religions sadly including Islam due to the lack of knowledge of that ideology and a quest to become politically correct at any cost.

    One would think that with education that Muslim doctors would be able to see how barbaric Islam is and that it could not be anything that a God as we know it would condone yet alone inspire a so called prophet to spread to his known world.

    Our concern at The American Jingoist is that the western world and it’s governments have their collective heads in the sand hoping that it will go away instead of calling a spade for what it is, a spade. The politically correct attitude of the apologist academia and the propaganda that passes for truth in the main stream media, continues to hide from the people that there is a very real danger in trying to appease and tolerate this barbaric cult. Fundamental Islam is what we see manifested in the acts of terror showing Islam for what it is and it’s desire for world domination for the single purpose of enslaving the entire world and returning it to the barbaric age.

    I must say that your article was well written and has value in attempting to explain why professional Muslims do what they do. I will post your article on our blog and should you wish to author on the blog just send me an email so I can send you an invitation to author on the blog.


  • winter32842

    Guy Macher,

    What makes you any different than Muslims or Muhammed that you described?

    You are just another hater, bigot and racist just like what you describes Muslims. Muslims are brainwashed by Mohemmed and the Quran and you are brainwashed by the Bible and Jesus. You guys are exactly samething at the different side of coin.

  • Jesus preached love and forgiveness for everyone. Even His enemies said this. They denied He was the Son of God but they did not say He was warlike, murderous, or given to plunder and pillage.

    On the other hand, Mohamed is described by his official biographers as a warring, thieving, misogynist who personally beheaded 600 to 900 Jews in one afternoon. Mohamed was fooled by Satan to include Satanic verses in the Koran. The Koran also says that Mohamed (a killer) is the ideal man and should be exemplified by all his followers. Is my interpretation of the writings in error?

    I do not hate Muslims, that’s not Christian doctrine. Hating Muslims would demean and belittle the sacrifice of Jesus. I pray for all Muslims to come to know Christ. I do, however, detest Islam which is a doctrine of hate and subjugation. But surely, your comparative study of the New Testament and the Koran revealed the same thing to you.

    As far as being a racist, I was not aware that Islam was only meant for one race. What race would that be?

    What makes me different than Mohamed? I don’t behead Jews. I aspire to Love God, Love Others and Spread the Gospel. Jesus tells me that lies, thievery, rape, and murder are wrong. That’s not the message Muslims get from the Koran.

    But if I have misread the doctrine and biographies of Mohamed, (or the two ways you spell his name)please enlighten me.

    In all honesty, who would you rather have as a neighbour. A man like Jesus? Or a man like Mohamed?

    Another point: I use my name on my posts. Why do you use a pseudonym?

  • Dear Shaheen

    Thank you for your comment on my related post on arabdemocracy.com

    You raise very relevant points in your article which echo some of the conclusions in the original report. I am not a muslim myself but your analysis of the role of medical practioners extending beyond their technical abilities to a more pastoral one does not strike me as unique to Islam but common to most societies to different extents including western industrial society until not that long. At the end of the day medical school is competitive, attracts motivated (hopefully talented) individuals generally from privileged backgrounds. All these attributes makes them potential leaders, and some of them do actually decide to use that potential outside their chosen field.

    On the issue of why they choose to support fundamentalist interpretations of Islam, that has been a trend that transcends classes, ethnicity and profession. Doctors cannot be expected to be immune to it by virtue of their profession. History shows us that they never have anyway.singling them out deviates us from the real problem at hand.

    Joseph El-Khoury

  • Charles

    An interesting topic would be the “Psychology of Extremism”. It appears that humans with an extremist tendency will gravitate to whatever culture or religion that is most likely to allow them to be extremist. A question that comes to mind is “Why do some believe that they most exhibit an extremist lifestyle?”. Is it a compulsive need to seek revenge, be different, or be famous? Why do some believe that only violence can lead to societal change? Is it related to instant gratification needs?

    I don’t have the answers, but they are interesting questions.


  • Seek the truth!


  • OTodd

    Great job you all!
    We don’t have enough hatred going around. Thanks for your contribution.
    Now let’s focus on exremist muslim janitors. Do not worry hatred will not end, even if we start on thoughts of “best of us”.

  • tolerance

    i am disgusted by the above comments. please, do your research before you make such offensive comments. muslims believe that Mohammed and Jesus were both messengers of God and preached the same peace and being good to your neighbours etc. Historical fact – Mohammed was a great neighbour and even his enemies entrusted him with their valuables when they went out of the city. if you actually pick up the Quran you will see that it has striking similarities to other religious texts. anyone with an open and intellegent mind would seek this information before making such baseless and offensive accusations.

    i guess the above comments by other readers of this blog prove that there are religious extremists and people who can hate in every religion. all the rest of us normal people can do is try to give you a good shake and get you to open up your eyes and your minds to diversity. people are people, we are not born to hate. so stop hating.

  • Tolerance

    Read the Hadiths about Mohamed. His biographers record his treatment of Jews. They say he beheaded them. Or did I misread? If Mohamed respected Jesus, would he kill Jews? Does anyone say Jesus killed people?

    If I have misinterpreted the Koran or the Hadiths, prove it. If the Ayatollah Khamenei erred in his writings of permitted sexual acts involving infants and animals, please tell me. I am willing to learn. Perhaps 36 years of teaching physics and mathematics have caused my brain to shrink and I need your fresh brain to show me the error of my ways.

    Are the reports of Arab suicide bombers simply made up? Was I dreaming when Muslims near my home town paraded joyfully on September 11th? Did the Arabs turn the Garden of Gaza back to desert, or are those reports lies, too?

    Would you have tolerated Hitler? I’m glad my father, grandfather, father-in-law didn’t. My Jewish neighbour is also thankful they didn’t have that kind of tolerance. But perhaps she still misses her family and isn’t thinking straight. Perhaps she hates Hitler too much.

    People are people. Very insightful. Which peolpe are dressing up 8 year-old girls in dynamite and detonating them? What is it that you see in your own family that is parallel to that? Do Christians go to heaven for killing non-Christians? I’m not being critical. I am just trying to learn tolerant and insightful.

    The Koran verse you allude to, you know the one about Mohamed looking after his neighbour’s valuables, which verse it that? He couldn’t even be trusted with his daughter-in-law. He set fire to a man to find out where treasure was hidden. Sounds too rapacious to trust. And there’s that hadith about him beheading 600 Jews in an afternoon. I know some hadiths say 900, but that would be psychopathic, so I always quote the lower number.

    I always write under my Christian and Family name. I don’t want to be controversial, just honest and tolerant, like you, whoever you are.

    Made Jesus enlighten you! God bless!

  • mariamah

    This is ridiculous, people have so much hate and racism in their hearts. It’s a shame and very inhumane. Publishing an article about extremist Muslims, oh like we haven’t heard that before. Maybe you brainwashed people should pick up some scholarly literature about Islam and it’s teachings rather then memorizing what CNN has to say.

  • Guy Macher

    Which of the Koran’s verses commanding Muslims to kill Jews and Christians are in error? Which of the hadiths are wrong? Name the suras which are wrong.

    I never watch CNN.

    You may call me Islamophobic but not racist. Is Islam for only one race? What race would that be? Aren’t Iranians, Caucasians? Do you assume I am not black? Or Amerind?

    No apostrophe is used in the possessive third person neuter. Than is used in comparisons.

    May Jesus Chirst, Son of God, enlighten you.

  • nancy

    WWWWooooow Mr. Guy Macher, I have never come across such a person, filled with so much against Islam… You claim to follow Christianity but Jesus and Muhammed come from the same ancestry. It’s really sad to see how much hatred and anger you harbour against Muslims. I have heard about people like you existing in this world, but as a Muslim, this is the first time I have felt so much animosity against my religion

  • Nancy.

    What have I said that is not true? I only used the Koran and the hadiths about Mohamed. If I have made an error please tell me where I went wrong.

    I cannot believe that what I wrote is the most hateful thing you have heard about Islam. Did you not feel something on 9/11 or 7/7 or any time Muslim terrorists fire rockets into Gaza? Did you not feel something when a so-called honour killing takes place in the West?

    Do you say that Jesus beheaded any one? or raped any one? or raised a sword against anyone?

    The hadiths say Mohamed did these things. I am only repeating what Muslims say about Mohamed.

    The “Jesus” in the Koran is not the Christian Jesus. We believe He is the Son of God and not a prophet of the moon god , Allah. We believe Jesus was crucified upon a cross and died and rose again to life.

    Although the Koran says the Gospels of Jesus are true, it denies His Deity. The Gospels and the Old Testament are at least 500 years older than Islam. And the documents are the same now as when written. They have not been corrupted.

    Please, check this out. Jesus wants you to be saved to live for Eternity in Heaven with Him.

  • Paul

    Not all hadiths are precise. Many of them were created and cheated by anti-Islam. Are you sure that the Jews killing hadith is authentic?

    I think I know what’s bother you Guy Macher. You think Mohamed is a killer and Jesus isn’t. Well guess what, you didn’t notice that both of their life time aren’t relatively equal. How long do you think Mohamed live? Well how long did Jesus live?

    I’m sure if Jesus lived longer than he was, Jesus too would be involved in war. Because what!? Because Jesus is a prophet. That’s what prophets do. NOT TO KILL AND WAR. A prophet’s job is to solve all problems in this world, including war. How come a prophet will settle down all prob, if he even doesn’t know how to war? He must practice all aspect of life including warring.

    War is not for revenge or for empire. War is to defend ourselves from the enemy. Maybe the Jews that get killed (as you claimed) were the army of Jews. So that’s what happened in a war. They don’t play poker or scratch each others back. They kill.

    Study Islam by heart, not by hate. I guess, maybe you’re the friend of Geert Wilders. That racist thing.

  • My last post semed to have evaporated into the ether.

    The hadith is well known.

    I am surprised you donot know of it. Likewise, I know that Mohamed was poisoned by a servant girl at age 61. Jesus died ont he Cross at 33 and was resurrected on the third day and lives at the right hand of God.

    The Koran says Jesus is Holy, and born of a virgin. It says Jesus performed miracles. The Koran also tells us that Mohamed was a sinner and didn’t perform miracles. So calling Jesus a potential killer is not Islamic!

    If the hadith is wrong, you must confront the Ayatollah Khameini–he’s sort of like the pope of Muslims.

    The word racist is wrong. Islam is for all people, so how is being critical of Islam racist? Unless you mean pan-racist– against all races! That’s a silly idea.

    Please call me Islamophobe, not in the medical sense, but in the sense that I am 100% against the satanic tyrannical doctrine. But I am also 100% against Nazi-ism and communism and dictators in general, so I am not just picking on Islam. Perhaps call me a tyrannophobe!

    Paul, I can tell I must turn this over to Jesus, to enlighten you. You must bear the name of the great Christian saint for a reason! God bless.

  • natasha

    Hey everyone,

    the article reflects the opinion of the writer and who ever agrees to it.

    i am a pediatrician , and i thought that i’d find something useful other than the quarrel present over here..
    I don’t agree with some points , especially that i have worked with Muslim doctors in their country and there was nothing as preaching or enforcing their ideas to any patient..

    yes there are that are deviants who exist , as there are among Christians as well as all the other existing religions, so it isn’t fair to generalize…

    ease it down! there are more medical problems to worry about!


  • Chris

    Guy Macher, why do you waste your time on these lowly brained fools?

  • Chris

    I do it for entertainment. But, you’re right, time to stop wasting time on these practioners of takiyya.

    God bless

  • Dan

    Suppose everyone has their own extremist doctors:


    Then again some people are just doing their jobs…

  • Dan
  • Amina

    Ignorance is how I can describe all that I have read above; it’s so typical of people who think just because they know a little know it all. Guy I have no idea which “Koran” you have read? i mean how can you place such remarks which are so hurtful and untrue!

    People who can’t add anything positive, have insecurities are uneducated, have no cultural background, are bored come up with such excuse to write or start such discussions which cause the world to divide further, people like this don’t appreciate progress, they like to be pessimistic, negative and are like parasites which cause sickness.. and unfortunately continue to be ignorant because that is what they are best at..Being IGNORANT

    Blaming religions just because some people have misused the name does not mean that everyone who belongs to that religion is the same! Extremists are everywhere and please look at the kinds of crimes that are happening in the states before categorizing how extreme any crime is… go to http://www.crimelibrary.com see how sick people are..

    Your comments and ignorance along with other who have posted negative and insulting comments here is really disappointing.

    May you be enlightened with knowledge, respect and tolerance.

  • CharlesMartel

    I agree with everything Guy says. AS always, people do their uthmost to demonize anyone that speaks out about these concerns so they can feel exceptionally filled with political correctness.

    *In these people’s worlds, Christmas trees are a threat to peace, but millitant madrasas aren’t.

    *In these people’s worlds, there wouldn’t be any 9/11 if we had not “irritated” the muslims.

    *In these people’s worlds, Christianity is always wrong and Islam is always “misunderstood”.

    There are hundreds of millions of these people in Europe and they have no choice anymore. How long will it be until critics of extremism like millitant islam are silenced?!

    Just know that every time, you attack someone that puts out any concerns about modern islam, or the history of islam just for the sheer attack itself, you make more people wonder what is up.

  • CharlesMartel, that’s a preceptive phrase ‘so they can feel exceptionally filled up with political correctness.’ And I do worry truth about the West’s 1400 year war with Islam will be silenced.

    You’ve chosen your name well!

    Amina: Please tell me which English translation of the Koran would be acceptable, and which translations of the hadiths are read by English speaking Muslims. I’ve read the Pickthall, M.H. Shakir, and Dr T B Irving translations. Please believe me–I would love to find that my view of Islam is in error. Help me out, point me to the real Koran in English translation. You would find the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible, Tyndale House Publishers very helpful to gain an understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is in modern English and is considered an accurate translation of the original texts. If you promise to read it, I will send you a free copy.

  • Atheist

    The internet is the last refuge of scoundrels, like Guy Macher, or whois2811, and their bigotry.

  • I’m still waiting for the name of the acceptable English translation of the Koran. As it turns out, though, I have the read the translation that Irshad Manji uses. However, I have an open mind, so I welcome information from Muslims on this matter.

    The internet is not the last refuge of scoundrels, it is the only refuge!

    But instead of calling me names, and my name is Guy Macher, I do not hide behind pen names, debate my points about Islam. So far not one commentator has!

    Atheist, I will pray for you to be enlightened by the Lord Jesus. I will send you a Bible, too, if you promise to read it.

  • Yusuf

    May the guidance of God (Allah) be upon you Mr Macher,

    In your case against the “Satanic” religion of Islam, you’ve presented several beguiling allegations toward the faith and its holy Prophet Muhammad (and yes, it’s Muhammad, not Mohamad). How certain are you that Muhammad was what you claim he was? Was it a few verses you read in the Qur’an which you, as any typical Islamophobe, misconstrued? Maybe a few violent hadiths you cherry-picked out of the thousands of others which attest to Muhammad’s prophethood? Or perhaps it is a worrying lack of faith in Christianity itself that compels you to seek to dispel what you see to be an unchristian, ungodly cult, only to strengthen your own difficult beliefs.

    As Isa. 1:18 invites, “come, let us reason.”

    1. If it isn’t a burden, I’d like to ask you to cite a verse or more from the holy Qur’an where God (or Muhammad in your head) demands the killing of all non-Muslims.

    2. Have you researched the events behind the story of the Jewish tribe of Quraiza and the reason for which they were executed by the Muslims? If so, please elaborate.

    3. You speak of the biography of Muhammad. May I ask what biography you’ve read, as well as who the author is?

    4. Why are you resorting to the sectarian views of Ayahtollah Khamaini’s works – a SHIA? Sunni Muslims do not accept Khamaini as a scholar of traditional Islam, and neither do Sunni scholars for that matter, nor do they approve of the Shia sect whatsoever. Deception – as in Islam – is a sin not well tolerated in Christianity. So what benefit do you see in deceit?

    I’ll happily be looking forward to a reply.

    Peace, and may the Lord open your heart, the Lord of Muhammad and the Lord of Christ,


  • None of my arguments are original. Read Irshad Manji’s book The Trouble with Islam Today, she makes all of my poiints and many more.

    I emailed you 164 verses of the Koran calling for violence. About the sectarian problem Islam has. We have sects in Christianity also, but we all agree Jesus is the Son of God and that He did not call for violence. Surely Shia teachings are not different from Sunni foundational teachings.

    If Jesus is well-regarded in Islam, why are Jews called pigs and why do the stones cry out for Muslims to come and slay them? That’s in the Koran. Allah is NOT the God of Abraham.

    The Koran is a Satanic work and the world would best be free of it. This book oppresses more Muslims than any other force.

  • Anonymous

    guy macher, you worthless piece of shit, mind your tongue and the abusive language you are using against my beloved prophet , you know this is the problem with people like you , who are mislead by others easily , and with less knowledge of their own , you start to speak foolish!!!!!!
    just shut your mouth and listen to me …….
    we as muslims respect all the prophets including jesus and moses, and if you want to know what jews thought of jesus just see any of the movies made by westerners themselves such as passion of christ and many others , see what the so-called religious leaders of that time had to say about jesus and if we accept what they said ,then jesus would be only a person doing blasphemy!!! but may ALLAH protect us from such evil practises and talking bad about prophets ,
    and by the way , you call yourself lover of jesus , then tell me any quote made by jesus on hatred , no there is not any and what you are doing ,trying to spread mischief……
    i know you are the biggest loser in your life , only the people who are badly losing in life make such dirty comments about others ,and what christianity are you talking about , your western countrys surveys tell that 90% of your population is namely “bastards” ,who dont even know who their father is and maybe you are one of them,

  • Guy Macher

    If I have misunderstood the Koran you could have enlightened me, but you simply showed evidence that the Koran and your psychotic prophet are curses from Satan.

    Why does the Koran say kill Jews? How can you say you love Jesus? Jesus is the Son of God. and not one of the prophets of Satan. Copies of the New Testament pre-date the Koran by at least 400 years.

    The illegitimacy rate is certainly not 90%, although if you learned your math from the Koran I can understand your confusion.

    May Jesus Christ enlighten you and lead you from the doctrine of Satan!

    By the way, it seems a lot of you followers of the Religion of Peace are named Anonymous.

  • Yusuf


    I don’t recall what e-mail address I provided, seeing as I received nothing from you, not even in my junk box (which is where it should end up anyway). The address is displayed above now as yusuf.ap@live.com. Now, on to your nonsense.

    “None of my arguments are original. Read Irshad Manji’s book The Trouble with Islam Today, she makes all of my poiints and many more.”

    You place your trust in Manji, an Ismaili (another sectarian) who was westernized as a result of her childhood experiences. Irshad Manji holds not a single background in Islamic Law, history, or the Holy Qur’an. She is a regular nobody who went to a university to write a book against Islam – and that today is a big profit for anti-Muslim women; writing books against Islam without the need of a single credential. Equally, Manji possesses zero credential and has a blank background in Islam. Ergo, her assertions are invalid and have been refuted to the point that Muslim scholars and shaykhs worldwide have now given her zero attention, much to her dismay.

    “I emailed you 164 verses of the Koran calling for violence.”

    Wow. 164! You seem have more knowledge of the revelation than myself! Do send again.

    “About the sectarian problem Islam has. We have sects in Christianity also, but we all agree Jesus is the Son of God and that He did not call for violence. Surely Shia teachings are not different from Sunni foundational teachings.”

    Ah but surely they are. You have proven it so by quoting Khamaini’s gibberish above. As in regards to violence, violence or war is called when necessary, which is exactly what we find in the Old Testament. Moses and his brother Aaron, as well as Joshua, waged what – if Muslims did – would be called “offencive Jihad”. David and his son Solomon too were warriors, and not all of their wars were fought for self-defence. Christ, who accepted and embraced these older prophets, inherently embraced their actions too, for their wars, like Muhammad’s, were not crimes committed due to greed or a battle for domination; they fought for God and justice. Jesus was in no position to fight and this he clearly explained in the NT (if the account is authentic), and in addition to that Christ himself will be required to fight in the end times upon his return.

    “If Jesus is well-regarded in Islam, why are Jews called pigs and why do the stones cry out for Muslims to come and slay them? That’s in the Koran.”

    Here you have written two mischievous lies. The first is in regards to the pigs and the stoning. Where are Jews identified as pigs in Islam? Can you present the least of evidence to support such a claim? Stones, crying out for Muslims to slay them? Perhaps you confused this whole thing with a Pig (Bush) calling for Jews to slay the Muslims.

    The Holy Qur’an reveals that a number of believers broke their Sabbath in times past, and they attempted to ‘fool’ God Himself in doing so. As a consequence, these people, who were in fact Jews, incurred the wrath of God and were transformed into apes and swine. Such is the possible punishment of any group of people, Jewish, Christian, or even Muslim, who blaspheme their Lord and break his commandments in transgression.

    The stone/Jew thing you bring up is NOT in the Qur’an and this accounts for your second lie. In fact, there is a hadeeth, a prophecy to be precise, pertaining to the events of the wars in the end times. The believers [Muslims] will be facing Jews in battle, Jews who will also disregard the Mahdi and Christ, with a number of them siding with the Arch-Liar (Anti-Christ). In that event, not even the environment will hide them from their penalty. Such is the prophecy Guy, and in no way does this promote hatred toward Jews. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) befriended many Jewish men and women according to the Sunnah, and they lived together in peace. Allah may have expelled the Children of Israel from their homeland but He does not forsake a single soul that is willing to repent and return unto Him.

    “The Koran is a Satanic work and the world would best be free of it. This book oppresses more Muslims than any other force.”

    Does it? The fiercest oppressor of the Muslim soul is the unbeliever, who in his hatred of Truth, persecutes that soul and literally forces it to react violently. Upon such a reaction the persecutor (Christian/Jew) seizes the opportunity to label that soul as Satanic. The Qur’an, Guy, was sent down for your very salvation. The fact that your are conversing with a Muslim right now is a mercy from the Lord; a chance for you to recant, retrace your steps and repent unto Him.

    Finally, you failed to respond to a few of my previous requests.

    1. The alleged killing of non-Muslims in the Qur’an, which you claim to have sent me via e-mail.

    2. The reason behind the execution of the Jewish tribe of Quraiza.

    The other two disappointed me greatly. If you spent less time Googling Islamophobic websites and actually sat down with a humble Shaykh, it would do your soul much good.

  • Yusuf

    “Why does the Koran say kill Jews? How can you say you love Jesus? Jesus is the Son of God. and not one of the prophets of Satan. Copies of the New Testament pre-date the Koran by at least 400 years

    May Jesus Christ enlighten you and lead you from the doctrine of Satan!”

    Lying is not considered loving Jesus (peace be upon him), and you I’m afraid are a liar. Why are you obstinately reminding us of your belief in Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him) to be the son of God? This discussion is not related to theology, let alone pagan theology, but rather Islam, the Qur’an, and the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

    May your soul be guided from darkness into light, in spite of your rejection thereof.

  • nuttflipped

    “Baruch Kappel Goldstein (Hebrew: ???? ??????????; December 9, 1956 – February 25, 1994) was an American born Israeli physician who perpetrated the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in the city of Hebron, killing 29 Muslims at prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque (within the Cave of the Patriarchs) and wounding another 150 in a shooting attack.”


    “The other Goldstein Jewish terrorist worked as a podiatrist in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA. His wife turned him in. I have not noticed his wife mentioned on the national news. He had an arsenal exceeding that of David Koresh of Waco fame. He had bombs ready-to-use which Koresh never had. ”


    I wish you had more courage to talk about Zionist doctor terrorists and the Zionist Maddofs that have done more damage to the world that all the terrorists combined.

  • Nothing in Judaism or Christianity condones killing. But Islam calls for the killing of non-believers. That’s the difference.

    Non-Muslims may read what Muslims have in store for you. http://www.wvinter.net/~haught/Koran.html

    Yusef, your irrational statement claiming this argument is not about theology but about Islam is classic nonsense from the Islamic brainwashed mind. I really couldn’t have illustrated the problem any better . Thank you.

    Explain the Koran’s verses which call for killing the unbelievers. Point out in the New Testament where Christ calls for the killing of unbelievers.

    May Jesus, Son of God, enlighten you.

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  • littleboy

    oh my God, can a man be so racist as Guy Macher!!!

  • Guy Macher

    littleboy– what race is Muslim? I thought Islam was for all races. Am I wrong? Am I wrong about Sura 9:5?

    Please don’t call me a racist because it makes you seem foolish. I might be the same race as you. I might be the same race as the Ayatollah Khameini. In fact, I am!

    Call me an Islamophobe and a Naziphobe and tyrannyphobe, if you wish. I gladly admit to those. But until you tell me that Islam invites only one race into its Satanic ranks, I am not a racist.

    May Jesus, Son of God, the only Way to Salvation, enlighten you.

  • ItDoesntMatter

    This should be a blog about the brain not idle, misinformed name-calling.

  • Hello Anonymous
    As you see I first posted here on 7 May 2008, the first comment here and the first of many from me. I really hope you didn’t bet all of this month’s food stamps on whether I’d comment on the original article.

  • Ottawa Citizen Newspaper 26 August 2010
    “Two of the accused — Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 30, who is believed to be a former electrical engineering technology student, and Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, an X-ray technician — were arrested in Ottawa on Wednesday. The third, 28-year-old Khurram Syed Sher, a doctor who once auditioned for Canadian Idol, was arrested in London, Ont.”

    Not even a western education in medicine can excise the cancer of the cult of the moon god.

  • Guy Macher

    More about Musliims in the medical profession:http://www.jihadwatch.org/

    And don’t forget about the doctors in Ontario arrested on terror charges.

    Intelligent people boycott Muslim doctors and nurses.

  • http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2010/12/06/2010-12-06_al_qaeda_is_truly_gutless_terror_doc_eyes_sewing_bombs_in_thugs.html

    More evidence of what I have been saying. No hate mail please, unless it is directed at the murderers in the article.

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