The Anti-Psychiatry Movement

The psychiatric profession is under attack by the Church of Scientology. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a Scientology advocacy group, released an intense “documentary” called “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” in 2006. Recently, I stumbled upon a video clip of this pointed film. Interestingly, many videos under the general theme of anti-psychiatry have emerged since Tom Cruise’s outburst on Oprah.

After viewing this clip, I would like to know your reactions. Specifically, in this roundtable, let’s aim to establish fruitful discussion on how modern psychiatric practices have benefited or harmed our society, or both. Are people merely misinformed? Can proper nutrition and exercise solve all the disorders of the mind? Are psychotropics more harmful than good?

Below, I have outlined a few controversial claims made by the CCHR:

  • Psychiatrists follow a long-standing “master plan” for world domination.
  • Psychiatry is responsible for the Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.
  • Psychiatric facilities pad their bills by provoking patients to violence.

For a listing of major claims stipulated by the Scientology movement on psychiatry, visit the Wikipedia entry on this film and browse the citations therein.

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  • JeraldR


    Why the name calling? Yes I am a critic of scientology. I am so because of scientology’s stand on Psychiatry. Just as you are a member of scientology and very much with CCHR.

    I will talk with you and discuss this. I only ask you treat me with the same respect I do you.

  • JeraldR

    Now Kevin,

    To respond to you. Yes in some cases proper nutrition and excerise can and does help when it comes to mental illness. But not in most. But I think it does help and more studies need to be done on how it can help more.

    Again, What mental health centers does Scientology and CCHR run? What approved programs do you have in place for the mentally ill?

    Does scientology even belive in mental illness?

  • L. Ron Hubbard flunked out of college. His drug induced hallucinations turned into what people now call the Church of Scientology. This “church” teaches those that can afford to reach OTIII (Operating Thetan Level 3) that all the world’s problems are a result of a 75 million year battle with alien psychiatrists lead by the Galactic Overlord Xenu.

    L. Ron Hubbard himself BEGGED to be treated by psychiatrists after WWII was over. Hubbard died himself in 1986 with the drug Vistaril (a sedative like the benzodiazepine Valium) in his system.

    Now why should anyone on earth listen to the psychotic ramblings of a ridiculous cult?

    What does the Church of Scientology do to help those that suffer from insanity and severe mental illness? Not a damned thing! They only criticize psychiatry, but they offer no services to help those that are mentally ill.

    More info about Scientology at

    Operation Clambake

  • JeraldR


    I understand what you are saying. But where is the science to back your claims? What is scientology doing to help the mentally ill? What clincs? What programs to help those who are seriously mentally ill?

    Does scientology think every mental health drug is wrong? If you have a better way why havn’t you opened it up to the world for study? Why not put it out there, if it works people will see so.

  • This started out as a discussion on psychiatry (and the evidence or lack thereof for effectiveness of its treatments). It has since turned into a discussion on Scientology.

    If you want to hear about the reforms (in psychiatry) that a growing number of psychologists and psychiatrists THEMSELVES are trying to achieve, I highly recommend .

    This site is not associated with Scientology … but oddly enough, contains many of the same arguments that the Scientologists are making.


  • JeraldR

    This DVD is insane. If Scientology and CCHR have their way no one will get the help they need. Most every number they use is inflated if not an outright lie.

    These med’s work and study after study have proven this over the years. Yes too many people are on these meds and some shouldn’t be. This calls for better controls not banning the whole thing.

    To even use the Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans should tell anyone how much credit to give this hate group.

    To their claim of a “master plan” for world domination” I would have you ask them what their plans for the world is. They say the only way to save the planet is to ” clear” everyone on the planet.

    To do this everyone must be in scientology and move up their 400 thousand dollar bridge. Or sign a 1,000,000,000 year service contract giving yourself to scientology.

    To those who don’t fit in scientology’s plans they have a quote ” dispose of quietly and without sorrow”

    There are problems in the way we deal with mental health and they need to be fixed. I am not willing to condemn millions of people and familes who have been and will in the future be saved by these meds. Yet Scientology and CCHR will just write them off. I have yet to see them come up with a better system for treating the mentally ill.

    How many approved mental health centers does Scientology and CCHR run? What are they doing to help the mentally ill?

  • JeraldR


    Sorry but this is about scientology and it’s attacts on psychiatry. Trying to misdirect won’t change that. So yes, scientology’s views will be a part of the discussion. Like these views the writer listed;

    1. Psychiatrists follow a long-standing “master plan� for world domination.
    2. Psychiatry is responsible for the Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.
    3. Psychiatric facilities pad their bills by provoking patients to violence

    As for your reprinting a radio show, This just means some doctor’s disagee. We already know this.

    What does scientology have that will change how the system works now? The question’s I am asking are valid as scientology and CCHR want to get rid of the system in place now.

  • In the best of cases, just taking the points that no one contests, Psychiatry is a fraud:

    It claims to have cures for insanity and depression and after years and years and billions of dollars, they admit the problem is only getting worse.

    Now suppose you went to a mechanic because your car makes strange noises. The lad charges you $1000 for fixing it.

    You drive 10 miles and find out that:
    1. The noise is worse than ever, and
    2. Your brakes are lousy and
    3. steering is imprecise and
    4. …

    Psychiatry is the same deal. they constantly take grants/research funds/… but they fail to deliver anything valuable in return.

    All we get is more drugs, and yet more drugs.

    No matter how you look at it. If you do care to look at it, you will find it is a fraud because it is accepting huge amounts of money in return for absolutely nothing of value.

    But then again we are a bit kind of dumb as a society: We accepted as “experts of the mind” the profession showing the highest suicide rate and what is probably the worse history of torture and immorality.

  • “A psychiatrist today has the power to (1) take a fancy to a woman (2) lead her to take wild treatment as a joke (3) drug and shock her to temporary insanity (4) incarnate [sic] her (5) use her sexually (6) sterilise her to prevent conception (7) kill her by a brain operation to prevent disclosure. And all with no fear of reprisal. Yet it is rape and murder… We want at least one bad mark on every psychiatrist in England, a murder, an assault, or a rape or more than one… This is Project Psychiatry. We will remove them.”

    L. Ron Hubbard
    Sec ED, Office of LRH
    22 February 1966
    “Project Psychiatry”

    “’Psychiatry’ and ‘psychiatrist’ are easily redefined to mean ‘an anti-social enemy of the people‘. This takes the kill crazy psychiatrist off the preferred list of professions…The redefinition of words is done by associating different emotions and symbols with the word than were intended…Scientologists are redefining ‘doctor‘, ‘Psychiatry’ and ‘psychology’ to mean ‘undesirable antisocial elements‘…The way to redefine a word is to get the new definition repeated as often as possible. Thus it is necessary to redefine medicine, psychiatry and psychology downward and define Dianetics and Scientology upwards. This, so far as words are concerned, is the public opinion battle for belief in your definitions, and not those of the opposition. A consistent, repeated effort is the key to any success with this technique of propaganda.”

    L. Ron Hubbard
    Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter
    5 October 1971
    PR Series 12
    “Propaganda by Redefinition of Words”

  • Terryeo

    When medicine treats boken bones anyone can see what the problem is and what the treatment results in. Psychiatry’s treatments are less easy to view. In addition, psychiatry has been used to control some portions of some populations for some while, that is, people were “put away” who were problematic under the guise of psychiatry. So psychiatry has some history of a lack of ethics, of a lack of professionalism. But if psychiatry had a stable, ethical body that every psychologist and psychiatrist had to answer to, it might be possible for psychiatry to regain a good standing in society.
    In addition to this difficulty, pyschiatry faces the more obvious accusation that it can not describe the diseases it treats. That is, its diseases are actually a list of behaviors. If a person behaves in a certain way, they ‘have’ that disease and are prescribed that disease’s psychotropic drugs.

  • As you can see in the above, it has been long written that psychiatry/psychology shall always be opposed by scientologists. They believe that they are against psychiatry for good reason, where in fact they are opposed to psychiatry becuase LRH actually believed that psychs are really evil aliens who are loayal officers of Xenu.

    Hubbard even wrote that Pain and Sex were created by evil psychs trillions of years ago.

    Read and learn what insanities live inside the minds of those who follow a man who himself begged for psychiatric intervention not long after he and parsons were trying to produce a Moonchild in an occult/black Magick ceremony. Google Hubbards Affirmations to get inside the insane mind of hubbards as it was in 1947/48.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



    (Note: This HCOB probably won’t increase my popularity but I would
    be very remiss if I did not pass on an important discovery.)

    There are two items in this universe that cause more trouble than many others combined.

    One is PAIN.

    The other is SEX.

    One should know more about these things.

    They may have applications but they are used by destructive beings in great volume to cave others in.

    Despite the false data of Freud, psychologists, psychiatrists and other criminals, they are not native to a being. They are only artificial wavelengths. They have exact frequencies that can be manufactured. A being or a machine can synthesize either one.

    Pain becomes a lock on a being’s abhorrence for misalignment of his own electrical flows. It is a lock upon unconsciousness which shuts off knowingness.

    Sex is a lock on and perversion of the “joy of creation” which involves a whole being and expands him, but by using just one wavelength, sex, this can be perverted and he contracts.

    When pain enters a scene, a being withdraws, contracts and can go unconscious.

    When sex enters the scene, a being fixates and loses power.

    Destructive creatures who do not want people big or reaching — since they are terrified of punishment due to their crimes — invented pain and sex to shrink people and cut their alertness, knowingness, power and reach.

    Thus, you see people who are “experiencing” either pain or sex introverting and not producing much.

    Pain and sex were the INVENTED tools of degradation.

    Believe it or not, a being can be so overwhelmed by either that he or she becomes an addict of it. Priests become flagellants and cut themselves to pieces with self-whipping. Torturers drool over pain. Lovers are very seldom happy. People do the most irrational things when overcharged with sex, and prostitutes use it as a knowing stock-in-trade. Combined, pain and sex make up the insane Jack-the-Rippers (who killed only prostitutes) and the whole strange body of sex-murder freaks, including Hinckley*, and the devotees of late-night horror movies. Under the false data of the psychs (who have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe) both pain and sex are gaining ground in this society and, coupled with robbery which is a hooded companion of both, may very soon make the land a true jungle of crime.

    Go into an asylum or a prison and look at the increasing institutional population and know what you are looking at. In the main, these are pain and sex addicts, decadent and degraded and no longer capable. They were sent on that route down through the ages by the psychs and here they are still in the psychs’ hands! And do they get well or go straight? Oh no. Whether in prisons or insane asylums they just get worse. And the psychs in both places rub their bloodied hands as they turn their products loose again upon the remaining population! It’s no accident. And the stocks-in-trade of psychs are PAIN and SEX. They will even tell you it’s “natural” to steal!

    To compound their felony — if that is possible — they tell you it’s the body doing it. Another crashing big false datum on top of all their other lies.

    These are data which emerged from recent thorough research of the whole track. This is not theory or some strange opinion. It is provable electronic fact. The waves are just synthesized.

    They are the most-used tools in the campaign against beings in furthering the general goal of those creatures whose sole ambition is destruction. The universe does not happen to be either destructive or chaotic except as such obsessed creeps make it. Statements it is otherwise are just more false data from the same suspect “authorities.” It fits their purposes to make seem natural what they make artificially. The universe only seems that way to a being because such loathsome psychotics make it seem so. They destroyed every great civilization to date and are hard at work on this one. The one thing they can’t stand is the light of truth, so despite their objections, one must turn it on them. Only in its glare do their lies wither. It is the potent weapon they can’t fend off.

    These facts may not be very palatable. But they could clear up some mysteries for you.

    For wherever there is a mystery (and both pain and sex have been these for man) there are answers. As both pain and sex could have messed up your life, the above may be some answers you’ve been looking for.


    *Hinckley: John Hinckley, an American who, after receiving psychiatric treatment, attempted to assassinate US president Ronald Reagan in 1981.

  • JeraldR


    What breakthrough advances? Hubbard wrote all this more than 45 years ago and it’s being done this way even now. Where is the peer review that this works?

    I have just left the web site of the Red Cross and scientology, CCHR or the Volunteer Ministers are not listed at all.

    But this isn’t about the VM. It’s about scientology and mental health. Yes some physical illness’s can affect how we feel. But we are talking real mental illness here.

    You saying scientology says there is no mental disease tells that you are not useing science in your thinking.

    Again, what breakthrough advances? Where is the proof other than the scientology links you list?

  • I will talk with you and discuss this. I only ask you treat me with the same respect I do you.

    I am so because of scientology’s stand on Psychiatry.

    Hi Jerald

    I can understand your concerns about us attacking psychiatry, especially if you don’t know what dianetics and Scientology really is, as you comments suggest.

    Our fight with psychiatry is over who are the real experts on the mind. Psychiatry drugs and electric shocks the body in an effort to suppress or change a persons state of mind or condition.

    In Dianetics and Scientology we have many therepies [psychotherapies ,not those used by the psychiatrist] that we use to handle mental truama which improves a persons state of mind. Any one can learn them.

    You could say we are a real threat to the vested interests of Psychiatry Psychology and Psychotherapy.

    Every Scientology Organization on the planet is set up to help a person with mental trauma [you call it mental illness]We do it without any shock treatment and drugs.

    James Lightfield makes some good points.

    … modern psychiatry has yet to
    convincingly prove the
    genetic/biological cause of
    any single mental illness…

  • Anything, I repeat, ANYTHING that the scientology cult does or says is wholly profit-oriented.
    Attacking psychiatry has started even before Hubbard wrote dianetics, his first book: he was then trying to get help from psychiatry , but was not accepting to pay, so, he asked to the Veteran’s hospital to help him for free.

    Hubbard knew he was crazy, alas, it was not very visible since his orientation was : money money money. Veterans services did not consider him fool enough to take him in charge.

    Then he found his salvation with the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO), something like a satanic cult created by Aleister Crowley, profiting of the money, home, table and even of the wife of OTO USA’s chief, Jack Parsons.

    That’s then that the guy pronounced that founding a religion was the way to make… money. He wrote his first sci-fi book on the mind, while pretending he had worked on hundreds of cases to establish his “science”.

    Obviously, the psychology and medicine professionals concluded immediately that it was far from exact, and this accelerated the fury of Hubbard against psychiatry, since he was making lots of money from his profit centers.

    He was later able to convince his followers , with the help of some few more or less profit-making psychiatrists, that the whole domain was bad, criminal, and that it had created all the worse problems of humanity since long before the Universe existed (he speaks of “quadrillions of years” and “past universes” here and there).

    Why ? Because he considered that not psychiatry, psychology, medicine, and most of the domains of human education were to be eliminated and replaced by scientology.

    To make money, more money, and to get others making more money for him.

  • I notice the critics want to make this a case about Scientology, but they stay very clear from the facts of the matter.

    Scientology is out to get rid of Psychiatry. That’s dead clear. Why?

    Because your average psychiatrist is at best a quack and at worst a serial killer.

    According to the Webster dictionary:
    Quack: any person who pretends to have knowledge or skill that he or she does not have in a particular field; charlatan

    Psychiatrists themselves admit that:
    1. They have no scientific test for any of the so-called ‘mental illnesses’, and
    2. Even if their mental illness were real, it wouldn’t matter because they are unable to cure anyone.

    Yet they claim to be experts and charge billions of USD. Given 1 & 2 above, they are “quacks”.

    Factor in the number of people who died from psych drugs overdoses, electroshocks, brain surgery, torture (have a look at some of the “treatments”) and you are looking at organized crime the like of which the world has never seen.

    Murderers with white coats, with lists of victims a lot longer than that of most convicted serial killers.

    Now, psychiatrists will tell you stories about Mr. Hubbard (which they never met), about Scientology (which they typically know nothing about beyond what they read on the net), but that’s just a smoke screen to divert the attention from THEIR CRIMES.

    Truth is that they can’t identify mental illnesses in any reliable manner (no test, it’s just their opinion) and that they are completely unable to cure their patients anyway.

  • That’s scientology criminal lies about psychiatry. Lots of people are cured by medicine and psychiatry, but scientology leaders won’t ever admit that. They are brainwashed!

    And they lie like you can’t imagine: look Galibert’s message hereabove: this guy pretends that the critics here are not answering on the topic… while he allegates that there is no such things as a mental illness. Unhappily for such a gross lie, Hubbard himself called his first book “Dianetics, modern science of mental Health”, in which he describes that ALL human people are mentally ill, and have most certainly a need for his system.

    Later, he wrote “Science of Survival”, a much worse description of humans than any other before! And such people dare to say that mental illness do not exist when they sell to everyone around the so-called methods to cure them?


  • SteveK


    What LRH says in Dianetics is that the reasons a being abberates are to be found in the Reactive Mind and it’s collection of “engrams” (incidents of pain or loss in mental image picture form),
    and that everbody has this Reactive Mind. It can be erased – resulting in a State called “Clear”. Engrams can be erased individually, resulting in states called “release” that vary in stages. Hubbard did not dismiss “mental illness” but merely disputed it’s etiological basis by correctly targeting the Reactive Mind and it’s component engrams. As a recent Clear and as a Dianetic auditor (using only what I learned in that book), I can attest that this paradigm is correct.

    Psychiatric drugging impedes the action of erasure of “engrams” by clouding your sensibilities; hence the self-correcting aspect of the mind is defeated or at best seriously impaired. This is one of the reasons no Scientologist would ever advocate psychiatric drugs.

    The first canon of the Hippocratic oath is:
    “First do no harm…”. In that sense do we not owe it to the well being of patients to exhaust every non-invasive method before putting them on psych drugs or subjecting them to outright brute force?

    The medical and psychiatric professions so far have only stopgap measures; yet they lead the world in suicide and they are experts? OK, doctors are under continual stress and they’re not superhuman, they’re subject to litigation, etc. So in their case it’s environmental: You give them the benefit of a doubt: But when junior gets into a spitball fight, gets antsy because there’s no dictionary in the classroom, is afraid of being the next gang initiate, or has an underlying medical problem – the guidance counselors and Principal want to medicate him so he’ll shut up and sit still: That’s not science to me. That’s a fraud; and we can do better for civilization than that. I think the Scientology video is right on target.

  • James Lightfield

    1. Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health

    Hubbard wrote Dianetics (1950) before many thousands were using Dianetics to become free of past traumas. The accumulation of before/after case studies demonstrated conclusively that a person lives more than one lifetime.

    Hubbard then started researching the person as a spiritual being. He wrote Science of Survival (1951). Central to it is the immortality of the individual.

    One example: “…the individual soul. It is distinct from cellular or genetic line and apparently has its own personality and follows in a continuing line along the various generations…� (page 233).

    This textbook contains a wealth of breakthrough USABLE technology. It is not a theoretical treatise, but a highly refined reference for anyone interested in what causes a person to act in way that is not core to his nature.


    Starting in 1951, Hubbard concentrated all research on the qualities, capabilities and potentialities of the spirit (the person himself). This R&D led to the establishment of the Church of Scientology, an all-denominational applied religious philosophy.

    SPIRITUAL TRAUMA is not caused by the brain or “chemical imbalance.” A spiritual being can and does affect the body’s functioning. First comes the spirit (you) and then the body.

    Please Note:
    My earlier posting included the comment that untreated physical maladies (e.g., yeast infection or untreated diabetic condition) can cause mood swings. These conditions are discovered through measurable medical tests, unlike “mental illnesses.”

    James Lightfield
    Scientologist for nearly 40 years and trained Dianetics auditor (�one who listens�)

  • James Lightfield

    To: Dr. Shannon,

    What field and from what institution did you obtain certification as a “doctor”? My query is based upon your posting, which is a rant & rave.

    To those who approach a subject with an interest in finding out whether it has anything to offer (rather than the ranting of a fear mongerer), the following sites provide a wealth of data that can be read, used and evaluated in the privacy of your own home: and

  • Dr. Donna Shannon

    Kevin Owen said:

    “Our fight with psychiatry is over who are the real experts on the mind.”

    Yes, that’s EXACTLY what it is about. Why do you believe tripe written by a con artist (L. Ron Hubbard) who dabbled in black magic and “sexmajik” with Alistair Crowley, and who LIED extensively about his own past and achievements? By pointing out any bad things about any other field, and exaggerating them greatly, L. Ron Hubbard hopes to make HIMSELF look like ther real expert, when indeed, he is just a liar and a con man.

    As a former $cientologist, who was also a member of the “Sea Organiaztion”, I KNOW that hypnosis is used to indoctrinate the members of this evil cult. I urge you to do the research, and find out who Ron Hubbard REALLY was.

    Dr. Donna Shannon

  • And they lie like you can’t imagine: look Galibert’s message hereabove: this guy pretends that the critics here are not answering on the topic… while he allegates that there is no such things as a mental illness. Unhappily for such a gross lie, Hubbard himself called his first book “Dianetics, modern science of mental Healthâ€?, in which he describes that ALL human people are mentally ill, and have most certainly a need for his system.

    I will note that you are still not answering the topic. Psychiatrists themselves admit they have no cure and that they have absolutely no actual test for mental illnesses.

    I did not say that “mental illness does not exist”.

    What I did say is that what psychiatry calls “mental illness” is bogus. They have thousand of ready made labels with scientific sounding names for just about every possible human behavior.

    “eating disorder”, “hyperactivity”, “reading disorder” “math disorder”, “transient tic disorder”,… an endless litany of “disorders” which the psychiatrist always blames on “chemical imballances” and offers almost invariably to balance them with drugs.

    How do psychiatrists know there is a chemical imbalance? They don’t even have a chemical test for any of the so-called chemical imbalances.

    Are psychiatrists hardwired with a 6th sense to instinctively detect chemical imballances in other humans? Do they acquire it during their years of study by cutting up rats?

    Bullshit! There is no science behind the “chemical imballance” theory. There is no test and there is no cure in psychiatry. Period. End of story. These points are not even subjects to discussion since psychiatrists themselves admit to it.

  • SteveK

    A question for “Doctor” Shannon: If as you say hypnosis is used by Scientology, why then aren’t the hypnotists out there making a bundle by underselling Scientology? After all, they would stand to make a fortune and put Scientology out of business, would they not? They can’t because auditing (I think that’s what you are referring to) is not hypnosis. Hypnotism puts you to sleep, auditing wakes you up; it is the antithesis of hypnosis. The tenuous connection you make with LRH and Alistair Crowley doesn’t sound credible. But LRH did investigate many different belief systems including the Vedic and Far Eastern philosophies, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he investigated something absurd. I doubt you were a Sea Org member and it sure sounds to me like you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • Serenity

    If LRH was all the things “Dr. Shannon” said, his technology wouldn’t WORK. And it works according to the millions who have experienced the workability for themselves.

    Having been in the Sea Org myself, I will tell you this: every Sea Org member I know is dedicated, sincere and determined to make this a better civilization, according to the Aims of Scientology. And unlike psychiatry, we don’t need hypnotism to gain agreement to our aims or to make our technology effective. We have a worthy cause.

  • Artoo45


    I’ve enjoyed reading the insane ranting of Hubbard’s “scientific research” (especially the unintentionally hilarious “A History of Man”), but this one (HCO BULLETIN OF 26 AUGUST 1982) is so totally revealing of Hubbard himself.

    His inability to maintain stable relationships is clearly spelled out in this rant on sex and pain. Borderline or narcissistic personality disorders are horrible to live with. I’ve watched a cousin struggle with it for years, and the guy really reminds me of Hubbard: smart, charismatic, inventive, narcissistic, abusive and paranoid.

    After an arrest for domestic violence, this family member finally admitted to needing some kind of treatment. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helped, but it was the addition of an SSRI (to deal with the depression) that caused the greatest improvement in this person’s life.

    I understand that this is just an internet anecdote (as is the whole bloody flame-war). But for those on the fence (not those already lost to the cult), all I ask is that you do the research. Ask medical or scicentific professionals. Think about it. What is more likely to be the truth about psychiatry? That Psychiatry is a science based on 100 years of trial and error and physical medicine, or a cabal of eeeeeeevil intergalactic psychiatrists bent on world domination? Really, which is more likely?

    Poor ol’ Hubbard, there was no understanding or diagnosis of personality disorders back then.


  • JeraldR

    Ok James, Kevin and all,

    Are you here to talk or toss up all the links you can in hopes one sticks?

    The fact remains you are quoteing two books that were writen over 50 years ago. Shoudn’t your ” science of the mind” have grown any since then? You seem to be stuck in the 50’s in your thinking. The mental health field has progressed greatly in that time.

    Again where is your proof that your way works better? Why havn’t you opend up everything to peer review? Where are you mental health centers?

    With all respect guys, its the year 2007, it’s time to let go of an unproven science written in 1950. Times and knowlege have changed greatly in the last fifty years.

  • Serenity

    Where do the thoughts in your head come from? Are they merely chemical reactions as the psych profession claims but has never proven (so much for science). WHO is looking at those thoughts? Who is making conclusions based on them? Your brain, or YOU? That brings one to the question of what he or she IS. A body or a spirit? As a Scientologist, I prefer the more time honored, respectful one, the one that grants me, a person, a right to an opinion, a right to a will, and a right to life – a concious, living, thinking spirit.

    Scientology regards man as a spiritual being, thinking and sentient, and meant to be reasoned with, meant to be respected and listened to – not forced into compliance by chemicals or electricity. Man has believed himself to be a spirit for thousands of years longer than he has believed himself to be merely a body with a brain. Psychiatry is recent in that context. Psychiatry isn’t even about the spirit or soul, which its name implies. If it were, it would be a religion. 🙂 Psychiatry regards people as complex combinations of brain chemicals and behavior patterns only able to be manipulated by drugs and force. If a person recalled a past life, psychiatrists would call him disturbed and lock him up – denying what the person obviously sees in his mind. But that can’t deny the fact that these thoughts still exist, the person is still looking at them. To deny them is the ultimate insult to the person’s awareness and perception. Thought has weight, it can be measured. We have developed tools to measure it. And when these thoughts are addressed and relieved, the person’s problems in life tend to resolve. As long as they are forgotten, covered up, refuted, degraded and ignored, the person does not get well.

  • JeraldR


    Everyones goal is making this a better civilization. If the tech works open up everything to review so we can see it.

    And what plan’s does scientology have for those who are very mentally ill? I keep asking this question and have yet to see an answer.

    And again, does scientology really belive that;

    1. Psychiatrists follow a long-standing “master plan� for world domination.
    2. Psychiatry is responsible for the Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.
    3. Psychiatric facilities pad their bills by provoking patients to violence

  • Serenity

    All of the technology of Scientology is available to anyone of goodwill, in books and courses. The human spirit is a vast subject and many million words are written on it. Dianetics is the beginning text on the subject, which you can likely find at your local library. Scientology auditors are trained at our local churches. If you’re truly interested in helping others, start reading the books.

    1. The recorded words of the leaders of the psychiatric profession, at their own conferences, stated they planned to infiltrate every sector of society. These are on display at the CCHR Exhibit.
    2. Haven’t read the book on it yet, but considering psychiatry holds genes responsible for mental “illness” (once deemed “inferiority”), it’s only a stone’s throw for some psychotic leader (previously a mental patient) to use it as a catalyst for genetic cleansing.
    3. According to expose’s I’ve seen, and people I know who whove been disabled or killed by the drugs and “counseling”, yes. The one’s that I know who are “only better with med’s”, are erratic and upredictable on them and over the long term become physically damaged by the drugs.

    I believe that many people go into the psychiatric profession wanting to help. But when help becomes denial of self and worsening, and the industry admits there are no cures, why doesn’t one just leave? When is help no longer help?

  • JeraldR

    People of goodwill? Does that mean anyone who disagees isn’t of goodwill? And I have yet to see an independent review of if the tech writen in the 1950’s works or not.

    And please answer the question’s with simple yes or no’s.

    Again explain what scientology does to help those who are very mentally ill or have been on meds for many years please.

    Explain how what you call the science of the mind hasn’t grown in over 50 years. Your stand is the very same now it was then.

  • SteveK


    Hubbard’s protocol with regard to psychiatrists was to ignore them. They regard Scientology pretty much the way Scientology regards them. Besides, the field of the human spirit is correctly the province of religion – psychiatrists are nearly all athiests who view any such perspective as superstition. Why introduce an element of failure into Scientology? Psychiatry would only pervert the technology for whatever their own ends may be. And finally, the only people whose judgment really counts are the parishioners: If I’ve gotten better and keep finding answers to life, to hell with psychiatry and what they think, they don’t exist! Psychiatry’s actions speak loudly and clearly:
    They are nihilists. So there is no team up and there never will be.

    There already is a technology known as “Expanded Dianetics” that can and will handle the most severely disturbed – someday. In the meantime as long as psychiatry sits so close to the judicial system and advisors of heads of state, they will give enough sneer to make sure it never happens. So for legal reasons, for now, the most disturbed people are not within reach; but advocacy to prevent their abuse and further loss of dignity is still in their best interest, and so the church is active there.

    This is a battle for primacy in the field of the human mind. Scientology then, must focus on the movers and shakers of this world to have a chance. The drug companies, the medical profession, and kafkaesque political despots all have a different world view and they are not likely to allow any competition if they can help it.

  • Serenity

    When I say people of goodwill, I mean people who get their thrills out of seeing others succeed in life, not fail. Like it or not, some people get their kicks out of controlling or destroying others, and Scientology is not for them.

    If you want only Yes or No answers, then you’re really not trying to get an understanding of the subject matter. That’s like demanding a yes or no answer to the classically rigged question “do you still beat your wife?”.

    As I understand it, LRH brought his discoveries to the psychiatric profession first and foremost to take a look at them. They weren’t really interested in what made thought or what made people, just in studying rats and how to control people like rats and so they laughed him off. Psychiatrists are not peers in the field of religion or science anyway, so there is no possible peer review there. But a friend of mine whose a neuro-scientist has been doing her own studies on Scientology and finds it brilliant. And I believe someone else above cited other studies that validate Scientology’s theories and technology.

    The mentally disturbed deserve first and foremost a thorough, searching MEDICAL examination by a competent doctor, for scientifically provable PHYSICAL illnesses that can cause mental symptoms. Provable by LAB TESTS, and resolved by proven cures. For example, wheat allergy has been known to cause Schizophrenia-like symptoms.

    Once that has been resolved, a safe space, rest and quiet and NO treatment of a mental nature until they are physically well and de-stimulated. Then the thoughts or persons tormenting them can be discovered and addressed to a resolution, with a technology that resolves the mental distress. This is what psychiatry SHOULD be doing. Not covering up symptoms with drugs that numb the nervous system. You can’t drug a person’s problems away. The mental energy from those problems will simply built up until it explodes. While it is true that a small percentage of people will want to die or kill others so badly that no matter what you do for them the result will still be the same, this is not true for the majority of people who go to psychiatry for help. Psychiatry makes even the more mundane problems out to be mental illnesses, and then causes insanity by their drugs, electroshocks and evaluative therapies.

    Psychiatry as it is currently practiced is in need of a major overhaul, from its basic theories on upward. The industry receives trillions for lack of results. The industry has corrupted to the point where it may be beyond any ability to change. And so their abuses will be exposed. When they adopt humane, natural and WORKABLE technologies for healing the mentally ill, there will be no cause for the anti-psychiatry movement.

  • JeraldR

    Where to begin,

    First off if there is an Expanded version then why hasn’t it been shared with the world? This is the first I have heard of it.

    In most cases a doctor has to refer you to a Psychiatrist before they will see you for treatment.

    Bed rest and the other stuff is fine in some cases. But in others it can lead to death. There is at least one case involeing a member of scientology that ended up in death.

    You all make it sound like all the doctor does is drug people up. This is just not true. Med’s are only a part of treatment. They are used with therpy unill such time the meds are not needed.

    You know I agree that the mental health field is broken and needs to be fixed. But tell me, if we stopped giving the mentally ill their meds today what will happen next. What is scientology going to do to keep these people safe and ok.

    Sure you can always find doctor’s who agree with you. Even one of the biggest critic’s of meds’ is also a big critic of scientology. There are still years of studies showing these meds work to save million’s of people and families.

    And yes, those were simple yes and no questions. They should be pretty easy to answer.

  • JeraldR

    I think the biggest problem with scientology is you are all useing books writen fifty years ago. Writen by someone with no education in this field.

    And while the science of mental health has progressed in the last 50 years, scientology as a faith will not grow and change to see this.

    How can you just discount 50 years of study and million’s of people who have gotten better? Instead of trying so very hard to destory this science why not work to improve it?

  • Jerald wrote:
    “First off if there is an Expanded version then why hasn’t it been shared with the world? This is the first I have heard of it.”

    It’s been “shared with the world” for decades.


  • JeraldR


    And how much does Narconon cost? 20,000 or more in most cases. And as it’s unproven no insurance will cover it. Ask the AMA and the APA about Narconon and how they have said it’s unsafe.

    Taking scientology courses can cost hundreds of thousands of dollors over the years to get to what you call “clear” Where is the money going to come from?

    Again what clinic’s does scientology run? What outreach programs do they provide. With doctor’s if you can’t pay the whole fee they will put you on a sliding scale so you can afford it.

  • “First off if there is an Expanded version then why hasn’t it been shared with the world?”

    It’s been shared with the world for decades.

    And compared to Ian Stevenson’s past-life research, which was “shared with the world” (i.e. his peers in psychiatry) and sits ignored on musty university bookshelves, we use the expanded version of Dianetics every day.

    If Hubbard had gone down the Stevenson path, I imagine that Hubbard’s work would be sitting there ignored as well.

    Instead, it gets used by most. And attacked by a few.


  • Jerald wrote:
    “First off if there is an Expanded version then why hasn’t it been shared with the world?”

    It’s been shared with the world for decades.

    And compared to Ian Stevenson’s past-life research, which was “shared with the world” (i.e. his peers in psychiatry) and sits ignored on musty university bookshelves, we use the expanded version of Dianetics every day.

    If Hubbard had gone down the Stevenson path, I imagine that Hubbard’s work would be sitting there ignored as well.

    Instead, it gets used by most. And attacked by a few.


  • Jerald,

    Yes, so the alternative is waiting a couple hundred years for society to catch up (if we’re lucky). Or developing a religion and working alongside the system — while trying to reform and improve the system with the tools that the society provides.

    In the mean time, people can be treated as the spiritual beings that they are, and not degraded further into “chemically-imbalanced” lumps of meat that they have been convinced that they are.


  • Serenity

    As I said, you can walk into any Scientology Church in the world, and find out. You can even read for free in their libraries.

    I am glad we agree that it is broken and requires fixing. Agreed on the bed rest, but that is an extreme case. Sleeping is not the only form of rest. Having a wide open calming space in which one is not being pestered or disturbed, in which one can walk and get some fresh air, with calming activities, and perhaps a few motionless objects is another form of rest. Searching and competent are the key words to the doctor’s examination. I know of some people who had brain tumors missed. And doctors don’t often test for heavy metal poisoning, allergies or nutritional deficiencies. Most people I know of get their SSRIs after simple questioning, not blood tests or brain scans or anything. And many are referred to psychiatrists by schools for supposed learning disabilities, not by doctors. Drugs have become a first line of treatment, not the last resort many doctors claim. For example, a relative of mine who was taking Ecstasy at one point and began having panic attacks was prescribed Ativan on first visit, instead of questioned or tested regarding her drug use. He blamed it on her mother’s death, and instead of talking to her about it, prescribed her drugs. The Dr. didn’t do any tests, drug or otherwise. Ativan slowed her down to where she didn’t even remember most of what occurred for the month that she was on it. She was totally non-functional on the drug. She preferred the panic attacks to that, which went away by themselves over time and with discontinuing use of X.

    If a person is on med’s, we refer them to a doctor or facility who can wean them off safely and get them detoxed. Such facilities are few at the present, but I believe thanks to Paxil in particular, more of them are opening up. Then we direct them to alternative mental health, and people who have facilities in this regard. While our churches do not treat any medical conditions, we do refer to organizations that do so without the use of psych drugs or psychiatric therapy.

  • Serenity

    Because psychiatry is studying the mind in the wrong field to begin with. If you really want to get to know a person, do you study him as a lab rat, or a medical subject? If the mind is not a mass of chemicals, and a person is a spirit, why study him in the field of medicine? Makes no sense.

  • Robin

    “*Psychiatrists follow a long-standing “master planâ€? for world domination.”

    This is way too generalized, albiet there is some evidence that the subject Psychiatry has been used for some form of social dominence, exempli grata would be projects funded by the CIA, such as the notorious Mk Ultra.

    “* Psychiatry is responsible for the Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.”

    In the former it is likely that the Holocaust would have occured with out the assistance of Psychiatry, though Eugenics was used as an overall justification for the atrocities.

    Intelligence indicates that “ethics cleasing” became a casus belli for the Clinton administration but in fact it was a civil war and that both sides were responsible for “ethnic cleasing” of some manner.

    The is also evidence that Scientology and other “NGOs” were manipulated by the USG to give the impression that Serbia was involved in “ethnic cleasing”.

    “* Psychiatric facilities pad their bills by provoking patients to violence.”

    This is doubful, however there is evidence that certain Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Institutions pad their bills by giving patients unneeded “treatment”.

    For instance there are many cases that the condition that a patient was suffering from was not an mental illness at all but an actual illness or injury which could have been relieved by medical means.

    In many cases the person may be suffering from actual trama induced by the actual environment, due to the loss of a loved one or actual threats by an individual or group that in many cases are labeled as “depression” or “paranoia” which in actual fact the source is tangible, not a “delusion”.

    The result is in my opinion that the American public has become over medicated. Worse is that these so called “medications” are more physically damaging and addictive than what are labeled illegal narcotics.

    Aside from the evident hypocrisy involved of on one hand saying that one shouldn’t use drugs, yet saying on the other that one needs drugs to “solve their problems”.

  • “I think the biggest problem with scientology is you are all useing books writen fifty years ago. Writen by someone with no education in this field.”

    That’s a little like saying “the problem with the theory of evolution” is that Darwin was this that and the other. And besides, he wrote his theory 100+ years ago.

    It’s ad hominem.

    “Instead of trying so very hard to destory [psychiatry] why not work to improve it?”

    We are trying to improve psychiatry. We’re insisting that they be intellectually honest.


  • James Lightfield

    ROFL! Jerald outdoes himself! “Ask the AMA and APA about Narconon and how they have said its unsafe.”

    That’s kinda like asking Goebbels in 1943 to support a Jew as candidate for Chancellor of Germany.

    Still laughing!

  • James Lightfield


    An important point has been overlooked.

    All that CCHR, Scientologists and the many non-Scientology groups and human rights advocates are doing is making the public aware of the fraud and corruption of the psychiatric industry and its “joined at the hip” associate, the drug industry.

    What is occurring is exactly what L Ron Hubbard clearly stated in 1968 that had to be done. The light of truth had to be fully focused on the corruption and fraud of the psychiatric industry.

    In doing so, public outrage increases and public demand for a cleanup is listened to by politicans.

    We seen this clearly in the FDA finally requiring ever more stringent warnings on psych drug packages.

  • JeraldR

    Sorry James,

    Try as it might, scienotlogy only ends up looking foolish to those who can think for themselfs. The system in place works. Yes it could work better and that’s what most group push for.

    These are doctor’s you are fighting. Unlike Hubbard these people have the education to do the job right. Tell me what makes you think Hubbard had the education to even weigh in on this?

    And again. scientology bases all this on books writen in the 50’s. Psychiatry has grown, learned and changed when needed. Thats how real science works,

  • Bed rest and the other stuff is fine in some cases. But in others it can lead to death. There is at least one case involeing a member of scientology that ended up in death.

    Alright. Let’s count the dead bodies then. Scientology
    Body Count: 1.
    Cause: Died of a blood clot in the left lung while under the care of a few scientologists who failed to understand the gravity of her medical situation. (Which means they tried to help her but failed)

    Body count: Figures in MILLIONS. Too many to report accurately.
    Causes: Overdoses caused by useless psychiatric drugs, violent deaths following torture by psychiatrists, suicides linked psychiatric drugs, deaths following choc therapy, “deep sleep” therapy (induced coma)… the list goes on and on and on.

    And again: Psychiatric cures? 0. None.

    There is no justification for what currently passes as treatment in psychiatric circles.

    There are problems in the way we deal with mental health and they need to be fixed. I am not willing to condemn millions of people and familes who have been and will in the future be saved by these meds.

    Saved by these drugs? Sure. Saved from the horible disease of being alive and having their own feelings.

    Shooting people full of amphetamines is not saving people and families. It is making generations of zombies, not to mention those who end up dead because of these drugs.

    How many approved mental health centers does Scientology and CCHR run? What are they doing to help the mentally ill?

    Scientology does not deal with the insane. This is way out of our field. Our field is the able. We make the able more able. Why? Because the only hope of a better civilization lies with the able and because the able deserve to be helped.

    However we can not stand by and let psychiatrists torture, maim and kill their patients. And we can not let psychiatrists drug children who are a lot saner than they are.

    Psychiatry is a criminal institution and it is time it faces the music. And we scientologists will make sure of that.

  • James Lightfield

    More than 800 psychiatrists, psychologists and their associates have been convicted of crimes, including child molestation, wholeale insurance fraud, rape and murder.

    A list of these felons and their crimes:

    CCHR has a very successful program that assists victims of psychiatric abuse to locate legal counsel. From Dec 06 to Jan 07, an additional 36 psychiatrists have been convicted of crimes. That’s the largest number of convictions in one 30 days period.


  • JeraldR


    Don’t you guys see you are making the writers point for him here? From James talking about 800 doctor’s being convicted ( but leaving out the time span involed) to another putting down a book no one has read.
    To start with most the bad doctor’s were convicted. Again this like the black box warnings means the system is working. You make it sound like every psyc doctor is evil.

    I like the statement one of you said, “we don’t treat the insane” Fine, then who does if you get these doctors and meds stopped?

    You can list link after link here, we know they are scientology based links and will treat them as such. The simple fact is psychiatry is a science proven over the last 100 years. scientology is still very much unproven.

    Again readers, Ask the AMA or the APA what they think. Ask your local hospital or your local mental health clinic.

    I’m still waiting to hear the science you are talking about. The faith part is your right and if it makes you happy its great. But don’t use it to hurt other people.


    I can talk to you. You seem to have an open mind on this and we do agree on some things. You last post talked about what doctor’s miss when they send someone to a therpist. I agree with you. But you can’t really blame the mental health people for that one.

    But I have to tell you, your statement that scientology doesn’t treat the insane scares me to know end. More so since in your perfect world scientolgy gets to decide who is and who isn’t insane.

  • JeraldR

    And James,

    Please give us an independent sourse for your 36 conviction’s in a month, including when the crimes were commited.

  • JeraldR

    Sorry all,

    Serenity was not the one who made the statement “Scientology does not deal with the insane” It was another poster who did so.

    Have to say Serenity, I’m glad it wasn’t you who said it.

  • You’re not objective and you could certainly never prove whatever you say. Body counts for scientology is not only incredibly higher than 1, but we were as dishonestly acting as a defaming cultist like you do here, and attacking all about scientologists rather than attacking those few ones who know perfectly that scientology is a mere quack and is so since ever, we would say that “all” scientologists are criminals, since hundreds of people died from scientology, or because scientology promised them a state of clear, then of super-OTs, and that these same people were killed or died from scientology incompetence to follow its promises.

    Then, since some 3 to 5 millions people have taken one or more scientology service since 1950, we can estimate that some 10000 people have been killed by scientology –the death rate is lesser, but not only scientologists come mostly in the cult as adults or relatively older adults, but they live less than normal population due to sleep and food deprivation, harshness, pressures, lack of money and lack of medical care in most cases.

    Do you imagine that this is the reasoning your cult’s chiefs hold about psychiatry?

    If I’d follow such a stupid reasoning about medicine, I could say that almost every people having been treated by medicine since humanity’s birth has been killed by it, since not one single being ever survived physcially.

    So, always following that insane reasoning’s line, I’d say that MDs have killed at least 99% of all the people having ever lived on the planet. Do you see scientology logic failure and LIES?

    Hubbard and his dwarf are ONLY after money and power – including yours, Galibert.

  • SteveK


    I don’t understand you – maybe English is your second language but your post is just one more rant.

    Can someone please tell me why the medical profession has a higher suicide rate than the Japanese airforce and Hamas combined? (Don’t take my word for it. Google it yourself). They have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Wow! Some state of the art science they’ve got there. And they call themselves the experts in the field of the human mind.

    Let the suicide club have their “psychiatry”. Scientology will stand on it’s own in the marketplace of ideas and will prevail in the court of public opinion.

  • JeraldR


    suicide club? Is it me or are you getting meaner by the post? First off I did google it and didn’t find anything that confirms your claim.
    But I can see why some would. They work long hours and try very hard to save people. By the very nature of their lifes work they are going to lose people. Not everyone can be saved.
    And you think this is funny? A suicide club?

    Yet again you are making the writers point in this story. You guys really do attack.

  • Artoo45

    Well, Mr. Lahan, this is what you get when you question anything related to $cientology publicly!

    Before the dawn of the internet age $cientology would have just sent Eugene Ingram or some OSA goons out to harass you or leaflet your neighborhood to inform your neighbors about your “crimes”. These flyers would most likely have been crudely festooned with the requisite lurid photos of Auschwitz and people with electrodes in their brains, all foaming at the mouth.

    Thanks to the internet and a lot of vocal critics, the evil galactic despot is out of the bag, so to speak. Even though the damage is pretty much done, the mudslinging and accusations go on. The $cientologists always suggest that the tech is no secret and that it’s available to all. One only needs to go the the public library to find any of Hubbard’s “works”, read and become enlightened. I couldn’t agree more.

    Whenever the topic of $cientology comes up, I simply pass the curious my copy of “A History of Man” or “Dianetics”. I have yet to have anybody return the books to me with anything other than incredulity that anyone could fall for such inane tripe.

  • JeraldR wrote:
    “Don’t you guys see you are making the writers point for him here?”

    Jerald, Mr. Lakhan isn’t voicing a “point”.

    Artoo45 wrote:
    “Well, Mr. Lahan, this is what you get when you question anything related to $cientology publicly!”

    Artoo, this is a “roundtable” — Mr. Lakhan has invited us all to “establish a fruitful discussion”.

    We understand, Artoo, that you apparently believe that Scientology is the most evil, horrible, ghastly monster to exist, only second behind Hubbard himself and “his dwarf” as you called him.

    So while you are surely free (and encouraged) to question Scientology and what it says about psychiatry (which is in fact the point of this roundtable), making ad hominem attacks against the late Mr. Hubbard and someone you apparently think is too small to be called by name, I highly doubt that this will lead to a “fruitful discussion” as Mr. Lakhan was hoping to achieve.

    Please try again, without the ad hominem.


  • Apologies. It was “roger gonnet” who made the “Hubbard and his dwarf” comment, not Artoo.


  • Artoo45

    Brian, I never said anything about Miscavige, but he’s probably way worse than Hubbard ever was. I totally love the internet and our ability to argue points of view in open forum. And I don’t think that $cientology is the worst thing in the world. I would save that for religion as a whole.

    I am a recovered magical-thinker myself. I’ve been there, and done that. It didn’t work. It never does. I have seen my own gullibility in action. Gullibility that allowed me to give over my sense of self and critical thinking skills to seductive, persuasive charlatans like Hubbard. Some cloaked in “spirituality” some in pseudoscience, usually both. I understand the drive to search for meaning and comfort in a vast and indifferent universe.

    In the end, everyone ends up in the same place, and someday the universe will chill to absolute zero and (despite all the Space Opera nonsense) nothing any member of our species did will survive. I would have HATED that statement in the past, but now I find it quite comforting. I will paraphrase Hubbard, “all that matters is what matters to you”. So savor life, cause chances are you only get one.

  • Robin

    Artoo45 wrote:

    >Whenever the topic of $cientology comes up, I simply pass the curious my copy of “A History of Man” or “Dianetics”. I have yet to have anybody return the books to me with anything other than incredulity that anyone could fall for such inane tripe.>

    I notice that you evade the issue by attacking the credibility of “$cientology”, which is only one aspect of the Anti psychiatry movement.

    All religions and many sciences have a cosmology that would seem incredulous to some, like Genesis or the Unified field Theory in exempli. So what?

    The point is whether their arguments against institutional psychiatry are valid. Not how strange their beliefs are.

  • JeraldR


    You quote the CDC report then you state something else as fact. I think I will put my trust in the CDC report and the experts.

    Again where is the science in scientology? What have you change in your science since the 1950’s?

  • JeraldR


    Their arguments are not valid. And their arguments are wrapped in what they belive so you do have to think of the two together.

    The biggest reason behind all this is that the experts told the world Hubbard’s writings were useless. Thats when this all started.

    Also, scientology does draw the mentally ill. Most cult like groups do. They are easy to convince and control.

    Read what scientology is blameing Psych’s for again above. How silly can one group get?

  • Robin

    JeraldR Wote:

    >Their  arguments are not valid.And their arguments are wrapped in what they belive so you do have to think of the two together.>

    What does one’s belief have to do with an objective argument?

    Either the evidence exists or it doesn’t.

    For instance there is much evidence that institutional psychiatry was directly involved in the CIA’s mind altering experiments under Bluebird, Artichoke and Mk Ultra in documents since released through the FOIA.

    This is not a matter of “belief”.

    It is a matter of documented fact.  

    >The biggest reason behind all this is that the experts told the world Hubbard’s writings were useless.  Thats when this all started.>

    In my opinion that is a rather simplistic and dismissive view.

    >Also,  scientology does draw the mentally ill.  Most cult like groups do.  They are easy to convince and control.>

    This again is rather dismissive and is not supported by actual evidence.

    First “mentally ill” has been broadened to include anyone who may be “dissident”, much like the case in Soviet Russia.

    Secondly, there is the indication that mental illness is a myth.

    Finally, “cult like groups” could include institutional psychiatry as well.

    >Read what scientology is blameing Psych’s for again above.  How silly can one group get?>

    Many though not all of the views Scientology promotes are supported by the antipsychiatry movement in general.

    The only fault I can find with the Church of Scientology is its attack on independent therapists who use noninvasisve methods and its idiotic support of the failed war on drugs.

  • Finally. Some reason! Thank you Robin.

    Robin wrote:
    “The only fault I can find with the Church of Scientology is its attack on independent therapists who use noninvasisve methods and its idiotic support of the failed war on drugs.”

    Scientology certainly believes that there’s is the best method. I suppose any therapist with a pet theory/approach does. I’ll get to more on that in a moment.

    Regarding the “war on drugs”, Scientologists have fairly consistently criticized the Reagain-era “Just Say No” campaign as simple-minded and unworkable. With regard to the other elements of the “war” (supposedly going after “the source” [Columbia], etc.), I don’t know that I’ve seen a consistent opinion amongst Scientologists (or the Church) as to the workability of that approach. In general, the Church’s view is that drug-abuse and drug-addiction needs to be addressed pro-actively through education and reactively through “non-drug replacement” detoxification (sauna) and teaching life- and self-improvement skills.

    There is a general opinion among Scientologists that “street drugs” and “recreational drugs” are a bad idea, but this doesn’t carry over to needed medicine from an MD to treat an actual physical malady. What we do oppose is the use of psycho-active drugs as a form of therapy. And in general, Scientologists believe that pain which is psycho-somatic in origin is best addressed with their dianetic techniques (though perhaps not exclusively). But this brings us back to the initial “who’s non-invasive technique is best” discussion.

    Generally, Scientologists don’t vehemently oppose any treatment in the field of mental health that is not physically damaging (we include psycho-active drugs in the “physically damaging” category, and more obviously ECT and psycho-surgery). We do certainly disagree with many of the approaches that many therapists take. But that’s ok … they may disagree with ours too. It’s a free market. Let the people be the decision makers.

    In the end, it’s all just opinion until some independent entity comes along, measures your results, matches them up to everyone else, and gives the winner the blue ribbon.

    As it stands, however, we’re in a bit of a catch-22 finding an “independent entity” and “measurements” that everyone agrees with. Who defines the measurements for “happiness”, “sanity”, “normal”, etc? So far, the blue ribbon has been being voted upon and being given to the contest makers.

    And so the Scientologists are left with the unenviable task of trying to get folks to better understand their system. And in my view, it’s a little like trying to convince an alchemist that the scientific method might make a bit more sense. In today’s case, we do indeed need to move beyond the scientific method to resolve the problems of the mind and human behavior. But we also have to be sure not to devolve into superstitious murkiness.


  • Artoo wrote:
    “I am a recovered magical-thinker myself. I’ve been there, and done that. It didn’t work. It never does.”

    May I point out that certainty of unworkability is as much a “religious belief” as certainty of workability.

    My point is not to criticize your rejection of “magical-thinking”. (I don’t even know what you include in the magical-thinking basket.) My point is … going from one extreme to the other doesn’t ensure you were/are right in either case.


  • Robin

    Brian I beg to differ here. I’ve found the Church currently supports drug prohibition and even aligns itself with the DEA and other drug enforcement agencies.Despite the fact that Hubbard in his book Dianetics tends to support legalization of marijuana,at least.

    Also the Church has been known to malign psychoanalyst and other cognitive therapist, grouping them in with institutional psychiatrists.

    However, being a libertarian myself I do agree with your free market concept. I do believe people should not be coerced into therapy, nor should there be any coersion in the type of therapy they choose which includes drugs as well.

    I personally feel that drug prohibition leaves people to the tender mercies of the Pharmaceutical cartels and that putrid swill they call “medication”. If drugs were legal or at least decriminalized most people would abandon that crap Prozac for marijuana or some less physically harmful substitute like heroin.

    Speaking of the later, having worked in drug rehab myself, that it is virtually impossible for someone to get off of Methadone which is what is used for drug “maintainance”, while heroin is relatively easy to kick in comparison.

    Of course as we both know. It is better to be free of drugs but the fact is like tobacco and alcohol some people enjoy them recreationally for reasons best known to themselves. Locking people away because of this or forcing them into rehab to me is morally repugnant as it violates personal freedom.

  • Trillian

    I don’t really think legalizing or keeping drugs illegal are either one the answer. It’s almost certainly guaranteed that if made legal, they will become more prevalently used. Take a look at what’s happened to alcohol since it was made legal. Or the prevalence of pot in countries that have made it legal. There’s no mafia/cartel related violence, but plenty of drunk/drug related violence and even deaths caused by overdrinking/drugs. These are addictive substances that cause adverse reactions when stopped. In this day and age I know not a single high schooler who hasn’t been involved in underage drinking when their parents aren’t looking. Kids as young as 10 are even drinking these days. They start because it’s easily accessible, and they are bored stiff. Then they get hooked and go around doing crazy things to get their fix, so we have to spend tax money on rehab programs that often only work temporarily.

  • JeraldR

    What does the AMA and the APA think of scientology’s drug treatment program? Seems to me if a church claims a 75 to 90% success rate in a drug they should be able to prove it in independent studies. This program cost’s familes 20 to 25 thousand dollars.
    Again we are talking about something Hubbard thought of many, many years ago. Times and science have changed and grown since then. A lot of what Hubbard say’s should be done we have since found not to be safe.

  • JeraldR

    Sorry all, typo. That should have said a 75 to 90% success rate on the drug program.

  • Robin wrote:
    “I’ve found the Church currently supports drug prohibition and even aligns itself with the DEA and other drug enforcement agencies. Despite the fact that Hubbard in his book Dianetics tends to support legalization of marijuana,at least.”

    I’d say that the general concensus in the Church on the legalization vs. prohibition argument is that neither work. You take it away from people … they want it even more. You allow people to have it … they abuse it, largely due to the nature of physical addiction. I’d probably have to agree with you though, Scientology aligns itself more closely with the prohibition approach. Would that change if someone actually came up with a workable “middle ground” or combined approach? Perhaps. I couldn’t tell you.

    “Also the Church has been known to malign psychoanalyst and other cognitive therapist, grouping them in with institutional psychiatrists.”

    Yup, I’ve seen the grouping-in bit happening in the rhetoric. But I think that you will find that when you move beyond the rhetoric of “they’re all just false subjects” (which in my view, most are), you’ll actually find that the “physically damaging practices” in the field of mental health are the real bugger that Scientologists have trouble with.

    Other forms of non-invasive therapy? … again, it’s a matter of opinion. In general, Scientologists believe in a holistic approach, i.e. that a man is a spiritual, mental and physical being. All three need to be addressed for optimum health physically, mentally and spiritually.


  • Jerald,

    Narconon fits squarely into the world of alternatives. No one is saying that the American Psychiatric Association has given Narconon a big enthusiastic thumbs up. On the other hand, have the alternative medicine folks embraced Hubbard’s exercise/vitamin/sauna routine (aka Purif)? From everything I’ve looked into, some variation on “the Hubbard detox method” is the preferred method of drug detox for most alternative medicine folks. Hubbard is typically cited as the originator of the method.

    With regard to the scientific studies … they look to me to show early promise. There’ve been less than a dozen in the last 25 years and the samples haven’t been large enough to really classify the system as “proven”. But the studies do indeed show promise, and my understanding is that much larger studies of both the Purif and Narconon are under way.

    As to price … I think your numbers are correct. One commendable aspect of the folks at Narconon is that they do charge a flat fee (stay as long as you need) and they also allow you to return for free, if you lapse and fall back into drug use (I think it’s within the first year). It’s a very results-oriented program.


  • JeraldR


    I also asked about the AMA. most doctor’s seem to think this program is not safe. No insurance will pay for it so it’s a major drain on families if it doesn’t work.

    There have been many cases in the past where people have been dumpped at cheap hotel’s when they find out about the scientology connection and complain. Vince Daniels has done a few shows on this. You can also google Narconon and read about some of this.

    There have been no clear studies because scientology has refused to open it up for study. My first question would be how many who compleat the program become members of scientology?
    And the 75% success rate? If this is true why doesn’t scientology open it up for the world to study without cost? This issue is far to importent for money to be a factor if it works.

  • Jerald,

    The Purif (exercise/vitamins/sauna) is a method. You don’t need Scientology’s permission to study it.

    Existing research can be found at:

    If you know of a serious research organization that wants to fund a study of Narconon, please give me contact information. I’m serious. I will do my best to facilitate a meeting and/or discussions.


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  • CaptJack

    In fact, it is a shame the Church of Scientology has become associated with an anti-psychiatry movement. Because there are plenty of valid concerns about the state of psychiatric treatment today – but pretty much everyone who isn’t a Scientologist knows they’re all a bunch of loony-tunes. So anything the push for will lose credibility.

    I tend to doubt such broad conspiracy theories implying a diabolical intent for world domination. But the fact is many many parents and people are looking for a quick fix to their fears and concerns, or to behavioral issues with their children. Drugs often seem to keep the symptoms at bay. Now – I’d argue that in many cases (but not all) a change in lifestyle (more exercise, more social interaction, more outlets) will solve these issues better than drugs. But that is hard work that must be guided and will be full of failures and setbacks. Drugs will just keep you sedated or make you not care. Kind of an easier solution.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m well aware that many parents with kids on psychotropics do it reluctantly, but feel like they have no choice. But many others would benefit from some further examination – and learning that a psychatric drug should generally be seen as a bridge to a better state of mind, not the long term solution.

  • Dominick

    This video uses emotion; not logic, not science to try to make its point. While this may make good theater, it is a poor arguement against psychiatry. This video was very poorly done….

  • Kevin Owen

    Physical Healing Versus Psychosomatic Healing

    Spiritual and Mental Stress [psychosomatic], cause a large proportion of physical and mental illnesses, experienced by individuals.

    These physical symptoms are then diagnosed by the Medical Doctor and Psychiatrists etc and treated with physical treatments. [Medication, operations, chemotherapy etc]

    As the medical model mainly deals with the physical symptoms and has virtually no cures for these illnesses, and never will, they become acute or chronic and need long-term treatment.

    When the Spiritual and Mental aspects of the psychosomatic illness or injury are handled with different forms of Psychotherapy [not psychiatric psychotherapy], the symptoms improve and in many cases cease to exist.

    All illness should be handled with Spiritual and Mental Therapies [psychotherapy] if possible, as medication or drugs are not needed to get improvement and it has no side effects. The improvement is rapid, as after therapy the person is aware that his/her condition has improved.

    Many operations are not needed when the above psychotherapies are used on the physical or mental condition or problem. Work stress can be lessened quickly without medications. All injuries, healing of them can be sped up. Many other problems can be improved by increasing a persons abilities and education to cope with life

  • Marshall

    People who need help need help. There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you just want to be happier or less tormented, depending upon where you’re starting from. Reaching out for help is a good thing.

    The problem is that when people need help, they’re vulnerable. They’ll cling to things that promise to make them feel better, especially if there’s no work involved, because they’re tired and not at the top of their game. This makes them perfect prey. The financial fraud of antidepressants is easy to mask, at least long enough for someone to give in to the impulse decision.

    Has anyone ever been “addicted” Scientology or any other drug-free tool? If it works for some people, even a small percentage of the population, then it beats psychiatric drugs. The problem with any program like Scientology is that you have to be willing to work and turn away from the fantasy of a push-button, instant solution. There is no easy way out.

    Tom Cruise claims that he was able to build his empire using Scientology. What if he’s telling the truth? Whether you like his movies or not, he’s made it to the top in a very tough industry. I for one admire any person who has worked to build their life into something special — movie star or not. I guess we won’t be watching in morbid fascination as Tom Cruise is found dead from an overdose. Criticizing him is silly, but it’s also a lot easier than fixing your own life.

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  • A shocking video. And I see that it has sparked a lively debate. I believe that psychiatry can’t be classified as a medical science, like the psychiatrists want it to. I don’t care what the church of scientology believes in, in this particular subject they are right. If you want check out what I have written concerning this subject at

  • PsychFugue

    To respond to your questions…

    Q: Are people merely misinformed?

    A: Yes, there is a lot of misinformation concerning mental illness/health. The real question becomes, who misinforms the public the most… the anti-psychiatry folks… or the field of mental health medicine itself?

    Healthcare, and mental-healthcare like so many things in America, is about the money. Most of the public has bought the concept that medicine has progressed to the point where we can reliably treat and or cure mental illness. That is a fallacy. Placebo effects are often as reliable as medicine, if not more so. Poor therapy and counseling is more often than not, the norm, and hence the awful rates of reoccurrence.

    Q: Can proper nutrition and exercise solve all the disorders of the mind?

    A: No, but it is certainly helpful towards the resolution and prevention of poor mental health.

    Q: Are psychotropics more harmful than good?

    A: Yes and No, the potentially damaging effects of long-term psychotropic use outweighs its ineffectiveness. If the medicine isn’t working and it’s being used long-term, it’s obviously ineffective AND causing damage without any benefit. Yet in many cases psychotropics are effective at reducing the rates of suicide, therefore preserving a life. Then it’s obviously worth it.

    Those questions weren’t so hard. 🙂

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  • crazy people

    yah it’s sum what true

    when i was in kings wood my doctor never talked to me, hyped me up on 7 different pills within the first 2 weeks i was there and if i even did the slightest thing they would hype me up on helldole and THE WORD HELL IS IN THERE FOR A REASON!!!!!!!!!

    but i also met psychologist that actually cared and really did help. they tout me balance and that medication is not something i would have to depend on.

    just like in anything there are good people and there are bad people.

    all it takes is one asshole to fuck it up for the masses

    pardon my language and harsh use of words but all this video should do is inspire the psychologist that are already doing a good job to prove them wrong and keep on doing a good job.

    there’s still good people out there

    and me and everyone hear has had to deal with the kind of people that this video is talking about and we have one thing to say to them

    once again pardon my harsh use of words but it is a living hell when everyone is telling your your broken and the shit they give you make you feel dead

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  • Dona Wheeler

    Killing the messenger, Scientology, who has been on the scene longer than anyone else and now has tons of company, ie http://www.wildcolts. com,, and myself.
    I took the mindaltering drugs for 14 years and very glad to be here to serve as a waning.
    n I was peri menopausal
    n bad bad marriage
    n the loss of dreams
    n Candida
    n Bad diet
    n poor coping skills
    n childhood diets & vaccines
    n childhood infections
    n superhypersensitivity
    n trusting authority, ie doctors with know what was best for me.

    There were no test, no evaluations. I was addicted to prescribed Zanex for a spastic colon, and took too many and had a chemically based nervous breakdown. That simple. And that set me on a nightmare jouney of 14 years, and the afte affects are still happening. Ex walked out, kids “bought” his line of he had to, and that I choose to be ill. Loosing my rights, he won all the marbles including the damage done to our kids. And for what? An illness that never was, but certainly looked like I was bonkers?
    How many of us are there? LOTS. and no one is safe, no one. Children are the latest target, and I have to help in warning those who dare listen to the truth, and their hearts.

  • Dona Wheeler

    As to damage, I am legally blind in my right eye

    Liver is messed up, high enzymes

    And I was told I have Sjogren’s Syndrome, dehydrated 24/7 as if I’d had chemo.

    It mercury….. a lot of mental issues lean to mercury poisoning.

    Research my friends. I read shrinks were akin to witchcraft 4 years ago, and I felt a stirring in my gut. It took several more years of research andf validation, then I found cchr. who takes reports on lots of human rights violations, included race related.
    No one else seems to care, I’ve written many many including the ACLU.

  • Dona Wheeler

    Go to a shrink, and you will come out with a diagnosis and a prescription, name brand, as the comp is higher. One thing you will never hear, is the word cure. Where you might have had depression, you will take antidepressants and mania will follow, along with anger, isolation, and perhaps a sucide attempt.
    Yea, I tried it, but reading over my charts I saw the culprit.. I was odered to take high does of Neurition, which will indeed make one sucidal. So when it happened again, I knew and did not attempt sucide. How many times does that happen to the public? Many many times I think.
    I use only natural now, and feel very “normal” And saying that who defines “normal?” There is a tyranny of normalacy. Look around, and get out of the hypnotic TV mode. Research is your best ally.

  • Mariam Khmaladze

    No branch of medicine is foolpoof, including phsychiatry! People for whom phsychiatry hasn’t worked can try to ‘cure’ themseleves- going to a phsychiatrist isn’t mandatory! Starting a fanatical campaign against it though, is way over the top! I agree with ‘crazy people’, though I’ve not been to any phsychiatrist. And ‘Scientology’ is a silly name for a group who don’t trust a branch of science simply because it isn’t perfect yet! The pain involved should stimulate us to improve, not just debase, phsychiatry.

  • karen

    Look at the history of “mental illness” and ask whether it was ever taken into account what the person was eating, drinking, smoking etc. before Big Pharma and drugs came on the scene? The answer is no they didn’t. They ‘assumed’ mental illness was a fact. It wasn’t. From there theories abounded like the popular ‘chemical imbalance’ assumption and the synthetic drugs came on the scene to “treat” the person for normal situational feelings like baby blues, sadness, insecurity, stresses, abuse, of life etc., etc. Rather than being taught to cope they were now given a ‘pill” to stop those feelings. ….problem was, the drugs CAN’T target specific feelings so all feelings are affected. Violence, suicide etc. was then noted as a side effect of the drugs NOT the depression. As far as I have researched, it’s the drugs that CAUSE most of the problems for “feelings” not coped with and the drugs CREATE even more physical and so called “mental” problems that were never there to begin with…… A vicious circle created by psych drugs! cognitive behavior therapy works but takes too long and is time consuming. A drug can be given in 10 minutes….quicker and easier.

    Question is: why the hell are these drugs on the market that can CAUSE death?…. and so many other negative side effects….as well as take away feelings of attachment and love??? [up to 50+ negative side effects] The drugs cause more harm than good.

    Follow the money!

    I am a Christian, not a cult scientologist, and I figured this out on my own.

  • There are many alternative ways to treat “mental illness”…..Please take a look at my website – It’s a non-commercial blog that offers resources for individuals seeking wellness –

    Duane Sherry, M.S., CRC

  • I think we all have a place in society for helping people with mood disorders and related mental illness. Clearly, I’m biased toward a more holistic, non-invasive, and natural ways (yes, diet, exercise, meditation) of healing a patient, but I also understand that some people may be way beyond this type of therapy and need drugs, hospitalization and serious psychiatric intervention just to help them cope.

    Let’s let the individual choose what method they’d like to be treated with, and respect each other’s practices.

    As for Scientology, they’re obviously beyond the point of accepting and respecting any other practice but their own. Does anyone really know what that is? I think that’s an example of delusion.

  • Tony

    i have got a patient with some insane symptoms, like going crazy when he sees food. what might be the problem. please help

  • I am a psychology student at the second year of the first degree in Psy. Sciences. I ran into this DvD during one of the last year feasts in my city, when some people were shouting out something about psychology and psychiatry. I stopped and began to listen to what they were saying and, after I understood what was all about, I pretended to be a Neuroscience student (like i actually hope to become early) and started talking to those people, until they gave me the DvD for free.
    After having watched the DvD for its entire length I started making some question around about its contents; from the answer i got, it seems there is something true in it but a more knowledge about the psychiatry history, purposes and methods is likely to be obtained before criticize.
    Some of the professors whose classes I attend say it is another example of the well-known american fanaticism, even if it could be a good method to keep our minds critique. Keep in mind american pharmaceuticals industry is a business not to underestimate: in my of-little-importance opinion, some of the critics in the dvd are well based (I am thinking about ADHD disorder and the way the requirements for diagnosis are formulated and obtained..).

  • Mariam Khmaladze

    yea, fair enouh, but i personally despise the manner of the dvd, i cant watch it and and not wanna puke, iknow its not the content, but for me, science and religion shouldnt need to mix, because they have different functions and are for diff. people. If folks have issues with practising phsychiatrists there ARE rational and a tiny bit more DIGNIFIED way of showing it?!!

  • Fitness Wrote Do not mix up science and religion. Each has its own ways to proceed.

    Thats the reason neither found any real answers to man’s problems

    Religion without Science is Blind
    Science without Religion is Lame
    Investigate Religion [Soul and Mind] with Science, DELETE ALL SUPERSTITION,
    and you have Dianetics and Scientology

    Their materials, researched and capped by a quarter of a century of original search by L.Ron Hubbard, have bought the humanities, so long outdistanced by the “exact sciences” into a state of equality, if not superiority,to physics, chemistry and mathematics.

    Mr Hubbard, an American, studied nuclear physics at George Washington
    University in Washington, DC, before he started his studies about
    the mind, spirit and life. This explains the mathematical precision of the Scientology Religion.

    What has been attempted by a thousand universities and foundations, at a cost of billions has been completed quietly here.

    Psychosomatic Healing

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  • Rach

    Okay…. I do believe a person is more than a lump of meat, but it seems like some of you don’t understand that the brain is a physical organ of the body that has a job to do and can be damaged or malfunction just like any other organ. We are groping in a lot of cases with brain health because the science behind it is not as advanced as the science behind, say, liver function. Why is that? Probably because it is more complicated and because there has been a stigma associated with having a malfunction of the brain. People have seen it as a moral or spiritual problem and this has slowed the science. Right now we’re doing things that will be looked on by future generations the way we look at cocaine for teething and blood letting to get rid of bad humors. We’re doing the best we can with what we know and trying to learn more. Just because we don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

  • Rach Wrote: “We’re doing the best we can with what we know and trying to learn more. Just because we don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean there aren’t any.”

    Let us know when you have something worth tupence?

    In the year 25, 25, if man is still alive???

    Psychiatry: No Cures No Science [4 mins]
    Psychiatrists openly admitting at the 2006 APA convention
    that they have no scientific tests to prove mental illness
    and have no cures for these unproven mental illnesses

  • I don’t know much about scientology, except that it seems like a cult. What I will say is that their film-making technique is extremely propagandist, in an overbearing way, which greatly detracts from their message. That being said, I do believe psychiatrists over-prescribe drugs, and many physicians (not just psychiatrists) have cozy relationships with big pharmaceutical companies which interfere with their objectivity when prescribing meds. As a culture we really need to start talking about this. But let’s be reasonable. Scare-mongering videos with horror-movie type background music are not a good place to start.

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  • jonathan

    This Scientology is an awful film, giving no balanced account of anything. I worked in Psychiatric Nursing and before I did I was strongly “anti-psychiatry”. It didn’t take long to realise that in some/many cases medication is better than the torment that some patients endure. It is hard to realise what a Mental institution would have been like before medication.; manic patients, for example, would wind up with a whirlwind agitation and many would die when their hearts burst. True many of the early medications such as chloropromazine were what they said – major tranquilisers and left the patients in a stupor. However the more refined and targeted anti psychotics tend to have less of the chermical cosh about them and enable the patient to function. in a more reasonable way. Some have argued that it is easy to mimic psychiatric symptoms. I almost guarantee that you wont last the medication regime if your brain cannot absorb it.
    I am not however sold on medication, especially amongst the anxiety states and depression, where relaxation, exercise and a clear look at ones life style are perhaps more important.
    If you think that mental illness, -the psychoses are a Myth – then you only need to listen to a patient in the throes of delusional thinking, where some bright intelligent person has lost all capacity to sort anything out. A bit like the scientology film.

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  • Dona

    As a mature female, who had 1,Great insurance, 2, low thyroid & lots of stress, 3, Was a stay at home for which many consider a non person of no value, 4, an episode of weirdness due to XANAX, prescribed for a spastic colon,
    5, a bad marriage, 6, lack of spiritual foundation, 7, mercury and dental caps, I was doomed to fit the witch crafty specs, in the bible of the psychiatric industry, the DSM, which plans to label, text messaging, temper tantrums, and such as mental illness for the SOLE reason, of then being able to bill for it.

    I lost much, including, my marriage, my home, but worse was the loss of my children, now added my grandchildren and all normal life experience and expectations, in exchange for the trust in a system that is all to often just a matter of economics. But as I have have made a full and complete recovery from the effects of the toxic drugs,I do see the eugenics and destruction of the soul, the person, and the destruction of the family unit.. I therefore, as I could not find support from anyone, including my mate, my shrink, the system, nor the law, chose to heal within, look at the truth and now represent CCHR.
    and please hear this; *** our first contact with the world, is within the family, and there fore of vital importance to have a very strong family unit. Respect for individualism, and love, changing the “herd” mentality that exist in our society ,and loosing the tyranny of normalcy. And learning our mind/body/spirit,will end this choke hold,of psychiatry who are MD s and major in Psychiatry and as one said recently, stated “that next to God they were it.”
    No one is infallible, no one is all bad or all good, we are on this planet to love and be loved and when we are not educated in emotional values we flounder, then it is allowable to have a professional “fix” us.
    Given the right elements it is within each of us. to heal ourselves, without drastic intervention of deadly medications, which change our persona to all too often, angry, depressed, hopeless, bound, individuals. That my friends is a living nightmare and chemical straight jacket.
    As I speak to others it comes to the foundation, Mothers and Fathers, from the very first moments the bonding, the words, the feelings of being less than, not enough, and then going to school where fellow students AND teachers can be cruel.
    Some just have extremely sensitive natures, I did. I now know how to deal with that, but being lumped into a “cookie cutter” world, and have the illness come as the drugs are churned out, and imprinted deeply on our psyche. that we are not enough, not “normal” Who sets those measures?
    Well,, with the grace of time, a resistance to lose anymore of my life, or to die early as a result of these many toxic drugs in my body, I chose to heal, and that took work, and a deep love and respect for myself. after much introspection, and forgiveness.
    Now I share that with others, though my now adult children think as they were told long ago that I had a choice, and abandoned them, the truth will be revealed. And as pain and anger abates, love will be born again. No, nothing can give me those years back, but to do my part to help others as they wake to the sham, the non scientific basis of psychiatry, well I don’t care who leads the charge, I am a soldier in this war for sanity.

  • You made some good points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most people will consent with your blog.

  • Mercedes

    I’ve been reading through some of these comments…

    And I’d honestly love to know if these people that are throwing out treatment methods from this “evil field” have ever actually worked with mentally ill people. If they’ve ever actually had success with their methods of treatment with people that are severely ill. I know that several of you have asked these questions, and no one has really answered.

    I am mentally ill. It ruined my life and caused me to almost successfully kill myself 3 times (I was in respiratory and cardiac arrest each time). I have GREAT difficulty controlling my emotions. I black out and lose time, which my brain has been tested for every single physical cause for the blackouts (at the suggestion of my psychiatrist) and no physical cause was found. My psychiatrist suggested DBT and a variety of other intensive treatments for me, including temporary medication. Though I’ve been working at it for 3 years, I am slowly getting better. Hell, I’m in a much better place than 6 months ago. Because PSYCHIATRY saved my life. I am no longer on meds, as most psychiatrists in my area only believe in stabilization meds, which work.

    I find it humorous no one can produce actual results for these scientology treatments for “mental trauma”. Is this because no positive results exist?

    • Jason

      I could list my own set of questions as the author of the article does such as

      (1)At what degree is psychiatry related to physical illness? At some point, for many people, when you have cancer, no amount of medication will alter the cancer’s path to death. At what point do psychiatric medications no longer help people or hinder them? Should they be taken for long periods of time as psychiatrists suggest? Have psychiatrists as a group abandoned free thinking in regards to medication as treatment for all who enter the state hospital (which inevitably happens for those commited)?

      (2) Why do psychiatric medications affect things such as the driving ability of people, cause sleepiness, etc., if they are touted as a cure, or have we forgotten about side effects of medications?

      (3) Why do people who have been court ordered to take medication have to take medication for the rest of their life? If anybody can reasonably answer this question, you’ll have silenced all critics.

      (4) Why does the psychiatric organisations feel the need to defend themselves if the doctors had such good relationships with their patients to discuss these things, or is discussion not allowed with a psychiatrist (if you’re court ordered discussion will only bring down non-compliance).

      Thank you for your time in reading my questions. I do not in any way wish to prevent somebody who on their own free will wishes to seek help from psychiatrists or doctors, but only wish to point out inconsistencies and glaring untruths promelgated by the psychiatric industry.

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