Marijuana Withdrawal Syndrome

There are now several clinical trials showing that mice and dogs show evidence of cannabis withdrawal. (For THC-addicted dogs, it is the abnormal number of wet-dog shakes that give them away.) Today, scientists have a much better picture of the jobs performed by anandamide, the body’s own form of THC. This knowledge helps explain a wide range of THC withdrawal symptoms.

Among the endogenous tasks performed by anandamide are pain control, memory blocking, appetite enhancement, the suckling reflex, lowering of blood pressure during shock, and the regulation of certain immune responses. These functions shed light on common hallmarks of cannabis withdrawal, such as anxiety, chills, sweats, flu-like physical symptoms, and decreased appetite. At Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, where a great deal of National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) funded research takes place, researchers have found that abrupt marijuana withdrawal leads to symptoms similar to depression and nicotine withdrawal.

What the NIDA has learned about cannabis addiction, according to the principal investigator of a recent NIDA study, was that “we had no difficulty recruiting dozens of people between the ages of 30 and 55 who have smoked marijuana at least 5,000 times. A simple ad in the paper generated hundreds of phone calls from such people.” (This would be roughly equivalent to 14 years of daily pot smoking.)

Here is a sampling of comments from dependent marijuana smokers, gathered from my blog, Addiction Inbox :

Comment 1

I’m 55 and I’ve been smoking pot off and on for the last 30 years… I had no idea of the withdrawal I would experience. Two days in, I thought for sure I had some dreaded disease. One minute I would be freezing, the next sweating. The loss of appetite doesn’t bother me because pot always helped me keep on an extra 5-10 lbs from the munchies and sweet tooth. Not sure how long it will take, but I do look forward to the day when this has all passed.

Comment 2

As far as symptoms, the worst for me so far has been insomnia, on day nine I was awake for 28 hours, a hallucinatory experience itself….The temperature regulation thing is very real, I’m freezing, I’m burning, I’m sweating. Starting to get hungry once a day.

Comment 3

The cravings have pretty much subsided but not completely. When I get bored is when it is the strongest. I have experienced the sweating, severe diarrhea, migraine headaches and sleeplessness…. I have hidden this addiction from family for so long and it’s nice to not have to worry if someone is going to stop by and smell it and catch me.

Comment 4

I have been smoking pot since I was 17, I am now 34, happily married with a child. I smoked at least once a day, up to 4 joints a day by myself. I stopped smoking a week ago but I am completely miserable…. I am always dreaming of using, I wake up in sweats and search the whole house for a roach sometimes when I am desperate but at the same time I feel proud that I have not called my dealer or visited my using friends, this time I might as well do it.

Comment 5

It’s been 2 weeks since I vaporized my last bowl, and since then I’ve gotten so desperate I’ve been smoking resin. Last night I used rubbing alcohol to get the resin out of my bong and smoked the resin after the alcohol evaporated. It tasted awful and barely got me high, but tonight I did it again, and I was so impatient that I put the resin-alcohol solution in the oven to help it evaporate! This is how desperate I’ve become – I’ve risked burning down my house in order to get marginally high.

Comment 6

After using heavily for the past 7 years, and basically all day every day for the last 6 months my side effects are major. i still cant sleep properly although at least now im getting 6 hours which isnt too bad. nausea every day. i have a bad stomach to begin with but i usually dont get sick every day. hot and cold sweats. im freezing right now but about half an hour ago i was boiling. i havent eaten properly since i stopped. the thing i dont like is that i feel spaced out constantly. i feel like im bent even when im not. and not bent in a calm relaxing way either.

Comment 7

I am a researcher at a university and have studied the effects of drugs, particularly alcohol, on the brain for the last decade or so. Like many of my friends and colleagues, I consider marijuana to be a relatively low-risk drug when used in moderation by responsible adults. However, I am now forced to admit that my view of the discontinuation syndrome was naïve and that I was completely unprepared for it myself:

Week 1: Despite missing my evening smoking session and feeling some mild irritability, I felt fine.

Week 2: Mild flu-like symptoms, which I assumed to be viral in nature though it did not exactly feel viral. No real desire to smoke marijuana. I assumed I was out of the woods and had gotten off easy.

Week 3: Sudden onset of incredibly intense and vivid dreams. Profuse sweating at night. Difficulty discerning dreaming from waking state. Lack of energy. Upset stomach. Absolutely no appetite. Unable to focus. Saw my primary care physician. All labs normal.

Week 4: This is where the real problems began for me. Sudden onset of intense, full body anxiety…. This led to complete insomnia for days. A very deep feeling of dread and a sense that I was going completely insane. Crying spells that came from nowhere….

Week 5: The intense anxiety slowly began to dissipate… was able to sleep for 4-6 hours a night, which is approaching normal for me. Appetite slowly came back but the thought of eating was unpleasant. Feeling of confidence began to return. Feelings of hopelessness and of going crazy began to diminish.


Budney, A. (2004). Review of the Validity and Significance of Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome American Journal of Psychiatry, 161 (11), 1967-1977 DOI: 10.1176/appi.ajp.161.11.1967

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  • TYC

    Geez, I call BS on this. I’ve smoked off and on for 35 years. NEVER have I had anything even remotely close to withdrawals. And these comments, I call BS-FAKE on them… Total BS! Never seen it in others either…. come on… always dreaming about it, risk burning my house down, nausea, spaced out, 5 weeks of wd’s. Complete and total BS! Just for the record I am a REAL Scientist with a degree and a state license to practice. This piece is too far from reality to be taken seriously.

    • college girl

      I have smoked pot for almost fifteen years every day and after 5 weeks of not smoking I feel like crap! I am doing this to pass a drug test for an externship for college. I have rapid heart beat, sweats, irritability, cannot concentrate, have no motivation, and I am constipated. I cannot sleep, but I do not feel productive. I try to exercise 3 times aweek, I take vitamins, eat healthy, work and go to school. My grades are slipping, my work performance is going down hill. I have even started to cut myself to relieve anxiety. I was fine before I quit smoking. I was an honor roll student, been at my job for almost seven years and now I feel terrible. Pot may not be addicting for an occassional user, I know people like this but it is for me because I have smoked everyday since I was 14 years old. I’m losing my mind!

      • number10

        Ive been smoking it for about 20 years..I leave it alone for a few months then sometimes I have a few tokes, I dont smoke tobacco only weed, I have not had any problems with it, I have noticed that people that say they get addicted, usually get addicted to anything. Its ok for some but others seem to get a problem with it
        I also get the feeling that those that have a problem with it are like some smokers that give up. I for one did not have problems with it, I still don’t have problems with it all I know is, I am now pain free its not for everyone, but neither are pharmaceuticals

        • Clem

          Here. Have some more attention.

          • Pat

            Day 5. Can’t sleep. / stomach hurts. Been a very heavy smoker since I was 13 and I’m 24 now. Withdrawal is def real I just think did people go through it differently . Depressed and hoping these feelings I away. I do remember iwas depressed as a you g kid so may e these aren’t withdrawals but just how I feel without being high. Fucking sucks

        • Bernard

          What kind of pain only comes once a month? Your saying you smoke only once a month obviously you will not get a physical dependance at that level. If you smoke more often you are in denial about withdrawal symptoms. It’s ok if you smoke for pain relief but don’t deny reality or feel guilty about it, as it only looks bad…

          • Jewels

            You ever had a period Bernard? They only come on once a month… And that’s when some women smoke.

        • Anonymous

          You would understand if you where a real smoker,You can”t understand if you are smoking off and on,,smoke everyday,,then you can talk,,

        • Anonymous

          How can you comment when you only smoke occasionally. People that only drink occasionally don’t have any symptoms when not drinking. It’s the same for weed.

          I am now on day 9 now of stop smoking after daily smoking for 22 years.
          While body acing
          Hot and cold sweats
          Night sweats and nightmares
          Extremely emotional
          Feel spaced out even look like I’m on drugs my eyes look wild.

          These are very really!

        • Anonymous

          I am not sure what is any of you saying. I’ve been smoking for 15 years now, I probably had periods of 2-3 years of not missing a day usage and I had never had withdrawl like you guys!!! If you did anything heavy for a month you’d feel strange first day you don’t. 2 years of heavy everyday smoking are behind me and today’s about 10th day in a row of not doing it and I feel awsome. I’m going to river side with friends in few days and we re gonna get wasted, but if we don’t go I dont care. Marijuana is my mistress and ppl, she’s hot as hell.

      • Catherine

        After 2.5 months of quitting, I am finally starting to feel much better about life and myself. It’s been a rough ride, which is many cannot quit after long-term chronic use. But I am seeing the other side and it’s a nice place to be. It has allowed me to see what is wrong and to actually do something about it all rather than just toke up. My creativity is actually better as well and my skills are getting better at my art form.

        • somebodydecent

          I am now 4 days without it and do agree that WD symptoms definitely exist. I think it can be harder for some too, depending on what else is going on in ones life. I think the trick to making it as smooth of a ride as possible for those who experience heavier symptoms is to find something in your life that means more to you than getting stoned. It won’t abate the physical symptoms, but certainly will give you the strength to make it through the psychological maladies. And from what I know, the length of the withdrawal period can be hastened through regular exercise. Those with Higher body fat percentages tend to take longer to rid their systems of THC, as it is stored in fat cells. So the lower your body fat is and the higher your metabolic rate, the faster you will get through it! I also recommend strongly that one change their daily routine up and do something new during the time that getting stoned would normally occur. Best of wishes to all who are going through this! Hang on to the positive things in life and never lose sight of what you are quitting for.

          • Matt8788

            I definitely agree with this comment. The key is finding a hobby to take your mind off it. Switch up your routine and fill spaces where you would usually smoke with other things.

            Think about holidays you’ve had when you didn’t smoke – you didn’t have wd symptoms then.

            And for the depression and feeling sh*t – if you think you feel sh*t, or as though you’re gonna have a sh*t day then you almost certainly will.

            Can be mind over matter i believe, so you’ve got to be extremely strong mentally and try stay positive. Don’t let weed win – “it’s a little b*itch and it can’t have that affect on my normal sober life”

            As for the sweaty palms, you’re not gonna stop that…Good luck all

          • Anonymous


          • Pri

            Thank you very much, specially for that last sentence, really meaningful bro!

      • john bullshitspotter

        this is ridiculous all of it… just like the first commenter i smell a big fat piece of BS…

        yea thats right… people arent going to fall for this and the lies just need to stop already…

        the worst is (even with constant and “HEAVY” use for many years)

        first “SYMPTOM” >>> slight constipation >>> DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED TO the FACT that WHEN smoking ANYTHING it acts as a NATURAL LAXATIVE and helps and aids in digestion…

        second “SYMPTOM” >>> is a reduction in appetite… AGAIN ATTRIBUTED TO THE ABOVE MENTIONED CONSTIPATION DUH if your full of waste and it is harder for you to pass it then YOUR BOWELS ARE FULL AND YOUR NOT HUNGRY DUH…


        AS A MATTER OF FACT ANOTHER WAY TO COMBAT THIS LAST SYMPTOM AND TAKE CARE OF BOTH SYMPTOM 1…2…and 3 is drink some coffee a couple of times a day and there you go theres your laxative and energy booster…

        (to college girl) (second comment from top)… if anything what you described is… you are in dire need of MENTAL help and it has nothing to do with your bs “withdrawl” symptoms… what you are showing are signs of MENTAL ILLNESS and stress and anxiety from your life situation… and (dont know whether intentional or not) but please dont MISTAKE your “so called symptoms of “withdrawl” and “attribute your mental illness and blame it on the USE OF cannabis”…

        if anything YOU HAVE HAD A PRE-condition AND MENTAL ILLNESS WAY before you ever even smoked… THAT is the REAL issue and if your claims are true and your not some “paid” responder on the site… then you can be thankful that such a plant exists, because it… since it is PROVEN to be beneficial for mental health, then you should be thankful it was probably the BEST MEDICINE for you that kept your mental condition in check and kept you from offing yourself…

        so if your already dead because you offed yourself, because you werent “allowed” and didnt have easy medical access to consume cannabis freely…

        then well i guess everyone who can read this better end this prohibition bs once and for all so people like her can get the help she so desperately needs because its obvious cannabis was helping her…

        so to all… end this bs once and for all… that way people can get the natural AND FREE USE of their OWN medical care that people so need…

        (again to college girl)… if your still with us… get help… see a doctor and start using cannabis again and your “mental illness” will go away… thanks to cannabis…

        (to general public)… people are a lot more intelligent than back when flappers were around… and you cannot, nor anyone try to “demonize” cannabis and pull a fast one on us, because we KNOW that cannabis is a perfectly HARMLESS plant… it is NOT harmful… and you cannot lie to us and tell us that it is “dangerous” and “harmful” like you did back in the day, because people just arent going to fall for the bull ANYMORE… 😉

        again… (the part about you should see a mental health professional is towards (college girl)… the rest is a comment for the “greedy people who profit off of cannabis’ illegality… and then the rest is to the general public…

        good day to you all 🙂

        • Dude

          Were not talkin about the plant in general (or the leagality), were talking about what happens once a regular user STOPS using. Ask a drunkard how he feels after NOT drinking for a week, or a doper , or any other slang termed drug user. After your body is used to ingesting a certain chemical (or anything) on a regular basis, it adapts one way or another to said substance. And, subsequently, stopping that routine will most definatly cause a reaction of some kind. So, sir, chill the f**k out, and come down off your pretty perfect pedistal.

          • bdown

            well said, dude

            last month was my 10yr anniversary, and its time to get the ball rolling, i just turned 25 this month and need a swift kick in the rear. ive also, NEVER had a break in the 10 years.
            at this time i have a shattered kneecap which is now metal , 4 screws, 2 pins, and alot of wire. torn acl, and hamstring. which really sucks, especially trying to kick herb.. ive read all about working out, and staying active through withdrawals to keep your mind off it. well i cant even leave my couch.
            i couldve sworn i was withdrawing from the pharmaceuticals for pain… then when i read these posts i have ALL the same symptoms.
            presently i have not slept for 72 hours… or been able to keep food down, hot cold sweats, anxiousness, diarrhea etc
            ive been chainsmoking cigarettes to alleviate the act of smoking something which helps… about 20 a day.
            i am VERY thin, 6’4″ 137lbs, with the most ridiculous metabolism . ive been pounding water and sweating it out in hot showers, and hopefully soon the hot tub.

            i really hope it doesnt take months like ive read, i have doubts about that, atleast for me, i assume my body will push it out quickly.

            gl all

        • T.G.

          O.k. I’m 30 and have been smoking pot for 15 years faithfully. Now I read most of these comments and some of you say you’ve smoke sooooo much for soooo long. 2 joints a day or 2 bowls a day in my book does not constitute for smoking a lot. I would wake up and roll two blunts and smoke those. Go to work (by the way being high increased my sales) come home for lunch and hit the zong hard for 30 min. go back to work and end up smoking at least two more blunts. Forget about the weekends when I was just sitting around all day. I would literally go through two ounces in a 7 day period, granted sometimes I had somebody else smoking with me. I’m talking about kush not that dirt most people smoke. I had a doctor ask me how many times have you smoked, counting a sit down session as 1, after 15 min. of trying to figure this out the number was in the millions. I’m not proud but my face would probably be next to pot head, it was crazy the amount I was smoking. I thought I was addicted, until I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic for one month, saw family I have not seen in decades! Everyday we had events planned or we went to go see more of the extended family. The air was crisp, food was organic and after 3 weeks we were pretty much done going around. I had a bit of down time and that was the first time I thought about pot. I enjoyed out the remaining two weeks and came back home and the first thing I did was smoke a blunt when I got picked up from the airport. Pot was available to me in Dominican Republic but for some reason (as corny as it sounds, I felt high on life and nature during my visit) i went back to my old ways when I got back home and then it hit me! I make 3000k a month take home pay and I was living paycheck to paycheck, it was all going into pot. I just recently quit 1 week ago and for whatever reason I got sick, kind of what some of the folks up here were mentioning. cold chills and then sweats, didn’t sleep right for the first two days and my appetite was gone.

          This is what I did: Sunday night 2 hours at the gym, when I got home I was so energy depleted that I needed food and rest. Took care of my “not sleeping well issue and not eating well” Wake up the next morning and do push ups and pull ups, again this made me hungry so I ate breakfast plus my energy level was good because of the morning 10 min. workout and a multi. vitamin pill.
          go to work and I would start getting hungry around 11 because of the lite breakfast I had. Go home, hike, workout or entertain myself with friends or some other activity until 7ish and then repeat.

          not saying this will work for all but it did for me, I believe it to be more of a mental thing then anything. If you tell yourself you are having withdrawals then your body will HAVE withdrawals. Kind of like that placebo effect thing, your mind controls the universe and what it feels. Tell yourself you are o.k. occupy your time with other things and you will see the results.

        • Am

          Wow ur an asshole that needs to shut your mouth. You must feel pretty shitty about yourself to put so many people down like that. Withdrawals are real! If you ever grow up and quit I hope you get symptoms 100 times worse than everyone else cause its what you deserve. Especially for telling people to off themselves. Disgusting and disrespectful…

          • Am

            This comment above is for John the bullshitter 😉

        • KP

          You know whats crazy, the real drug addicts such as yourself will defend the fact that there is no withdrawal syndromes associated with marijuana. I know this to be fact, and no its not the same for everyone but it is real and right now I’m watching someone real close to me go through it real bad with flu like symptoms anxiety the works. So before you go smoke your daily joints take some time to really educate yourself and stop being the great defender of a DRUG because that’s what it is. Lets be real people this is not the same weed that we smoked 20 years ago this crap is made in labs and yes it was bad back then but now it beyond that. We need to stop denying the fact that there a problem and start taking the steps to correct them.

          • victor

            yes marijuana and ANY subastance that you do everyday yes you will have some type of withdrawll symptoms I have them right now I dont feel as confortable as Im used too if you know what I mean.
            The first 3 days where the worst night sweats lots Of ANGER towards anything and anyone but I went to my acupunturist and he gave me some herbs that really help they will not get you high but they calemd me the fuk down quick and of course try meditation girls and boys it works to clear the mind. theres no magic button that will make everything perfect like pot but even pot sucks if you think about it you smoke feel awsome for like half and hour then things get blurry and hazzy in your head and depending on the strain of course but i dont live in california where I can go and ask for a specific strain I get what i can period. like most of you. sativas where off nicely but an indica will make you feel really burned out I dont care how long youve been smoking and after a week of smoking the smae indica it gives a diffrent effect altogether you kind of get wiered after you smoke and thats my life storry staying up till 2 3 in the morning toking by myself eating then smoking more its vitios and thats for me old school been smoking for 15 years and I will say this I quit for a year once and I never felt better in my life but when i would get home from work I would feel so lonely and thats why I loved and love pot still I dont need “friends” when Im stoned fuck people I dont like to even smoke with 95% pf potheads dead conversdations or the same fucking conversations that usually always revolve around pot lol it get old now I plan on quiting and keep taking my chinise herbs called moodelight and neurosoothe by active herbs they help alot my libido is not quit as strong as with pot but who gives a shit I dont a have a girlfriend at the moment to really care it will come back and if I have to take herbs to balance that I will not saying I cant get a bonner but its not as strong as with the ganja. anyways I wish you all the best its not easy but nothing is really may cosmic love energy fill our hearts and bodies peace and may the force be with us . lol

        • Da Dealer

          Your a S**t c**t that is all 🙂

          • Anonymouse

            Mind over matter, everybody is different. Some folks get addicted quite easily i.e. one cigarette, therefore their wd symptoms come out stronger because of their addiction. Others have a higher ultimate threshold when it comes to addiction and it takes a lot for them to get addicted, so they could have little to no symptoms. I have a friend that has smoked plenty of cigarettes in his life but never got addicted, I also have a friend that’s been smoking since his very first cigarette. Everybody is different, so everything isn’t for everybody. If you have had terrible wd symptoms then weed isn’t for you. It’s not for everybody, it’s for the mentally strong. because you can battle wd with your mind if it’s mild enough, but if you’re going crazy, it’s time to see a doctor.

        • Anonymous

          What a total clueless prick!

        • Anonymous

          You are a dumb motherf***er

        • 16 days

          The only one full of BS is you mate. How you can write such crap when obviously people are doing there best to quit a very addictive substance is beyond me. I started smoking at 17. I’m now 34 and ended up on an 8th a day. I haven’t smoked for 16 days now and while my symptoms are not as extreme as some they exist. Full stop. The chemicals found in weed alter the hormone balance in the body. Think like a car. You put the wrong oil in or petrol and the car may run ok but certainly not to it’s full capacity and there will be problems along the way getting the incorrect petrol/oil out the engine! It’s exactly the same here. Rather than mocking people for turning to an online forum to help themselves get through a difficult time you should applaud the likes of me and the others here for making a hard decision and at least trying to better themselves! You may be able to explain the side effects away as BS but the reality. Is they exist. I’m sat here with terrible gums, I had terrible headaches that resulted in a hospital trip as the pain was sooooooo intense, my sleeping pattern was disrupted because I was no longer stoned at night and my appetite has been shocking. If you have stopped and not experienced anything then aren’t you lucky but do not make out that people are full of BS. It’s a confusing enough time without hearing people like you mock!!! To all the others keep it up. I’m on day 16 and appreciate how hard this is!

          • e

            I commend you. what you wrote. you touched my heart. Im day one cant even get through it.. I thought I had the flu the night weats waking every few hours. I do have other mental problems but I find the best medicine was mj. I wish u well all the best and success.

        • Anonymous

          how bored are you with your life?

        • Honest Ted

          Hi all, probably best for the people in need of REAL HELP / ENCOURAGEMENT to disregard the comments of this cretin. He’ll find out one day and then maybe won’t be so much of a c**t.

          MJ withdrawal is not a myth by any stretch and anyone that’s honest with themselves knows this.

        • ARJ

          The Only Person BSing is you Jhonny Boy! Why does these addicts always end up in legalizing weed. You talk like you just finished your doctorate in constipation, talking about B12 vitamin and all. lol… CYANOCOBALAMIN is form of B12 with cynaide as a forming substance which is harmful for you? Are you telling people to take it? Are you serious? Just Google it before you talk about it man.. get yourself familiarized with the word hydroxocobalamin too, cos you ll need it very soon to get off cynaide poisoning if you use CYANOCOBALAMIN so many times.

          Weed is used medically, not to cure anything but pain relief and making appetite for patients having side effects from treatments like chemotherapy for cancer. It certainly do not cure cancer. THC is the main compound, out of 400+ compounds in weed that needs more research on. Anyway that’s not a valid reason for you to wrap it up and smoke it daily right?

          Its given to metal patients to calm themselves down, especially if they are harming themselves, it does not cure their mental illness, when the effects wear off they are back to square one again.

          The only person benefiting from illegality of weed, is the dealer. If its legal, it wouldn’t cost you that much now would it? plus it wouldn’t be so cool either..

          Anybody interested in following a program read the blog below

          • ARJ

            You will need to click on my name to go the blog sorry! It has taken the link away..


        • PH

          John for someone that knows it all let me say you don’t. Anytime the body becomes accustom to a chemical on a regular basis there are withdraws. I can say from experience long term smokers will feel some if not all of the WD symptoms mentioned by the others on this site. So in ending I have to say your name should have been BS and not BS spotter.

          • 37UKguy


            I totally agree with the regular long terms users. I am 37 and have smoked pot everyday since I was 16 (21 years). I gave up smoking weed one day and never picked up a joint there after It was an off the cuff moment and quite out the blue, why I gave up I have no idea but I did. This was 4 months ago and I had the most awful time withdrawing. I was hospitalised with high blood pressure and had to take propranol which was bought on by severe anxiety attacks and like others on this forum experienced lack of sleep, night sweats, depressed like states with severe paranoid attacks which attributed towards a very unstable mental state, very much like the visual effects you get when you are stoned. I spent a few weeks on Diazepam to try and break the cycles of anxious thoughts that led to severe rapid heart beats. This did make me feel as if I was out of touch with reality and I had to take 2 months of work to recover. I never expected I would feel any withdrawal, I am fit and healthy and have a very stable family life. There are no other reasons why I should feel like this and it must only be because of the years of smoking weed and the sudden decision to cease using.

        • Anonymous

          I used to be like you…I’m sure we all did. Going around saying that pot isn’t addictive, advocating it as the no consequences drug. After smoking all day every single day for over 4, and regularly for 8, I’ve come to my senses. I need help…after only 8 hours of not smoking, I start to feel symptoms. It can be really bad at times and causes all of the above mentioned symptoms including vomiting. The worst is loss of appetite/nausea. I cant even look at food without it worsening my nausea. At times I feel hungry, but then absolutely nothing sounds good besides throwing up to rid myself of the nausea for short periods of time. People can say we are lying as much as they want, but I never would have looked it up had i not tried over 5 times this year to quit and experienced the same exact feelings. I just told my boyfriend about an hour ago that withdrawal from weed didnt exist…I am honestly convinced now, despite your over-worded judgemental comments.

        • cannabis warrior

          In regards to Bs spotter, dont be a smart ass douche man. no one knows everything. i do know that some people are submitting stuff here to make weed look bad. but believe me, if u read some of my other posts u would know i love marijuana and i plan to enjoy its benefits for the rest of my life. it is unbelievable that its still illegal. but anywho i take offense to ur post because u belittle my symptoms whenevr i quit for drug tests and what not. all the symptoms u described are definitely classic symptoms. ur right! but i experience hot and cold sweats. shakes occasionaly. mild coping problems and im easily frustrated.yes i realize these are similar to nicotine withdrawl but i dont smoke cigarettes. i sometimes experience apetite loss and maybe constipation, maybe… YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND, everyones body reacts differently to the same compunds, and if anyones body is used to a certain chemical its going to react in different ways. so dont come in here ostracizing people with legitamate complaints, even tho im aware of the fact that some people are faking posts to make it look bad

          • Firehose

            Which ones are “Fake” and how did you come to that conclusion..

        • terry

          U talk more crap than I’ve smoked joints , I’ve been a heavy user for 20 years , I’m 36. ,longest I ever went without was 2 months , worst 2 months ever , I love getting stoned , don’t tell me withdrall is’nt real you total f*****g w****r

        • Jade T

          Hello what you say makes a lot of sense. im on day 6 of quitting weed after using everyday. my main worry is that i am eating but i cant seem to poop!!! maybe too much info but im generally feeling okay and posotive jus wondering when i’ll be able to poo properly again. im really worried. please reply

        • Kay

          So, you know everything because you have walked in everyone’s shoes. Look it up, it’s a proven fact. The smarter someone is, the less the realize they know. I believe you have been limited in your experiences and education. Do not judge others. This site is for people who are having issues with quitting and wanting to reach out to others with the same issues. You may have no issues with it, and I am so happy for you. But do not think that just because it doesn’t affect you the same way it does others, does not mean it’s real. This has been a nightmare!!!! Be careful what you say, it might come to bite you in the ass and you might be back on this forum saying, Sorry, I was wrong!!!

        • Anonymous

          You are an ass.

        • Joe Smith

          You have a lot of nerve coming on here and telling people their withdrawl symptoms aren’t real and that there are NO adverse affects from Marijuana. It’s a flat-out lie. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum.

        • Anonymous

          first off everyone get u a massager and stick it to your head and wallaa it
          feels somutch better I’ve smoked weed starting when I was 9 to 27 never quitting
          first 6 hours my head was killing me I couldn’t everything made me sick
          and I was evil so evil I was cursing god I was mad and didn’t know why
          next 6 hours I was mad at my dealer for not answering and I still couldn’t
          eat in jail we drank coffee to get our stumics Nd head to quit hurting
          I cant even be arround my mother with out going off on her for nuthing
          it hurts and its easy to break stuff my damn dogs cowering at me
          I think I could of killed someone who mouthed at me. next 6 hours
          this is current time I’ve calmed down but I won’t forgive anyone and I
          hate myself and everyone else I’m phuckin satan and I’m in here trapped
          I wanna quit but it takes 30 days wtf am I going to do Jon u are obviously
          a liar and haven’t smoked enough or any gud cuz I’m In hell no lies

        • Anonymous

          You don’t know what your talking about,,your bull s**ting yourself if you don”t think that some people may go through withdraw,,go read some more on substance Abuse,,everyone is not the same..

        • diddelydoo

          The context-unaware punctuations and general fragmented thought shining through the above post should serve as a warning sign of effets of chronic cannabis consumption. Steer clear kids, or you will end up like this rambler with a programmed pro-drugs attitude.

        • Anonymous

          Ur retarded

        • Zak

          Dear John,

          You are an idiot. Except for the vitamins.


        • Steve

          You must be a doctor or god to be able to call bullshit so easy. When people exhibit chronic behavior for years a sudden change in that could cause all sort of symptoms. I have suffered withdrawals from pot smoking too. I exercise on a regular basis, eat a clean and healthy diet. I have experienced many symptoms after stopping. I normally don’t reply to comment boards, but you calling all these people bullshitters I had to.

        • Daz

          What a plank ,!

        • Daz

          Are you a professional bore ?.

          • Daz

            The two previous comments are for john bullshitspotter, or should I say john bullshit spouter.
            No offence to you pal

        • Anonymous

          carry on smoking lad…..then yu wont experience any of this

      • BKOMEL

        stupid girl, why would tetrahydra-canibinol, a pshychoactive ingredient that is mainly active in your brain give you constipation? drink some more water and quit getting anal!

      • Ray

        My 4th day and I am feeling heart Palpatations and skipped heartbeats ,its really uncomfortable been smoking 6yrs straight when how long will this last

        • Johnnyj

          Take pottasium pills your not feelin weed withdrawel u got low pottasium from your body ridding itself of thc and the good stuff as well it works miracles look up what low pottasium does go get you some

          • Ray

            Thanks bro,will do that

    • Anonymous

      lack of appetite and diareia very real withdral symptoms

      • BKOMEL

        I didn’t realize “diareia” was such a real problem! diarrhea would be an example physical dependency. IF marijuana has a dependency at all, it would effect your pschoactive state, NOT YOUR PHYSICAL STATE. although oone’s physical state cou

    • Kate

      Everyone is different. I was reading today somewhere that cannabis withdrawal symptoms are not a result of detox but of the brain sending distress signals to the body due to what it is used to having. I can totally see this, though I am not sure if it’s detoxification, brain distress, or both. If it is brain distress, then yes, it would make sense that some get withdrawals and others do not.

      I am a long time user of cannabis and have quit a number of times. Three years ago I quit for three weeks and don’t remember withdrawal symptoms that very notable. At the time, however, I was not getting extremely high quality weed and don’t know if that had anything to do with it at all….

      Two years ago I quit and I had a terrible time with dizziness and vertigo-type symptoms, upset stomach, headaches, irritability, anxiety and depression. The worst of it seemed to abate after a couple of weeks or less. However, the cravings and mood swings continued for a while. After 56 days, I wrote in my journal that I was finally feeling much more stable mood wise and more productive and happier.

      However, I started again and just quit for good this time seven days ago. This time I am having digestive trouble, headache, insomnia, terrible anxiety, body aches, headaches, and what feel like hot flashes.

      Stress has incredible effects on the body and some may be more prone to such stress than others.

      This is something I don’t want to go through again and can’t wait until it ends. It feels similar to opioid withdrawal but different. I remember last time I quit, I used some regular salvia divinorum leaf twice to help with the cravings and anxiety.

      I don’t think that it is fair to underestimate the power of addiction to anything on the brain and the stress it causes holistically when that substance is removed. And you are correct, everyone is different – so very different.

      • Kate

        Something else I wanted to add is that I was in an addictive relationship with a person and when that ended, I went through some mainly psychological symptoms and some anxiety, but nothing like this.

        Also, why did I never get addicted to salvia divinorum?

        I think if cannabis was not physically addictive, then more people I know wouldn’t be smoking their brains out every day and not able to go two days without it. So my mind has changed. I do think it’s addictive both psychologically and physically. But maybe not for everyone.

      • Weed head

        Crying, hot flash, dizzy feeling, as if floating in swiming pool, pain, back flashes of bad shit i have done cause serious anxitity, i was about to get on a plane one of the days gone by, they locked the door and i went crazy in my mind thinking this fucking thing is gonna fall out of the sky, weed mad me do dumb shit stuff i cant believe enters my head, but its in the past and i have to build a bridge and drag myself over it. Nothing serious just dumb ass shit. I would like to congratulate anybody who have stayed strong im nearly two weeks of it and the dizzy feeling is the worst for me, i make sure to force feed my self every day even if i gag i still eat and i feel like shit after doing it, my body starts making the most fucked up noises, like when you make the fart sound from your mouth lol. Today was a bad day until now, i feel a little better from reading some posts i dont mean it in a bad way but up until now i thought my grave was gonna be dug soon from the way i felt. So thanks to you all, if someone you loved has passed pray to them believe me it helps, you need a higher power, i actually talk to my auntie in my head call me crazy or whatever but it saves me from thinking about other things, first of all i think of a time when she made me smile when i was down i close my eyes and see a picture of her face and then it just goes from there, love you missus you are the best, she is the one i believe in and i loved her so thats why she picked me to make me better. I will never touch weed again i will get better and i will never forget the madness that i am going through. I have a long way to go yet and i thank the lord im on vacation because i wouldnt be able to work being like this. I understand why some need rehab i do but im to stubbern and you would want to see what my temper is like, im a fuckin lunatic. My girlfriend is getting the bad me at the minute but any time i lose it i for some reason lash out on her verbaly like a king dickhead 5 minutes later i feel totally retarded and im hugging and kissing her and listening to her laughing calling me crazy, love this girl to bits and intend on give her everything she wants. So i may leave you now and all i can say is there is nothing you cant do you can give up the very same way as you started it, you allow it to happen you make your owen choices. It feels good to say no and if it takes 2 months as most people say well just remember everyday that goes by is one less to get there,, peace out people no hope in the dope, have to go or im gonna shit my self, bye bye.

        • Weed head

          Lol My brain is finally back to itself, my mood swings are totally gone i still have the odd panic attack but nothing as bad as i used to.. The only way to give weed up is having time to yourself !go on vacation! Or just stay at home and do what you have to do, unfortunatly it does actually take around a month to give it up, i am of it about a month no more or less,, i find im eating alot more than i used to, but for the first couple weeks i had to force feed my self even when i felt sick i pushed it down, i must have shit 7 or8 times a day but made sure i had a full stomach,, i thought i was dying at one stage until i was searching the web about withdrawls and oh boy was i happy to read some posts and i thank you all because i know what you went through… Weed is very addictive and turns you into a retard.. I laughed when people called me a weed head i told them i could give it up anytime boy i was so wrong.. Having a dealers number lodged in my head made it so hard to give up…. This cheeky mother fucker used to ring me and ask me was i ok for stuff and everything.. I will never touch a drug again weed is up there with heroin only dif is people dont see it that way. So give it up you fucking losers its really easy after 2 weeks of the shits headaches pains in your bones depression emotional attack, the very worst is dizzy feelings i nearly died when i got this. Peace out druggies all my love

          The new me

          • Patrick

            Wow, all up on your high horse now calling potheads losers, now that you stopped smoking for a whopping 2 weeks.

            Most individuals visiting this site are visiting it for a valid reason, you don’t have to be a dick about it.

          • Ellena

            Thank you for your post. I hope we both make it cause I can not do this again. I will think of you and pray you are staying strong.

          • char

            I smoked for years…20 years, stopped for 4 years in between, then resumed. Experienced all the symtoms…no appetite, irritability, sweats, upset stomach, etc. BUT the one I am struggling with are the vivid dreams. They are nightmares and so real. It takes a few minutes after awakening to convince myself it was just a dream. I hate going to sleep. I am about a month and one week clean. Physically, I feel better than I have for years. I am not stuffing my face (munchies), lost some weight, my mind is clear. The craving for the altered state is somewhat there. Esp. when I feel stress or boredom, but I will never smoke or consume it again.

          • Anonymous

            It was good to read your story,until you stared to put people down for trying to make there life better,,You should be more understanding to the steps that they need to go through. You give them support and then bring them down,,don”t forget the road you came from,,knowone is better then the other,,,

    • Ty Palmer

      Irritability is a common symptom when one has no cannabis during a dry spell. My goal? No dry spells. The tiniest amount of cannabis enjoyed during a down moment of a day, or a part of a pre-sleep ritual can do as much for an attitude as a nap, a bite to eat, or even a quick session of meditation or yoga.

    • Rick

      You sir are the one that is full of BS: I am living through the detox right now and have all of the negative effects that the people wrote about. Get a grip shit head.

      • Brandon

        I feel sad and hopeless. There is no way to change what’s wrong with the human condition once you quit cannabis. That is to say if your quiting to see things clearer it will not work. Just remember this to will pass and don’t be so hard on yourself.

        • acutegirl

          Dont feel sad or depressed. We are in this together. I am experiencing night sweats, depression, insomnia, dizziness, nausea and intense vivd dreams. It won’t last forever. Think of how much better our lives are going to be! I already feel like I have alot more energy than ever before. Resist the temptation! Remember that you truly aren’t alone. I know I am just some random girl in cyberspace, but I am going through the same things you are. We can do this!

          • OldHead

            ACUTEGIRL, I noticed your kind words to Brandon. I started while in Vietnam to get my mind off what was going on. It helped my PTSD when I returned as without it I had daily nightmares. So from 1968 till now I didn’t stop. (43 years) And for all those years I said it wasn’t addictive.
            Well now I feel like living shit with most all the symptoms everyone is writing about.I’ve lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks and still can’t sleep but about 2 decent hours. I’m going to hang in there like you, because now I will soon be a grandfather and want to be around as long as possible. You were kind to reassure Brandon who was having a hard time. Thank You, OldHead

          • Anonymous

            all i can think of is killing myself, its day 12 for me

          • Donnie

            hey my name is D and I am 24 years old. I have been smoking the last 10 years of my life and am just starting to come off Canibis and am going through all the symptoms people are describing above and it sucks. The reason I am writting you as I read your blog I began to get a since of Hope and postivity. Please feel free to respond as I am going through a tuff time right now. Thanks

          • Amber

            i love you for your post. Day 5 after 37 years and i am hurting but i will get through this.

    • Tyson Tickner

      You must live on the east coast where I have seen nothing but butt swag, for those who do know is mexican brick weed. and its a very low thc content. and you prob didnt have withdrawls cuz u have access to pharm drugs. So shut the fuck up. Withdrwls are real you have so smoke good shit which u dont. U prob still smoke the old grass of the 70’s head out west smoke that for a year straight and tell me you dont have withdrawls. what a idiot.

      • Anonymous

        not sure where on east coast you visited but ive been smoking premo for decades right in PA!!!!

    • josh

      i agree. this is my third day of not smoking and my stomach has been hurting very much. i have smoked for 15 years, daily; i didn’t think it would be a problem to stop. i’m also getting night sweats. symptoms aren’t too bad, but they are real.

    • hjdvblks

      you can call it whatever you want buddy. fact of the matter is ive been smoking everyday for 6 months, i haven’t smoked for two days, and it’s not even that i’m craving it…barely am. BUT i’ve been sweating profusely, getting chills, feeling heat/cold waves simultaneously, feeling really spaced out….and this is after a busy day at work, and a long work out at the gym (which should lower the bad feelings…don’t wanna know how i would feel if i sat home all day)

      according to the article NOT EVERYBODY HAS THESE WITHDRAWALS.
      so it’s one thing to not have to go through it.
      but to shit on what other people are going through 🙂
      by the way, i only found this article after feeling all these symptoms and thinking i’m crazy and searching on google to see if there is such a thing as weed withdrawal. and all my “symptoms” are listed there.

    • Snoop

      To the so called scientist. You don’t have a clue. I’m so sick right now from withdrawals. Hot and cold sweats, insomnia, depression, fever, swollen glands in my neck, nausea, I wake up covered in sweat with wet sheets. This happens everytime I run out of weed. I’ve been smoking heavily for 22 years. I’m a hard core everyday all day long user. I smoke an ounce a week. @$160 an ounce my habit is costing me to much but I want this sick feeling to end. I’m on day 2 since I smoked and I’m very very sick. I feel like I have the flu.

      • Anonymous

        Where the hell do u get an oz for $160???

        • bdown

          colorado buddy… legal whaaa>????

    • tony

      I have smoked for over 40 years, and I too quit many times without withdrawals. This time it’s different, it’s been 43 days; dizzy, confused, (still feeling high without enjoying it)pain, vivid dreams,(some scary),and not being able to sleep more than two hours at a time. Can’t wait to get back to smoking!

      • raymond

        hey tony are you filling better its been 51 day for me I fill the same way

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been smoking weed for almost 13 years . Heavy use for the past 8 years and everyday for the past 4 years . I live in Cali and grow my own shit . Im now on day 2 of my vacation and I’m definitely having withdrawal symptoms . At home I wake up and go pack a bowl in the bubbler or bong to start my day . I smoke all day until I go to work the night shift . I get home from work and usually go straight to the garage and pack a fatty . I’m on day two of my vacation and it’s 3am . I feel like shit and I have had 2 bites of a burger since we landed.i never imagined this ! If you didn’t have any withdrawals then why we’re you on this site ? This shit is very real and if you honestly smoke cron and you don’t have withdrawals then you are very lucky ! If your just a poser talking down about people who are already down YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT !

    • Kristen

      If you were a “real scientist” you would know that everyone’s body reacts differently to things. I have been smoking pot almost daily for five years and for me personally I DO go through withdrawal symptoms. I know not everyone does but I definitely do. 🙁 I’m just saying it can happen.

      • Patrick

        Lol, the guy that calls himself a scientist without providing his field of emphasis sounds like a troll. F**k that guy.

    • Anonymous

      With your back ground you should know telling people things are “BS” is completely unprofessional. You have no clue your fancy school back ground will never allow you to know. People come here looking for help. You are the not only rude but you sir are full of BS and a joke to those around you. I bet crack is good to right? Your a fool who I bet works at 7-11. No Doctor would ever respond like that.

    • Anonymous

      I am a REAL Scientist with a degree and a state license to practice. Thank GOD you are not my Doctor. A fancy License means nothing unless you have lived through it. Your degree must be from a on line course. I feel bad for you. How’s late nights at 7-11 working for ya because god knows I would never hire you.

    • Gingerrific

      I call BS on you!!
      and i too can print a degree off the interweb and boast about it. keyboard warriors FTW!!!

    • Clem

      Dude, You’re in denial!

    • olly

      Wow, i guess if you didn’t experience these side effects, it must be bullshit, because your experience IS THE ONLY EXPERIENCE that is really important oh enlightened one! I bet you still live at home with your parents too hey? I would suggest that you start smoking again,….for all our sakes. When a pathological narcissist like yourself is baked, the world can rest a little and not have to listen to YOUR BULLSHIT. Thundering fool xoxoxo

    • Anonymous

      well u just smoked on and off….Iv smoked about an 1/8th a day for 15 years…now i have to quit for a drug test at work…iv had all those w.d’s X ten. insomnia,night sweats , loss of appatite, irratabilaty…dont try to downplay someone elses symptoms …they are real(trust me) i call bs on u!…were not talking about couple puffs on the weekend here …these are the testamonies of real chronics.. not posers like u

    • Vivienne

      TYC you are an ignorant fool.
      If you smoke consistently everyday for 6 years or more then stop cold turkey these withdrawal symptoms are very very real. It sounds to me that you have never been a chronic smoker since you say “on and off”. I have experienced other drug withdrawal and now withdrawal from weed after smoking a lot everyday for over seven years. Insomnia, loss of appetite, rapid temperature changes, irritability, severe body aches and pains, digestive system upset and severe moods including awful anxiety. The feelings do start to subside after about two months (probably a little bit different for each individual) with no weed. So I call a massive bullshit on your useless comment Mr I am a ‘real’ scientist (who gives a shit). A scientist of bullshit by the sounds of it, saying you are a scientist adds no weight to your comment. You do realise how many different types of scientists there are dont’t you, fool.

    • Kasey

      honestly your a jackass for saying this. maybe you didnt experience any withdrawal symptoms but how can you say this for every person in the world that has quit? you talk about your degree but your talking like an ignorant high school dropout making bold assumptions. the withdrawal symptons are real. im experiencing them as i type this. the constant headaches. i get 3-4 hours of sleep. my apetite has decreased tremedously. and i have a sense of not knowing where im at at times. its hard to focus and im starting to have slight anxiety. so you should chill with you calling all this stuff bs. the only thing that is bs is your bullshit degree.

    • Skarp

      Definetely there are withdrawal syndromes. I’m off for 30 days and have had the third “cold”, sweating, bad sleep. It’s not as harmless as it’s sold to me, since it makes you passive and asocial, unmotivated when you use it. And you are craving it when not using it.

      • Steven

        After smoking for 17 years daily.. only the best weed out there, was extremely picky….I quit..6 days clean..withdrawal symptoms are real..not lacking sleep, however I feel more fatigue than ever.. No mental symptoms only physical ones..
        -Flu like symptoms ( joints hurt around the kegs and knees, nose runs, cough, hard to breathe)
        – vivid dreams ( very detailed and colorful, seeing people I have not seen in years, more visual than an acid trip)
        – sweating like a pig ( wake up with the bed all wet every few hours)
        – lack of appetite
        – dazed out
        Wondering when will this come to an end and how long this lasts?

    • Anticoto

      If you only smoke a join once a year no problem , but if you smoke everyday for the las 25 years .
      I want to see you there !!!!!!!!!
      IT is not a good feeling .

    • DVO

      Non medical Marijuana use if used properly, the user wouldn’t depend on it daily, meaning they would use as a medicine when needed or stress reliever for recreational use only. These people who have been used for this faulty experiment sound as if they have been using marijuana as someone with a serious medical problem would do. Example a type 1 dietetic with an extreme case of neuropathy who cannot leave the house or even function without 2gs of hash a day would obviously feel some kind of withdrawal, when a body is super dependent on any chemical or substance obviously the body will feel some sort of negative connotation without that dependence. Just as if you give a vegan or vegetarians meat after a long green diet their stomach will not be used to it, and in effect will cause nausea. I have used marijuana since I was 16, I am 20 now and of course cannot say I have always smoked as needed. Of course kids like to get high and abuse drugs which marijuana can be abused as any other substance getting so loaded you literally feel like the anti-drug commercial of the chick liquefying into the couch (I still wish I could find green that made me melt, that’s just dank). Now, I use marijuana on a daily basis but like just a little buzz to take the edge off somewhat like a beer besides much more calming euphoric feeling and the effects last much longer. Or when I get off a long exhausting day of work on the way home when I take those few puffs driving down the freeway to give me that extra mental boost to go and work out. Cannabanoids are way more beneficial then any pharmaceutical product, do your research and it becomes obvious. Unfortunately our Government is soooo full of shit controlling the majority of Americas opinion with propaganda all with the motivation of greed and own personal agendas this has allowed a wonderfully beneficial FREE product to go readily unavailable. Due to the vast access of information on the web this is starting to become more and more obvious still not to the mass majority of Americans. But if people keep self educating themselves with reliable web sources (There are many faulty informational sites online) there’s no way you wont find that marijuana’s pro’s greatly outweigh its cons. One of the largest anti-marijuana contributors is beer manufacturers, you would think that’s weird ya know, weed and beer that a good combo for most people, but actually its because most people would rather smoke a J then a drink a beer but wont because of respect of the law. LEGALIZE GREEN MEDICINE FEDERALLY!!

    • Mario

      Hey TYC—- Fuck you.

      First off, you probably mean you smoked some low-power shit maybe 3-4 times a week. Woop-te-doo!!! I been smokin at least a bowl every two three hours for over 15 years. Have stopped and in day five am having headaches, fever, major lung congestion, heart palpitations, aches, major anxiety. When you blow through at least an ounce BY YOURSELF every week and THEN try to stop, then give me a call. Otherwise STFU you goddamn poser!

    • Anonymous

      That dude with the ugly dog has a real chip on his shoulder. Sorry that you’re a drug addict who’s upset honest people are telling the truth about marijuana and it’s addictive nature. Get over it and go find an “I love to be a drug addict” thread.

    • Carl

      I was up at 2am yesterday morning and am still awake now( 4 am day after) I have smoked weed and fags for the last 15 years and I can guarantee you that the symptoms described on this site are true. I have smoked at least 5 (max 12) joints a day whilst holding down a full time demanding job for the last 5 years.I am suffering from pretty much everything mentioned here and more. You have clearly never smoked any quality weed in your life or you would not have made those comments. If you would like a chat send me a message.

    • FLSharkvictim

      Yo, you must of had some really shitty weed if you had no w/ draws

    • Phil

      Only on my third day of trying to quit, smoking weed solid for nearly ten years and it began to take over my life and work.
      So far things havnt been too bad, but i know they will get worse before i get better.
      Sleeping hasnt been too bad but night terrors and sweats have started, so bad i thought i’d wet the bed.
      Day 3 i started to get hot and cold flushes in the day time and i feel exhausted, not gone to bed yet so will seee what tonight brings.
      Anybody who says its bull doesnt know what they are talking about! I have a stressful job and used weed as a switch-off when i got home- for ten years ha.
      I have seen all my friends grow up get good jobs, find a partner, have kids, get a house and live life to the full and i still live at home getting high sat on the pc all night.
      Im determined to do this for my future!

    • swiift

      you’re an asshole who doesn’t understand the first thing about science. Just because it doesn’t effect you, doesn’t mean it’s like that for others. Just by you saying such a ridiculous thing makes me wonder who in the hell would give you a degree.

    • You said it best I’ve gone on and off about a half dozen times in the last five years and havn’t experienced any withdrawal, other then nausea because i use it medicinally to begin with, but then again I’m not a dog or a mouse. Palm Vaporizer all day every day

    • Anonymous

      have you tried stopping?

    • Reb

      All your degrees obviously haven’t helped your realize how different people are. You just haven’t come across someone who has these problems yet. For someone who has tried to quit “naturally” over the past 5 years I can tell you it IS hell to withdraw from pot (for me). I quit cigarettes and 3 years of constant METH use, and still none of it was as hard as pot is. So PEOPLE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Go back to school–your studies aren’t over yet, TYC.

    • Firehose

      Hi TYC

      I can assure you it is not BS !!

      I have smoked for 26 years, daily pretty much without a break. I decided to quit recently as its not really compatible with my family / work life, not to mention illegal and generally made life awkward – sneaking off to score / spending lots of money and lying about where it had gone, sneaking out to smoke. Hiding it from friends, family. Getting involved with some dodgy characters, a few scapes with the law etc..

      These symptoms are very real, maybe not for you but certainly are for me and many others.

      Insomnia for me being the worst part and for me this went on for over two months. In addition to the insomnia a sort of intense feeling of general discomfort (i.e. feeling “hyper”, flu like symptoms,aches,nausea,lack of interest in food, weird and frightening ultra vivid dreams, sweating, feeling cold, constantly dreaming of having a smoke just for some relief) – this really is a complex of symptoms. And I absolutely relate to the comments of some mentioned above. it is REAL.

      Having said that perversley, i really enjoyed smoking cannabis and the feeling it gave me and still have the odd crafty joint, but its more like once a month or longer rather than 3-4 joints a day!! And i no longer “withdraw” from using at this level.

      So yes the symptoms of withdrawal are real, and the addiction is real.

      However – we shouldn’t get alarmist about this. Whilst unpleasant i dont think it was in anyway life threatening. Many of my friends have been through a similar process, by choice, and come out unscathed and i’m pretty sure if we had abused alchohol in the same way for the same period of time – the detrimental health effects I’m sure would have been far worse / apparrent.

      I still question the legality status of cannabis and as an experienced and long term user, i still think it is relatively harmless – and used sensibly probably not *that* addictive. I hear a lot of hyperbole in the media about the dangers of cannabis, particularly about mental health scares – which may well be true. But the numbers of individuals effected must be pretty small compared to the user base (again in my experience)

      I would hazard a guess that our number one legal drug of choice (i.e. alchohol) does far more damage and ruins more lives worldwide than cannabis ever did or will.

    • bart

      Whover says thc isnt physically addicting or mentally addicting is a f***ing moron. If you have smoked for 35 years and havent had withdrawals you must have some really awful pot with a thc content of .01 percent. ITS A DRUG ITS ADDICTIVE F*****G RETARDS

      • Anonymous

        Loool. Love it!
        Felt pretty pissed before I read your comments.
        Poor people. Poor ignorant people.
        Guess if they choose to write about it, they can’t be rolling one.

        I get WD when I cut out wheat, let alone my lovely hash’
        Smoked since 19, 49 now.

        Day 2 after a long drawn out weaning off.

        I’m pretty sharp when I’m on it, cant focus so well now.

        Think hubby should go to his mother’s tho. want to kill him. Feel so angry. Don’t mind the sweats, irregular bowel movements, or loss of appetite. Big deal. But I’m so angry. Want to do damage and I’m normally such a ‘good person’! Interesting how I can’t be angry with children. They make me happy, the nice ones. Why is it that most adults make me angry!

        Smoking was a way of cacooning myself. Now I have to deal with stuff. Crap!

        To everyone that wants to give anything up, including wheat or chocolate….give up if you want to and shut up unless you can be supportive to those that need it!

    • Not True

      This article is BS, why is it fairly top of Google? – Smoked for 18 years pure no tobacco – had periods of coming off for 30 days at a time – none of this is true. Maybe dreams return a little and feel a little more ‘awake’ – DHU! But man all these symptoms sound like tobacco withdrawal or just BS! Man if you smoke with tobacco no really you have nicotine withdrawal. Cannabis pure does not produce these extremes. Total BS do not believe. I smoked 3 cigs a day without Cannabis for 1.5 years and that was way harder giving up. Cannabis on its own is way less of a health issue than tobacco and alcohol – fact. The UK\US western governments is in fact responsible for making people damage themselves more because of its illegality they turn to cheap resin which is full of rubbish. +Tesco alone kills way more people with 4 Isles of alcohol to choose from in a year than cannabis has done in 5000 years.

      • Firehose

        Not true for you perhaps, probably because you are superior in some way. Like superman.

        I agree that alchohol is more of a problem in our society but this is not what the post is about.

        Its about cannabis withdrawal syndrome. Cannabis might be difficult to give up for some (not you of course) and present some unpleasant symptoms for a few weeks, does not necessarily make it dangerous.

    • Anonymous

      the only bs here is you

      • Firehose

        Wise words. Are you related to the Dalai Lama?

    • Joe Smith

      With all due respect, these symptoms this person is describing are real, and if you can’t say something nice to help these people through their tough times, don’t bother posting. Geez.

    • Laura

      I call BS… It’s all in their heads… People for years have been told about marijuana withdrawals… It’s a bunch of crap. I had smoked for 15 years hardcore… I was literally stoned 24/7 and when I quite I didn’t have any withdrawals at all. People that claim to have them are full of SH*T!

      • Firehose

        Laura – you are wrong, If you had no withdrawal you are one of the lucky ones. Believe me its true.

        If you dont believe this site, look elsewhere on the internet. Plenty of people are suffering.

        I doubt very much you smoked 24/7 unless you managed a way of smoking whilst asleep :). I have been smoking good bud for about 25 years, quitting is not easy and comes with a handful of very unpleasant symptoms (for me at least), insomnia (by far the most frustrating), constipation, bowel pain, sweating. The symptoms are manageable and by no means life threatening – but they are unpleasant and can go on for a month or more.

        Maybe you you didn’t smoke as much as you thought or are smoking girly hash or something, or maybe as I said you are lucky and can just stop without the withdrawal.

        But to call it BS is just ignorant and arrogant. You need to be a bit more open minded.

      • Amber

        Dear Laura – It’s not BS. How can you discount what so many of us are saying? Consider yourself fortunate. After 37 years of wake and bake, afternoon tokes, before bed smoking and several hits throughout the night, i stopped 5 days ago. I thought it would be terribly hard to quit simply because of the habit. What I was not prepared for was the night sweats and nausea. The dizziness and the frequent burping from my upset stomach. Have a heart and be thankful you’re not suffering the way so many of us are.

    • voxpop

      This conversation needs to be science-based, not anecdotal responses to perpetuated myths about cannabis:

      • Firehose


        science-based? this is a cannabis lovers website, i would think this would be a little biased, wouldn’t you? Good science is usually far more objective than this – that isn’t to say any of these links don’t represent good science – I’m sure some do. It is just that they have been collated by a group of people trying to make some sort of point. I.e that cannabis is great and has no downsides.

        I think if you read carfully, peoples “anecdotes” about their experience with cannabis on this site, they aren’t cannabis haters or people calling for it to be banned. On the contrary, they are major stoners like myself ;). Most have smoked for a long time, like myself (presumably because they enjoyed it) – some may have even experienced some health benefits or at least relief from another condition or addiction. From experience I’m sure some of that is true.

        What i do know, and there are plenty of people like me is that the pattern of use tends to escalate – a joint a day, a couple – five – before you know it you are getting through an 0.5 to 1 oun ce per week. When this is good quality bud, you are probably gonna have some problems stopping after a few years. This may not be true for everyone – there are some die-harders who have posted in response to this blog, who claim to have smoked for many years at a fairly high level and not had any side effects whatsoever – if these accounts are true, the intersting scientific question would be, Why are these people different? what is it in their physiology that is different – as the answer to this question could lead to the development of something to overcome the withdrawal.

        This post, at least originally is just stating that some people have experienced some major withdrawal symptoms from cannabis. Not that it is bad or it is dangerous or has no uses in medicine or that you shouldn’t smoke it, eat it or stick it up your arse.
        I endorse cannabis, and love the stuff, although you do need to be aware of and recognise the fact that for some it can control your life (always worried, agitated when getting low – getting money together to go and score, having to operate outside the law – only happy when stoned etc..) AND (i’ll say it again !!) – the withdrawal is REAL and UNPLEASANT!! but that is all..

        • Larry

          Thanks Firehose for your well balanced comments, there seem to be some very angry people out there! It’s obvious that reactions to quitting are as varied as they are to using. actually one of the reasons I wanted to quit was recover a bit of moderation in my emotional states. At almost 55 I’ve smoked regularly for over 40 years, a lot of that time daily and all day long, and though I’m very glad to have quit I certainly don’t consider myself a pot hater. I’m into my 8th week since stopping cold turkey (tobacco and weed, in Europe they’re practically always smoked together I believe the cocktail is a drug in itself…) It’s been strange… not very difficult to quit on the moment, I just felt I was done but I did go through all the symptoms described; insomnia, sweats, temperature imbalance, dreams returning (glad to have them back as I hadn’t remembered dreams in years)a definite euphoria in the first couple of weeks, intense positive energy though I associate that more with quitting tobacco and then digestive problems and mouth ulcers, rather unpleasant stuff! That’s all settling down finally but the last couple of weeks I’ve been battling this heavy discouragement and lack of energy. I was glad to read one of the posts where the guy is finally feeling better after two and a half months (!) I think there is a long process involved of readjusting the chemical balances and touching down in reality after such a long flight… so many years where I really did enjoy using… but change is what makes life interesting!

          • Firehose

            Larry, Tom – Loved reading your accounts and feedback, so similar to my own experiences and view on life.

            Its nice to here some balanced views from people who have obvioulsy “been there” rather than the vitriol and hyperbole that this subject tends to attract.

            Not sure what part of the world you hail from, but you sound like the kind of guys I could enjoy a few beers with 🙂

            Good luck in your abstenance – it takes no small amount of willpower and commitment when you have smoked as long as we have. I sulute you.

    • Tom

      I’ve been reading thru this thread. Man, a lot of hating going on for peace and lovel dope smokers. I started at 16, stopped last month on my 49th bday. Why stop? Didn’t really intend
      to, but wife had some serious surgery and it seemed only a callous moron would feel the need to smoke while the person who means everything to me was in need of serious care. I could have done it stoned, no problem. I’ve done everything stoned, for effing ever.

      I’ve got a med mj card, bs’d reasons of course. I laugh at sativa smokers. Heavy knock you on your ass indica was the only thing I could get high from. Wake and bake, bake bake, work, bake, bake right before I jumped in bed…had to be within 2 or 3 minutes of bed, or I’d have to get high again.

      Is that living? Fuck no. That’s sleepwalking through life. 5 weeks without, it’s been rough. Insomnia for a while. Night sweats first couple of weeks, the dreams, holy crap the dreams. Irritable? Did you just call me irritable? I’ll kick your ass you clown, no, I’m perfectly stable. Anxiety? Is that when you know something horrible awaits you? Pit of the stomach wrenching? I’ve had plenty of that. Confusion at tasks I could have done blind folded on weed, check.

      It’s getting better. Instead of saying, I’m gonna get to that…I’m doing that. Keeping busy. Upgraded my life in many ways. When I feel like I’d really like to get high, and that happens now and then, I think of the $ I’m saving not burning it, and how that helps in so many ways…not just $ in the bank, but opportunity costs. Hey, I LOVED pot, it was just time to move…last dance with Mary Jane.

      • LJ

        I also am having withdrawal symptoms. At 55 I have finally decided to grow up and stop even though I love it. Week 4 and its the depression and crying feeling like I am going insane. Never thought it would be this tough. Thanks for sharing

        • Larry

          hey LJ,

          Just wanted to tell you hang in there, it’s worth it! It does take a while though, I’m in week 9 and I feel I’m finally emerging. It’s not so much the caving to smoke a

        • firehose

          Hey LJ

          Larry is right, hang in there. It all passes in time – its difficult, i’ve been there a few times – but eventually came out the other side :).


          • Larry

            Hi again, my post took off before I could finish it! I don’t know what happened… anyway what I meant to say was that it isn’t so much the cravings for a toke that I’ve had a hard time with but all the stuff that comes up psychologically, probably all the things I’ve only dealt with over the years by rolling another one… you know what I mean. there’s also the stark reality of it all, having to face life without that comfy cushion of sweet smoke. It’s scary but those feelings do pass and things get back to normal (whatever that is!) One of the many things I enjoy is the feeling of freedom not having to worry about running out anymore.

            However I have to confess guys, I did take a couple of hits on a joint last Friday night… late night jam session with some good buddies… the sadness and depression had really been taking it’s toll and I decided to loosen up the rigid denial just a bit. Well it was all right. It was not as fantastic as I might have feared I just relaxed a bit and enjoyed the moment. Played again the next day and didn’t feel like smoking at all though the j’s were passing around…it hasn’t been a problem since. Actually feel liberated of the fear that I’ll fall right back in if ever I so much as look at the stuff. I think I might have finally managed to put it in it’s proper place… which is an occasional social pleasure, nothing more.

            I’m not advocating taking it lightly, as we can see it’s not easy to stop and it’s very easy to start up again (I’ve done it many times) but putting things in perspective is important for me, depression can be dangerous as well.
            Finding a point of balance is what I’m looking for. I think what’s important is to be truly good to yourself and that’s not just a question of pleasure it’ all about knowing what’s really good for you.

            Cheers all and “bon courage” as we say in France

          • LJ

            Thanks Larry and Dave

            I will definitely win this battle and for once in my life I am not craving one more toke. So happy I found this site explaining symptoms others are experiencing because I was worrying I may have a serious medical problem. Just wish the headaches would stop soon. Week 5 now! Lesley Jane

    • Anonymous

      you don”t know what your talking about..My family and I come from the Islands,and most of us smoke,,I myself have smoked for over 20 years and some of us has had withdraw,,Its better to leave it at not all people are the same…

    • kronic


      • firehose

        kronic !!

        Thanks for your wise words. Pre-pubescent teenagers know nothing about this subject, but thanks for your efforts.

    • RUGGED

      Yo, I know your comment is old as dirt, but I felt compelled to reply. It sounds like these folks are forgetting to mention that they may be experiencing these symptoms because of other medications they are not mentioning. I used to take methadone and smoke high quality pot at the same time, and when i quit smoking the pot, i would have sever vomiting episodes that lasted about 24 hours. So all this talk of serious WDs from pot may be a little hyped up and hiding other variables. All i know is that HIGH quality pot WDs are usual set off by VIVID dreams and a little bit of sweats, nausea and trouble sleeping comfortably, with the usual irritability. I dont buy hard core WDs from POT ALONE, maybe there are DEFINITLEY combinations of other drugs WITH the pot that cause hardcore WDs, because i have been there. My two cents anyway.

      • RUGGED

        Damn, I said MAYBE THERE ARE DEFINITLEY combinations of drugs….. LMAO Ahh, human error

      • Firehose

        Hi Rugged

        You said – ( “Yo” – is that something that growns-ups say?? 😉 )

        “It sounds like these folks are forgetting to mention that they may be experiencing these symptoms because of other medications they are not mentioning”?

        Why do you think that?, I can assure (in my case at least, that is not true). And I’m sure that is true of many other people posting on here. Just have a look around the internet there are plenty of people talking about the same symptoms. Its not “in our heads” and we are not crack addicts !!

        I can’t read anyone saying that these withdrawal symptoms are worse than meth or heroin, crack etc. Yes there are symptoms, they are or can be unpleasant – and in many cases go on for much more than “a few days”. Perhaps as I have said in my posts that some people are not severley affected as others.

        I have been smoking good bud for about 25 years, quitting is not easy (I have been through this several times) and comes with a handful of very unpleasant symptoms (for me at least), insomnia (by far the most frustrating), constipation, bowel pain, sweating. The symptoms are manageable and by no means life threatening – but they are unpleasant and can go on for a month or more. If you want to experience how this can feel – try staying awake for two weeks – then report back.

        ps. using capital letters, does not make you right!!

      • Amber

        Hey Rugged, You don’t have to “buy into it” . . . But could you please take my nausea for me?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been smoking every day for 9 years and when I try and quit I can’t sleep worth a damn and my appetite is very little, if I can even eat at all. So, I think there are some things one goes through when quitting

    • J

      Yeah I’m pretty sure some of those user comments are over exaggerated for the sole purpose of getting attention. I’ve been an avid smoker for several years. Occasionally something comes up and I need to get clean. Let me be clear, I do not feel Marijuana is a drug, and I hate it when people who smoke call or consider themselves “users”. Your not a drug user, your a person who enjoys a little altered perception which in todays world is not such a bad thing. I’m fully aware of all the symptoms that can occur, but I am also aware that all THC withdrawal symptoms are mild, unless your smoking a pound a day for a year then stop all together.
      Anyway when I stop smoking, I have trouble falling asleep for 2-5 days but once asleep I sleep just fine (cutting back on my high caffiene intake would likely help). I do get irritable, however by nature I am quite an irritable person. I’m well known for being grumpy, in fact in 6th grade I believe, I was voted most likely to be a grumpy old man sitting on a park bench alone feeding pigeons. Thats real nice to announce about a 6th grader in front of the school eh!? lol anyway, trouble falling asleep and irritability, both mild but a minor hindrance to my day. Those of you who are hating life or feel like death after you stop smoking, you have problems, seek help. Nobody here knows or cares about you, so there is no need to lie or exaggerate. I have friends of different ages, races, sexs , and religion that smoke, never in my year have I seen anyone ever go through those extreme symptoms. Hell I’ve don’t my experimenting with a lot of drugs hard and soft and still have never had symptoms like some of you have listed. But I suppose I do consider myself on of the lucky ones, I’m one of those people who can do drugs and even drink while remaining highly functional everyday. Granted in my older days I’ve completed my youthful experimenting and now I simply smoke pot, I rarely even drink now. Never had any withdrawal symptoms from anything that put any amount of hindrance on my day except a few hangovers from my partying days. I have a degree in computer programming and computer repair, and in 6 months I will have a degree in internet marketing, I own and operate two businesses, I enjoy the outdoors, I love gardening, I mt. bike often, I have multiple websites and several other projects all going at the same time. Hell when I was in my experimental phase of life is when I opened my first business, which was a music recording studio. I’m a man of many talents and skill sets, and I’ve at least tried almost any recreational drug you can list. I’m 30 now and I’m high nearly 24/7, it does not slow me down. If your symptoms are so bad, why quit? I grew up being taught pot is for criminals and morons this and that bla bla bla. Well on drugs is when I’ve accomplished the biggest things in my life, my projects, my businesses, my education, and everything else I do, I do high. Granted I only smoke high quality bud which helps as mersh tends to demotivate me. It’s not the drugs that turns people into losers, they were losers before they did drugs. Drugs just made it obvious due to societal stigma. Like I said I’m one of the lucky ones and because of that I proudly wear my LiveStoned bracelet and have not taken it off in a few years. I received the bracelet for donating toward medical marijuana research.

    • steve

      In my experience thc withdrawals are very real. I have been eating pot brownies every day for over a year. The first week I quit, I had high anxity, night sweats, vivid dreams and minor upset stomach. The second week got worse. I had more anxiety, no appetite at all, racing heart and very high blood pressure. I always had normal blood pressure before. It’s day 13 and I am feeling a little better, able to eat without getting too nauseous and anxiety is calming a bit. I can not wait to feel normal again. Thanks to all that have posted, it gives me hope that it will get better.

    • Sweetmaryj

      I always thought that physical withdrawl symptoms were a load of bs until a few days ago. I’ve been stoned literally every single day for past bout 10 years. First thing I would do in the morning is smoke a bong and last thing at night smoke a bong, bongs constantly. The only time I wouldn’t smoke bong is when I had something important to do, then I would retreat to the joints.
      I am marijuana crazy love the stuff it’s so interesting great hobby and am still learning about the plant.
      The biggest problem I face is I am in the habit of being in my home stoned so when I am sitting in my house I feel the need to smoke, it is like I to a certain degree relate it to my home, therefore making it hard to stop. If I am anyplace else and doing something I do not feel the need to smoke ( apart from fishing of which never bothered me to begin with until I started smoking heavily when I was out, now when I’m fishing I want to smoke).
      But the past few days I have been experiencing chills and sweats, surprisingly to me.
      The withdrawl symptoms are similar of that to any mild addiction apart from insomnia, irritability, boredome, anxiety. I beleive doing anything that often and that long will have psychological withdrawl symptoms such as always being with a girl or a computer game. Most of us are creatures of habit and being faced with situations out of our norm will give most of us a sense of uncomfort.
      Psychologically I do not beleive it is any different than most life situations we have obsessed over and became addicted to, as for these cold sweats I’m surprised, might not be due to this but logically thinking it points towards marijuana.
      I will still smoke at points I have no intention of permanently stopping, I mean sitting in your house alone a lot and bored urges you to take advantage of this wonderful plant that god has given us but you and I must remember taking a drug is fine if you control it and don’t put yourself in danger, it becomes a problem when it runs your life and dictates your behaviour.
      This is the first slightly antimatijuana post I have ever written and to sum it up from my experience not that anyone is likely to take any notice, I would say unfortunately prolonged use will give you a lot of psychological withdrawals as well as physical withdrawl symptoms unfortunately, equilibrium, there is always a catch.
      I have pretty much just repeated what this article has stated but too many opinions from marinuana connoisseurs on a subject like this is never a bad thing.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for writing this informative article, the fact that you state prelonged users opinions makes a big difference compared to all of the fascists out there that bad mouth marijuana without knowing what they are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      You have smoked on and off not daily for years. People that drink on and off don’t suffer withdrawal it’s the same for weed.

      Be a scientist and do some proper research!

    • ned

      I have been smoking for decades and gave up a week ago.
      I didn’t think I was an addict but being off it is very very hard.
      I can’t concentrate and I am very depressed bordering on suicidal ideation some days. It is much much much harder than i thought.

    • Gloria

      I have smoked pot for 30 years. I quit about a year ago. Please don’t tell me that the post that people left is BS. I was so hooked on pot I could even function My whole life revolved around pot. I remember about 20 years ago, I couldn’t get any weed for that day and I was so mad that I beat the windows out of my apartment. I was smoking 8 joints a day for years. I didn’t even leave my house except to pay bills and get groceries. I WAS HOOKED I even went to rehab to try to get off of it.

    • Amber

      After 37 years of daily smoking (not off and on as you have) I stopped five days ago. I had no idea that I would feel as sick to my stomache as I have for the last three days, including intense night sweats. These symptoms actually encurage me not to go back to smoking . . . I hope. You may be a scientist, but I’ve no reason to lie about my experince. The only reason I even found this article on the web was due to my search to find out why I feel so awful right now.

    • Dasha

      I smoked 3-6 times a day for the past 7 months. I’m on day 8 of not smoking, the first 5 days were ok- In fact I felt wonderful the first 3 days- just couldnt sleep or eat much. On Day 6 I experienced some intense feelings of going insane, anxiety, and hopelessness – I felt as though I was having a bad acid trip at points. This dreadful feeling will come over me randomly… My anxiety and insanity seem to be diminishing….I am strong, I am getting through this for my own good.

    • promise

      I agree, this is set up probably with the folks against legalizing it.

    • b clean

      The key words were ON AND OFF , steady is a different story . Ok ill admit dreaming and sweats maybe not but no sleep for sure and goes on for some time me personally 4 weeks roughly n the rest of emotional issues and loss of appetite come from the no sleep not the erb . SOME EDUCATION U GOT I GRADUATED FROM SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS , grew up around drugs from a child dont care what they teach you in school real life experience is where you learn about this .So save your uninformed negativity for the class ASS……

  • JJ

    I second TYC – TOTAL BS. I’ve been a smoker for over 10 years and have never experienced any type WD. And I’m in California’s Green triangle and get some of the most potent stuff out there. Funny thing, I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to pick up a MJ in over a week, and guess what? I feel the same as I always feel (except after a nice BT). And when I do have MJ (which is 95% of the time) I am defiantly a daily smoker. This is BS at it’s fullest.
    “Two days in, I thought for sure I had some dreaded disease. One minute I would be freezing, the next sweating.”
    HAHAHAHAAA, sounds like this guy got the Flu.

    • college girl

      I am offended that you say this is BS! I believe you do not have these terrible symptoms but some of us do! I wish I felt ok! I have smoked 2-3 joints a day to myself. I cannot function without it. This is real and I wish it wasn’t. I have a GPA of 3.8 and I am smart and hard working however when I don’t have a steady flow of thc in my system I cannot focusand I feel sick. I did not have anxiety, insomnia… when I was smoking. These problems started on day two of not smoking and are continuing now into week five. Drugs effect everyone differently. I smoked crack a handful of times when I was sixteen and I never got addicted, it was something I did with a friend that had it. That does not mean crack is not addicting. If I smoked it every day for years I am sure I would be hooked, however, I believed pot was not realy a drug and could mellow me out since I have a bad temper and would be a fun non addictive thing to do. I was wrong. I fell in love with it and smoked every day. Fifteen years later I am sick without it. I have had a kidney infection, ear infection, bloating, itching, insomnia,hot flashes, cold flashes and guess what others are posting the same symptoms. I started researching my side effects because I thought it was just me, maybe I am crazy but I am not the only one! Don’t be so naive to dismiss this as BS! Just because you are lucky enough to not be going through this doesn’t mean it is not real for some of us!

      • WD

        for having a 3.8 gpa you cant spell very well. its spelt Really not realy

        • Rick

          Go straight to the asylum ahole.

    • hjdvblks

      sorry but you’re an as*hole. if you would read carefully you would see that not EVERYONE suffer from this. why would people comment here if they felt fine? what do you think this was made to scare people from smoking?

      i’m still gonna continue smoking long-term…but we all have to take breaks once in a while for one reason or another. but i can’t deny how much i feel like shit right now.

      have some respect for what others might be going through, oh mighty defiant smoker.

    • Kevin

      Wow you ignorant mother fucker, saying withdrawal from marijuana is fake? Hell no, these people on here including myself experience tons of symptoms from quitting. I have been trying to quit for 2 years, and have been smoking for 4. It ruins your life on top of withdrawals! I stopped smoking for a week and suddenly landed a job interview. Interesting while i was high all day i went unemployed for over a year! I used to have to go to work high because if i didnt, i would feel like shit and couldnt deal with anything. It is super addictive and withdrawals are VERY real. Anyone that disagrees and has to post about it is either an ignorant piece of shit or a cannabis club owner. I really hope i can stop for good this time. Im 21 and i need to get my shit together

      • Russ

        Your right, the withdrawels are very real. It’s been 2 weeks for me and the insomnia is pretty bad for me right now after smoking every day for 9 years. I also get the sweats and get irritated and angry very quick over little stuff. I can’t control the mood swings, one minute I’m fine and the next the smallest thing sets me off and I want to flip out and punch a hole throw the wall. I’m even going through a 2 week detox kit but it’s not doing a whole lot. The one thing I’m not doing is excercising which I’ve heard helps alot. the higher your metabolism, the quicker you get rid of your symtoms. With that in mind, I’m starting the gym tomorrow and will excercise at least 5 days a week. Hopefully that will speed up the process as I don’t want to deal with these symptoms for an extended period of time. One last thing which seems weird to me, I have no craving at all to somoke…… I quit cold turkey and I actually have a bag of cronic which has been sitting in my room for the past two weeks. I haven’t even thought about going to grab it, I don’t want it. Hopefully I’ll feel normal again soon.

      • J

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! you’ve been smoking for 4 years and pot has ruined your life? HAHAHHAHAHA, sorry friend but pot is not your problem, you are.

    • Joe

      Hey stupid, Marijuana withdrawal WILL happen to you if you smoke a few times a day, every day. You probably only smoked once in a while. People are stupid if they think they are cool because they don’t get WD when they only smoke every now and then. IT ONLY HAPPENS IF U ARE A CONTINUOUS USER. that’s not that hard to figure out, either because in order to get addicted to (and have withdrawal from) ANY drug (that is addictive), you must constantly use it. but of course, some retard will say here that they smoked every other day and had WD because they want attention.

      • J

        The only time I am not high is the time when I fall asleep and my high wears off until I wake up. Sometimes things happen and I have to quit for a bit. I do not have any symptoms except a little trouble getting to sleep and a little irritability. Which would remain the same if I never started smoking, because thats why I started smoking. The issue I’m almost certain for most of you is simple anxiety, anxiety causes all of these symptoms, and your creating the anxiety all on your own, by thinking about thc withdrawal, by reading this page, etc.. Marijuana is not a drug, the instant you truly believe that, your symptoms will be gone. You are not addicted, you have a habit, but you are no more addicted to pot and thc then you are tomatoes and lycopene. Get off these stupid websites, stop over thinking it, and get over yourselves, and I promise, all of your symptoms will vanish, I know I’m a dick, but trust me.

    • Mark Linden

      I found the preponderance of people asserting significant withdrawal symptoms out of keeping with what is seen anywhere, so I did some digging. While it is a fact that some people experience some form of drug dependance (about 9%) related to MJ after prolonged periods of moderate to heavy usage, and to a lesser degree and number some experience some types of mild withdrawal (about 1-2% of heavy, long-term users), anyone asserting several weeks or months of significant withdrawal from marijuana is either experiencing:
      (i) Pre-existing or self-formed psychological factors (e.g. anticipatory reaction, fear or depressive nature/outlook);
      (ii) Pre-existing or overlapping physiological factors (e.g. flu, infection or interaction with other drugs or medication);
      (iii) Lies and misinformation.

      From my personal experience of smoking about 2-3 grams per day of medical-grade marijuana (typically Sativa-dominant hybrids of between 14-22% THC and 0.5 – 5% CBD) for about 4 years, I have had a few occasions where I chose to take a break for anywhere from about 10 days to about 1 month, and I had what I would call very mild withdrawal symptoms. Compared to the headaches and diarrhea I experienced when I swore-off my 3-5 cups of coffee a day, it was very mild indeed.
      With the medical grade MJ I had a little loss of appetite for a few days, along with only sleeping an average of about 4-6 hours (verses 6-8 normal) for under a week.
      Compared to the Oxycontin, Fentanyl or Opana I have been on for over 12 years for injuries related to an airline accident, I actually hesitate to even call such marijuana-related reactions withdrawal symptoms, since anyone like me who has either been put on too low of a dose when switching between medications, or has had even a day of missing doses due to pharmacy stocking issues, those Opioid withdrawals are so very different in type and magnitude that the pain, leg and related cramping, violent diarrhea and vomiting, wild temperature swings (from freezing for hours in a hot shower or bath, to soaking the sheets in a 65 degree (F) room with the AC and fan on, and other potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms make speaking about marijuana withdrawal seem almost ridiculous.

      In any event, for those who don’t know what DEA/FDA-approved medical withdrawal from Opioids and other medications can be like, I am sure they seem significant enough.
      However, since there were far more than a few people here making such assertions (far beyond the normal few percent at most), I was not surprised to find a person surreptitiously loading up this blog with false assertions (or at least multiple accounts from the same person using different names).

      • bdown

        agreed (dope>pot) withdraws , i was a junkie for over three years . all day, everyday. i was young when i kicked it, 20 i think, and pot withdraws are ‘uncomfortable’ compared to real drugs, in which its possible to die from wd.

        i do have to say, after kicking hard drugs and knowing that willpower will pull you through anything … you just have to do it, grin and bare it. itll be over… whats a month of irritability compared to thousands of dollars invested, low self esteem, laziness , and no drive? its nothin.
        pain is temporary, gotta remember that, it helps me

        i expect to score a super hot babe once my head isnt all foggy .. as my self esteem is a large factor of pot use.
        instead of approaching 1 out of 20 girls with the suave line of “uuuhhh hey… uhhh my names… uhh”

      • Firehose

        Wow you sound like you must be a scientist or something, you certainly have all of the facts straight. I like the capitals too – that really looks like your assertions are very authoratitive. You must be right.

      • J

        EXACTLY. Thank you for being intelligent.

    • olly

      Of course you have no issues with weed!! You sound like you don’t have issues with anything, and that your EGO is certainly in check. Please keep smoking oh enlightened master, cause the world needs as many pathological narcissists to be stonned as possible!! Have you ever decided to come off your crutch JJ? Let me guess, you spend all day and night fantasising about your delusions of grandeur? Do you watch movies and think you can act better? Do you constantly judge people and put other down out of your own inadequacy? Just keep smoking my friend, leave the real living up to us. We want you to keep smoking till the day you die……hopefully very soon. xoxoxo

      • J

        Yes because whining about exaggerated symptoms of THC withdrawal to a bunch of other people whining about thc withdrawal is living!

    • Anticoto

      You have no clue of the problem .
      IF you smoke for a while there is a withdraw .


    • Mario

      Hey JJ— f**k YOU!

      Oooo… I smoke a joint every day when I can! Hey talk to me when you blow through an oz a week for 15 years and then try to stop. Have you ever scraped resin to get high? That’s the kind of true beleiver I’m talkin about. I’m havin major shit from quittin—palpitations, lung congestion, anxiety. I just wanna slap posers like you who think they are for real because they smoke a couple joints a day for a few years. Dude, when you basically wake up, take a bong hit and look for the remote…that is when ya can get this shit. It is real, unlike your poser ass. Smoking a lot is not a joint twice a day 95% of the time for a few years. Try smokin a bowl every three four hours almost every day for over 15 years and then stop. You will prolly be cryin you f***in p***y.

      • bdown

        resin: black gold

      • Joe Smith

        Amen to that. Withdrawls are very real for many.

      • J

        Why does everyone go straight to “you don’t smoke enough bla bla” when someone calls you on your BS, several people have done that here. I’ve been smoking pot for 15 years, ages 21-25 I smoked an 1/8 a day. Currently I smoke about 1/8 and a half a week. When I stop which I have on 3 occasions now, I have very mild irritability and trouble falling asleep for less then a week and thats it. I am calling you on your BS, so whats your go to come back now?

        • LJUBLJANA

          What was the longest amount of days you quit smoking weed? Just curious.

        • ned

          spoken like a true addict.

    • Carl

      you haven’t got the same level of dependency as some of these people.

    • Firehose

      I think JJ=TYC, he really is quite clever you know.

    • ned

      It is NOT BS at all. Pot was my best friend. the grief I feel is FULL ON!

  • As a scientist you are certainly aware of the risks of metabolic chauvinism–the belief that the reaction to drugs in YOUR body is the same as everyone else’s. As an example, I doubt you would argue that the 10% or so of drinkers who become alcoholics are a bunch of BS artists faking their symptoms, using as your sole argument the fact that you and your friends are capable of drinking responsibly.

    But you don’t have to take my word for it. Feel free to peruse the references and catch up on the growing literature of marijuana withdrawal.

    • Joe

      Hahaha, “…the growing literature…”

    • J

      Alcahol and Marijuana cannot really be compared, nice try though.

  • Mitchell

    Marijuana withdrawal is real but not nearly to the extent this study claimed.

    “As an example, I doubt you would argue that the 10% or so of drinkers who become alcoholics are a bunch of BS artists faking their symptoms, using as your sole argument the fact that you and your friends are capable of drinking responsibly.” Dirk hanson

    Maybe those alcoholics should switch to smoking weed. No one has ever died, its cheap, and you can quit smoking for a month long period at your discretion. Watch the movie “super high me”, its hilarious and educational.

    Life is like a box of chocolates, and the withdrawal from chocolates is worse than marijuana.

    • Joe

      You are a retard. If you get withdrawal from chocolate you must be a woman. there is no withdrawal from chocolate unless you’re a spoiled idiot and don’t know how to act when you don’t have it.

      • Anonymous

        you sound like someone who doesn’t get a lot of poon, Joe.

      • J

        I read this post in a retard voice in my head, it was fitting.

  • I have friends who have been drinkers all their lives and never experience withdrawal when they stop. Is that supposed to lead me to call into question the existence of alcoholism?

    I once took cocaine, and didn’t get addicted. I guess all those crack addicts are just con artists looking for sympathy.

    What these two responses dramatically illustrate is the distance we still have to go in explaining what addiction is. Count yourselves lucky and have some sympathy for those less genetically fortunate than yourselves. For a minority of users, marijuana is an addictive drug. Deal with it.

    • college girl

      I agree, some people drink and never become alcoholics… Pot is not any worse than alcohol. I only quit smoking because I want a better job. I wish my addiction didn’t stay in the system for 30-60 days. Heck, coke and meth only stay in the system for 3-5 days. That is not my drug of choice, however, I prefer pot. I don’t smoke ciggerettes or drink. I have tried almost everything but pot is the only thing I have used in the last six years. It is my drug of choice and it stands between me and a successful career. When I do get an externship/internship I fear I will not be able to focus because I am still having these side effects from quiting. What I am typing is not BS, it is real, I cannot sleep and I feel terrible that is why I am typing this!

      • Rick

        I am going through the same thing: hot and cold sweats or always freezing and I have the shakes to.
        I can’t focus and I am hyper-emotional.
        The withdrawl is VERY REAL for me.

        • J

          Thats called anxiety, not withdrawal symptoms.

    • J

      So your admitting it’s an issue with a persons biology and not in fact the affects of THC alone.

  • wenchacha

    How many of the long-term users reported such withdrawal symptoms? I won’t argue that the accounts you gave are faked, but I am curious about the percentage of users who experienced them.

    I smoked full-time for about 4 years then quit because I started to have panic attacks when I got high. Ironic or otherwise, the panic attacks only began some time after I had stopped getting high every day. As far as withdrawal from pot, I didn’t really notice anything big, but I missed the act of smoking. I never smoked tobacco, but I found I missed smoking a joint once in a while. I would probably enjoy that even now, thirty years later.

    Makes me realize how extra-difficult it must be to quit cigarettes. Whether it’s the oral fix or just the self-comfort of smoking, there’s something going on there.

  • No way to know what percentage of long-term smokers become clinically dependent on pot, any more than we know with exactitude what overall percentage of drinkers go on to have serious alcohol problems. But the more than 500 posts about the subject on my blog lead me to believe that the number is pretty low. Not counting nicotine, addiction researchers usually cite figures in the 10-15 per cent range for most drugs of abuse. I suspect with marijuana it’s in that range or lower.

  • Whether or not the reported results good science, the fact remains that we should legalize marijuana for adults who prefer to use pot as a healthier alternative to alcohol.

    If you want marijuana to be legalized, taxed, and regulated for adults, YOU can make it happen. Tell your legislators to support California Assembly Bill 390. It’s easy. Visit

  • Too funny

    I’ve worked at a rehabilitation clinic for 24 years and I have never, ever, heard of marijuana causing such violent withdrawals. From my experience, these withdrawals are closer to alcohol, meth, crack, and heroin (not even tobacco, yes people go into rehab for tobacco). These stories are leaving out the other substances that may have caused these withdrawals or, most likely, just propaganda. Why this author chooses to promote his own agenda is beyond me but it highlights either his poor journalism or his complete and utter ignorance on the subject.

    I’d like to the author to explain himself, unless he realizes he is beat and would rather hide.

    • Spare me

      I cannot believe the ignorance of some of the people on this site. Yet I would have said the same last week before I went cold turkey expecting zero repercussions. I can report that I feel like death – variable fever, hot and cold sweats, insomnia one night, nightmares the next and a headache I would happily wish on YOU for suggesting this is BS. How rude. I know people who have had serious issues with weed over the years. I haven’t experienced a craving but I’m sure people do. What kind of doctor thinks that adding a substance reguarly to their system for years and then stopping it has NO fall out? If you’re still smoking and haven’t quit then you don’t really have a balanced perspective. For those people who had no side-effects from stopping, I’m happy to listen and acknowledge their response. The rest of you are trying to excuse your own addiction (scientists or not). How do I know – because I WAS addicted.

      • J

        All of you people that think pot is addicting and causes all of these horrible things, you should stop eating vegetables. They all have chemicals in them that do different things in the body. Eat only tomatoes for a week, then stop. Guess what you’ll have heart palpitations. Same goes for Ketchup. You want to talk Bananas, Bananas are well known for their potassium, you know what else has lots of potassium, fast food, why? because over time it becomes addictive, therefore you keep coming back for more greasy potassium riddled burgers. Lets talk carrots, eat only carrots for a week, then stop, guess what will happen, your vision will slightly blur. Ok now lets talk water, did you know you can get drunk from water, did you know if you drank to much water you could die? It is not THC that is causing each individual problem. Stop smoking pot you will likely get anxiety, anxiety accounts for every single symptom listed on this page. In 2007 I fell and dislocated 13 ribs (didn’t even know ribs could be dislocated) anyway I had no idea what was wrong with me, my entire body hurt, i couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat because it caused stomach issues, I was in rough shape, and doctors could not figure it out. So being in horrible pain and basically suffering and not getting any answers or help I developed health anxiety or hypochondria. Which is an anxiety disorder. I got my ribs straightened out and my pain went away and all that but the anxiety remained for a long time, and I think I went through every type of anxiety attack there is, which included everything on this page, so I quit smoking pot because at the time it made my anxiety worse. Slowly over time I began smoking a little more and more until I could smoke a bowl by myself without anxiety. Now I can smoke no problem, occasionally certain strains will bring back a little anxiety, so I just stay away from those strains. Also smoking resin is horrible for you, you might as well eat a tumor. It not only contains thc but many other nasty chemicals which can cause increased heart rate, palpitations, shortness of breath and more things which can trigger anxiety attacks. You people need xanax not this bs.

    • college girl

      Maybe marijuana addiction to this severity is not common but it is definitely possible. I am living proof of it. You will not see me in rehab because I cannot just quit going to school, working, paying bills, and taking care of my pets(I have many pets that I love very much) I have too much responsibiltyand I cannot go sit in a rehab! I have a house and bills to maintain and no one will do it for me. It must be nice to have the luxury to sit in rehab and not worry that your bills won’t be paid and that you may not have a job when you get out, or that your animals may be dead. I do not have this luxury, I cannot afford it even without having to buy my pot. Many pot addicts do not go to rehab for the same reasons I will not go. Many pot addicts are also fighting other addictions so it seems that their withdrawel is comingonly from the harder drug when in reality pot is causing side effects too. Some people are afraid they will be laughed at for admitting addiction to marijuana when their rehab peers are suffering rom dts and heroin, meth, and alcohol addiction. After all who would believe that pot can be this addicting?

    • Rick

      You are a crack pot.

    • Keli

      My boyfriend has smoked heavily for 20 years, I have been with him the past 3 years. I have seen him 5 times when he has not been able to get weed and 2 times when he really tried to quit for good, withdrawals are real and true, granted not everyone will develop the same symptoms, that doesnt make them not real. I have witnessed him having night sweats, insomnia, and being so so grumpy and very mean. He has also had diarrhea and terrible stomach pain. I am a nurse and I have no reason to put any BS on this website about withdrawals, Ive seen alot of withdrawals from different drugs, the withdrawals people do experience from marijuana are real and completely true.
      Good luck to you all and pray for us 🙂
      Its hard to continue to be with someone that is mean and grumpy all the time, when you know that person is not normally like that.

      • Diamond

        I’m a wife of a 40 year smoker of Marijuana. I’m a nurse and I’m livings with his Anxiety, mood swings, physical symptoms.(little are no sleep, night sweeting, chills, enlarged lymph glands, eating troubles, vivid dreams fighting and hitting me). He lashes out at other and pick verbal confrontations with others. He is out of smoke and is trying to quit this week(Probably because he can’t get it in town). His reactions with others has run away so many friend I can’t keep count. I’m not able to leave because of financle reasons. I can’t some of you itiots don’t think people have withdrawls.

        • Island

          That is very tough. I was that guy a few weeks ago – minus the hitting my wife – and it gets better. If he really wants to quit, it will get better. If he just ran out of pot and wants to keep smoking, it won’t. Check out the book “The Addictive Personality” subtitled: “Understanding the Addictive Process and Compulsive Behavior” by Craig Nakken, if religion isn’t your thing. For me, it is important. I only got relief from my rage symptoms by reading the Bible, praying; asking God to help me get out of this hell. It works! This is a spiritual problem and a fear of intimacy – like all addictive behavior. I wish you a good outcome and I’m sorry that you are suffering. Remember, he’s suffering too and he’ll be feeling guilty about his outbursts later. He’ll have to forgive himself for it. Not easy for a man to do.

        • J

          Not trying to be rude but I kinda feel like your talking about me, yes withdrawal makes your grumpy, however if your already naturally kinda grumpy it’s worse. He may be irritable but lack of thc is not the main cause, sorry to say, your husband is simply an ass, which like me is probably why he started smoking in the first place. Yes, I am calling myself an ass also.

    • Joe Smith

      You work in a clinic that’s dealt with this for 24 years and never seen these symptoms? Then you are a complete liar. I call TOTAl BS.

  • Absolute total BS. I have been smoking since age 12 and am now 42. I feel FINE when I go without smoking. The only difference is that I feel a bit more alert. But I really don’t have withdrawl symptoms ever. I feel very alive and healthy when I go without cannabis.

    Recently I took a trip for a weekend and had to go without both cannabis and caffeine. Let me tell you, the caffeine withdrawals I could feel. There were no cannabis withdrawals. I would venture to say that caffiene is a much stronger drug.

    And since cannabis is soooo much safer than tobacco and alcohol, less intoxicating than beer, why in the world are we all so up in arms about this great threat to society?

    Study something else… like the effects of throwing folks in jail, taking away their children, subsidized housing, etc., just for smoking pot.

    • Adi

      Did this person just say she had to stop once for a weekend? That’s your big experiment with quitting weed? WOW!!!! Marijuana stays in your system for days, weeks, and even months… What withdrawal do you think happened there???

      • learn to read

        They were talking about a weekend without caffeine, not without marijuana. Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine have ALL been shown under clinical settings to be addictive. Alcohol has a *fatal* withdrawal syndrome that is as bad as both benzodiazepine and opiate withdrawal syndromes.

        While there is limited research indicating marijuana can cause withdrawal in a small percentage of its users, the truth is that these people were likely either genetically susceptible to addiction or were using other substances in combination.

        I smoke every day and once a month or so go for about a week without when I run out. The only withdrawal symptoms I have experienced are cravings and the return of the conditions I’m using it to treat.

        And trust me. Having been on a laundry list of pharmaceuticals over the last year and a half(prozac, celexa, zoloft, ambien, lunesta, remeron, trazodone, seroquel, vistaril, ativan, valium and klonopin) in addition to putting myself in the hospital for alcohol I can say WITHOUT doubt that marijuana is by far the safest and most stable substance I’ve been on.

        You don’t have to take my word for it but just look up the side effects of any ONE of those and compare them to weed. Then remember I was on an average of 5 of those medicines at any given time and you’ll have an idea of what my life without weed was like.

        • learn to read

          Oh, and one other thing?


          This should be common sense, and I really, really thought it was, but apparently it’s not. You don’t get off of addictive substances cold turkey unless you’re in rehab or have a death wish.

          If you are a chronic smoker of chronic and you don’t want to withdraw then TITRATE YOUR DOSE as you come off. No doctor in the world would tell a 3 year user of Xanax to just STOP because they wanted to clean up.

          When you step your dosage off the withdrawal still exists but it is SUBSTANTIALLY reduced.

          Just something to keep in mind while everyone’s flaming each other on here.

        • Learn to Read x2

          To “Learn to Read” you should take your own advice. “Samantha” stated, and I quote:

          Recently I took a trip for a weekend and had to go without both cannabis and caffeine.

          So, yes. She did state that she had gone a weekend without smoking pot. I think you owe “Adi” an apology lol

          And if you only go a week without, and smoke every day, and have been on all of those other drugs, I would imagine that it would probably take you a little longer to really begin to feel the effects of marijuana withdrawal. Try going for a month if you want to be more accurate. Maybe two.

          That being said, I can’t entirely disagree with what you say. There are definitely side-effects from quitting weed, but it’s going to be relative to each person, environment, past, and other contributing factors. To say that it’s “bullshit” like some of these people is just ignorant lol to top it off, all of the ones calling it bullshit say they still smoke pot AND never stated how long they would go without it. I’m quitting just to detox myself and then to cut back from smoking every single day like I was doing. I’m only on day 4, but I can say that I’ve definitely been more irritable, but only if something goes wrong. There’s a slight loss of appetite, in the sense that it’s just not as appealing. I haven’t experienced any nausea, but I’ve definitely had some softer stool. And I’m a little more anxious about things. I smoked every day for 2 years straight.

          It’s not hell. But compared to how you feel while you’re stoned and chillaxed all the time, yeah, life feels a little more stressful. In a couple days, I’m sure I’ll feel great though. None of this 5 weeks craziness.

    • college girl

      So ignorant!

  • Yeah, this borders on embarrassing. There may be a 1/100 case where some jackass makes pot his only friend and loses sleep over it being gone, but no one of sane mind gets those sorts of reactions strictly from smoking grass.

    I’d link to this blog for laughs, but no need to give this guy any pub, he’s just fabricating something looking for attention.

    • college girl

      The only jackass is people who believe that this is made up. Sure someone may have exagerrated or is just a mental case that blames their mental illness on pot. If I was mentally ill then why did I function so well when I was using pot. I have wrote research papers while smoking a joint and recieved A’s on them. I did not have these crazy symptons when I was high! I only quit to pass a drug test for an internship at college, not because I got caught or can’t stay motivated on pot. I am physically fit, honor student, with friends and family so who is the jackass!

    • cannabis warrior

      so much ignorance in this forum… Im 21 and i am a dealership technician at flow chevy. I have been smoking close to an eighth of diggity dank a day for 6 years give or take a week or two to pass drug tests on a couple of occasions. as i type this i have not smoked for 4 days because i ran out and the town is dry. this is not the first time ive experienced withdrawal because of previous times i had to quit.
      The thing is i would hesitate to call them withdrawal symptoms because this usually implies severe issues, like with opioid withdrawal, when in reality the “withdrawal” from green is relatively minimal, COMPARATIVELY.
      For those of you who keep posting BS you need to check yourself because your being naive and narrow minded. and again some people react differently to anything going in and out of our bodies and i truly believe some of you may not have any symptoms at all when you quit. but some people do!
      I am a real guy going through real symptoms being listed above by everyone. some symptoms i see listed are probably from pre-existing issues or a lack of nutrients.
      THE NIGHT COLD SWEATS! its real. occasionally I get the shakes like with nicotine withdrawal. Loss of appetite and irritability. Its never lasted more than 5 days or so for me after quiting but im also 6’1″ and 165 pounds with little body fat index. I love marijuana and i will probably continue chiefin for the rest of my life. but these are real! the thing is that marijuana is a drug and has the potential to be abused just like the rest of them. and when your body gets used to anything, it reacts when its normal environment disappears.
      for those of you going through what im going through try to keep occupied and keep eating. its not easy but remember your not going to die and it could be worse if it were ANY other drug. i know it effects your daily routine and stress level significantly. so hang tight brothers and sisters. i wish you all luck.
      -cannabis warrior

  • “I’d like to the author to explain himself, unless he realizes he is beat and would rather hide.”
    I’m a science journalist, I’m happy to explain myself, as I have been trying to do. Rather than hide, I have a blog, Addiction Inbox, where these matters are discussed quite openly. I have no agenda to promote. (I support the legalization of marijuana.)

    One more time: The fact that somebodychas smoked pot for 30 years and can quit without symptoms is entirely irrelevant to my article. We KNOW that. The part that is not so well known–obviously–is the extent to which some people can become strongly dependent on pot and show all the classic determinants–tolerance, withdrawal, continued use despite adverse consequences, etc.

    Again, don’t take me word for it, I can only invite skeptics once again to read my source material at the end of the article before accusing me of journalistic malfeasance. (Sort of like shooting the messenger.)

    Here’s a more extensive bibliography of articles and peer-reviewed studies on the matter that should help get you up to speed on this topic:

    • college girl

      Thank you, I see the relevency of this topic. I too support the legalization of marijuana. I am addicted to it and have had to quit to get an internship for college. Just because it can be addicting doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be legal, after all cafeine, ciggerettes, and alcohol are legal. Many extremely addicting drugs are legal with a prescription such as morphine, diludid…I can not understand why it is illegal when alcohol is legal. People suffer terrible dts from alcohol so even if pot is addicting to a few of us that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be legal.There are so many pharmaceutical drugs that cause serious side effects, why does the government target pot? There is so many harmful products out there but still pot is legal. All I want is to come home at the end of a day of working hard to a joint! I do not drive while high, I do not go to work high (though I did as a teenager/ the work part) I do not feel that teens should be allowed to smoke pot, it should be regulated like alcohol. Oh well, maybe someday, I live in Ohio, not California so this may not be so soon.

  • you have a funny way of supporting the legalization of marijuana. if those “comments” in your article are real testaments of people who have had such withdrawals after using marijuana then they are surely the same people who have withdrawals from everything, TV, food, that kind of stuff. we can’t remove Americans’ freedoms because a few weak individuals can’t come to terms with themselves. if you get night sweats or upset stomachs from not smoking weed (give me a break) then smoke weed or suck it up and get over it soldier, Jesus, how tough is it? those “heavy weed addicts” (hypochondriacs) have no chance in life in general if they can’t figure that one out. it’s like that part of Half Baked where Dave Chappelle has to get up in front of a bunch of junkies and tell them he’s addicted to marijuana, hilarious.

    if real medical science determines that marijuana use is found to cause real physical addiction in real humans, not just rats, then so be it, label it as being potentially addictive and let us make our own choices. our gov must stop forcing hypocritical morals on American citizens in the name of fear mongering speculations and decades old propaganda. anyone that is against marijuana use of any kind (medicinal or recreational) for any reason (social impact, message to kids, etc.) but then turns around and chooses to enjoy even one alcoholic beverage or cigarette, for any reason, ever, is the definition of a hypocrite, and if those hypocrites work in our gov they should be removed if they are not willing to change their hypocritical creation and application of laws that ultimately remove our freedoms.

    legalize and regulate properly documented and accurately labeled marijuana, it is the only real way to reduce (maybe some day eliminate) the issues created and still being caused by marijuana’s prohibition. let people be people as long as their choices do not infringe on other people’s rights, freedoms, and/or property, as long as they understand and acknowledge the possible consequences, and as long as they understand the reasonably and fairly determined acceptable applications of the choices they make. and boo those weed addicts!

    • college girl

      So You must support making alcohol illegal?! Look how many are memers of AA. Look at the terrible side effects of alcohol! My boyfriend has been sober from alcohol for 20 years and when he quit he lay on the floor for a week shaking and halucinating before he could even attempt to do anything. He could not get into rehab they were full. So alcohol should be illegal, is that what you’re saying. Just because people may suffer from addiction doesn’t mean it should be illegal. Should we stop giving people that are hurt pain meds because they are addicting. You obviously are not thinking clearly.

  • “If real medical science determines that marijuana use is found to cause real physical addiction in real humans, not just rats, then so be it, label it as being potentially addictive and let us make our own choices.”

    I agree completely.

    As for my “funny” way of supporting legalization: I support the legal and responsible use of alcoholic beverages, and I also have a great deal of sympathy for the minority of people who become addicted to booze. Is that supposed to be some kind of contradiction?

    It’s amazing, the reaction some people have to the idea that a minority of heavy pot smokers can suffer significant withdrawal symptoms after the cessation of use. We had forty years of Anslinger-style “marijuana addiction” stories based on lurid rumor; then we had 40 years of “you can’t suffer withdrawal symptoms from smoking pot. Ever.” Now, I think maybe we’re reaching the point of understanding that, as with heroin/morphine, most people who use pot casually don’t get addicted. In fact, most people who use opiates intensely, as in a hospital for severe pain, don’t start scoring smack on the street after they leave the hospital. Similarly, the huge majority of pot smokers don’t suffer withdrawal when they quit. For a small fraction, it is a different story altogether.

    I don’t see this as a terribly controversial proposition. At least it shouldn’t be.

    As for severity of symptoms: the basic withdrawal effects of abstaining from nicotine are irritability, constipation, headache, excessive sweating, confusion, and craving. Gee, that doesn’t sound so bad. Why do smokers make such a fuss about quitting?

  • Chris

    A study done by Elena M. Kouri and Harrison Pope at Harvard showed 60% of long time marijuana users had significant withdrawal symptoms. My teenage son had very bad withdrawal after two years of daily use –insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, rages, sweats, diarrhea, cravings. It lasted about a month. Withdrawal is a reason people don’t stop and an addiction continues. From all the studies and anecdotal information, Marijuana seems definitely physically addictive for a significant number of users. At first, I didn’t know my son was using, but his addiction became consuming and he couldn’t hide it any more. I’ve read that the younger the age of use, the more addictive marijuana can be. There’s also a lot of discussion of increased potency, so I wonder if that has any effect on addiction. In Britain it was one of the factors that caused cannabis to be reclassified back to B after being downgraded to C for a few years.

    • Grateful

      Thank you Chris. I’m so tried of angry marajiana envelope pushers rendering this as insignificant. I have felt the effects of withdrawal first hand and they it’s not something to be scoffed at. But clearly I’m an inarticulate dead-beat with no scientific conception and incapable of grasping the higher ‘truths’ of science despite frequent evidence to the contary.

    • college girl

      Exactly! When I do sleep I am waking up every hour or so and I have vivid sometimes nightmarish dreams. When I awake I feel tired and out of it. I can not concentrate and feel almost no motivation to do anything. I have to push myself to do anything. I also feel as if I have ADHD, which I have never felt until I quit smoking. congrats to your son for sticking with it. I know it is hard I am going through it right now.

    • cannabis warrior

      “There’s also a lot of discussion of increased potency, so I wonder if that has any effect on addiction.” potency has certainly increased from around 5% THC to around 25% THC content since about the 60s for GOOD marijuana. The crappy 5% stuff is still out there being grown. don’t get it twisted. not everyone is buying this incredible marijuana because of financial issues. obviously less potent stuff is less expensive. anywho, THC isn’t the only factor. these do not include all the other cannabinoids (CBDs) that aren’t psychoactive and more beneficial for sleeping, appetite aid, pain, ect.. CBD contents have probably increased as well because of cloning, wonderful hydroponic indoor grows, and botanical exploration by all growing enthusiasts. for withdrawal it could certainly play a factor for those prone to abuse. i don’t THINK it can make anyone “more addicted” meaning worse cravings and exponential abuse. but it certainly could affect withdawal symptoms. if someone is smart about it they will buy the good stuff or “dank” and smoke just enough to feel good and alleviate their medical issues, whatever they may be. Good pot requires less inhalations to properly medicate and there for, less carcinogens are being inhaled. also the ratio of plant matter is less to the medical chemicals in the pot so there’s even less carcinogen inhalation. but as a kid i wasn’t as responsible and smoked whenever i felt like it. i imagine this is the case for most teenagers. they will smoke until they’re ripped and feel like the happiest person in the world. when you flood your body with higher concentrations of marijuana at a time it makes perfect sense for the chemical levels to have a longer way to fall upon quitting. making symptoms possibly more severe and take longer.

  • The reason why your article is so lame, is because you fail to address the facts you state in the comments section in the actual article. Just because some people can’t control themselves, doesn’t mean that moderate and responsible cannabis use is bad. You have created an article that the ‘potpragandists’ are going to use to demonize this herb once again. It’s that simple.

    Anyone who uses cannabis recreationally all day, every day needs to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and get a grip on some self-control. Too often we blame a scapegoat for a person’s lack of self-control, as is the case here. Cannabis is NOT addictive when used responsibly. Some people, though, are chronically ill and have no choice but to use cannabis constantly. These are chemo patients, AID sufferers, people with MS, Chrohn’s disease and cerebral palsy.

    More research also needs to be done on the dramatic difference in benefits when cannabis is ingested or vaporized, rather than smoked. The method of ingestion is incredibly important, and is often ignored or assumed to be “smoked,” further sustaining the negative “pothead” stereotype that has existed for decades. People need to educate themselves on the risks of ANY drug, and the fact of the matter is, that cannabis is safer than the vast majority of synthetic drugs. In all fairness, cannabis is often much safer than many of the things we consume on a daily basis.

    We need to legalize it as a medicine and research it’s beneficial properties as well as its potential negative ones, with my suspicion being that the former will far outweigh the latter. The Department of Health and Human Services even holds a patent on cannabinoids as known neuroprotectants and antioxidants.

    Knowledge is power and the truth will set us free. Well, you can’t have truth when it mixed with the hype and sensationalism that has been surrounding this topic for too long… And your article does nothing to quell that type of mentality. As a legalization advocate, you had a responsibility to mention both sides of the fence in the content you provided. I doubt NIDA would’ve approved of that though, eh? Shame on you Sir for not discussing all of the relevant issues that surround this hotly debated topic in your article.

  • “Just because some people can’t control themselves, doesn’t mean that moderate and responsible cannabis use is bad. ”

    I never said or implied any such thing.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the moderate use of cannabis. In fact it has numerous advantages as a social drug over alcohol–but it is not a miracle drug, completely free of complications or negative side effects for everyone. That’s the fantasy people want to keep alive. I’m more interested in the truth, even when that truth is deemed inconvenient by legalization advocates.

    America didn’t end Prohibition by arguing that alcohol can never be addictive.

  • Sticking to the issue of marijuana being addictive, rather than veering off into the legalization argument, I offer you some science you have obviously missed. The fact that cannabis is not habit-forming was discovered about 100 years ago, and was even used in treating drug addiction.

    As a scientific journalist, you seem to have completely overlooked science that does not conform to your obviously predetermined viewpoint. It is similarly alarming that of all of the supposed random samples listed in your article, none reflect the experiences of the (I assume random) comments.

    Perhaps you could write a follow up which includes the science and experiences offered here in your comment section, or from further study that would include a true random sampling? That’s what great journalism is all about. Propaganda is not helpful when we are looking fr the truth.

    Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Would you attend a dentist 100 years ago?
      Me neither. Some of us like a more rounded approach these days.

      • bdown

        hell yeah i would! they use to use cocaine for a numbing agent@!

  • “Perhaps you could write a follow up which includes the science and experiences offered here in your comment section, or from further study that would include a true random sampling?”
    This was not a random sampling, and was not intended to be. A closer reading of the article would have spared you this misperception. As I wrote in the article, the excerpts were “a sampling of comments from dependent marijuana smokers”

    If you would like a more in-depth treatment of the subject than the roughly 1,000 words available to me for an article on this blog, you will find a chapter on marijuana and marijuana withdrawal in my recently published book, “The Chemical Carousel: What Science Tells Us About Beating Addiction.”

  • What then is your response to the science I offered for your journalistic endeavor?

  • I’m all for the medical use of marijuana when and where it is indicated; I agree that marijuana is safer than almost any drug you can take, because there is no danger of death by overdose; and I agree that it’s time to legalize it. Did I miss anything?

    None of which changes the fact that a minority of users exhibit identifiable and verifiable withdrawal symptoms when they quit–unless one is prepared to argue that they are all delusional crazies, which I’m not.

    Marijuana Anonymous, by the way, has a robust and growing membership.


    Yes, I was referring to the science in this article saying that cannabis is simply not habit forming, indicating that if you are finding samples as above, there might be something else at play, rather than a true chemical reaction to an addictive drug.

    I would rather read science than hear personal testimonials any day, but that’s just me.

    • Anonymous

      Science is based on observation and testimonial. It is a dangerous society that removes the import of it’s members. I was under the impression that a scientific approach should be an open one that considers all aspects.

  • Included in the post I shared is a theory about cannabis users choosing to claim dependency and seeking treatment in order to avoid serving time in jail.

  • “It’s laughable that the Feds are pushing the concept of pot addiction when science shows that withdrawal symptoms from caffeine are far worse.”

    There is much recent science in this article.

    One other issue is that all research has to be done with government oversight, and they ONLY research looking for negatives …

    To quote retired Orange County Superior Court Judge James Gray:

    “Currently, the DEA exclusively licenses the cultivation of medical-grade cannabis to the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), which primarily investigates only the negative effects of cannabis


    This could be one reason why it easier to find older science (still valid) that was not conducted by the government and proves my argument: cannabis is non habit forming.

    Obviously there is science and there are personal testimonies on both sides of the issue.

  • Most of the references in the article to which you refer are older cites, particular from the 1970s and 1980s. The most recent citation I saw was 1995.

    The majority of the references in my bibliography represent scientific research conducted in the past 15 years:

  • creepsinc

    I call b.s. too. Of course, I’ve never “used” because it’s illegal ;), but one look at those “official comments” and it’s obvious from certain keywords (“use, dealer, etc.) they were all written by 12 stepper polydrug abusers, almost certainly alcoholics and the like. Use it, don’t abuse it, is what I always say, for EVERYTHING. Except alcohol, that stuff is poison.

    • Anonymous

      What absolute crud – your ingorance makes me cringe. I have stopped on and off and for long periods without effect, but THIS time it hit me like a tidal wave, with all symptoms mentioned. The pot I was smoking was a great deal stronger this time round and it should be born in mind that different plants have incrediably varied forms of THC. I was also in a different country. There are a lot of varients out there and THC levels have raised exponentially in the last 10 years. I certainly feel this has an effect on outcome. But you are clearly not interested in other viewpoints because I’m condemned to be an alcoholic also it would seem. Amazing really when I don’t drink.

  • TeePhritz

    Pretty over stated. I’ve smoked off and on for almost 40 years and the only thing I notice when I stop is increased anxiety and irritability. If I have been having trouble sleeking and smoke to sleep that insomnia may return. On the other hand I am a depressed type and began smoking again because of that a few years ago after a ten year break. Symptoms of depression can return when I stop. Oh yeah, the migraines. The only thing that helps is pot. The only thing I can take for any length of time with zero adverse effects. What side effects there are are familiar to us all: munchies, a very interesting outlook, then sleepyness.

    I stopped smoking marijuana for ten years (well, less that once a month at MOST). Biggest mistake I ever made.
    Marijuana is a profound drug with far reaching effects. The vast majority of those effects are POSITIVE.
    There can be mild differences in your feelings after you stop, some of them may cause some discomfort. If you choose to call those changes withdrawals you may, but before you do I suggest you take say, Xanax and Prozac for 6 months and then stop cold turkey. Then, my friends, you will know the definition of ‘withdrawal’.

    • ned

      smoking pot has made me very susceptible to sociopaths and disordered personalities. It puts holes in your psyche. That’s why I stopped. I wanted my personal power back. Anyone who smokes every day even ONE joint is an addict. Pot should be used for special occasions…not as a pain medication (unless you have terminal illness then go for it) I am finding it very very very difficult…it’s more emotional than physical. I feel like i’ve lost a limb.

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  • ex-pothead

    I just get a bit depressed for a couple of days, then all goes back to normal and I feel great again.

    I’m not for or against pot, and my apathy is not a result of my opinion about marijuana…I don’t think its my business what others do. I’ll tell you what I think though – that smoking it in excess puts me into a dream-like state in my own world, and it makes my brain numb. I lack motivation and can’t get anything done.

    In small doses though, I think its ok.

  • Apple

    Goodness. You did not say anything bad about pot in your article, you simply stated that these were these particular people’s reactions to trying to stop. Samantha can produce all of the “scientific” articles she wants that say that pot is not addictive, I’ve lived with the truth that it is indeed very highly addictive to at least a small number of people. In my experiences it seems to be that the people who most get addicted to it are also ADHD and any medication or chemical responds in the opposite way in them than the rest of the population. They all seemed to get extremely hyper when high and exhibited the opposite of what I’ve heard the effects of pot were supposed to be. Do you think this might be part of why they got addicted to it? Have there been any studies along this route?

  • Apple: It’s an open secret that many young people with ADHD attempt to use marijuana to self-medicate. ADHDers often say it helps them zero in and focus, which is pretty much the opposite of what most “normal” smokers report.

  • Is it possible that addiction and withdrawal in this case could be a personal problem, not a cannabis problem?

    The low percentage of folks who have these complaints might be the same when looking at anything: TV watching, Hagen Daaz eating, doing yoga… whatever feels good to someone, given their phsychological and physiological disposition, might become the object of their addiction?

    I remain unconvinced that cannabis causes withdrawal symptoms without other factors coming into play. Otherwise, the percentage would be much higher, and the comments on this blog would have more than a 2% agreement rate with your selected testimonials.

    But I am certainly no scientist…

  • Apple

    Dude, what is your deal?! For some people cannabis IS the problem. It may not be for all people, but for some people Advil is a problem. He is in no way saying that pot is a horrible thing or even addictive. He said that SOME people have a problem with withdraw symptoms. I am saying that for anyone to say that it is completely harmless and non addictive, they are not paying attention. Some people have problems with it. You will have to deal with that FACT. Some people get addicted to pot. Some people will have withdraw symptoms when they try to stop smoking. I have a friend who can pick up a pack of cigarettes and smoke for several months and just stop with no issue for years and then start again. I have been addicted pretty much since my first pack. People are different.

  • That was my whole point, it’s about people, not cannabis. the reason I have difficulty with the premise that pot is inherently addictive as is being put forth here, is that I have heard from scientists and doctors whom I trust fully that cannabis is non habit forming.

    • Teenagemessiah

      “I have heard from scientists and doctors whom I trust fully that cannabis is non habit forming.”

      What makes said ‘scientists’ more believable than the scientist right here?
      I am 17 years old and i took my first toke when i was 10… i have been an every day smoker for the past 4 years. And let me tell you Samantha, marijuana addiction is a very real thing. I have started hallucinating daily. When I am stoned, and when i am not. Immense anxiety, paranoid thoughts, socializing has become more and difficult. Yet i still smoke. Every day. I am quite positive that I will be crazy forever. Yet i still smoke every day. Why is this? Pot addiction has brought me to the point of lunacy, yet i dont care if i’m ‘baked’.
      And fyi i DO know what a ‘real addiction’ feels like. I was dealing with small a Ketamine problem a month or so ago; however, I find there are practicaly ZERO withdrawl effects for K making it an easy one to quit. Also I used to be addicted to cocaine. Weirdly enough an incident that led to me smoking crack made me not want to do coke EVER AGAIN. you could name basically any other fairly common street drug… ive done it.
      So i have the self control to NOT WANT TO DO some real nasty drugs after experimenting with them. Yet this marijuana will not leave me alone…
      explain that with your science articles

    • ned

      non habit forming…only an addict or an ignoramus would state that.
      I LOVE pot but I won’t fool myself. I am an addict.

  • Apple

    I’ve known too many people who were EXTREMELY addicted to it to ever believe that…

  • Bryan

    Unfortunately, its true. I’m on my fifth week, and its been a rough month. I was a heavy user; fat bong rip on my way out the door to work, Sometimes I’d come home and take one or two at lunch, and once I got home I’d smoke 3-10 bowls before I went to sleep. I was pretty hardcore for about 4 years.

    But, I decided to quit cold turkey. This is probably where I went wrong- I should have weened myself off of it, but I’m not really the ‘lets take it slow’ type. Anyway, I was fine for the first two weeks, everything was fine- I’d think it would be nice to rip one, but this was easily resisted. At the start of the third week, I had nightmares like you wouldn’t believe- one after another, vivid ones, paranoid delusions in the middle of the night. After a the third week, these (kind of) faded and were replaced by the feeling that life is surreal. Halfway through week 3 the cravings kicked in. If I had a bag I’d have smoked the whole thing, but I could only get my hands on the legal stuff- booze. I drank 2 30 packs in a week- I just had to change something. I had been 90% sober for almost a year before that. I stopped that though, and now looking at week 5 I’m irritable & short tempered, and the insomnia is making work a bitch. I’m thinking this is the tail end of it though, things are starting to feel a bit more regular.

  • Physical withdrawal symptoms would have shown themselves right away… if weeks later you are having bad dreams, it might mean there are psychological problems that have been ‘submerged and they began to release. It has to come out sometime, somehow. I know about using drugs and i know there are underlying reasons someone would smoke the amount you are describing. That stuff is the real issue. I had to deal with that stuff through years of psychotherapy, quitting what is covering those wounds is only the first step, it is not the cure. If the underlying cause isn’t dealt with, you will just turn to something else. Marijuana was a symptom, not the cause of your problems. Just my opinion, of course.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Addition is always an escape route, and counselling is the real kicker to overcome the issues lurking beneath. But my withdrawal from cannabis started a week after I put down my last cone, so I know it doesn’t kick in imediately.

  • Brad

    Legalize it and I’ll be the one of the first to try it out. If it’s addicting I don’t give a toot. I think the advantages of legalizing far out weigh keeping it illegal. When it is legalized(and I think it will be) I just hope that the gov. grades it like tobacco so we know what quality we’re getting. I don’t smoke it now, because I am to paranoid about the law and I don’t know how to go about getting the marijuana. I hate the hypocritical way that Alcohol and Tobacco are legal and marijuana is illegal when it is probably the least of the 3 when abused as far as health problems(not sure there are any with marijuana-though this author obviously disagrees). And, so what if there are some health issues with marijuana-seems everything causes cancer according to the “experts”, meaning one can’t enjoy anything much now days without someone saying it’s bad for you etc. Now light one up for me.

    • ned

      It is true that prohibition creates addicts. We all want what we are told we can’t have. And governments like addicts because they are easier to control.


    Good news, no cancer – cannabis connection has been found after years of searching by an anti-drug scientist…

    • larry

      ok dont get me wrong im all for pot,but the nightmare stuff is true,im on week 2 an so far thats realy all i get as far as withdraws go,and you say cancer cant be traced back to pot,but thats wrong,you can get throat or lung cancer from smoking anything,even pot,but its no more lethal then cigs an honestly less addicting for me anyway then a pack of newports and definatley not as harmful to the brain or body as liqur

  • You’re right, nobody has managed to establish any kind of solid connection between cannabis and cancer, and boy, have they tried.

    Conventional one-on-one psychotherapy, so useful in the areas where it has application, is of no use whatsoever in the treatment of addiction. Addiction isn’t a symptom of anything but itself. The root causes of addiction do not lie buried in your subconscious, waiting to be unearthed.

  • Dirk, could you cite the study which has proven that, or if it is your personal opinion, include that in your comment? Thanks!

  • Should have added, “in my opinion” to the final sentence, yes.

  • “Addiction isn’t a symptom of anything but itself. The root causes of addiction do not lie buried in your subconscious, waiting to be unearthed.”

    Well, that just can’t be a fact. In the same way you have chosen to use personal testimonies in your research, I also see my own testimony as substantial. I had deep issues that as a teen, and I could not deal with them in a direct way. Until I could get real “re-mothering”, and a safe place to open up and look at things that were very painful, I chose to use sex, drugs, alcohol, and eating disorders to cope. The alternative was suicide, so I have always been grateful for drugs.

    With years of therapy, I changed. And indeed, the “addictions”, the symptoms of my unhealed pain, were no longer needed. I now can drink no more than a 1/4 glass of wine with dinner. I can’t stand the feeling of being tipsy. That fact sufficiently disproves the “alcoholism is forever / it’s a disease” theory, at least for me. In the same way, the testimonies in your article prove to you that marijuana creates withdrawal symptoms. But this isn’t science, is it?

    There were root causes for my drinking and drugging. They are 98% surfaced and healed, I would venture to say. I am happy today, and have forgiven folks who harmed me. Happiness repels addiction.

  • I am happy to hear that therapy proved to be an effective treatment alternative for you.

  • Queenlyzard

    There are some thoughtful and some not-so-thoughtful comments here. The article itself is food-for-thought, but I’d like to have seen some more statistics and fewer personal testimonies.

    Also, while the author has made his reasons for publishing this clear in the comments, it would have been nice to see them addressed within the article itself. The topic of legalization is such a touchy one right now that I understand why some posters are concerned that this article may be used as anti-marijuana propaganda.

    …BTW, does any besides me find it hilarious that numerous people have used personal anecdotes as a way to challenge the scientific validity of the article?

    Brush up on your scientific method, folks! Your personal stories are no more or less convincing than the ones at the end of the article. Your experiences don’t invalidate theirs or vice-versa. And frankly, without some cold hard data, I have no reason to believe any of them– yours or theirs! 🙂

    • ned

      personally i trust testimonies over statistics.

      • ned

        science won’t save us. people drug up because of emotional wounds. it’s a heart issue and spiritual emotional malaise.

    • Ry

      Now that’s the truth right there anybody can say what they want you all sound like a bunch of hustlers for both sides of this blog people trying to get people to buy into something with out actual documentation. If your symptoms were that intense you would have seen a doctor show that paper work. You basically are door to door salesman with out having to knock on anyone’s door to push your personal believes down some ones throat. I bet not one of said I wonder if this is from not smoking and during this awful time in your pick up a joint,blunt, or bowl while having withdraw seen if it took it away instead of just kept going threw it. Because personally if you don’t want to see a doctor you have to do the doctors job and start eliminating the problems if your symptoms did not go away after smoking again BIG SIGN THERE IT WASN’T THE DAMN WEED it’s something else you are not doing right in your life plan and simple!

  • I left the personal anecdotes for last in a 3-part series, intending them to serve as a coda. For anecdote-free science writing about this particular issue, see the 2nd part:

    Clearing the Haze: Is Marijuana Addictive?

  • Joseph

    The author is certainly taking a beating from those who seem a little defensive at the proposition that marijuana can induce addiction.

    The issue that I think needs to be discerned is if marijuana causes the addiction itself, or is it simply being a placeholder for an individual’s genetic predisposition towards becoming addictive to some arbitrary substance (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, etc.)?

    Further, the word “addiction” has a negative connotation, which leads to this defensive reaction. I can be “addicted” to running long distances (which I believe science has shown creates addictive-like responses in the brain), yet in what context is this a negative thing? Likewise, are the “withdrawals” experienced when I stop my running routine harmful? Is an addiction simply a closed-feedback brain mechanism to prevent it from experiencing any unpleasantness?

    If true, then these studies are simply demonstrating that a minority of the population, most likely predisposed to some sort of arbitrary addiction, experience the effects of addiction after stopping marijuana usage, and provide an explanation for the effects experienced.

    Its irrational to believe that any substance is infallible to addiction. Even the, yes, “divine” and “providential” cannabis.

  • B. Ceasar

    Not BS!!!!! I’m 24 years old and I never smoked Marijuana more than twice a year since I was 18. I thought weed addiction was BS Too! Then last year I started smoking more often because I had just moved to a new city, didn’t have a job yet, or people to hang out with. I’ve never been against people who smoke all the time but I just couldn’t understand it before. I always thought that much smoking was a waste of time and money. I would smoke for a week straight multiple times a day- then go for days or weeks without smoking at all and feel like I hadn’t smoked a day in my life. But slowly I started to feel like I wanted more. The highs always had no repprecutions and I only smoked when I didn’t have anything planned. Nothing wrong with that right? Not for me.

    *Note: my boyfriend was smoking the same amount or more the whole time!!!!

    I became so stressed or restless when not smoking that I went from not smoking at all really, to smoking on a daily schedule. And when I finally noticed I had been smoking like a chimney- I tried to cut back.

    That was my first surprise….. I couldn’t.

    When not smoking I would have these psychotic fits of rage and act completely out of character. The more I smoked the more I began to need it to feel normal. And after these “episodes” I would feel so embarrassed and ashamed that I would just go smoke more weed to try to feel better. Every morning I was nauseous, and everyday- all day I had no appetite, I made sure to eat after I got high so that I could eat without forcing anything down. I thought I was sick, I thought I was pregnant, I thought I was going crazy! Because just seven months prior- I had never been happier. And the whole time- my boyfriend was fine.

    It wasn’t until I looked at everything in my life that I found it was the Marijuana. I was so 100% sure pot couldn’t be making me feel this way that I ignored all the mental and physical changes it slowly brought on. I was always told pot was safe- that you couldn’t become addicted. I had smoked before and nothing like this developed- nothing at all, my boyfriend seemed to be proof too. But when my life became unmanageable without pot- I knew I had an addiction to it. For a very small few- Marijuana addiction is very real and very hard to overcome- especially when you know other pot smokers who smoke more than you ever did and are fine. Trust me.

  • I agree with Joseph’s comment and many of the points that Samantha makes as well. Addiction is possible with ANYTHING and for ANYONE. From food to exercise to the Internet, anything can be “addictive.” It seems as though you are attempting to scientifically calculate something that is simply not quantifiable. You are also profiteering off of those who are “addicted,” and there’s usually a whole lot of bias involved whenever profits come into play. Addiction is nothing more than a coping mechanism. As Samantha said, getting to the bottom of what you are coping with is the real issue. JMHO though.

  • Bryan

    Samantha, you’re in a ridiculous state of denial about marijuana addiction. I want it legalized too- but someday we may have to concede that people can get hooked on it. You must not know that guy who sits around obsessing about where the next bag is coming from- when he just got back from the dealer. I watched it evolve from a hobby into a necessity- for my friends and then to myself.

    It sounds like your therapist has got you brainwashed pretty good. Your years of psychotherapy got you off substances… for now. But that does not change the fact that this world is a fucked up place- and I think our addictions (religion, drugs, running, food, gambling, etc…) are ways for the mind to cope with that stress. If you have no addictions, that stress will build until it is unbearable and something is bound to slip.

    If “Addiction is nothing more than a coping mechanism”, I say ignorance is your only alternative.

    The real trick is to find the addictions that either create the most good, or do the least harm.

  • Bryan,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If you are equating food or exercise addiction with pot addiction, then i agree. I have said that in earlier comments. But the author of this article is not treating the term “addiction” as you are.
    Food, religion and cannabis are not inherently habit-forming. It is what the mentality and chemistry of the person that causes different reactions. That is my whole point.

  • Please take a look at this article and see that we paranoid pro-pot-people have a real struggle on our hands:

    Essentially, the government has prohibited any research regarding marijuana that would support it’s benefits and only funds research that would further the bad rep that it has…

  • Stephanie

    I have been THC free for many years (after many years of daily use) and never experienced anything other than normal cravings – the I wants (because i like marijuana!) My first reaction to this blog is that its must be some sort of anti-marijuana propaganda.

    I’ll continue to remain THC free until the day I can legally enjoy my drug of choice – even if that day is not until I am 100 years old. I am currently very healthy.

    Please support the reform of marijuana laws. Visit Marijuana Policy Project @ Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    “You are also profiteering off of those who are “addicted,” and there’s usually a whole lot of bias involved whenever profits come into play.”

    To whom is this accusation directed?

  • I would imagine, to you.

  • Jordan Embree

    How dare you tell me I experience no withdrawals? Who are you and what makes you qualified? I’ve had withdrawals from opiates, benzos, nicotine, caffeine and marijuana. With the exception of benzos, I personally would prefer the wds from the other drugs over marijuana. They are quite similar to that of other drugs, I found them physically and mentally harder then nicotine or caffeine, and there is no debate on whether they cause withdrawals. They are mentally much longer then anything that I’ve experienced, besides benzos and methadone. So, just because I don’t get episodes of depression, those people who do are lying? Or, the guy who developed a psychosis is just imagining it? Just because you don’t experience something doesn’t mean other people don’t. It’s not like we are identical copies of each other, everyone’s brain is different.

    Dirk is just trying to inform people, you guys need to take a logic class before you argue, it’s actually quite pathetic. Just because he’s not going propagate and spread misinformation about a drug doesn’t mean he thinks it should be illegal. I think marijuana should be legal as well, I think all drugs for that matter, on principle. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to lie to accomplish my task. What led to marijuana being illegal? LIES BY PEOPLE WHO WANTED IT THAT WAY. Personally I think you have to be high quite a bit of the time and on somewhat decent marijuana to get wds, it was until I started smoking a “Mr. Nice”, a potent indica that I got them. And, ya some of those stories are severe, but who are you people to discredit them? The nerve.

  • It was rather the author, not the individuals’ experiences that I had a problem with. He choose a minute percentage of people’s experiences and listed the worst of them, from what I can tell, without saying this was a very small group who had wd’s, or referring to the percentage at all… making it seem as if withdrawals of this magnitude were commonplace. I think you can see from the reader’s comments that they are NOT. Even you said they occurred only with a certain strain of cannabis.

    It is this twisting, or omission, of facts relating to cannabis that I am reacting to. And it was THIS that caused it to be prohibited in the first place:

  • Jordan Embree

    “Absolute total BS. I have been smoking since age 12 and am now 42. I feel FINE when I go without smoking. The only difference is that I feel a bit more alert. But I really don’t have withdrawal symptoms ever. I feel very alive and healthy when I go without cannabis.”

    This is your first post. “Absolute total bs”, to me this means that you think the article is absolute total bs. The article is informing the public of marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Therefore withdrawal symptoms to you are absolute total bs. So, if withdrawal symptoms to you are total bs, then, people’s personal accounts of wds symptoms are as well total bs. So, yes, you are discrediting my experience. Then you give your personal account of how you feel no w/d symptoms. After the beginning statement I can only assume you added your personal story to back your original statement up or to state that not everyone gets wds. No where in the article was it ever mentioned that everyone gets wds, it would have made the article more informative but in no way is required for it be true and factual. And if your personal account was added to back up your original statement then are guilty of metabolic chauvinism. Either way it is flawed logic.

    “Recently I took a trip for a weekend and had to go without both cannabis and caffeine. Let me tell you, the caffeine withdrawals I could feel. There were no cannabis withdrawals. I would venture to say that caffeine is a much stronger drug.”

    WOW. You talk about science yet this statement is not really scientific at all. So, because you felt more wd effects from caffeine then marijuana you would venture to say that caffeine is a much stronger drug. So, based on your own account, it has become your opinion or assumption that caffeine is a stronger drug then marijuana. This isn’t scientific at all it is once again a manifestation of metabolic chauvinism.

    This is the kicker.
    “I would rather read science than hear personal testimonials any day, but that’s just me.” Yet you provide personal testimony, and use it to make completely illogical assumptions. It’s okay for you to use your personal testimony to make assumptions about the effects and strength of drugs as a whole. But, it’s not okay for people to provide personal testimony simply stating what they experienced upon discontinuation of withdrawals. I would think it be the exact opposite.

    “But I am certainly no scientist…” I’d hope not.

    Definition of propaganda. Propaganda: “the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person”. Since Dirk has already stated that he supports the legalization of marijuana in no way is this article propaganda, he offers no opinions on the matter in the article. It could possibly be used as propaganda by those who want to keep marijuana illegal. If there were an article stating that marijuana is one of the safest drugs out, it could possibly be used as propaganda for the pro-marijuana movement, but that in itself does not make the article propaganda.

    In addition to taking a logic class, you should probably know what the words you are using mean.

  • Jordan Embree

    “I remain unconvinced that cannabis causes withdrawal symptoms without other factors coming into play. Otherwise, the percentage would be much higher, and the comments on this blog would have more than a 2% agreement rate with your selected testimonials.”

    LOL, you’re now using comments to validate your argument, I thought you wanted to science? Apparently the people posting on the website represent the entire population of marijuana smokers.

    “It was rather the author, not the individuals’ experiences that I had a problem with. He choose a minute percentage of people’s experiences and listed the worst of them, from what I can tell, without saying this was a very small group who had wd’s, or referring to the percentage at all… making it seem as if withdrawals of this magnitude were commonplace.”

    Of course he is going to choose people that had withdrawals. He is trying to make the point that they exist, for better or worse. Is he supposed to choose the people who didn’t experience them. There are plenty of articles on nicotine addiction and withdrawals, I didn’t have withdrawals, but they are real. So, why would an author choose me to demonstrate that there are withdrawals. Who are you to gauge the severity? How do you know he chose the worst of them? I think it would be better to choose the comments where people have definite symptoms, it illustrates the point.

  • Is your hostility caused by withdrawal from cannabis?

  • I normally step out of commenting when it gets heated and personal like this…

    If you read my post more carefully, you would notice I did not ask why the author printed the experiences of folks who had withdrawals, but rather that he did not put it into any context, like “2% of all smokers experience…” or whatever the case may be.

    A second place where you could have read more carefully was when I posted my testimonial, I stated, “since you have used personal testimonies, I will share mine… but this isn’t science, is it?”

  • Aaron Singer

    Dirk, you call yourself a science reporter.

    However, in the middle of the comments following the article you started adding a caveat to your article – that only a very few get addicted – but you mentioned nothing like that in the article itself.

    Typical science reporting! I am so fed up with the incompetence of your profession. I accuse you of careless, sloppy, undisciplined thinking. Or perhaps you just thought the article would have more impact if you hid the complete truth.

    Either way, that makes your article worthless. What else have you hidden from us?

    The anecdotes you gave are pathetic – these are neurotic individuals at best who might get addicted to any number of activities such as gambling, excess sugar consumption, surfing the internet, biting their nails…..

    What else do you know about these individuals? What other factors may be involved? And what kind of scientific survey asks the respondents to volunteer after reading an ad? Surveys have to be random and blind.

    Why are there no anecdotes or statements regarding those who do not get addicted? Good science does not ignore contrary evidence.

    I hope you pleased your editor. Because you accomplished nothing else.

    Just because you went to college and have a degree in some kind of science does not mean you get to write any nonsense you please.

    You are a fraud and your article is a joke.

    You just add to the noise in the world.

    What is the point?

  • Aaron Singer

    Another problem I have with the article:

    What the NIDA has learned about cannabis addiction, according to the principal investigator of a recent NIDA study, was that “we had no difficulty recruiting dozens of people between the ages of 30 and 55 who have smoked marijuana at least 5,000 times.

    That’s what the NIDA has learned about cannabis addiction? That they had “no difficulty recruiting dozens of people between the ages of 30 and 55 who have smoked marijuana at least 5,000 times”?

    What does that even mean? And are we supposed to be impressed that they had no difficulty in recruiting dozens of people?

    I guess your MJ withdrawal kicked in while you were writing that para….

    Dirk, you need to stop adding to the ignorance and lack of critical thinking already so prevalent in our society. You can do better than this.

  • Jordan Embree

    Ya actually it is. But, that is beside the point. You still should know what you’re talking about.

  • Jordan Embree

    No where in your first paragraph is that stated. WTF, do you just make stuff up or what? You might have said it later but that is irrelevant. And once again he the 2% crap is not required for it to be true and factual, it would just make it more informative, you are saying the article is total bs, and it’s not.

    June 15, 2009 | Permalink

    Absolute total BS. I have been smoking since age 12 and am now 42. I feel FINE when I go without smoking. The only difference is that I feel a bit more alert. But I really don’t have withdrawl symptoms ever. I feel very alive and healthy when I go without cannabis.

    Recently I took a trip for a weekend and had to go without both cannabis and caffeine. Let me tell you, the caffeine withdrawals I could feel. There were no cannabis withdrawals. I would venture to say that caffiene is a much stronger drug.

    And since cannabis is soooo much safer than tobacco and alcohol, less intoxicating than beer, why in the world are we all so up in arms about this great threat to society?

    Study something else… like the effects of throwing folks in jail, taking away their children, subsidized housing, etc., just for smoking pot.

  • The article in it’s entirety, not the individuals who contributed to it, is BS.

  • Mike

    its 2009 and the only backup is an article written in 2002….and nothing concrete ever since…i think that pretty much says it all.

  • Jordan Embree

    Mike, I’m curious what does that say?

  • Budney, A. (2004). Review of the Validity and Significance of Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome. American Journal of Psychiatry, 161 (11), 1967-1977 DOI: 10.1176/appi.ajp.161.11.1967

    Vandrey, R., et. al. (2005). Cannabis withdrawal in adolescent treatment seekers. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 78 (2), 205-210 DOI: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2004.11.001

    Vandrey, R., et. al. (2008). A within-subject comparison of withdrawal symptoms during abstinence from cannabis, tobacco, and both substances. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 92, 48-54.

    Aharonovich, E.,et. al. (2005). Postdischarge Cannabis Use and Its Relationship to Cocaine, Alcohol, and Heroin Use: A Prospective Study. American Journal of Psychiatry, 162(8), 1507-1514.

    Wilson, D.,,(2006). SR 141716 (Rimonabant) precipitates withdrawal in marijuana-dependent mice. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 85 (1), 105-113 DOI: 10.1016/j.pbb.2006.07.018

    Hanson D. (2009) “Marijuana Withdrawal: A Survey of Symptoms.” In The Praeger International Collection on Addictions. Ed. by Angela Browne-Miller. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, Vol. 2 pp.111-124.

  • The plural of anecdote is data. There is anecdote that shows some folk have difficulty they attribute to giving up pot. There is data evidencing folk do not have a difficulty ‘in times of no pot’. Most of the symptoms in the case of the former are consistent with destabilised endocannabinoid homeostasis. Indeed if they didn’t happen in some people I would be surprised. Cardio/Vascular/Neuro/temp all consistent. They inform us of how important a biological source of exo-cannabinoids may be to ameliorating/alleviating other conditions. As to describing these as withdrawal caused by cannabis that is another matter. It may be, and i speculate, that some or all of these conditions pre-existed the cessation and are now revealed, and that the cannabis users ‘acuity, insight and sensitivity’ to altered stated of conscience also colours the research. I have no doubt that these experiences are real and described accurately. That is a far call from understanding what is actually happening.

    However, given the replies to others by D. Hanson, I suspect he already knows this. He may well, I suspect fully understand that valid epidemiological research is impossible under the ‘set’ of a prohibition paradigm. But one has to begin somewhere. I applaude Dirk’s work but also understand why others would label it BS.

    Perhaps the following should be the label on legal pot.
    Cannabis: Your Milage May Vary

    NZ has introduced and passed the legislative model for recreational psychoactive substances that includes accurate labeling. I might argue the above harm reduction label is consistent with known risk profiles.

    Marijuana is a perjorative term. Cannabis is the correct scientific name. Marijuana should be stripped from the scientific lexicon.

  • tim

    Wow, what a debate. It makes me so mad to hear the disbelievers, Just look at the 500 blog entries the author refers to. You will also see mine. (-Tim) So they are all BS? 500 BS’ers, and motivated by what may I ask? I am in the aprox 10%-15% (although I think the number is much higher) of x pot users who were severely addicted and suffered and still do miserably from the withdrawls. Will the author please point the readers to these testimonials. They are factual, not imagined. I am 5 months in, after 25 years of daily use, however controversial it may seem, canabis is addictive via physical and mental analysis, hands down.

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  • Tim, a number of skeptics here have concluded that the 500 testimonials of pot addiction on my blog are not reliable case histories, but rather the statements of weak and confused people suffering from various forms of mental disorders that they mistakenly attribute to cannabis withdrawal. For my part, I am seen by some legalization advocates here as a sort of secret agent working on behalf of the forces of darkness to keep pot illegal–even though I have publicly stated my support for legalization.

    It’s an emotional topic for certain.

  • Bob

    I didn’t think that marijuana withdrawals were possible? I believe withdrawal comes from the chemical addiction that people have to the substance which causes physical symptoms to appear once they are off of it.

    • college girl

      Marijuana effects dopamine and seratonin levels in the brain, how is that for chemical addiction. These chemicals occur naturally in the brain but marijuana increases the levels. I researched this while suffering insomnia from having not smoked marijuana in weeks.

  • Sam Smoth

    I am 57, and have been smoking since I’m 16. I’ve been smoking every day since last October, and very regularly before that. Concern about the effect of the daily smoking on my energy levels led me to go cold turkey 5 days ago for a three week testing period. My plan was to give it 2 weeks to get out omy system, and 1 week to see how I was feeling. I’ve been feeling shitty ever since, which is how I got to this blog while researching withdrawal. Clearly everyone is different, but don’t just dismiss this article as BS. I’ve experienced the vivid dreams, depression, lethargy, nausea and overall weird feeling. I love getting high and feel that pot has been a valuable part of my life and choose to continue to make it such. One thing is clear… going cold turkey is definitely not smart. I’m going to take a toke now.

  • Scott

    I’ve smoked pot for quite a while. I also smoked cigarettes (quitting them was much harder, even slowly the way I did it.) I drink occasionally, but not often.

    When I quit smoking pot, I started getting vivid intense dreams. Which is super cool honestly. I like ’em. Maybe I’ll start smoking again and quit again just to get the dreams to continue! lol… they’re great, I can take a bong rip in my dreams, too. No nightmares though, just dreams. It’s been about a month.

    The other thing I can corroborate is the temperature variations… none of my friends have this so I think it has something to do with my metabolism. Obviously my energy system is pretty wacked from this whole experience but overall. The worst thing (or scariest I guess) is the black shit I’m coughing out of my lungs. And THAT, is honestly from cigarettes. I quit smoking cigarettes and that’s when that started. But when I quit smoking pot it got worse too. Kinda interesting. Lungs cleaning themselves out as new cilia grow… now I plan to go into the woods and smoke me some more fine herbs 🙂

  • Adam

    I began searching for withdrawal symptoms last night.

    I have been a smoker since i was 18, heavy smoker since i was 20, im now 24. Lately i had been smoking more than usual due to stress at work, about an ounce of good weed a month. (2-8 bowls a day depending on day) Some shared, mostly alone.

    Im buying a new car, and had to quit for a month or two to pay taxes and etc on the car.

    The first 2 days was fine. I felt more tired than usual waking up.

    Day 3 i started having cold sweats at work, and would sometimes wake up with cold sweats
    This lasted for another few days.

    Day 3 Low appetite, went from eating 2 fish sandwhiches, beer, and fries at lunch.
    To eating fries, and just ice water. Quite fatigued sometimes.

    Day 5 i started having, not so much nightmares, but very very vivid dreams, and i would wake up, and be wide awake, remembering everything, but confused about reality, i’d feel lost for the first 30 secodns i was awake, far worse than ever before. This continued
    Day 5, Headaches started, first very small, would come and go quickly, now on day 7 i’ve had a constant dull headache for 48 hours, feels quite the same as when i stopped taking Anti depressants cold turkey years ago.
    Day 5 Horrible insomnia. Lay in bed for hours before i fall asleep, only to wake up 2 hours later for work.

    Day 7 Shakes started. Mostly just slight trembling all over, ususaly happens when im having chills and cold sweats.I have to write or type slower to do it accurately.

    Day 8ish Shakes were so bad, i could hardly hold a drink. It would appear that after stopping smoking, my blood sugar values got thrown slightly out of whack, my doctor suggested it was because i had gone from eating ridiculous amounts of foods, to very small amounts, possibly my body had been making to much insulin.
    Day 11 where i am now. Head ache comes and goes, dreams are back to normal, shaking is still happening, however not as intense, mostly gone. Anxiety is mostly gone, hunger has returned mostly to normal.

    I being one of the people who always said, you cant get addicted to weed man!!!! I’ve learned my self thats not true, However, this is the only time this has happened, i have quit smoking in the past more than a couple of times, with out any ill effects greater then temporary depression, or a headache lasting no more than a day or two.

    I also believe it should be made legal, and i will also continue to smoke. However i will not allow my self to continue smoking one ounce a month. For the first 3 years, i smoked half of that, or less.

    Im having withdrawals after smoking heavily for 4 years, i knew a person who got the shakes quiting cigarettes after only smoking for a week. I see no reason for the people here to be freaking out about the claim of withdrawals.

  • Adam

    I am also ADHD, and i find when i smoke is the only time i can concentrate, get homework done, finish a report for work. Etc Etc.

    When i used to take adderall, i smoked much less, but the insomnia it caused forced me to stop taking it.

  • Adam

    Being a level headed guy, i will agree to the posibility of the “withdrawal” symptoms being related to an underlining condition that pot was merely self medicating for.
    However and the people here claiming nothing at all happens, or completely ignoring the possiblity that the symptoms are caused my canabis, simply shows how closed minded our society has become.

  • howard

    I’ve been smoking daily since 1970. Last week I decided to stop for a while. I’ve experienced some cold sweats and a little irritability in the past few days. I’ve spoken to some friends who have been in similar situations and none of them have had anything but a little irritability. I get the feeling that as far as cold sweats go I’m part of a small minority. I have no trouble believing the accounts in the article but would like to know how many people this researcher spoke to that didn’t experience any of these problems. I don’t call BS on this but I do think there is some cherry picking involved here.

  • Anonymous

    i have grown and smoked the best weed anywhere,i could smoke 5-6 or more a day for years,
    i stop every so often for months or years at a time after about 5-6 days of irritability im fine,my biggest problem was, and still is am a cheapskate, i wont but it ,but for now appx 18 months the pot police shut my grow room down paid 180 fine, what a bunch of jerks ,they need to arrest criminals who commit crime not grow their owm medicine! my narcotic pain pills were not a concern as they knew i suffer from chronic pain and it also helped with chemotherapy side effects.they left me my bag of pot but took my plants!

  • yogirlautumn

    I’m surprised at how many people are saying this is unsubstantiated. Sure, it may not have happened to you and sure, it may not happen to a LOT of people, but it’ real. Think about the number of people around you who have an addiction or some form of OCD. You and I can’t imagine why they have their compulsions or addictions and you and I may never experience anything like that, but it’s still very real. I remember watching ‘Intervention’ and feeling so stongly that there was now way I would ever ruin my entire life for a drug, but that sure doesn’t mean others have not or will not. It would be nice to see people sharing their personal stories and opinions without trying to discredit the author and the people who have experienced these withdrawls. What reason would thay have to lie? Your stories just prove that cannibis is not quite as addictive as most drugs, not that is isn’t for some other people. One person’s physiology and psychology is completely different from the next. Take that into consideration.

  • I have smoked pot on and off for about 25 years, I have had no problem with it, no paranoia, and I can go for months on end without it. I gave up smoking over night, as easy as if I have not ever smoked, so what is wrong with me? I have not ever taken hard drugs, but ask me to give up food and stick to a diet and its like as if my world crumples into a heap, I have thoughts about food in my head that messes with my cognition to the point whereby I will go eat something just becuase.
    I know I am not hungry and I am very upset about being 14 stone (196 pounds approx) and whats more I am only 5 feet 2…I am ashamed of myself but I even lie to myself over eating something i know I shouldnt have…whats worse is, 7 years ago before I had a bad fall and got brain damage I was so small in size, i had always battled with my weight but I was a UK size 12/14 and in good shape…so how is it possible to give up drugs such as ciggies, poy, and I never have caffine either, so whats going on in my head huh? I would love for someone to sort that one out….

  • TexasMom

    I think the withdrawal symptoms have a lot to do with the potency of the weed. Today’s weed is so much more potent than long ago. It’s definitely more potent than Hash, at least the stuff I was getting. I guess the ones that haven’t had symptoms smoke sticks because my symptoms are very real. Exactly the same as the others. The only thing that has been easy is staying away from the bowl because I feel like crap and I never want to go through this again, NEVER. I’ve smoked since I was 17, and am now 50 Keep busy, and exercise. This is awful! I am 4 days into this nightmare.

  • Elegiamore

    I basically smoked pot every day for 32 years; I can remember each day I skipped, which was about seven or eight total. Was I addicted psychologically? Sure. Did I smoke for a reason? Yes, I had chronic pain. Did it give me enough relief to live my life? Absolutely.

    Then I stopped. Withdrawal was total and complete hell for me. I did not sleep, any at all, for NINE DAYS STRAIGHT. It was the worst experience of my entire life, even worse than being pinned into a car wreckage for over a hour. Insomnia continued to this day (four years later).

    I had the sweats and temperature changes. Worse yet, I had an extreme cognitive breakdown. Basically, I couldn’t remember shit, I was unable to read because I would forget the first paragraph by the time I had read the third one, I forgot how to drive a car, and more. As I was already physically disabled, I didn’t have to try to work, but obviously I couldn’t have done it. It took a year and therapy with a brain damage specialist to get back to square one.

    Samantha – what in the world is your problem, other than being in total and complete, massive denial? And a heartless person to boot? Apparently this study is REAL and TRUE; some people go through a nightmare when they quit smoking.

    As for me, I have no axe to grind. I am a strong proponent of MJ in general and believe it should be legalized, as well as used for medical purposes.

    Like other posters, I find it incredible that so many smokers have jumped down the author’s throat on this one. It actually convinced me that pot addiction is even worse than I thought, as these posters like Samantha have a major disconnect between common sense/logic and their habit. It’s also disappointing to read how many jerks there are in the world today who disregard critical thinking in general.

    Thanks for the study, Dirk Hanson. Good job!

  • CJ

    Withdrawal is definitely real for me. I think that nothing explains withdrawal better than, “WHAT COMES UP MUST COME DOWN.” It’s a simple concept that applies not only to all drugs, but even to life experiences. I can’t tell you how many times great experiences in my life like travel or fun time with friends actually led to feelings of depression afterward when the fun was over.

    Marijuana has provided profound healing relief to me in my life without a doubt. It has helped me heal from depression, get over childhood trauma, and provided all kind of relief from injuries. It has opened me up to so many things that I know I wouldn’t have been exposed to without it. However, at this point after smoking regularly for like 7 years- I want to be more sustainable and able to build a high from within myself. Also, marijuana simply isn’t doing nearly as much for me as it used to.

    One’s withdrawal symptoms, I believe, are related to how low ones dopamine levels have become. The worst withdrawals I’ve experienced have come from when I was smoking way too much- smoking all day- starting in the morning for weeks or months. Quitting cold turkey coming off of being perpetually high led to some of those extreme withdrawal symptoms people talk about, chills, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, aching joints, flu like symptoms, extreme emotions, fuzzy thinking and memory- weird twitches and more. I’ve experienced all this a number of times and when I’ve managed to endure this for more than a few days- it lasted at least a couple weeks or more. In fact, quitting has actually led to me catching a cold or flu a number of times- I think just from the lack of quality sleep and stress weakening my immune system.

    However, I made it through those symptoms- distracted myself as much as possible- exercised a ton and took two months off this spring. Once most of the withdrawal symptoms wore off- I actually felt really high not being high. Since then- I try to keep myself from getting too deep in it. If I find myself smoking everyday- I’ll fight the urges and take a couple days off and the withdrawal symptoms aren’t that noticeable just because I haven’t completely drained my dopamine levels. Before, taking even a day off was nearly unbearable- now I can take a week or so off and I might crave weed or feel bored or uninspired, but its not like I have trouble finding the will to eat or find myself taking advil PM just to get to sleep.

    Now- whenever I’m not high I try to focus of being present and really taking in the moment. This can get me pretty close to all the irie feeling I’d get when I’d be blazed out of my mind. When I find my mind racing when I’m trying to sleep I try to concentrate on feeling every cell of my body and being- and it calms my mind and quiets my thoughts.

  • jordan

    It’s hillarious top read all these DEFENSIVE comments!! Most cronic marjuana smokers I know HAVE withdrawl symptons—but guess what puffies? none will ever admit to it. I have seen their personalities change for the worse when they don’t get some.
    Cronic smokers NEED it all the time. That says something in itself! They don’t go without because it’s miserable whe they do. Tell me that you all have been smoking for 10-30 years because you enjoy blowing money on something that turns you into a pseudo vegitable! Every cronic I have ever met is basically the same, they are so into their pot they will fight the defensive fight for pot over anything, they are self absorbed on it, off of it they are freaks with anger issues, on it they have very little motivation or aspirations.
    Eww, it’s such a gross way to exsist- “lets go smoke another dirty joint man!- let’s smoke another, yah another to sleep now- wow! I’m a total retard isn’t this great being high/my head in the clouds and NEEDING this stuff ALL the time to just function!”

  • RadioRanger

    Eww, it’s such a gross way to exsist- “lets go smoke another dirty joint man!- let’s smoke another, yah another to sleep now- wow! I’m a total retard isn’t this great being high/my head in the clouds and NEEDING this stuff ALL the time to just function!”

    After reading this blog, this is just the most recent of a litany of posts here that demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge or compassion for those of us that ARE experiencing marijuana withdrawals.

    I have been a chronic user for 35 years, using several times per day nearly every day I am by no means a “retard” or vegetable. I have worked 30 years in a highly technical field that requires considerable knowledge and expertise. I have received many commendations for the high level of competence that I have demonstrated in this field.

    I was forced to quit for a few months 7 years ago. I experienced many of the withdrawal symptoms symptoms listed above, but by far, the worst was the nightmares. These dreams varied widely in content, from people with automatic weapons invading my home and killing my family in front of me, to my wife leaving me to enter prostitution. I would wake up several times per night, sweating and disturbed from the dreams, only to go back to sleep and have another one. Because of these dreams, I could not wait until I would be able to smoke again. These dreams NEVER subsided in the entire two month period.

    I am now forced to quit again, this time for good. I am once again experiencing these nightmares, and it is horrible. They rob me of sleep, and I am exhausted by mid day. I had put off quitting, because I was afraid that the nightmares would begin again, and I was right. For some of us, marijuana withdrawals are VERY REAL, and those that are calling it BS are grossly misinformed. Just because they have not experienced them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Marijuana withdrawals are very real, and very disruptive to the lives of those of us who experience them.

    I do not have “underlying subconscious problems” as some have suggested. I had a very happy childhood, in a loving upper middle class family. Addiction (yes, I used the “A” word) to marijuana has been my only mental health issue in my life. I started smoking with friends out of boredom, and continued it because I enjoyed it. I believe it should be legalized, as it is far less damaging than alcohol, in my opinion. That being said, I now wish I had never started. Most of the withdrawal symptoms I can handle just fine, but the nightmares are unbearable. I dread going to bed at night, because I know what’s in store for me. I find myself waiting later to go to bed, to try to put off the inevitable, which is only increasing my exhaustion.

    Those who have posted here criticizing the article because they fear it will interfere with their pot legalization agenda are poorly informed, and demonstrate a complete lack of compassion. Maybe those of us who experience marijuana withdrawals are a minority of users, but we do exist. To suggest otherwise is a demonstration of ignorance.

    PS to Mr. Hanson: If you are aware of any means to reduce the nightmares, please send me an email, or post about it. I am becoming desperate. . .

  • James

    I don’t know why there are some people here hating. Mr. Hanson is doing some fine work.
    I’ve recently (16 days) stopped the weed after being a daily smoker for many years , I suppose 13 or so, one before work, one as soon as I got in from work…….you know the drill. All these symptoms – weird dreams, irritibilaty, nasty spaced out feeling, suddenly weeping and i mean sobbing like a baby, restlessness, appetite effect, etc..- I’ve had them all and still do. Physcologically I want it all the time.

    People this is real. The effects are precisely the same for many people. And I don’t think it is such a small minority either.

    What really cracks me up is the “I smoke but I can stop for a weekend, or day, or i mean i can cut down maybe smoke just 1 or 2 or 5 in 1 day no problem im not addicted ” types, and they have the cheek to tell me I’m a fool?

    FWIW I would probably legalise all drugs and treat it as a medical health issue.

  • I believe it should be made legal, and i will also continue to smoke. However i will not allow my self to continue smoking one ounce a month. For the first 3 years, i smoked half of that, or less.

  • Romeo

    Thank you Mr. Hanson for posting such an informative article and discussion. It seems to me that the folks who deny that pot is addictive or don’t beleive others when they share about withdrawels “just don’t get it.” Trying to explain the disease of addiction to those who “use” and do not become addicted is like talking to a brick wall.

  • I am a researcher at a university and have studied the effects of drugs, particularly alcohol, on the brain for the last decade or so. Like many of my friends and colleagues, I consider marijuana to be a relatively low-risk drug when used in moderation by responsible adults. However, I am now forced to admit that my view of the discontinuation syndrome was naïve and that I was completely unprepared for it myself:

    Week 1: Despite missing my evening smoking session and feeling some mild irritability, I felt fine.

    Week 2: Mild flu-like symptoms, which I assumed to be viral in nature though it did not exactly feel viral. No real desire to smoke marijuana. I assumed I was out of the woods and had gotten off easy.

    Week 3: Sudden onset of incredibly intense and vivid dreams. Profuse sweating at night. Difficulty discerning dreaming from waking state. Lack of energy. Upset stomach. Absolutely no appetite. Unable to focus. Saw my primary care physician. All labs normal.

    Week 4: This is where the real problems began for me. Sudden onset of intense, full body anxiety…. This led to complete insomnia for days. A very deep feeling of dread and a sense that I was going completely insane. Crying spells that came from nowhere….

    Week 5: The intense anxiety slowly began to dissipate… was able to sleep for 4-6 hours a night, which is approaching normal for me. Appetite slowly came back but the thought of eating was unpleasant. Feeling of confidence began to return. Feelings of hopelessness and of going crazy began to diminish.

  • Alex

    Hi all

    I’ve given up weed and cigs from a 20-year habit including alcoholism which was dealt with about 4 months ago. I decided to take the booze away frist and then the cigs and weed. I dont know if I could have done all 3 plus the DT’s are no joke, although I never had seizures.

    I am on day 3 of going cold turkey and I can say that i have experienced a great many of the symptoms listed. I have been taking sleeping pills every night, due to insomnia, and have experienced night sweats (also before with booze). Irritability, anger, depression, fear that I would never be happy again (thats definately created by the drug void!)

    Last night I could simply not cope, but today seems better. In fact I had my first genuine moment of sober nuero chemical happiness. To those currently trying to stop, I would say please carry on. Dont give up just yet. Once the drug begins to leave the body the feelings slowly start to go away and you become sober which for me has been a feeling i haven’t felt for years.

    The brain takes a little while to create new reward pathways after having been under the effect of THC (and the rest). I am sure GABA and acetylcholine receptors take time to work properly and new nueral pathways require . Levels of dopamine need tme to adjust. Be aware that the brain doesn’t want you to stop. Its not enjoying losing its addiction either. Think off the tricks it plays to get you to sleep when you dont want to go to sleep.

    Keep strong, exercise, eat well, relax, yoga, massages, and also ecourage your friends and family to support you. I had a good cry on one of my friends shoulders last night cause the emotional build up was so intense and it needed to be released.

    For those condemming this blog, just f*ck off and doing something else. You’re obviously c&nts and simply cannot fathom what chronic drug addiction and withdrawl is.

    To the rest of you, good luck in whatever stage of remission, retry, rehab, or detox your in. Just keep in there and it will eventually get better. Just endure it day by day, hour by hour if need be but keep going.

    I wish you all the best

  • BigGayJ

    I have smoked for at least 12 years and I have never felt any withdrawls. The people complaining are obviously wimps.

  • Anthony

    lol NIDA, nobody with half a brain takes anything you say seriously.

  • Anthony

    Also, lol @ alex, who was addicted to alcohol, cigs, weed, and claims that people condemning this anti cannabis propaganda don’t know “real” addiction. that’s a joke buddy.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a pretty frequent smoker of marijuana for a couple of years; my other pot-smoking friends have been doing so for close to thirty years. When we’re out of pot, none of us experience anything remotely similar to any of the withdrawal symptoms listed above. None of us experience any cravings for marijuana and none of us are compelled to voraciously consume any marijuana that has been placed in front of us. I also have two friends that are intentionally abstaining from marijuana in order to pass drug screenings; neither of them experience these withdrawal symptoms either.

    It is worthy to point out that I have several acquaintances who smoke marijuana mixed with tobacco; they do experience cravings, but these are nicotine cravings and a regular cigarette calms them down.

    Yes, this is anectodal evidence, but given the lurid descriptions of these intense withdrawals it is worthy to note that our experiences would seem to contradict this study.

    • Kate

      I’d venture to guess you and you friends didn’t wait long enough for the real withdrawal to set it or have not been smoking the really good stuff – or were just LUCKY as some said. Everyone is different. If you can’t figure that out – then don’t bother commenting in such a way.

  • johnima

    Subjects in our study were long-term heavy users of marijuana who reported a history of at least 5,000 separate episodes of marijuana use in their lifetime (the equivalent to smoking once per day for 13.7 years), were smoking at least once daily at the time Eating Disorders
    of recruitment and met DSM-IV criteria for marijuana dependence without meeting criteria for a current Axis I disorder. Subjects were excluded if they reported that they had used another class of drugs more than 100 times in their lifetimes or had consumed more than five alcoholic drinks per day continuously for one month or more in their lifetimes.

  • It is important to note that although, as a group, the current marijuana users experienced an increase in withdrawal symptoms compared to the controls, only 60% of the subjects in the current users group reported a change in symptoms of at least three points in magnitude. The fact that 40% of subjects who had used marijuana regularly for an average of 22 years did not report experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms during abstinence might suggest that physical dependence on marijuana is not as strong as that observed with other drugs of abuse. This may be due, at least in part, to the long half-life of THC. However, many subjects reported that when trying to remain abstinent in the past, the presence of withdrawal symptoms had played an important role in their relapse. Thus, alleviation of abstinence symptoms may contribute to the maintenance of daily marijuana use in chronic users.

  • One of the most common symptoms of marijuana withdrawal is a lack of appetite. This usually lasts for 3 to 4 days after the last time you smoke. You can almost think of it as the opposite of the munchies. Fast food doesn’t taste the same with Mary Jane!Don’t be surprised if your appetite shrinks, or that you aren’t interested in food for a couple days. You may even lose some weight when you go through cannabis withdrawal. The lack of appetite can be a part of a more general feeling of sickness that has been described as low-level flu like symptoms. Very few people report diarrhea or nausea, but it does exist for some of us.

  • A subset of marijuana smokers develop a cannabis use disorder and seek treatment for their marijuana use on their own initiative. A less well-known consequence of daily, repeated marijuana use is a withdrawal syndrome, characterized by a time-dependent constellation of symptoms: irritability, anxiety, marijuana craving, decreased quality and quantity of sleep, and decreased food intake. Treatment studies show that rates of continuous abstinence are low (comparable to relapse rates for other abused drugs), and more treatment options are needed. The objective of this review is to update clinicians on the current state of marijuana research and to describe features of marijuana withdrawal to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of cannabis use disorders.

  • kelly

    this man is only trying to help those who ARE having these withdrawl symptom, he’s not telling you to do anything, give him a break. I have suffered a few of these symptoms as a heavy pot smoker and i found it relieving that someone could explain it. shame on you, i came here for support, not to see stupid petty comments from know it all pot smokers, get a life!

  • Kitty

    if you had never smoked pot before, by reading this article you would think, Oh my god, the withdrawal symptoms! I had withdrawl symptoms after 3 weeks of Lyrica,(extreme body aches, not to mention bloating weight gain and depression) Two months of Tramadol(flu like symptoms, lethargy, muscle aches and pain) and even a few weeks of Norco after dental surgery (anxiety and body aches). But marijuana? I smoked everyday for 12 years and then stopped cold turkey at a boyfriends request. NO WITHDRAWAL. I felt fine. Absolutely fine.
    If helped me in so many ways over the years. Nausea, indigestion, menstrual cramps, anxiety.
    Please if you want to help people, write the whole truth and include the countless examples of people having no problem stopping if they want. Geez.

    • Lucie

      Yeah, not everyone has symptoms. Actually I think most don’t have any at all.

      But you quit at a boyfriend’s request? oh, my. I don’t know your story, but personally, I would never quit for a guy. That’s just me though.

      Have a good one, peace and love.

  • Jerry

    I’m 63 and have smoked pot since I was 17. A year ago I quit. Nada, zilch, no withdrawal whatsoever. But I also quit smoking and quit drinking with little difficulty. And I drank me some whiskey over the years! I adore pot, I think alcohol is wonderful and I really, really enjoyed smoking not to mention alot of nose candy and psycholodelics in my younger days. I can only guess at the reasons why and I think it’s because I used the drugs for fun and pleasure and never let them use me.

    • Karl

      You have a strong range of tolerance. If you experienced these adverse effects, youd quit pot right on the spot, haha.

  • Mark

    Scare tactics. That’s all this article was. People who EAT TOO MUCH go thru withdrawals. People who surf the web too much go thru withdrawals. People who have TOO MUCH SEX go thru withdrawals. Anyone who abuses anything will go thru withdrawals. Those people who go cold turkey on any substance will experience symptoms. Regardless, you’ll note that no one died during their pot withdrawal. Indeed, no one has ever died using it either.

    I suspect articles such as this were originally funded by wacko religious government officials who wanted to make a point about Jesus or something. After all, the early 20th century laws that were passed to prevent pot use were originally all about the need to make people adhere to some invisible authority figure.

  • CG

    OMG!!! I HAD smoked every day for 23yrs and had to stop 3 months ago because of a collapsed lung. I have had nothing like some people are explaining here and because of my own experience I feel that these stories are y and maybe a bit over the top. I think it is yourself MAKING yourself feel bad because you cant have what you want. Fair enough, the lung collapsed at the very time I was sucking on a bong but as for withdrawals….NOTHING!!!!

  • Alan

    Dear Readers,

    I have enjoyed the manifold benefits of cannabis for several decades and have never experienced anything remotely rexembling ‘withdrawal’ symptoms . As an opioid habituee and as someone possesing a post Graduate qualification from the Royal College of General Practicioners in ‘Substance Misuse’- as well as a retired Senior National Advocate of the UK’s Methadone Alliance charity (retired due to ME related ill health 2007) who has taught Consultants, Physchiatrists, Doctors, Nurses, Senior Civil servants, drug users, carers, as well as being a published author on the subject I ahould know a thing about drug use, habituation, ‘addiction ‘ , and it’s nuero-physiology.

    Prohibition is a multi billion dollar idustry on which careers, livelyhoods, professions, reputations, incomes and ‘honours’ are dependent- addicted if you like. FIrst of all who sponsors the US research- SAMSA- a US Govermetn body funded as part of the appuratus of prohibition- anyone recieiving reseaerch funding streams from such a source is sure as hell unlikely to bite the hand that feeds it and show up Cannabis ‘withdrawal syndrome’ for what it is- the product of a deranged and delusional society which employs prohibition and the war on human beings who use ‘drugs’ (the proper term should be pharmakons) as a convieniant fig leaf with which to mask the projection and protection of strategic, security, political, economic and other objectives.

    If the health of drug users was the primary reason for the prohibition of human beings who use drugs then the first and most effective measure that would improve their health would be the abolition of prohibtion – which has created a global market where any person- of any age- with any health problem- overt or latent- can buy any prohibited substance of unknown purity, adulterants, bacterial and viral contamination, on any street, at any time of day or night so long as they can obtain the cash to purchase such substances at prices inflated by prohibition. After 70+ years one can only conclude tat it is not working.

    Time to introduce related legal markets in drugs with the income and taxes generated helping to contribute to the treatment of any who develop problems related to their use of drugs including tobacco and alcohol- the two biggest killers of all.

    15 years ago there were NO reports of cannabis withdrawal syndrome- no scientific evidence base- and if by withdrawal we are describing vomiting, diahorea, cramps, abject misery, pain, suffering and clearly measurable and observable symptoms precipitated by sudden withdrawal of a pharmakon- then show me the video’s please.

    Yes a person can become a heavy/chronic abuser of cannabis and expereince psychological craving and as- with any psychoactive pharmakon- prescribed or not- those with psychiatric or emotional problems or a family history of the same would be best advised to refrain from using cannabis or for that matter alcohol. Liekwise some precribed medications can produce or induce adverse effects inome individuals.

    But as ever- it is a case of different strokes for different folks- some people find moderate cannabis use
    not just pleasurable but also a positive help in managing chronic pain, the symptoms of MS, ME, cancer, as well as off benefit with psychological and/or emotional problems.

    The body produces it’s own opioids- the endogenous endorphins- it has recently been discovered that the body even produces it’s own morphine sulphate- likewsie the body produces it’s own endogenous ‘cannaboids’ .

    The question we need to ask is would account for the current ‘reports’ of cannabis withdrawal syndrome?syndrome. What has changed in the last 15 years ? The apologists for the war on uman beings who use drugs argue that ‘skunk and modern hybid varieties are far stronger than past forms of herbal cannabis and/or resins. Nonsense- Nepelese Temple Ball, Afghani Black, double zero, Thia Sticks, Sensimillia, Columbian Red, Cambodian Weed, to name but a few of the potent varieties of years past.

    So I suspect that this theory- the ‘skunk’ connundrum- is without substance nor credible foundation.
    So what else has changed- certainly in the UK one major change is the wider avialbility of cannabis, it’s increased use among the working class- and those poor who are now deemed ‘surplus to economic requirments’ (this is UK Civil Servent speak for benfit claiments), a fall in the age of regular use, and crticly- the breakdown of old user supplier networks based on friendships- and the emergance and now dominance in the market of crack style distribution and supply methods.

    As many are increasingly alienated and disaffected from a society in which they have no stake and assigns them ‘sub human’ value- poverty creates real mental health problems and social ones too. Another significant change has been the reporting- the daytime TV chat shows- the willingness of psyciatrists dealing with the children and teengaers of dysfunctional middle class family’s to create convieniant fictions -for example the mass diagnosis of ADDD and the accompanyig huge increase in the prsscribing of potent amphetmine reallted psyco-active drugs such as ritalin to young people and children at stages in thier life when the brians nuero chemistry and hard swiring are in flux and the process of imprintinmg/forming.

    So middle class parents can psyco-pathologise their ‘difficult’ children- elude responsibilty for pursuing careers, wealth, their own intersts at the expence of the unconditional ove human beings, especially children need in order to flourish and become emtionaly stable and mature young adults.

    As for the of spring of the proletarit- well they are best psychopathologised and crimminalised- the chidren of the relatively wealthy and privelaged get drunk and just engage in high spirited horse play- but the same behaviour by a prole child or teen would result in an Anti-Social -Behaviour-Order- a Drug Treatment and Testing Order-and the micro mangement of every minutie of their lives.

    Many young childtren cope with an incrasingly hostile alien and alienating world- no onder many go onto develop emotional and psychological problems , many will self medicate to manage the – not even recognising that they may have ‘problems’ that might benefit from non judgemental support and help.
    Cannabis withdrawal syndrome is a flag of convieniance that masks the real blight- poverty- the poverty of everyday life and human relationships under Glbalisation and a new form of Kapital in the West which has seen the post world war 2 social contract between the forces of labor and those of Capital shredded- mass unemployment that is trans generational – this corrodes the soul and mind.

    Kinship ties- the extended family- even the nuclear family- are fragemented, community bonds such as the trade unions, working mens clubs, public houses, social clubs, libraries, schools, public transport- in short the social infrastucture and fabric that gave direction, a sense of belonging, of place, of mapping life and ones personal development- all have long gone. As have the Docks, the factories, the shipyards, the mines, the railways, the times of full employment, all consumed as Kapitals previos explosive growth has inverted and become expansion by implosion – by stripping the working class and lower middle class of social wealth, public amenties, emplyment, sense of place (‘Get on your bike and find work’- ‘There is no such thing as society’ declared the last UK Tory goverment as it inflcited ‘pain’- now we face the prospect of another even more rabidly post Friedmanite obsessed Tory Goverment that has promised us ‘PAIN’).

    Back to cannanbis withdrawal syndrome- it seems to occur most frequently among neuroloical researchers who are ambitous, probably would benefit from a bit of weed themselves, and have a vested interest in producing – manufacturing ‘evidence to substantiate the claims of their political paymasters.

    ANd if you promote by every means at your disposal ill evidenced, poorly designed, cod science with headlines news and scaremongering reports-then if you tell people their shit dosent smell long enough then sure as hell you will find evidence that peoles excrement really doesnt smell so bad after all.

    Best- rant over back to rest. Aplos for speling and typo’s the ME etc is playing meery hell with my cognitive fuctions today.

    • Karl

      Again a p**sy that wont admit it. I don’t care how intelligent you think you are, genetics has a great role in it. I had all these adverse effects, thinking there was something wrong with me, if you think your just talking down to a bunch of mitochondriacs, shut up, sit down, and do something productive, because you are aggravating everyone, pot has increased 10 fold in potency, stop smoking mec you little caniving nerd that was never accepted in High School. Im 15, OPEN YOUR EYES.
      there’s no god, stop living in Fantasy land, i’m sick of your comfort thoughts.

      • Karl

        so nice I said it twice, but the second time with a tweak.

  • AndyJ

    Great comment trail! I’m not sure why people are so fired up to deny withdrawal symptoms. I’m also confused as to why people consistently conflate such with “addiction”. You can experience withdrawal symptoms from ceasing a behaviour without being addicted. You can be addicted to something without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The possibility of experiencing withdrawal symptoms is not a sufficient reason to prohibit anything.

    And yes – you can experience a withdrawal syndrome if you cease using cannabis

  • It is certainly true that withdrawal symptoms can occur in the absence of addiction. One of the best contemporary examples would be SSRI antidepressants, which can produce strong withdrawal symptoms (not cravings) when people discontinue use, even though the drugs themselves are not addictive.

    But I’m having a harder time thinking of a substance addiction which does not produce any withdrawal symptoms during early abstinence.

  • I am all for the legalization of marijuana. Let that be clear.

    I was a chronic smoker for close to 10 years before I decided to quit due to the negative effects it was having on my life. I have experienced nearly all of the marijuana withdrawal symptoms except naseau. You can see my post about marijuana withdrawal symptoms
    There are tonnes of comments about these effects!

    John Mckee

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  • Anonymous

    I can attest to the withdraw symptoms as well. After 15 years of daily smoking I tried to drastically cut back for personal reasons. Without any known previous effects (from having 30 day+- dry spells), I suddenly began having general anxiety and panic attacks. This included sudden spells of dizziness to the point of almost fainting, daily nausea, major heart palpitations, feeling like my body was constantly getting shocked, and feeling like I was going to die…to the point I almost wanted to die to end it. I sought treatment for all my symptoms without fessing up to my use history and there was no known health conditions otherwise. I always will enjoy pot and am not against it but my withdraw is real. CHEMICALS effect everyone different and if you don’t experience any, consider yourself lucky…not stronger or better than anyone else but LUCKY. Stop hating and open your mind. It never seemed to hit me until I decided it was time to all but quit doing it. Now I have to be careful for awhile because while I was clean for 30 days and past the hell I started enjoying it again and within a day the symptons stated coming back.

  • Marijuana Withdrawal

    The objective is to do the marijuana withdrawal… stop smoking it.
    So if there is the symptom from doing this, we will try the best to solve it.

  • Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

    Though it has some symptom or they need some substitute instead such as resin.. But it is a good way that they try to do marijuana withdrawal in reality. They have intention to make people be proud of him.

  • Michelle

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share my story with you and hopefully get some advice.. well it all started with fracturing my tailbone this past december. pills were not working for me to control my pain. so i started smoking weed. i would say that for a whole 2 months i started smokin everyday from morning to night time. then i had to stop 2 weeks ago because i was going to have to drive 21 hours to california to see my parents. 3 days after stopping i a panic attack! it was terrible! i ended up having to go to the emergency room in las vegas. im not even from there and was just passing by so you can imagine how scary that was. after that panic attack i felt this intense anxiety. it was so terrible because it was something that i never felt before. i felt nervous all the time for no reason at all. i knew i was suppose to have fun because i was in vacation but everything seemed so scary. once i got to my parents home i still felt really nervous. especially in the evening.. in the morning once i woke up i would feel good but once evening hit i started feeling the anxiety creeping up on me.. after the california trip i ended up going back to montana where i am attending college and the anxiety has calmed down but the feeling of spacing out and having this unreal feeling is still haunting me. its so terrifying!! there is nothing worse then feeling im not in control.. im barely on my 2nd week of being clean and i hope this passes by quickly.. i will be going to see a doctor tomorrow to make sure there is nothing else wrong with me because its a scary feeling. to anyone cleaning up, good luck! and we can make it!

  • Andrew

    Well the funny thing is how all the under educated people on the subject are making such powerful acquisitions at the author. Clearly he has stated its withdrawal symptoms happen to people, not to every single one. And for me My family has had marijuana in it for a long time. And I have seen withdrawal symptoms like the author described in a family member who has been smoking for 40 years.

    Going on to the comments to the people who think this drug is harmless you are very wrong. While my family member is only one person out of many long term users I have seen the mental disorders the drug has created first hand. This person is now Bi-Polar. This person rather spend their money on another high than other important things. They are always so irritable now until they go have a smoke to calm their nerves.

    While many people will go on to say alcohol is just as bad if not worse I do agree and making that illegal though will solve nothing just see prohibition in the early 1900s.

  • Alissa

    Just because you haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real…

    It’s like me saying, I’ve only heard people talk about the Holocaust.

    It never really happened.

    Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

  • jgray

    Substantially reducing withdrawl symptoms can be done with sleep aids! If you do anything that makes you feel good for a pronlonged time you will feel anxious and irritable whether it be a mental perspective or a physcial mechnism in your body. These symptoms I argue are extremly amplified when sleep deprived. It is natural for your body to be unable to sleep after you used pot to sleep. I find it contradicting to use drugs to get off drugs because how will you get off sleeping pills however an organized plan to discontinue one(pot) and then the other(r.e.m inducing sleepp aid) is the best shot at avoiding “relapse”. I find it interesting that all the liftime smokers have such loaded words in there dispute against these real symptoms. 1. if you smoke pot for 30 plus years theres a great corealation you use other substances to fix your problems so perhaps instead of getting high to sleep they drink smoke, are one other medications that make them drowsy or screw their brains out 2. anyone who has held down a professional job is very unlikely to smoke pot to the extent that these sympotms arise when used extensivly.3. all diffrent potencys all diffrent people and all difrent drug histories leave a range of possiblites so anyone who calls these symptoms a fallacy or what they term “BS” is unedecuated narrow minded ignorant and unempathetic, uncomunicable and counterproductive to getting a common understanding towards this issue.

  • Snoa Flaik

    I have never read so many morons defending weed and trying to negate peoples withdrawal symptoms as BS. Have these geniuses ever used their noggin to break down what MJ does to a human being. Let me start by saying that if you have any precondition of gastritis, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sleeping disorder, Cannabis will most likely relieve these so when you quit these symptoms will resurface 5 times as bad as if you have never done the drug. So in addition to the normal withdrawal symptoms from heavy usage whatever ailments you were pre-conditioned your body will experience it a lot worse when you stop. And another thing MJ takes sometimes several months to completely get out of your body so some of these preconditions you will experience 3-4 months after you quit. Not uncommon, so the clowns writing in that after one week of abstinence they don’t experience symptoms, well the drug THC is still in your fatty tissues and in your brain, just try and pass a drug test morons. Withdrawal is real and different in everyone so stop saying moronic things that its BS when someone writes in their own personal experience, this isn’t a government conspiracy trying to take away your right to be an addict, if you want to do it and you enjoy it more power to you, the people that want to quit don’t care, its your life. And yes I am speaking from personal experience of 10 Years of continuous use from age 18-27, then quitting for 15 years and picking it up again and 9 more years of continuous usage till my tender age of 50 now. I am finally clean for 95 days or so, and yes I didn’t just smoke, I vaporized, baked, smoked from morning till night and even got up in the middle of the night, full blown addict. And by the way I also believe that you can smoke everyday for years, than suddenly stop and you have no withdrawal symptoms, those people do not suffer from addictions, feel lucky my friends, addiction only affects about 10 percent of the population, so its not the drug but the person who is the addict. Addicts are the ones that suffer the hardcore withdrawal symptoms, its brain thing. Snoa Flaik

    • Shery

      Good morning,

      I am 52 years old and have smoked pot since I was 13. Over the last three years my use has steadily increaced up to the point I was smoke before work, at luch and all evening. In the last seven days I have only smoked a couple of hits off a joint with a friend. I cannot sleep, eat or relax.

      Sleep is the worst part. Last night I took two benadryl, two sleep aids and two advil. I only selpt a couple of hours and have been awake since 3:00 a.m.

      What am I going to do? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    • number10

      Nicely put and well done! I think some people forget how different we all are.

      • number10

        I meant well done Snoa Flaik

    • Jason

      This is the most intelligent thing I have read on this blog so far!I have been smoking marijuana since I was 18 and I will be turning 28 in November 2010. Almost four weeks ago I lit up and 1 hour later ended up in the hospital with a SUPER FAST heartbeat and extreme dizziness. After this episode, I decided to quit. The following three weeks have been HELL for me.. Cold one minute, hot the next. EXTREME Anxiety, constant worry of my health, my mind would not not stop racing and thinking negative thoughts. On/off again depression, my emotions were so out of whack I missed almost 2 full weeks of work. My symptoms are currently subsiding gradually, I’m feeling a lot better. I never in a million years thought I would have any type of withdraw if I decided to stop. I’m currently having sleeping issues waking up many times during the night, some nights are worse than others. I find going to the gym and exercising helps ALOT, and learning to clear my mind and understand I was having withdraw symptoms put me more at ease. My Dr. has prescribed me xanex which I have filled but not taken. I do not want to trade one habit for another, although I’m positive xanex would extremely help me! Not everyone will experience withdraw, and some people like myself come to realize I really am an addict and never knew it. I generally have a constant “dead head” most of the day I’ve learned to deal with better, plus random headaches come on me out of no where. I am determined to beat this, I just have to wait it out. To all others going through, you’re not alone and if you truly want to quit you will need to occupy our “Happy” time with exercise or something productive or you will begin smoking again.

      • Teenagemessiah

        just my advice but
        DONT DO THE XANEX!!!!!!

  • Ziggy

    I´m freezing and feel hot flashes at the same time, night sweats, insomnia, nausea, loss of apetite, panic attacks and depression, depersonalization, wierd dreams and numbness in extremities. I´m tired of that shit. This withdrawal is very long, how long this will last?
    Strong cannabis is an evil drug.

  • Common Sense 101

    Okay, most of the comments here are absurd and obviously skewed with emotional responses. First of all, withdrawal from chronic cannabis use is a scientific fact. So is withdrawal from chronic caffeine and cigarette use. If you put something into your body on a daily basis over the span of many years, you will definitely notice some type of change when you abruptly stop. DUH. Now, the level of change will vary depending upon the person and several other applicable factors. THC is stored in the body’s fat cells and can easily build up to a point where there’s not more room for it. That alone can make a person feel nauseated, lose their appetite and have digestive issues. If you are trying to stop toking and you’ve been doing it for a while, you must wean off slowly. Don’t just stop cold turkey, that’s idiotic. Use less and less with each passing week over a 6-8 week period to minimize the withdrawal side effects. The more often you use, the longer you’ll want to take to wean down. As far as its addictive properties go, OF COURSE CANNABIS CAN BE ADDICTIVE. So can the Internet though, and shopping. Food is a huge addiction for many people also. ANYTHING CAN BE ADDICTING. The point, is that cannabis is not chemically addicting. It just becomes a habit that many people enjoy and then, over time, turns into an addiction from chronic, perpetual use. If you can’t control yourself enough not to do it all the time, then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it all. Same goes for drinking, but cannabis won’t kill you in a few hours like alcohol can. In truth, cannabis should be legal. There’s no good reason why alcohol and cigarettes are, but cannabis is not. And for one poster that said their doctor gave them Xanax… FLUSH THAT RIGHT DOWN THE TOILET. Withdrawals from Xanax are ten times worse than those from chronic cannabis use. My mother almost died when she tried to go off her Xanax meds cold turkey. It took her almost six months to completely wean herself off. BEWARE of any prescription meds. Especially the ones for depression and anxiety. Once your body gets used to having it daily, it is super difficult to wean yourself off. Much harder than pot, that’s for sure (IMO, anyway.) Try meditating daily, exercising and reading to help soothe side effects when weaning yourself off of anything (coffee, sugar, chocolate, cannabis, prescriptions, etc.) It definitely helps!

  • Mike Simmons

    Marijuana has been and will always be a gateway drug. It is the place people start, a majority of youth who are addicted to cocaine and meth state that their addiction started with Marijuana.

    • number10

      So says you! Not all users will agree that it is a gateway drug. My friend was a user of coke, but never used weed, some mates used weed and not anything else, I used weed for years but I would not dream of anything else everyone is different but many want to pass the buck

    • Ron

      If there is such a thing as a gateway drug I would say it is alcohol. I’ve done alot of things that I normally would not have done had it not been for alcohol. I’ve never really had a desire to use anything else when I’m high but that is not to say that other folks don’t. Don’t get me wrong, if someone laid out a line I wouldn’t pass it up but it wouldn’t be because I was moving up the drug hierarchy. Pot smoking to me is more of “taking a trip without leaving the farm” kind of thing. I’m 60 years old and for me it is all about being somewhere else other than where I’m at. I strongly believe that it is very important that we spend more time in the here and now rather than being high all the time. What I mean is that we have to be more balanced in our lifestyle. My issues with pot always began when the pot seemingly became ineffective and that typically happened when I was smoking too much. Today, I smoke using the “happy hour” method and I get a nice buzz everytime. Todays smoke has so much more THC that I think we have to treat it with respect. I find if I minimize those times of smoking more than I need (and I’m sure that we are all guilty of this) the high is always better. I hope all of you folks out there find your way if you choose to quit or simply maintain.

  • Phutatorius

    I quit after 20 years of fairly constant use. I didn’t notice any withdrawal symptoms at all. This is anecdotal, but so are all the posts saying that they did have symptoms.

  • number10

    I just don’t get why it is other people get withdrawal symptoms and I didn’t…odd isn’t but then again not everyone is the same

    • Do you get withdrawal symptoms when you abruptly stop drinking alcohol? Most people don’t. Some people do. I think it’s about differences in neurobiology. Different wiring, different gene expression, etc.

      • Mike

        I have withdrawn from alcohol and I’ll tell ya, it’s not something anyone would want to do. I have never heard of a person who stopped drinking suddenly who did not have physical symptom up to convulsions. I totally disagree with your information on stopping alcohol consumption. Now, as to pot I have started and stopped many times in my life, I am 62, I never so much experienced anything but insomnia. No chills, no problems eating, nothing but insomnia and of course the desire to have a smoke. I have smoked for over 30 years in one stretch and I did not find it to be difficult at all. Stop alcohol and then tell me about the withdrawal of marijuana. Not the same animal in any way shape or form. Alcohol withdrawal can in fact kill you. Never heard of anyone dying from pot withdrawal.

  • emma

    Thanks for sharing information for Withdrawal Syndrome I really impressed and want some more stuffs again for this post.

  • James

    Shame on all these a-holes who want to come here and crap on this article as just another prohibition angle. That’s stupid of you. You’ve bought the farm that MJ is the best thing in the world – for everyone. Well it’s not. Look around you at most of the people you really know who smoke a lot of weed and see if that’s where you really want to be in life.

    This article is just about research and it has helped me know I am not alone as I have bought the whole B.S. about how cannabis is the
    best natural medicine, blah, blah, blah – maybe it is – but not when a person loses his or her ability to use it medicinally which I have seen in most everyone I know.

    Have any of them ever gone 30 days without smoking? No. Because they can’t. I don’t want to become a damn plant essence to justify my day to day existence, thank you.

  • Rochester Guy

    I have been a near-daily (only in the evenings) user during some periods of me life. Now I use weed only occasionally. If I do use for a few days in a row and then quit, I experience withdrawal symptoms. For me it’s mostly irritability, anger and depressive thoughts. It’s relatively mild – but quite unpleasant nonetheless. And it effects my family; I’m grumpy and quick to anger.

    • Yes, and often it’s the spouse or close friend of a smoker in mild withdrawal who is the first to notice increased irritability and anger as symptoms.

  • Wetjet

    LOL, I don’t need lab mice and dogs to tell you that pot has pretty nasty withdrawal symptoms.

    First and foremost, please be aware that my experience with this drug and yours are not the same. Please remember that before trashing my opinions of this drug and how I am choosing to quit it.

    I’ve been smoking pot on and off since I was around 18. I’m 34 now. I quit for a while last year, 2010 ( today is 01-01-11 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!). I started smoking again when I took a beach trip to Bodega Bay, CA. last may of 2010. For some reason, I just loved to sit on the beach, my favorite place in the world, and smoke a joint and just watch the waves crash. Anyways, I stopped smoking 12-27-10 because I finally was shown what it was once again doing to my life. It turns me into a lazy slob who doesn’t want to do anything except get loaded when I wake up, and veg all day. I’d like to say there’s nothing wrong with that, but what kind of life is that?! Being a Christian, you would think I wouldn’t be into this. You can call me a hypocrite, cause I am. I say one thing and do another. That’s what pot does to me. I finally got to the point where I wanted to quit more than I wanted to smoke it. On 12-26-10 I took my last hit. I asked my Lord and Savior, Jesus to deliver me from the cravings of this drug. He did that day. However, just because I no longer crave it 3 days later, doesn’t mean my mind isn’t going crazy. I’m not sick in the stomach, I’m not irritated, I’m not having panic attacks. My only withdraw symptom is insanely severe insomnia. I stayed up for new years this year… for all 24 time zones. Yesterday was the same, and the day before that, and the day before that. I did manage to get a few hours rest over this trial. I call it a trial, because that’s what it is for me. My relationship with Christ is 100% why I was able to quit cold turkey. I had nothing to do with it, other than surrendering my addiction. So I willingly flushed a half an ounce of some of the most potent indica I’ve ever had down the toilet.

    What stops me from falling asleep is my mind is racing faster than a formula-1 race car. It’s very restless. It’s funny actually… I’ll have songs stuck in my head that I haven’t herd in years, and they won’t leave, no matter how hard I try. To put it simply, the light switch just won’t turn off. No matter how physically exhausted my body and mind are, it doesn’t matter. Pot does something to how your brain naturally functions, and it takes a while to get back to normal. I hear melatonin helps. Maybe I’ll try that.

    I’ll agree with everybody who likes this drug, in the sense that it’s a great high. It’s very mellowing and soothing. It works wonders for sleep, eating disorders, it helps ease chemo treatment, and out of all of the other drugs, considering nobody has ever died from smoking pot, it’s by far the safest. I’ll even agree that it should be kept legal for several medical purposes. Patients with cancer, aids, glaucoma, and a handful of other medical problems greatly benefit from marijuana. And remember, it doesn’t affect everybody the same way when you stop smoking it. I guess you can say it all depends on what your motives are. Are you smoking it to just get high? Or are you a cancer patient on chemo, who needs it to keep his or her food down?

    But what it does to my brain chemically & psychologically, it is NOT WORTH IT for me! It trashed my relationship with Christ. I was so back sliden in my relationship, I felt like Michael Jackson moon walking. I knew I was in the wrong, but I didn’t care. It’s easy not to care when you are high. Real easy.

    So here’s to another sleepless night. Cheers!

    The insomnia will pass. I know from previous times that I’ve quit. It takes a few weeks for you brain to get back to it’s normal cycle. Pot really messes that up.

    But if you are really looking to quit, please considering turning to Christ. Not just for purpose of quitting pot. There’s such a wonderful joy and satisfaction in having a relationship with Him. It’s real easy. The thief on the cross next to Jesus said only “remember me”, and Christ told him “that day, he’d be with Him in paradise.” The thief believed that Jesus was who He said He was, The Son of the living God. That’s how he was “saved”. If you want a true relationship, you need to come to Christ broken and with nothing to offer. That’s when Christ will deliver and free you. And what an indescribably incredible freedom it is. I won’t get into heaven and hell. That’s for another discussion.

    I guess it really comes down to, how badly do you want to be delivered from marijuana’s grasp?

    Feel free to mock away. I expect nothing less from this world. It’s okay though.

    I’ll post my bulk email address if anybody has any questions. It gets about a thousand spams a day, so no big deal if you want to spam it. Email me at jsreciepts at gmail . com if you are serious about quitting this drug. (and I purposefully misspelled receipts in the email address. The proper spelling was already taken) I’ll pray for you if you’d like, and can offer other support and advice if needed. Please put “marijuana deliverance” in the subject so I can find the email easily amongst the hoard of spam in my inbox.

  • Kate

    It has been about 80 days since I quit weed and I have to tell you it has taken me this long to start really feeling good again – like totally clear-headed and mood is much better and energy overall. It’s been a long process of my brain regaining some balance after years of use and it’s probably not totally done yet, but I am happy to be on the other side of this one. You have no idea. The whole Cannabis is god thing is a lie for a lot of people It has it’s time and place but most people overuse it because they think they need it to enjoy life or deal with their problems. It’s totally not true.

  • Marisa

    I’m 25 and have been smoking practically daily for the last 7 years. Last year, I quit on and off. Every time I quit, I would have to keep myself busy because the cravings were so intense. The first three days were always the worst. I was constantly craving, anxious and depressed. The longest I quit was for two and a half months, but it only took a few days of light smoking to get me back into the habit of doing it every day. I definitely had some serious nightmares and I knew it was because I wasn’t smoking. Now I’m going through a big change in my life, I’m changing jobs and I’ve given myself two weeks in between to stop smoking. It’s Day 8 and I am always on the verge of tears, constantly anxious, the depression seems more severe, I am always craving, every day seems to be a battle. My lack of appetite has become so severe that I’m borderline anorexic. I feel this kind of existential unrest and it was really getting to me. I was so happy when I read that all of these symptoms were not uncommon and has given me strength to persevere to quit for good. To all of you who say marijuana withdrawal is BS, you have either not stopped for long enough or you are very lucky to not have these symtpoms. I wish I could fastforward time!

  • Kate

    To the person who insists everyone going through withdrawal symptoms must have been on something else. Quit making blanket statements with assumptions. it makes you look ignorant.

  • Kate everyone is different

  • Daniel

    Thought I’d add my 2 cents to the discussion.

    After smoking 1-5 joints daily for the last 2-2.5 years, I have decided to quit for a month or 2 to let my body recover a bit. During my time smoking I did have a week off here and there and a month and one part too. (I don’t intend to quit, just like having breaks)

    From my own experience with heavy use over the two years and close friends and family who have also smoked a large amount, marijuana withdrawal exists. It does not affect everyone and in those that suffer it, the degree to which it affects them differs with how heavy the use was and genes.

    Right now I’m starting my second week of withdrawal. It’s far, far easier to put up with than other withdrawals like nicotine and alcohol (according to friends). I have the sweats most mornings when I wake up. At nights I want to smoke, as was my habit. I have searched a few times for roaches I’ve missed or bits of weed that dropped on the floor. The days are fine but at night I often have a spaced out, anxious feeling at the times when I would normally be stoned while using. My appetite has decreased and my insomnia has become slightly worse (one of the reasons I started using, actually).

    On the occasional day I have had the shits (hasn’t happened in the past when I’ve stopped for a while), but whether that’s withdrawal or bad died at the moment due to my lack of appetite I couldn’t say.

    To be honest, it’s easy to deal with as long as you can control the urge to call your dealer. The worst part is when I’m bored and have nothing to do, as in the past while smoking that would be an occasion for a joint. Watching movies doesn’t feel right either, because I would always smoke before watching a movie or good tv show.

    The withdrawal seems to subside from weeks to months after you quit. The time it takes to return to ‘normal’ depends on how long you were smoking for and how much you smoked. The heavier and longer the use the stronger and longer your withdrawal will last.

  • dandy

    damn i thought i was going crazy, thanks for letting me know about the withdrawal, been having crazy vidvid dreams, and cold sweats at night,

  • Emma

    Ouch. I just spent 5 minutes reading all of these comments and I have to say as someone who just googled pot withdrawal symptoms because I haven’t slept or had any appetite since I quit, some of these comments are really hurtful.

    I’ve always supported the legalization of pot, but that doesn’t mean that the physical symptoms I have aren’t real. Most people can drink alcohol without serious health repercussions but that does not mean that those who do suffer are to be ignored.

    I think it is great that most of you seem to be able to smoke pot heavily and quit whenever you’d like. However what I didn’t realize was that apparently your individual experiences negate mine. In the same vein I could say, “I have experienced terrible withdrawal symptoms and so did my buddy Jane. Therefore all of you who say you did not are full of sh*t. I know your game, just trying to seem hard when really, deep down, you are depressed, can’t sleep and have lost your appetite. You are all liars who are too lazy and unmotivated to try and better your lives and would rather tough it out yourselves than man up, admit you are having withdrawal symptoms and get help.” Wow! That doesn’t sound very nice does it. The thought of even saying that to another human being, and negating their own personal experience is sickening to me. Who gave me the right to tell other people how their bodies feel?

    I don’t have the flu. I’m not a lazy asshole and I’m not a hypochondriac. Please remember it was not that long ago in history that most people believed that tobacco was not addictive and generally harmless.

    I am happy that I’m 30 years old though, because I know that if my 16 year old self had been looking for help and come across the nasty comments on this page I would have been devastated. So please, in the future, think about what you are saying and how you may be contributing to making someone’s bad day that much worse 🙁

    • Matt

      True, and a very nice and intelligent outlook on all of this.

  • Andrew

    I have been smoking Cannibis for 20 years plus upto 5 or 6 joints a day
    With regards to withdrawel I can confirm they are very real on week 5 the longest I’ve been without a fix and are going through the followings:-
    Night Sweats
    lack of sleep
    nightmares waking up with head racing (Not Good)
    the moodiness has past
    appertite back
    sinus problems

    Now going through the temptation to have a joint to get some sleep but feel I have gone through a month of hell and realy want to stick it out

    Any body out their been through out when can I expect to be back to normal

    • nizzwarb

      i’d say about 45 days you should back to yourself

  • nizzwarb

    Ok, so I have used cannabis as a means of self medicating for my bipolar disorder, because i’d prefer something that IS NOT a pill, something that comes from the Earth.
    I’ve had to quit for the purpose of finding a job, because the rest of the world isnt nearly as forgiving to someone with an ailment as the common man would like to think.
    You can try as much as you want to discredit the author, but I’d have to say all the ‘symptoms’ are pretty real to me. Perhaps the people that dont experience these withdrawls smoke nasty shwag, but I’ve been pumping nothing but high potency medicinal cannabis into my body, and without it, I feel sick, angry, when I first stopped I had to go to the E.R. from panic attacks and I had explained to them that I had quit smoking, and described the dissociation I’d been experiencing. They perscribed me xanax, which I refused to take unless completely necassary, and after multiple panic attacks in the psyche ward (which im not sure why I was in there, everyone else was obviously having a much worse time than me) the sent me home.
    Right now, I’m not sure what day I’m at, I had a slight remission because a friend came over and we had made some hash oil, which i refused to turn down.
    In the current state I’m in, sleeping is kind of rough, and once I get to sleep, dreams are extremely vivid, and extremely bizarre. Waking up today I feel sick as a dog. I find it helps to take naps during the day, to try and catch up for all the sleep I’ve missed in the past week.
    I’m gonna go ahead and say that I COMPLETELY support legalization, and I do intend to return to smoking, but I intend to moderate it because, altho I wouldnt claim this to be a ‘nightmare’, its really really shitty. The fact that I’m on edge all the time definately would have to relate to my bipolar disorder, coupled with the fact that I have had to stop the only medication that TRULY worked for me. I dont want to go back to antidepressants and all the shit I was on before because the side effects were complete bulllshit: gaining massive amounts of weight and being a pizzaface for a good portion of my life.
    I would suggest exercise, but at the moment I’m feeling too sick to do it, but meditation is MOST DEFINATELY the saving grace.
    And the comment from the douche that said he quit for a weekend? THAT IS NOTHING, it took about 4 days before I started to experience anything, mostly anxiety attacks and dissociation, I kept thinking I was having mushroom flashbacks or something horrible like that. Luckily the mental fog is not such a big deal, just being bitchy and sick is what I’m at now.

    I hope for anyone reading this, who is going through this, the thought of OH MY GOD im going crazy!!! has been echooing through your head, but it all passes. If you intend to go back, MODERATION is key. I dont feel cravings or any of that nonsense, but I’d like to blaze some Sour D or some Cheese just so I could feel… Less sick, I guess.

    Peace be with you all.

  • Anonymous

    So forget everyone saying this isn’t true. If you’re here, you’re likely experiencing it, so you know. I know, I went through this last month. I have come bearing the miracle: Mirtazapine. It’s an SSRI (generally prescribed for depression), but has the side effects of increased appetite and increased drowsiness. My doc (fully aware of my situation) wrote me an Rx and I was 85% better the next day.

  • Khris

    Today is the second day of my “detox”. I’ve been smoking Kush for about 3 years straight now. Every day… All day… All night. I smoked while I was at work, when I took my break, on the ride home, before dinner, before bed, and if I woke up in the middle of the night. I’m quitting just for the hell of it. I have a great job and my wife doesn’t mind it. I’ve quit before… it’s hard FOR ME. Last night I had to deal with night sweats and this strange tingling sensation that starts at the back of my neck and works its way down to the middle of my back. Once that starts… Sleeping is damn near impossible. Like the guy above said…Moderation IS key. If going cold turkey is a problem for you…. Try to wean yourself off of it. I’ve done that before. Smoke about 10% less everyday or every week.

  • No way to know what percentage of long-term smokers become clinically dependent on pot, any more than we know with exactitude what overall percentage of drinkers go on to have serious alcohol problems. But the more than 500 posts about the subject on my blog lead me to believe that the number is pretty low. Not counting nicotine, addiction researchers usually cite figures in the 10-15 per cent range for most drugs of abuse. I suspect with marijuana it’s in that range or lower.

  • Those numbers sound about right to me, based on similar comments on my blog.

  • I believe it should be made legal, and i will also continue to smoke. However i will not allow my self to continue smoking one ounce a month. For the first 3 years, i smoked half of that, or less.

  • jillh10

    Ive not had any since the last time I was on here, Its not something I NEED to do it doesnt OWN me but it gets rid of this terrible pain around my head where the brian injury units pills do not..I realise some people have problems with it but I never have lucky me

    • jillh10

      hahahahaaaa thats brain injury not brian lmao and no I still havent had any and wont do now until I go to Amsterdam but they are stopping tourists smoking it there so thats the last time I visit

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  • Bellphorion

    Hi, i just turned 19 and ive been smoking pot for 5 years, yeah, i know, young as ever right? well thats what i get for living in B.C. anyways, i smoked about 4 oz’s in the past 3 months, and dont want to buy anymore, so i quit. im on day 2, and i feel like crap. i have every symptome of the withdrawls, sweatting, fluish, feaverish, loss of apitite, difficulty sleeping…if your smart you wouldnt smoke as much as i do…hah

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  • Ayden

    What happens to the people that have all the problems before smoking pot? The have as a medicine for a reason. I have been battling eating problems for years, as well as: Severe Depression, ADHD, Insomnia, and Chronic pains in my knees and Shin splints. I’m only 20 and I cant imagine living the rest of my life weather it be 10 or 15 years to 40 or 50 years taking several different pills. After years of taking pills it got hard for me to get off them i realized that i became addicted to them and than became an avid “pill popper” which led me to abusing pills like Oxycontin, Klonopin and Flexeril. I would rather use a vaporizer and smoke marijuana which would replace all those pills. Smoking marijuana gives me the appetite to eat without getting sick, gives me a new outlook that isn’t so bleak, helps me go to sleep(helps with the night terrors as well), keeps me calm so I’m not literally running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and takes away the pain or at least helps me deal with the chronic pain. All i have to do is take a few “hits” and that’s it. I have smoked on and off for years and these so called withdraws that everyone is experiencing i have been experiencing far to long before hand and when I stopped smoking all the symptoms come back, but they aren’t as strong as they were years prior. So maybe the people that don’t need it shouldn’t be doing it, but for the people that do and don’t want to take pills the rest of their life should. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted since I can and have stopped smoking before and I have had no issues doing so. It was harder to stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol than it has been to stop smoking marijuana. The only reason I start back up is when the symptoms start to get worse to where i can’t bear it anymore. I think people should stop disregarding the good it does cause of the bad they think it does and start realizing that it does do good.

  • Bob

    Marijuana makes you go crazy, makes you lose focus.

    • Lucie

      I do not mean to disregard you, but I personally don’t think it makes one go crazy in anyway, or lose focus. I myself actually feel rather focused. However, it does make one forget. Which can be nice for people like me, who want more than anything to just forget everything stressful and hideous in this world for a moment while high.

      I would like to hear your explanation on how cannabis makes people go crazy…

  • Dave

    I was 22 when I started smoking pot and I am 45 now. I pretty much smoked every day during that time except for one 8 month period that I was clean. I haven’t smoked for about five weeks now, but did smoke a few resin bowls during the first 3 weeks. I am pretty much over the cravings as I was just at a party where people were lighting up but it didn’t really bother me. I have probably lost close to 15-20 pounds since I quit. I have headaches almost daily and do not sleep well, because I get this horrible heart burn and indigestion when I lie down. I do not eat much in a day and going to the bathroom can be a challenge sometimes. I was my doctors 4 weeks ago and he said my blood pressure was really high. I did have the chill/sweat thing going on the first couple of weeks but now that is gone for the most part. One of the worst parts of this is the change in my attitude. My demeanor is usually laid back and relaxed, but since I quit, I have a short fuse and what to read the riot act to anyone who crosses me. I get pissed daily about the stuff I have to deal with in my life and constantly wonder how it is that I haven’t killed anyone yet. I want to stay clean for at least a year just to prove I can do it; I just hope that medically, I don’t die from quitting or get violent with someone beyond reason. Believe me, there are plenty of opportunities in my life to go ballistic on someone. I just hope I can get through this without it ending badly. I hope this helps someone out there…

  • Lucie

    I was unaware of my addiction until I was forced to stop smoking for a few weeks, because I couldn’t get my hands on more. I didn’t think I was addicted(even though I smoked multiple times a day), because I was under the impression that it was impossible to be addicted. Let me tell you this: it is certainly possible. One can be addicted to most anything.

    The reason for the popular belief that marijuana is not addicting is because back around the 70s, the plants were less potent. The plants currently have more THC in them, the average around 7 to 8% THC, while a few decades ago the average was around 4%. Growers nowadays are breeding better buds, learning to cross the highest grades together.

    I underwent detox without the knowledge of anyone, even myself for a while. One of the worst symptoms for me was low-grade anxiety. I learned on TV one gets anxiety while detoxing because the THC is like a stress reliever in the brain and without it, the brain doesn’t know how to handle all the stress without the THC, having become accustomed to it.

    I also had constant dreams of smoking marijuana. Almost all of my dreams during the week or so I was not smoking were about cannabis. In my dreams I saw beautiful buds, and I could almost smell them. All I could think about was the next time I would be able to smoke again. It was like being high was normal, and being sober was some sort of other reality, a depressing reality that I couldn’t escape. I was irritable, and I couldn’t shake my constant want for the herb.

    But the second worst thing were the night sweats. I would wake up in the middle of the night at least once every night, dripping in sweat, throwing the covers off. But soon I would be cold again and put the covers back on, only to wake up sweaty again after another vivid dream about the drug. I wanted it again, I wanted to be high so very bad.

    Now, I am in control of the habit. I still smoke occasionally, only if a someone else offers. I do not buy my own bags anymore. I used to smoke alone, smoking more and more because my tolerance for the drug was ever increasing. Now I only smoke with at least one other person to keep myself in control. I can smoke and enjoy it without needing it and it’s amazing. My tolerance is low again so I am able to get really high with a little bud. I love it.

    It’s a pain reliever, a insomnia reliever, an appetite inducer, and an all around nearly harmless drug. Peace and love.

  • Anonymous

    Stop spreading hate an chill people.

  • 33 daily smoker

    I’m 33 and have been smoking mostly on, little off, since I was 13. About a joint each night and plenty more on weekends for at least ten years. More sporadically in late college years. Recently engaged, we just made a snap decision to let our stash run dry for a while. We have a phenomenal sex life and thought we may be cooling off a bit. Besides, we really didnt know what would happen if we stopped. It’s hard to say something is bad for you when you don’t know what it’s like without it.

    Cold turkey day four right now:

    Insomnia!! I’m exhausted from work and my body crashes into sleep from sheer fatigue early these days… like 10pm, but come 3, 4, and absolutely by 5am, I’m tossing and turning like mad and completely unreasonably anxious about the day to come. Find myself making to-do lists and going mad about the must-not-forget’s.

    Temperature control is totally out of whack. I’m so hot at night, even though I now keep a fan on my night table, blowing directly on to me.

    Anxiety is present, but somewhat maintainable.

    Slight body aches, but I’m a passionate bicyclist, so lots of cardio must be easing plenty of symptoms.

    Constipation. I eat really well balanced meals and am still waiting for a decent shit.

    Freak dreams. The early morning anxiety chases away whatever they may have been, but I do know that they are vivid and totally bonkers.

    Absent-minded. Wow, I thought the clouds were supposed to lift, but I somehow find myself very stupid at times. Making wrong turns, getting my own email address wrong, calling people the wrong names, etc.

    Appetite is okay. Not what it used to be, but perhaps yet again, it’s all the cardio from bicycling and running my dog? I don’t miss the out of control sweet tooth pushing me to eat insane amounts of cookies at 2am!

    Generally, save the sweaty insomniac early mornings, the rest of the symptoms are tolerable.

    It helps to read about other people’s experiences. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one going through weird stuff. To be honest, we had no idea what to expect, so it’s good to see that this stuff is all connected.


  • Bob

    How cannabis make people crazy??
    Cannabis is an Hallucinogen, never forget that. Also cannabis is a stimulant and a depressant at the same time. It´s a very complex drug.
    THC has the power to create a “world” inside your mind that doens´t exist. You smoke and you think that you are more focused, more intelligent and more creative. But it´s just the impression. The reality is: more you smoke, less focus you have. THC play tricks in our minds. You start to feel more focused when you are addicted already and the withdrawals makes you lose focus. So you smoke and feel better because your body needs the drug to function.
    I smoked a lot of high grade everyday for years and i know what i´m saying. Marijuana is a BIG lie.

    And everybody saying that the anxiety is mild is smoking weak or mid buds.

  • Bob

    Sorry about my english if i wrote something wrong, I´m not from US.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve smoked for 6 years never missing a day,( easily 2-3 joints/blunts a day.)I lost my job almost 9 months ago and started smoking “Dank”/”chronic” from the moment i woke up till i went to bed. It’s been 11 days now completely sober, and by far the hardest thing i have ever had to do… The first few days i basically only had the urge to smoke and loss of appetite. I am now on day 11 and i have maybe slept 2-3 hours a night for the last 3 days, with hot and cold sweats and waking up with rapid heart rate. I now eat half as much as i used too, losing about a pound a day with pretty bad diarrhea. The anxiety and insomnia are by far the hardest things for me.. it’s like i don’t feel comfortable hanging out with my friends anymore. I guess i stumbled across this site for some short of reassurance. I feel like complete shit and i am praying i start getting better. I do not regret ever smoking marijuana, but i will say that if i knew the withdraws were going to be this bad i never would of started!

    • toomuchhigrade!

      im glad to hear im not the only one waking up with a racing heart! its kind of scary isnt it! from what i can gather its gets less and less every day, but its still there when i woke up today, and im currently in the morning period when its still there but not as noticeable as when i first awoke. im only on day 6. i really pray that it only gets better from here. i managed 6 hours sleep at least last night so very happy with that! Good luck to you sir!

  • tm

    Interesting… I stopped 3 weeks ago.. After reading the comments and now realize why I may be hot and cold.. on and off.. the house is 72 and I am sweating.. the dreams… heck yes.. very vivid and mostly not happy ones.. thanks for all of the info people! good luck to all of us !!1

  • ames

    Im on day three of quitting a 24 yr habit of smoking high grade weed. Ive lost 17. Pounds in 3 days. Camt eat or sleep. I have horrid diarreah amd incredible fits of rage. Please tell me this gets better. I hate my life right now. Those who say there are no withdrawls are either lucky or have no clue.

  • oldtimer

    I’d like, for the purpose of possibly educating some, and helping to assure others experiencing THC WD that yes, it’s indeed true!

    My experience: I’m 65, retired from my 25 year occupation as a marine chief vessel engineer about 12 years ago due to a back disability. Before I went into the marine field, I was smoking semi regularly. I’d stopped from time to time, never experiencing any kind of craving or WD symptoms. In fact during my career as an engineer, I never smoked at all.

    Once I retired, I thought I’d try it again to see if it helped relieve my chronic back pain. To my amazement, it did just that! I was smoking every day, mostly afternoon and evenings, 4-6 tokes per day of high quality MJ and occasionally high quality hash when it was available to me. This went on until last Sunday, when I quit. Reason: On-going hacking cough and shortness of breath. I’ll state right here that I use no other habit forming drug, other than very occasional 500/5 Vicodin. Monday evening, I started feeling like shit! Chills, shakes, nausia, headache, muscle aches, then an elevated temp and sweats. No appitite, food and drink tasted awful. My thought was, ‘Great, I quit smoking and now I get the f’n flu!’

    The symptoms were basically the same. This has been occuring regularly every evening for the past 6 days now. I feel ok until about 8pm or so, then it HITS. I don’t crave a toke, I just get physically SICK! First the chills, shakes (into a hot shower for 30 minutes) and wrap myself up in a blanket. Then comes the fever (100-102) and the sweats start when I go to bed. I’d constantly wake up soaked, usually only from the chest up. My hair will be drenched! The next thing were leg and foot cramps at rest in bed! Then by late morning, I’m feeling better, thinking it is finally over with.

    At least I thought that for the first day or two. WRONG! So I got on the net and started doing some research on MJ withdrawal. I also thought these WD claims were b/s, but now I definately know better!! Much to my suprise, I found all kinds of entries from folks with the same symptoms as I was experiencing!

    As I write this, I’m in the middle of the chill state. This evening I tried working out in my shop on my hot rod project to take my mind off of this, but long about 8:30, BAM! Here we go again! I also woke the other day with my saliva ducts completely swollen to the point where they were pushing my tongue up. Next my lower lip swelled up on the right side, back into my check. These retruned to normal by that night, but upon awaking the following morning, my lower lip was WAY swollen on the left side, back into my cheek. That too was back to normal by early evening. I’ve not had this occur again, but who knows. Last night I went to bed about midnight, and at 7:30 am I finally gave up and got up. All night long was nothing but sweating and very restless- and not one second of sleep! Miserable, to say the least. At least it doesn’t go on all day!

    I just now checked my temp- 100.7 at this time, and time to go to bed. Not looking forward to this at all, but I’m remaining positive. One thing for sure, I’m done with pot for good this time. I don’t like it because it was a very positive relief for my back pain. But the repercussions are just not worth the risk.

    I’m not a nut, I’m not a liar, and I’m of above average intelligence. My experiences with this situation are absolutely 100% true and accurate! I also went to the ER on the second day of this, spent 4 hours on a bed while they ran some tests (blood work, EKG, etc.) and found no obvious underlying illnesses- and no sign of flu!

    Most of my friends all smoke pot as well, as we’re all old hippies. I would not be on here writing of this if this experience if it were not factual, as I loved smoking pot. No more though, not for me! I just want this nastiness to be over and done with, asap!

    I hope this helps others who are truly going through this nightmare. I cannot even imagine what heroin WD must be like! Lord have mercy!

    Please forgive and spelling or grammatical errors- I’m just not feeling very well at all at the moment!

    Lastly, I really don’t need to hear from the know-it-alls who want to tell me I’m full of shit about this, ok? That’s not to say I’m not somewhat constipated, I am- which is very unusual for me, as I’m always normal as clockwork!

  • 3dayzin

    Bn an occasional smoker 4 the last 2 years bt recently(last 3 months or so) started smoking daily. when i woke up, before i went to sleep n during the day when i had sm chore to do since it got me ‘focused’. decided 2 take a break n see hoe long i wud last out of nothing more than jus curiosity with no intentions of quiting whatsoever n it was ok for exactly 2 weeks until the day before yesterday when i started getting a mild headache that is now on its third day.i also feel quite moody n not myself n thats when i tried googling abt the symptoms n come across this blog.
    what i’d like to say and what seems clear from the comments is dat u dont knw that your addicted until u stop 4 long enough. for the last couple of yrs av defended weed with all my heart n always talkd abt its benefits to whoever gave me an ear. i was planning to smoke 4 the rest o my life bt now am not so sure. i av this feeling that am waking up from a long dream n that i avent been awake fr the last few months even though at the tym i felt perfectly fine. what u need to understand is that u can smoke for all your life n neva notice that ur addicted. u kp tellin urself dat ur i control of it n u sem to be since you can stay without it for a few days n not feel any withdraw bt it takes longer than that.
    Am not looking foward to any of the symptoms ur talking abt(except da nigtmares. am kind of an adrenaline junkie) bt now that av read this, am prepared n know that its all going to pass n that am not going crazy. hope this helps someone.

  • 3dayzin

    the dreams av began. not nightmares, just really weird dreams. cant even explain how. the mild headache is still at the bck o my mind(not really serious bt still there) beginning to get a grasp of reality that didnt seem to exist before(noticing more things tha r happening around me).

  • toomuchhigrade!

    Im 19, nearly 20, have been smoking since i was 14/15, and every day for about 2 and a half years more or less maybe 3. I have been ‘lucky’ enough to pretty much only smoke the highest of grades (amsterdam quality or perhaps medicinal quality but i wouldn’t know about that!) and as a lot of my friends sell as have i from time to time, i have never really been out of supply. i have pretty much made sure that i always have a smoke before bed and when i get up as well as like maybe 2/3grams throughout day.

    I am currently on day 5 of my withdrawal. to anyone who says that withdrawal from weed does not exist, they can suck a dick.

    racing heartbeat is probably my most noticeable symptom, with nausea, extreme anxiety, on the verge of panic attacks, hot and cold sweats, insomnia and yes, the shits! i could swear coming off heroin is meant to be like this not skunk!! today i also noticed that ‘depression’ (feeling ridiculously sad like i could cry) has started to control a few hours of my day.

    i am desperate to know when i will start to physically feel better. because i feel worse than when i was a copiously smoking! everyday tasks are hard to deal with because i’m constantly down in a hole! literally PHYSICALLY suffering so hard, if anyone else has experienced all this it would be so reassuring to hear it, or even more so to hear that i’m going to get better! i haven’t even had a single craving since i decided to go cold turkey on sunday, now being friday and i feel on deaths door.

    please help me. i start university in just over a week and i am afraid of dealing with the stress of adjusting to a new environment as well as having to make new friends whilst being like this! ive gone from the life and soul of the party to the grandad in a chair in the corner. are these symptoms right? or am i dying?

    • Doug

      Oh man! I hope you are doing well. I quit two weeks ago. It’s so awful I swear I’ll never put myself through this again! I live in Oregon, have a card to grow legally and was rolling in free weed for a couple of years.

      I felt great compassion for you when I read your post. I have quit in the past but not for long. This time I am in an out-patient treatment program. I am reading a book titled: “The Addictive Personality” by Craig Nakken and it is all making a lot of sense now – the propensity to start such a hurtful process in the first place.

      Beyond that I do find it helpful to read the Bible – a much better coping mechanism than assaulting my lungs and brain with pot. I know that this is a personal choice but I really think it’s about an unmet spiritual need – at least in my case. That is why I say God bless you! and not “good luck!”

      God bless you!

  • 3dayzin

    so far the hardest thing av had to do 4 the last couple o days was wake up in the morning. i feel exhausted n dont want to get out of bed n the only reason i wake up wen i do is coz i av 2go 2 work.i used to exercise in da morning wen i woke up bt ryt nw its right there near impossible. actually it is impossible. however am starting to feel much better n realizing that av been a little depressed 4 the last few weeks coz am a little happier. enjoying things a little more.

  • 3rdday

    I am on my 3rd day of not using after being high nearly all day, every day for the past year, and let me tell you this is the worst 3 days of my life. Constant upset stomach and nausea. It feels like my stomach is in knots all the time and the thought of eating makes me want to barf. Even just smelling food makes me want to hurl.

    I have no cravings or anything so I conclude that this isn’t a physical withdrawal. It must just be massive anxiety caused by my brain freaking out about not getting what it’s used to. I have been seriously restless and nervous the past 3 days.

    At random times all the anxiety and stomach issues will go away for a little while…I suspect this might be small amounts of THC leaking out of my fat cells and giving me a temporary “fix”.

    Cold turkey after a year of nearly constant toking was a very bad idea. I think I will start to slowly ween myself off it because I am barely eating anything at all right now and it’s terrible.

    Some stuff I have found to help with the upset stomach part: 7up, pepto bismol, and tums.

  • Josh

    i was a heavy marijuana smoker for approximately 2 years and i am currently on my second week cold turkey and the symptoms are very real and a great cuase of it is most likely mixing tobacco (nicotine) with weed im expereancing, imsomnia, lack of concentration, irratibility, night sweats, constipation, muscle twitching and a bad stomach. i did go to hospital because the affects were that great although they said it was just bad withdrawal symptoms and my body just cleansing itself as well as getting use to not having a regular marijuana/nicotine intake it is very real to those fags that believe it isnt you just have to be patient and things will get better. its so hard but can be done.

  • BananasCanSmile

    I agree that mild withdrawal symptoms exist. I quit for 2 weeks, and it felt like a mild flu. I experienced a lot of the same symptoms mentioned all over the web – the vivid disturbing dreams, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, and depression, loss of appetite (lost 10 lbs in one week), chills/sweats, and even a few bouts of irrational crying fits for no absolute reason at all – but consider them all minimal, like a tiny hangover for a week, then I started feeling normal again. I’ve only been a heavy user (roughly 4 joints daily) for about 2 years now. 15 years ago I smoked heavily all throughout high school, from my freshman year until I joined the service at 19, and I was able to quit any time I wanted without experiencing withdrawals symptoms. It’s possible that this was due to the fact that I was younger and more virile (I never got hangovers either), but I suspect that it has more to do with the potency of today’s grass. When I separated from the military an old buddy of mine smoked me up and I got twice as stoned as I did my first time smoking. The tolerance built up faster, and the high faded more quickly. I have a feeling that over the years, medical research funded by powerful pharmaceutical companies has tampered with the natural form of marijuana in its attempts to add a more potent drug to their billion dollar industry (certainly wasn’t the guy growing it in his closet).
    “One thing’s for sure… this aint your daddy’s grass no-more…”

  • toomuchhigrade!

    whats happenin yall

    i decided to quit pot on the 4th of september, it is now the 3rd of november. almost 2 months!
    however i slipped up 2 or 3 times, i havent bought anything, but starting university i have been in a few drunken situations when i couldn’t seem to say no.. i regretted it in the morning but i am generally feeling so much bette! i remember when i thought i was physically dying with cannabis withdrawal from my years of substance abuse, and although mentally im still not 100 percent, my body is completely over the worst of it.
    cannabis withdrawal was one of the biggest eye openers of my life. i feel im free from the curse of bunnin up, because my life was going nowhere when i just sat on my arse all day and smoked 3 grams of hi grade. words cannot describe how i felt those first few weeks of quitting. i remember my post on here a few months back and looking at it has been interesting. made me remember why the actual hell i went through with skunk, and i’ve had heavy cocaine and ketamine and mephedrone phases/ addictions and quitting all of that shit was piss compared to this. hope everyone else is managing okay, and i just want to say that it is possible!! dont feel like shit because im actual evidence that time is all you need! and to keep your mind busy! doing remedial crappy every day tasks that normal people do.. it’s hard at first.. but now i think i’m basically a normal folk again! good luck to all.. i’m sure i’ll be back on here in a while, but untill then, i have to endure a trip to amsterdam! we’ll see what happens but i dont intend on getting stupidly high, and if i do have a few tokes, i think i can honestly say it will be for the last time in my life; i would never have even thought those words possible 3 months ago. also beware of the raging appetite. when it comes back, jheeez does it come back with a vengeance. i’m eating like 4/5 meals a day i swear.. must have put on a stone, i was 11st.. dread to look at the scales now..

    • Liam

      Hi Mate, how did things go with you, are you feeling better, basically, I felt horrible after prob the same as u puffing for about 3 years, (1 doube per day) ! How did the quitting go for you, Did the anxiety and stuff eventually go away, I stopped last week cos I felt like i had a panic attack, and since then have been on the verge of having another one, not sleeping, feeling ‘unreal’ scared etc. Thought I had done some serious damage . Not planning to smoke again, just wanted to know if you got back to Normal? How was the dam.

      Hope you are good . CHEERS LIAM

      • toomuchhigrade!

        yo liam whats happenin man,
        im feeling so much better now thanks man, i cant physically describe how shit i felt that first 2/3 weeks, but it does get better! there is a light at the end of the tunnel! after how i was feeling i thought i would never fully recover from the ridiculous amount of abuse i’d put my body through, but i’m almost a new person! panic attacks are the worst thing man, u just have to remember it is mental anxiety and chemical inbalance in the brain that causes a that reaction to basically make you start freaking out, due to your bodies lack of what it’s been dependent on.. i had my fair share of those.. but yeah if you are past a week your over the brunt of it.. only gets better as time goes on.i can 100% empathise with how you feel, it does get better; things i did to help myself which you may find useful however remedial they sound were drinking loads of green tea, which is a natural anti oxidant cleansing the blood & system etc, do boring relaxing stuff like walk the dog and just walk in general, read a few books etc. physical excersice was really good for me too- releases natural happy feelings is the only way i can describe, and if you do enough in the day you can be tired and fall asleep easier.
        Dam was fuckin wicked though man cheers, i had to smoke up cause i went there with some serious pot heads, and i feel a bit shit now, but cause my body isnt dependent i don’t have withdrawal anymore! don’t intend to smoke again though, was only because it was my 20th that i allowed it.. thought it would be nice to go out with a bang!
        just remember man normality is only round the corner. u might feel disgusting but it just gets better.

  • s8n51n

    yes this does have real disturbing withdrawel symptoms, i am feeling those right now!! seriously if u think that its fine to just go without it for 2 freekin days, and claim u didnt feel any symptoms and now everyones lying, and is thick or has an agenda, ur a damn idiot, go and try for a month and see how u do or leave people alone cos unless u r them u have no clue, trust me its real, sweating, cold, hot flushes, loss of appetite, friggin insanity, mania etc go on prove it try for a month see how u feel…….. what not going to ? then SHUT UP

  • Jon

    If you smoke all day every day you’re not going to know how it feels. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m woken up in cold sweets and have anxiety throughout the day because my intake has gradually increased.

    To the people saying this is crap: It isn’t. You clearly haven’t been smoking long enough with enough for it to really impact you.

    To the people quitting because of it: Give me a break. I can understand if you having a child or you need to focus on your life more or maybe you just feel like crap, but like Alcohol, you need to have moderation.

    With that said, don’t smoke all day and keep it reasonable and you won’t have a problem. I just went overboard and this is happened. Keep in mind this isn’t going to be true of everyone, but you are altering certain chemicals that interact directly with you brain and you’re only a moron to think it doesn’t happen.

    All in all: Moderation. Smoke responsibly.

  • Bob

    There is no way to smoke skunk marijuana responsibly. It´s ok to smoke crap weed with 2% of THC responsibly.

  • olly

    Please try and not be critical or narcissistic towards others when commenting on your own experience with withdrawals. Everybody is different and will experience withdrawals in their own unique way. My friend and I quit at the same time. My friend had a terrible withdrawal, and is still recovering and taking each day at a time. He has smoked longer than I have. He had a horrific childhood which included sexual and physical abuse, which led him to smoke in the first place to give him some time out. He is an amazing man, and is coping very well but it has come to a point where he has agreed to see a GP and maybe start a short course of antidepressants.
    I have been smoking for the past 7 years and for the past 5 days, I have experienced sleepless nights with restless legs, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and extreme irritability!! Im so pissed off with every little thing its ridiculous. I was on the computer today sending horrible remarks and letters to anybody who wrote something on their web page that I didn’t like! This is not my nature. I usually meditate, live a chickpea and love kinda existence. However, my anger and rage is so intense, I have been fantasising of all the people that have hurt me in the past, chopping them up into little pieces and wishing them the worst luck in the world??? I can’t believe the change in me!!! It’s a real SYBIL thing happening!!! My love and light have left me, and I could just rip someones face off right now….lol, i do have a sense of humour and catch myself thinking like a serial killer……, but i do understand whats going on. Its different for everyone, and I just pray that nobody gets hurt…lol !!! xox

  • Clem

    I am extremely happy to be done with marijuana. I had a card and smoked all day long for free for two years because I have HIV. It was very unpleasant for several weeks after quitting and I will not put myself through that again! I’m in a good mood most of the time now and it feels like a new awesome drug compared with the high of pot.

    If you can smoke as much and as often as you want to without negative effects then congratulations to you. I cannot and the same applies to most people in this thread and most of the people I know personally (that might be because we have some of the the best pot here in the Pacific NW). If you consider getting baked regularly without any negative consequences a strength or a virtue then you have bigger problems besides being the coolest person on the planet (or in high school).

    • Ace

      In the past 3 weeks I felt like crap. Just like the listed symptoms that you guy’s posted pretty much share the same similarities that I’m going through: headache, anger, nausea, upset stomach, and lack of appetite. I can’t workout (the activity I like to do), eat properly or consume any liquids without feeling queasy in which I start becoming very frustrated, angry and impatient. As a result of those symptoms my grades dropped and I had a very hard time falling asleep and yesterday was my first sleep I had in 3 weeks. However, I feel that it is depleting, but it still has some stranglehold on me. The only way I lessen the effect of feeling queasy, and angry is going to college, work, and playing video games. But their we’re some situations when I felt very uncomfortable at college and work. The good thing is that it is only temporary, but one of the worst experiences I ever encountered! Smoking weed isn’t worth it and me thinking about it makes me feel even more sick, ughh!!

  • Charlie

    OMG this post is so interesting. I have been a regular user for around 10 years and am 35. I have now been without pot for around 4 weeks. I have had two sneeky lapses in this time – which i regret wholehartedly.

    I am experiencing horrible mood swings, real highs and real lows. the first week was ok as I just turned to alcohol to be able to sleep. This is course is not the answer but helped me through the sleepless ness of it all. While using canabis I was experiencing serious side effects of stress and anxiety. And I mean serious with really really aparent physical effects – pains around my throuat as if someone was strangling me – tight chest, pains across my back and under my ribs. I would have the shits regularly. I was totally dissinterested in my home life and children and even my wife for that matter.

    The physical effects have now gone away but my mental state is not right. I am loosing it – I feel like I’m going mad. I keep going at my wife. She takes the brunt of my mood swings and verbal – I’m a complete c*nt and am totally ashamed of my behaviour. I just feel unable to cope with my mental state. It’s destroying my life.

    This morning she completed divorce papers.

    Does anyone know where I can go for help? I really need to stabalise my head and become normal again.

  • Seriously!!

    I stopped smoking marijuana for the past 5 weeks and I gotta say it’s horrible! I can’t eat anything proper and I always feel like I’m going to throw up!! The insomnia and vivid dreams symptoms faded away, but how come I still lack any appetite and feel nauseated. Really what the fuck!!! Does anybody have an estimation on how long this goes on or should I visit the doctor!? I’m really tired of this B.S. and I wan’t out.

  • Bob

    Depends of how long and how much you used, the strength/quality, and your body because everybody have different reaction to different substances. The substances in marijuana are fat soluble, one dose of THC take 10 days or more to leave your system. The withdrawals sucks and sometimes seems will never end, come in waves that will get less and less intense. Go find a good therapist. Good luck!

  • nwa

    This is lies.

    • Island

      Did you mean “these” are lies? If so, that is a great relief but it isn’t helping to relieve the obvious symptoms that are in my body as I detox from smoking pot on a daily basis. This is truth.
      To be fair, you cannot live without lies for as long as you could without oxygen so “This is lies” is your truth. But is that really life? Are you really alive? Life is very short.

  • Doug from Canada

    Hi all. This site has been invaluable to me. On day 4 – knotted stomach, can’t eat hardly anything, crying spells, severe anxiety – always feel like I am going to die and sometimes I slip in and out of this dream-like state. Thank goodness I can still sleep (so far) – but the mornings are the worst for me. I feel extremely depressed then. I have gone through this stupid thing before and it took me about a month of hell. I even lost my job because of it. The first time I did it much more. First time it was all day every day for like 6 months. Now it was like every night for like 3 months. I hope and pray this site continues to bring light to those who are in this darkness right now. And to those who think this is BS, then you are very very very fortunate to not have to go through this. I wish I had your tolerances.



    • Island

      Hi Doug from Canada,

      Hang in there! I’ve got 7 weeks so far. I know how you feel – it gets easier and it’s worth it to get your brain back. It was horrible for a while but I found that reading a book on spirituality (in my case I am reading the Bible on in contemporary english) filled the void that I had filled with pot smoke for the past 3 years. I don’t see any reason why I would have not started smoking again if I hadn’t done that. Support groups help too. The fear and panic will subside soon.
      Best wishes to you.

      • Doug from Canada


        Thank you for your kind words. I find morning the worst – crying uncontrollably and shaking. I have become extremely depressed. Here’s my deal: I smoked all day every day for 5 months a few years back and had to spend 2 weeks in a mental hospital because I was useless in the outside world. I found out in there that I have some conditions. Generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, paranoid traits. These do not help with the withdrawal. Perhaps some people having some more extreme symptoms may have some depression or anxiety. I am doing my best to save from going in there because I work shift work and have a great job and would lose it for sure. It is now day 5 and things are still extremely difficult. A little appetite back (very little) and very very depressed. Island – I am Christian, too. And although I know better, sometimes I feel like I am alone. I never had cravings to continue again, but right now everything is so bleak. I could NEVER harm myself in any way as I have a beautiful family.

        Fighting every day,


        • Island

          Hi Doug,

          We don’t have a good health care system in the US like you have in Canada but even so, I too ended up in the psychiatric ward back in the mid 90’s when I was trying to get clean from pot and other drugs. I went into a drug treatment program from there (I had health insurance through my job at that time) and that helped me get my mind back. I had the same issues – generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder and paranoid traits. There were good reasons for this and I found out about that by writing my “personal history” in the treatment program.
          I am in an out patient program right now and doing some of the same steps again. I will pray for you – it’s going to be alright, Doug!
          Please consider an out patient program for yourself because it’s very difficult to get clean and stay clean without group support. Even Marijuana Anonymous is a big help and it’s free. Another great web site is There are audio lectures and articles that you can kick back and listen to when you feel anxious. It helps me for sure.

          God bless!

          • DOUG FROM CANADA


            It is day 12 and I am almost back to normal. Eating again, feeling almost normal, except for some snapiness. Now to stay away from it. Withdrawal from that junk is too much to handle a third time. I’m done. I know now that I am not the type of person who can handle this socially. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and help. Now I have to resist and everything should be ok.


  • venetianmask

    Hi from Europe
    I went cold turkey two weeks ago,i’ve been smoking and vaporising 6 plants of Chronic for about 5 months.
    The first week was a journey to hell, anxiety moody aggressiveness loss of appetite,sick just think about drink a glass water,shivers,extreme cold and hot in just a few minutes,dry nose and lips,weakness,but the most annoying was/is the night sweat ,i had/have to change my self and dry my hair 2 time a night.
    The 2 week, most of the symptoms where reduced (except sweat)but since 3 days i feel always exhaust and no energy at all, i can eat vegi and drink juice,sometimes meat.Tomorrow i’ll start the 3 week.
    I take it with fun cause it’s the first time i live this experience,..we will not dye and we know why we are in such mess,soon or later all will be good again.
    There must be a reason why from the new year in holland no more coffeshop for tourist and the probability that skunk (over 15 % Thc) will be reclassified and moved into the category with drugs such heroin and cocaine.
    I am still pro legalisation but with a more explicative infos about the danger of such shit,more research on this plant would be great cause we still don’t know all about this plant.I remember that i smoked a few leaf just after 16 days of grow,obviously Thc wasn’t present but my eyes was red ,i got appetite and slept like a log while feel just a little alterate.We all point on Thc but forget that it’s one of the 85 cannabinoids that are present in the plant so ,more research would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve smocked marijuana for 17 yrs. Gave up on New years Day, 4 days ago. Difficulty sleeping, crazy dreams and I’ve developed a weird twitch in my eye. Does not bother me too much as i’ve got more important things in life than worrying about withdrawal symptoms. Get over it and get on with life. Your lucky if withdrawal is the biggest issue in your life.

  • haaha

    No offense, but if you have withdrawal symptoms from weed you were probably smoking something non organic. Know your sources, you never know what the dealers are going to throw in your bag to keep you coming back.

  • haaha

    Also, you most likely have a neurological disorder.

  • Anonymous

    You never know what dealers are going to throw in your bag to keep you coming back? Are you SERIOUS! HAAHA the jokes on YOU RETARD!
    You must be smoking some of TYC’S SCIENTIFIC POOP! RETARD.

  • Tom Fitzsimmons

    This has to be the longest comment thread in the history of the internet. Years long now.
    Look, if you do anything for 7 years and quit you have to expect problems. Did any of you stop to consider that you smoked BECAUSE you were irritable? Not surprising that you would become irritable when you stopped. I don’t doubt that there is withdrawal but how you guys managed to smoke every effin day for the number of years I see mentioned is something of a miracle to me. What IRRITATES me is the whining. What did you expect?

  • Charlie

    Can’t believe the amount of whining and bitching on here as well as the immature comments. Having smoked for 20 years solid over an ounce a week I don’t need to be a scientist to tell you that weed messes with your body. I don’t see that occasional use could harm you but what I did really messed me up. I had physical side effects and 6 months on after quoting I still get physical effects. It’s really not good for you. Anyone with negative comments just dOnt bother…

  • toomuchhigrade!

    yeah not being funny but if you aint got a problem or anything helpful/nice to say, fuck right off yeee cause you clearly don’t have a clue what its like to smoke 3/4 grams of hi grade piff everyday from 15-20 and then go cold turkey.

    on the bright side; 5 months clean and i feel like a wizard. still not on top form but slowly getting there. now i eat like 5 meals a day and i way 6 pounds more than i did, feels like i have a new hobby now. kinda preferred the old one but hey i can enjoy life on a normal people level, and still jam with my stoner friends like im one of the boys

  • Tom Fitzsimmons

    Did any of you bright boys consider tapering off? You know, like the first day maybe only smoke half an ounce? Don’t denigrate a great drug because YOU abused it to a really remarkable extent. I do actually sympathize that you all have had problems but for gods sake why compound things by whining like…

  • dancingmysterious

    I read a few of the comments from above…i have been smoking since the age of 16 am now almost 46…. everyday and night i have smoked and not the bush shit….always hydro…i have gone cold turkey as ya call it once before and experienced a few of the symptoms people mentioned…..but now it has been 19 days…funny how we count the days…i lost my daughter 11 months ago and began smoking more heavily as not to hit the i have stopped all together got rid of very close friends as they influenced me so i thought….but the real reason i stopped is because i wanted too i was sick of working and wasteing my money on it as i was going through $100 a day on it.. the symptoms i do have is i can not sleep my mouth tastes like someone shat in it everyday when i wake up feeling hot and cold constant dull headaches which are annoying but i still put up with them and vivid dreams that i think are real but its all in my head i want to stop for myself and my family…but i do know my kids do not smoke as they have seen me bludging money off them and getting cranky and things like that i will admit they have tried it and told me what they went through (thoughts to myself wishes i felt like that when i smoked lol) but it just became a habbit to me a very bad fingernails are growing back and i enjoy things not that i ever did much apart from sitting in my bedroom well thats all i have to say on it oh and i dont have diahreah i do get stomache pains and constipated and also i dont cough up black shit any more which is good well good luck hope you all acheive ya goals…i am still working towards mine as i say its now been 19 days and counting

  • Wes

    Hello folks. As with most of the people here, except for the occasional troll who keep calling BS because they experience no withdraws. First off its ignorant to assume that EVERYONE is lying. Second, symptoms are real. I have tried almost every psycadelic on this earth and have experience with drugs and other mild altering chemicals. Im proud to say that I have stopped tripping and rolling but marijuana seems to be my vice. I have been smoking everyday for about 3 or 4 years. And Who says the east coast gets bad weed?? Appalachian mountains supply ridiculous amounts of grade A weed in america. North Carolina is a hotspot for insane bud. anyways I am on day 2 of cold turkey and I have never really experienced anxiety and insatiable restlessness without being high until now and I hate it. My motivation is vivid and my goal is set; though I fear the days to come are going to be difficult, but its good to know other people are running the race of being THC free. Peace and Love

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Gang, There is a wonderful book that has helped me through this addiction and a few others “Higher & Higher’ From drugs & distruction to health & happiness by Jost Sayer (This guy has tried just about every drug available) Highly recommended -gives you a much better understanding of side effects that may be experienced – made me feel alot better that I was not going completely out of mind being straight than stoned off my tree!!! I’ve smoked bongs & joints daily since I was 13 and am now 41. I’ve finally done it!!! Good luck to all – we can all do it and never under estimate the power within CC Downunder!!!!

  • CJP30

    I can’t believe I’m writing this because I’m 30 years old and have been a pro-cannabis advocate for 15 years now. I usually will smoke everyday for months at a time and then abruptly quit for a few days or a few months and then start up again. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and have never felt any major withdrawal symptoms aside from the usual insomnia/depression/irritability. Similar symptoms that one would feel after quitting coffee or chocolate when consuming them daily.

    But these past 3 months I’ve been really overdoing it with nothing but super high grade stuff and I came into some money 3 months ago so I’ve been smoking a lot more than I normally would each day and just taking a break from life and relaxing and doing nothing. I live in California, originally from Florida, and I have to say that the medical-grade marijuana out here is nothing like that of Florida’s. I quit about 5 days ago because I realized I may want to get a job again soon and they all drug test unfortunately, and the following day I woke with my bed sheets soaked in sweat, though it wasn’t hot or cold in the room. I felt fine aside from this scary thing to wake up to but began to feel nausea throughout the day but nothing too bad. On day 3 I felt like something hit me hard about halfway through the day and I was fatigued, had nausea, hot and cold flashes, a general warm feeling, and both the prior nights I had the night sweats returning. I’ve been convinced that I either have cancer or something serious or some type of viral infection. I’d assume it’s a flu but it’s been 5 days now and I still don’t have a sore throat, runny nose, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, or headache.

    I would never in a million years think that it was from marijuana withdrawal, because as I said, it’s not the first time I’ve quit abruptly (at least 30 times over the past 15 years), but the timing of the day I quit and the next day with symptoms showing up is definitely making me wonder now, especially with me smoking nothing but medical-grade marijuana heavily for the past 3 months. It could be a life-threatening illness, and that’s definitely what it feels like, but I’m really hoping it’s marijuana withdrawal and if I conclude that it is, I’ll come back and post with this same name and if I conclude that it’s not, same thing.

    I really hope that the people who have posted here talking about night sweats and things like this aren’t all the same person (maybe the blog owner or anti-marijuana groups) posting under different accounts. But for the first time in my life I’m actually relieved to hear something bad about marijuana and actually hope it’s true because this is giving me a little hope that it’s not something serious. The comments that said that it’s your brain and it’s confused and doesn’t know how to regulate temperature and such seem to make sense. I really hope you guys are right, but I’ll bookmark this page and come back and post later if I confirm what it is that’s making me sick. I try to be rational and not jump to conclusions but all I can say is that the timing is really strange and there just may be something to all these comments.

    I felt morally obligated to post just in case it is marijuana and if there’s others out there who may be experiencing this who are freaking out. I can’t say for sure it’s that and I’d say it’s too early to jump to conclusions. But at the time being, it just makes more sense to me after reading some of these comments than it being something else. I would have loved to wait a month or two before posting so I don’t spread any false propaganda, if it turns out to be a real health issue, but I thought I’d do this just in case I forget or misplace the address to this blog for whatever reason.

    Regardless of whether marijuana is the cause or not, I still believe it should be legal and as far as addiction, I have a whole bunch of it sitting in the room with me right now. I don’t feel like some type of uncontrollable urge to smoke it like someone would with alcohol or cocaine. I quit 5 days ago and it’s still sitting here untouched since then. I don’t have the heart to throw it out, especially if it turns out to not be the cause. I think everything should be done in moderation and this probably would have been a lot worse had I been drinking alcohol as heavily the past 3 months (my best friend died at 20 years old from alcohol poisoning, I can’t help but think he’d still be alive had it been marijuana). I don’t regret doing it because it brought me so much pleasure and happiness the past 15 years, but I regret quitting so abruptly and overdoing it so much these past 3 months…..if that is what is causing my symptoms. Everything in moderation.

    But I thank those for posting if you guys are being truthful and I will post again in a few months if I can once I determine if this is the cause, but I really have a feeling now that it is.

    • TFitz

      CJp30, I quit smoking weed a couple of times a month for a couple of days. I smoke a. because I like it and helps the depression, PTSD stuff and migraines. I’ve argued with the people on this board but I have never said that withdrawal from THC isn’t real. The irritability is there and the depression returns, with me. I just get on them for the amount that they smoke and their whining. That said I like your attitude. Why haven’t you considered tapering off? Why put yourself through all of this if you have been able to NOT smoke while you have a pile of weed? Smoke a little, see how you feel. Best of luck-Fitz

  • TFitz

    Do you guys realize that if you quit smoking for 2 days-just 2 days, your tolerance to THC will plummet. You’ll be back to newbie ststus as far as tolerance. Think how much money you could have saved if you had just stopped for one day a week?
    You guys who have smoked an oz a day for 20 years, why not taper off? Is it some macho thing (it only seems to be guys here, I think)? Even you guys will have your tolerance back to where you can get by on an 1/8 to a 1/4 oz a week in no time. Just take a break every once in a while.

  • Ron

    TFITZ, you are exactly right. I normally shut it down when smoking becomes less effective and it do feel good when you light up after a couple of days. I actually did quit for several months just so I could determine if I was using pot or if the pot was using me. At the time I was smoking at night and on weekends. I found out I had a penchant for weekend wake and bakes so I would typically smoke much more on Sat & Sun than I did the other 5 days. When I did quit I did notice the difference between the pot of yesterday and the smoke of today as far as withdrawals. Back then about all I noticed was irritibility for a couple of days and today for me it was a little anxiety and waking up every couple of hours, which was typical when I didn’t smoke and 6 hours when I did. Like someone else mentioned earlier, I too believe that if you are going to quit you should ween yourself off like any other drug. Today, I smoke using the “happy hour” method and I get a nice buzz everytime. Todays smoke has so much more THC that I think we have to treat it with respect. I find if I minimize those times of smoking more than I need (and I’m sure that we are all guilty of this) the high is always better. I hope all of you folks out there find your way if you choose to quit or simply maintain.

  • JB

    So it’s like this.
    Replace buds w any other feel good activity.
    Stop doing that what do you get?
    Anxious turns into stress and stress is not good for your mind and body.
    Blazing is a.therapitic habit.
    You can never just stop a habit, one must replace it.
    When I’m onmy non smoking weeks, I need to replace thy habit with SOMETHING.
    I’m willing to bet most of ^^^ just stop and don’t do anything else
    It’s a balance.
    Throw ur balance off, ur not in a good position.
    I manage to sleep just fine.
    I admit I work like a mother fucker an keep busy all the time, but great work ethic replaces my habit.
    Or skateboarding, music and workin out all seem to wear me thin for a great nights sleep.
    Sittin on my ass all day, I can stay up for hours too.

    My experience.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

  • Mike

    I’m a medical cannabis patient who’s been on it continuously since last July (some really top-grade organic medicine: AK-47, Himalaya Gold, RockLock, etc). Wanted to see if I could take a break and it’s been hell for the last 4 days: insomnia, irritability, horrible night sweats, aches and pains, diarrhea. Seems like when I was smoking or eating brownies my body felt great but gradually, over time, my mental state became worse which is why I wanted to stop it for a little while. Now it’s the opposite, my mind is a little clearer but my body feels like crap.

    I’m NOT a newbie to weed and have long enjoyed it off and on, without these withdrawal symptoms. The difference this time (I think) is that the stuff I’ve had for the past 8 months is much more potent than the occasional bag I used to buy before I became a medical cannabis patient. So, while I’m absolutely NOT condemning medical marijuana use, I’d advise people to only use the strength they need, rather than thinking they need the highest potency strains.

  • Seriously this is bullshit. all of you weak mother f*****s are just depressed about your life or were super unhealthy to begin with. Dogs shaking gave it away? Give me a break, this is ridiculous.

    If you do ANYTHING every single day for over a year and then just stop, you’ll notice a difference, but just because you’re all too weak minded to recognize the difference you perceive it as withdrawals. What a bunch of whining p*****s.

    Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol all have far stronger withdrawal symptoms so everybody just needs to shut the fuck up and grow a pair .

    Yeah maybe if your 50 years old and have been smoking your entire life than you should stop.

    “Oh my god i’m addicted to cheeseburgers because I get hungry when i’m not stuffing my face” Fuck off and suck it up you p*****s.

    You’re probably the same people who think cramming Xanax and Oxycontin (synthetic heroin) down your throat is beneficial. (You will suffer or die if you quit those cold turkey). Or giving amphetamines to kids with ADD is a good idea.

  • brizzle

    Sounds like we should all just keep smoking so we don’t have to go through that.

  • Stuart

    I have been a pot smoker for 35 years, I am 53 now. I decided it was time to give up, I enrolled in a program. I was given Sativex for 9 days to help reduce the withdrawal symptoms. I also quit cigarettes at the same time (I only smoked about 4-5 a day). I think the Sativex was helpful, particularly for the nicotine. Im at day 28 and have not relapsed. Over the last 4 weeks I have had irritation, depressive feelings, slight nausea, headaches. The insomnia is the worst thing as I work shiftwork and I really need my sleep. I tried giving up pot in 2000 and 2003. In 2000 I got night sweats for a month after giving up. Have not had that problem this time. In 2003 I was over the worst of the withdrawal symptoms in about 3 weeks. I thought the same thing would happen this time but into the 4th week I feel worse than at week 3. I live in Australia, the cannabis is much stronger these days, hydroponically grown and cloned varieties.
    One thing my wife and I have noticed is my sex drive has improved. That is an unexpected positive in the withdrawal process. I’ve been drinking more beer than usual (we are having a late hot summer here) and more coffee (which creates its own issues) and my appetite has improved, particularly in the morning. Like some others who have commented here I’m annoyed at some of the comments. If someone has withdrawal symptoms then just accept it. Mr Blunt you are a fool, one day you will decide to give up and then you will know what we are all talking about.
    Those you say you can avoid withdrawal symptoms by tapering off, well that may work for some, I tried that 6 months ago and I relapsed. Some of us need a clean break. To those that say chemical drug dependence only lasts a couple of days, I will agree the chemistry does work that way, but there is something going on here. Perhaps long-term smokers like myself have ‘rewired’ our brains, perhaps our amagdalas and hypothalamus have shrunk, leading to long term irritability and other side affects. This may not be withdrawal from chemical dependence but its real. Dont discount someones experience just because it doesnt agree with your preconceptions.

  • Bobcat

    Last year I smoked weed for the whole month of december I stopped for 2 months and exercised everyday. I dropped 50 pounds and got in the best shape of my life (P90X is the best creation on this planet if you want to get jacked). But Once I started up again I got sucked in even more. I have not been sober for more than 2 days since July. Last week I didn’t smoke for a day and a half and I felt like absolute crap. But I need to kick this addiction, whoever says that weed is not addicting, is retarded. I am going to start exercising again hopefully get that beach body, because if there is one thing that I want more than weed, its girls.

  • Marian

    Im 30 now ,started smoking weed when i was about 18 .. ,i smoked too much from 7 am till late .dono 10 joints or so daily.I was very unhappy i couldnt enjoyed nothing. Now im on day 6 its 2 a m cant sleep and my face is on fire ,sweating and it stinks like hell,but i can see things lot more clearly.I can enjoy life lot more.I still like the weed and i may will come back to it .but want to clean . And people who says there is not withdra siptoms ,they dont know what they are talking about.
    It feel like Flu..

  • Gemini

    I used to be one of those people that thought that weed was A OK. I still don’t think it is the devil plant that some people make it out to be, but I KNOW that withdrawals from heavy use is REAL! I was so confused at first because I have quit before (but I’ve never had more potent stuff than I have for the last 5 months), but this time has been intense!!! I didn’t know what was going on with me and I thought it was possibly the effects of using MDMA which I have used about 5 times over the course of about a year and a half, but the last time was months ago! My paranoia was so bad that I was seriously too scared to even read about long term effects of MDMA on the internet! finally 6 days into my weed abstinence i got on the computer and started to read about MDMA. THANKFULLY it just didn’t match up (not that MDMA use is ok). So I decided to start reading about possible marijuana withdrawals. OMG! It matched up almost completely! massive paranoia, anxiety, panicking, feeling that i wouldn’t be normal, VIVID dreams, waking up in the night drenched in sweat, mental pings of worry or dizziness (kinda hard to explain that thing), withdrawn from the world, depressed, nothing matters, nothing seems right, even my eyes and vision seems off. The psychological effects were almost unbearable! There are physical effects like bad digestion, slight constipation, no real appetite, tired but cant sleep, but these things are far more bearable than the mental effects. I’m exactly a week in now and although things are much much better then they were (probably due to the fact that I actually know what is going on now), I am still a little scared of if and when anxiety or panic will hit. Sometimes my anxiety hits me and I start thinking that It might not be MJ withdrawals but after reading for hours on the internet i’m pretty certain that it is. This is my first time ever posting anything on an internet sight but I feel like I have to just in case there is someone out there wondering the same things I am. I can’t wait for this to end:( I just want to feel normal for an entire day. As for the people calling BS on peoples withdrawal experiences, grow up. There are people who are hurting.

  • Gemini: That’s about as good a capsule description of symptoms as you could get. Knowledge is power, as you’ve already discovered. Don’t let “metabolic chauvinists” get you down, with all their bragging about how much they smoke and how they never get addicted.

  • TFitz

    We’ve gotten way off point here: this is a comments section that CAN serve as a ‘support group’, I suppose but it is really a discussion so quit whining about criticism.
    One thing that annoys me and some others is the amounts of weed smoked that is reported here. It’s ridiculous. I could support a decent heroin habit on what a lot of people here spent on marijuana. I have no doubt that these folks are now having a tough time of it but please, I’m not a pussy because I don’t smoke an O Z a day, like some here like to point out. We, the disgruntled commenters, feel that you guys have screwed up to a great extent and now you want to defame a great drug because YOU SCREWED UP. The pluses for cannabis far outweigh the reported problems. I fully support you who want to quit, but do so sensibly. You can’t expect to go from an ounce a day for 20 years to zero and not pay a price. If this is your situation, taper off just like you would do with any drug. Also consider that some of these withdrawal symptoms might actually be the very reasons you started smoking all those years and kilos ago, the anger the depression, boredom. These are the very reasons I continue to smoke-depression, migraines and PTSD. It works wonders for that. That’s my story so please, no STFUs from the puppies.
    Good luck!

  • twocents

    Befor I throw my two cents in I just want to say that I work with end stage cancer patients and do believe that MJ should be legalized.

    That beings said…some of the younger people posting may not remember this but not too long ago people didn’t think cocaine was addictive. It wasn’t until people started selling their cars and houses to get more that people woke up to its psycological effects.

    A little more that a hundred years ago opium was a medical miracle was used to treat anything from a toothache to madness. No one can deny its devestating effects now but back then it wasnt so clear.

    My point, befor you accuse someone of bullshittery lets get all the facts. Studies of MJ are in their infancy and any results must be duplicated befor they are considered valid.

  • Marian

    Dont worry guys ..Im on Day 14 . all sipmtoms disapeared ..Feel gr8.. Just sleeping problems.

  • Newbie

    I have been off weed for 25 days and can finally say i feel much better. I was smoking every night for about 6-7 years with my mates and increased to daytime as well when i got my own flat about a year ago. Was off for 5 days as i was in Hamburg on holiday and when i was on the plane had a full blown panic attack, i had no history of this previously, i thought i was having a heart attack! Anyway i was having problems sleeping and having bad thoughts. Never linked it to withdrawl and started smoking again to help me sleep. Anyway i started looking at various causes of anxiety and found it can be caused by withdrawl and decided to quit for good, first 3 weeks were hard with insomnia, night sweats and thinking everything was going wrong. I constantly asked myself why i was not getting better even though i quit. I started drinking green tea and after a few days the anxiety and dark thoughts have subsided and only over the last few nights i am having a regular sleep without freeky dreams! If you are thinking of quitting or in the early days of stopping keep going, you will feel better and think of all the money you will save!!

    • Johnnyj

      There is some mild effects from quitting weed, some night sweats and some depression…. but all the other symptoms you and these other guys are posting is low pottasium from the sweats wich causes insomnia heart problems depression etc….take pottasium vitamins it works miracles then quit and start up when u want with peace of mind

  • Kyle Murphy

    I feel so reassured that I am not in this alone.

    I am a 21 year old male who resides in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I have been an avid toker since the ripe age of 15. I wanted to state that prior to my marijuana use I was diagnosed with ADHD. One year after trying pot I became a full-blown chronic (sunrise to sundown) user. However over the course of the past two years my weekly consumption has grown from smoking 1/8 OZ amongst friends/ Wk to consuming 1/2 OZ min. /Wk alone.
    I believe over consumption(previous blogger had it right: Moderation is key) of marijuana has led me to these withdrawal-like symptoms. I just wanted to state that I even kicked a moderate cocaine habit(2 years and counting) and am experiencing similar although not as dramatic complications from marijuana detox.
    Earlier a blogger had stated that they believe people who think they are addicted to weed are people ‘who could get addicted to anything’. In a sense I hear you as I personally have a highly addictive personality as it is a common trait associated with ADHD. However, I have attempted to quit on numerous occasions only to cave psychologically. This time is different. I have had zero cravings for the drug, it isn’t on my mind, and I have started to despise the drug for the path it’s lead me down. Weed I am breaking up with you.
    I believe that marijuana is especially risky to get involved with if you already have an underlying condition that affects the way the brain is stimulated Ex./ ADHD. I believe between my heavy pot consumption and ADHD it put such a hindrance on my life. It didn’t happen over night although I wish it did because then it wouldn’t have snuck up on me and bit me in the ass. I went from an athlete to couch potato. I went from an ‘A’ student to college drop-out. I went from Management trainee to unemployed bum. I went from loving and caring to violent and full of hatred.
    This was a terrible downward spiral that I was in. I had lost myself.
    Now recently diagnosed with several stress related illnesses over the past 6 months I indirectly tie this to over consumption of marijuana coupled with ADHD.
    I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis, Depression, and I had a hiatus-hernia in my stomach- all triggered due to stress in my life. It was that goddamn weed fog, I couldn’t clear it.
    All of this non-sense led me to choose to nix my habit. Well, it’s been 4 days without a hoot and I am experiencing mixed emotions.
    Here is my version of how the detox has gone:

    Day 1:

    -Woke up determined to kick it.
    -Loss of appetite
    -Force fed myself

    Day 2:

    -Severe nausea + stomach pain
    – Profusely sweating
    -Temperature change ie./ hot flashes
    -Loss of appetite

    Day 3:

    -Nausea + stomach pain have subsided
    -Profusely sweating
    -Started to regain appetite towards evening

    Day 4:

    All symptoms have disappeared except profusely sweating. It’s quite honestly driving me nuts I have been walking around my home with a towel, wiping my limbs dry.

    Like previous commenters stated; If only I knew what I was getting myself into.

    • TFitz

      Yeah, all those things you described about your life is the weeds fault.
      This is the worst sort of the postings here. Blame it on the weed if it makes you feel better but it ain’t the weeds fault, it’s yours. You chose to sit on the couch, you chose to drop your activities. YOu did this because yo were a teenager with a bad attitude. Glad you out grew it. Now we get to blame THC for YOUR hiatal hernia.
      Thanks for helping me prove my point.

  • ItsNEVER2late2QUIT

    Hi everyone, wow what a great site glad i found it. It great to see I’m not alone with the withdrawal symptoms and wish everyone success in kicking the habit. A brief background of mines- I started smoking very young, 13yo and from 15-16 i smoked very regularly but with wasn’t until I went to university that I started smoking heavily everyday.

    I’m now 24 and finished university, I’m back living at home and for the last 6 months I’ve been using marijuana as a fix for boredom as I am still searching for a job/career. So 3 weeks ago I was doing the usual night time smoking in bed watching films when I took a huge panic attack for no reason which lead to a 4 day migraine, (possibly the worse experience of my life )I literally couldn’t do anything but lye in dark, quiet room and sleep. After this my view of marijuana was shaken but I continued smoking a few days after I recovered to yet again experience another minor panic/anxiety attack and found the good times when I was high were replaced by anxiety and depression so I decided I had to give it up for good.

    I am now on week 2 of quitting and the symptoms I am experiencing are very similar to many posts on this site which give me some relief. I am regularly feeling nausea, getting hot/cold sweats, vivid dreams in the handfuls each night (compared to none when high) and have been very dizzy throughout the day, the dizziness for me is possible the worst part of this withdrawal, it happens very randomly and can last for hours. Its an intense feeling which leads to a racing heart and a feeling that I am going to faint followed by headaches. i find paracetamol does help some and would recommend trying it.

    The bottom line is that marijuana is addictive if your personality and the drug mix well it can be very easy to abuse it. I know people here will hate and say we’re talking sh*t and it’s our fault for smoking too much but hey life’s short and weed’s fun its better than alcohol abuse imo. I will always have a huge fondness for the drug as it has shaped me as a person for the better. I am a happy go lucky person and often described as the “nicest person you could meet” and owe a lot of my good nature and tolerance to it. When your ready to quit do it because you want to quit and know it won’t be easy because anything that’s great is hard to let go. The withdrawal symptom are hard to bare but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck everyone 🙂

  • jt

    addiction is an excuse and a bad habit when it comes to pot.
    Of course your going to want to blaze and get anxious when you stop.
    what do you expect, honestly?
    You have to do something to replace that, so you dont feel anxious
    you stop eating fast food, you feel symptoms or anything else, youll feel that habit want to come back, duh

  • Gerry

    After 17 years of grade A dope smoking i decided to quit. When i started i was at college, now i have been through another degree, a couple of good jobs and started to feel like it was enough of being numbed. I only used to smoke at night. Last joint i did was 5 days ago, and even i have the resources and the connections i decided to stop. Frankly, first night was horrible but the second i just immersed myself on reading, playing with the dog, surfing the web and also tried to get more involved at work. I´m learning to play bass guitar and started distracting with a new PS3 console (another kind of dope i guess). After a night of sweating and irritability now i feel everything is passing, as if i had been on a 17 year dream. It was beautiful, i never got busted or had a bad trip and now i´m just facing the future with what i learnt through all this years. Try it, you will feel a great sense of reward by just using your will and your time to actually DO something.

  • john bullshitspotter

    okay… IF… and ONLY if these “comments” that are somehow indicating such “horrible” withdrawal symptoms are somehow “directly caused by the PHYSICAL cessation of cannabis use”

    THEN OUT OF THE possible 200 comments seen here that “say night terrors cold sweats etc… really extreme “symptoms”…

    then you must all be the ONLY 200 and heck I’ll even go to the “extreme myself and say something just as ridiculously exaggerative”…

    you are the million out of the billion… that’s right I’ll say you have 1,000,000 out of the 1,000,000,000 whom have never EVER experienced ANY WITHDRAWAL symptoms to such extremes like i have seen so called and “stated” on this site…

    if anything like I mentioned before, were slight digestive issues… and IN STARK CONTRAST to what has been propagated on this thread…

    in which I am really suspicious of… was the insomnia, because cessation of cannabis leads to LACK OF ENERGY not the other way around…

    so im easily suspicious that these are real accounts of true withdrawal symptoms of cannabinoids…

    these “accounts” of “insomnia” and “cold sweats”… seem like a jumping of the “other drug withdrawal symptom bandwagon” to try and affix those common withdrawal symptoms of other “hard drugs” and misrepresent cannabis as having “similar PHYSICAL withdrawal attributes”

    kinda like a “withdrawal placebo” or familiarization with having had “withdrawals” from other drugs in the past and then your PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPENDENCE NOT PHYSIOLOGICAL kicked in and you just simply “felt” it in your head which created the anxiety then to lack of sleep etc… of not being able to get your fix of WHATEVER tv… chocolate… food… etc…

    psychological dependence is a product of your thinking, not from the physical world… such as coming from a harmless plant like cannabis or from its cannabinoids…

    so it is easy to be suspicious of a vast majority of these posters to be “real” physiological dependencies… because they are “first of all” so similarly alike and always “to the extreme”… especially with regards to the insomnia… cold sweats and night terrors…

    so all of the propagandists out there… should take a hint and perhaps you can just switch your argument against cannabis elsewhere because you have changed your “attack” strategy so many times before and flip flop whatever you think “idea” and again more “pathetic attempts” to demonize cannabis will be best at the time…

    so even if all of these “posters” were telling the truth and also are “real” testimony… then in giving you all the benefit of the doubt… again going way up there for you all in giving you fluffed up numbers… here ill even say there are a million of you people with these “symptoms” for shits and giggles…

    even if you want to say that these “so called EXTREMES” exist…that STILL MAKES the “withdrawal” symptoms for the HARMLESS PLANT 0.1 FLIPPING PERCENT…

    thats right only a TENTH of ONE PERCENT have EVER experienced some of the crazy crap I have seen posted on this site…

    anyways… good day to you all 🙂


    • John: Are you through? Good. Then you can start doing your homework and learn something:

      • johnbullshitspotter

        Dear Mr. Hanson,

        I have researched, MULTIPLE sources, ESPECIALLY ACTUAL LABORATORY FIELD WORK… and MY RESEARCH DOES NOT COME FROM…(facetiously put)>>> internet “sources” like “” etc… 😉

        A lot of the stuff you find on the “internet” WHETHER again jokingly put>>> “HERBIE.COM” OR IN ALL SERIOUSNESS LIKE GOVERNMENT FUNDED RESEARCH ON .GOV SITES…


        When I had mentioned any “numbers” such as million or billion… it was in “astute” satire… because I was so astonished to hear people give such outlandishly “severe” ESPECIALLY PHYSIOLOGICAL symptoms…

        PSYCHOLOGICAL yes, PEOPLE NOT cannabis can DISPLAY and CAUSE those “symptoms”… ESPECIALLY WITH REGARDS TO ANXIETY, STRESS, ultimately leading to other issues such as depression, hostility, “insomnia” and “night terrors” etc…

        I sincerely suggest you go and PERFORM some REAL “SCIENTIFIC” laboratory work yourself, since you stated that you are a “scientific journalist”…











        IT LEADS TO SLEEP… 😉



        So please in all fairness… WHETHER INTENTIONAL OR NOT… PLEASE… Don’t try and go down that road… again people wont fall for it ANYMORE… 😉


        TRUST ME I KNOW WHERE YOUR “DATA” is coming from… 😉



        All of the so called “data” collected from “those” government funded sources… come from psychiatric centers and “drug abuse centers” in which those poor people who were given that ridiculous ultimatum…

        And thus had to falsely “admit” that they had an addiction and or some “form” of drug “problem” to avoid being thrown in jail…



        Please if you respect your “profession” and or just humanity in general…

        Then, please provide at the very least an EQUAL amount of DERIVED FROM BOTH INDEPENDENT STUDIES THAT WEREN’T “LEGISLATIVELY BIASED”… 😉

        And like mentioned in my last comment… NO ONE SHOULD BE TRYING to “legalize” ANYTHING







        OR SHOULD I SAY IN REAL TERMS 20% of THE ALREADY 10 BILLION DOLLARS IN TAX REVENUE THATS 2 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR THEY ALREADY MAKE FROM ALL YOUR TAXES PER PRISONER CAPITA for “housing” or holding these innocent “cannabis users” hostage is what it really is…


        So by keeping it illegal on the federal level, not only do they get the tax revenue from its “legal medical use” in the billions…



        The govt isnt some scary giant “entity” out to get you, it is the PEOPLE who keep filling in, generation after generation who will always want control and power over others, and if people allow it to happen, it will continue…


        (To Mr. Hanson)… You gave me the suggestion to research, which I have btw… 😉

        Now… I also give the suggestion that you ALSO research both the legal system and the law of the land… aka common law… and the difference between them…



  • Eric

    On the first night that the withdrawal symptoms showed up, I had horrible thoughts in my head about hurting my own family (ex. stabbing them.) It shook me so bad that I thought I was going crazy.. At the time I still didn’t know that it was most likely the withdrawal symptoms kicking in. It was until the day after that I asked one of my friends about “anxiety” that she told me about Marijuana withdrawals. At first it hadn’t crossed my mind because I thought that weed was just an innocent herb, in fact, maybe even a blessing from God. I didn’t consider myself a heavy smoker until I realized that I actually was smoking a lot.. Like taking hash oil bong rips, taking “snappers” of very potent weed mixed pure hash, and eating very potent edibles as well. I never considered myself addicted though for just last Friday I decided I was going to take a little break. Anyways, like I stated at first, on the third day of not smoking, I went to gym and worked out very vigorously (This was before the initial symptoms began), and that night was when it all started.. I haven’t smoked in about a week, yet I have no cravings. I think the thing that bothered me the most were those messed up thoughts I had. I never once thought about seriously hurting my family until then. I just wanted to know if those screwed up thoughts could of in fact been the marijuana withdrawal symptoms. I also have had the other symptoms like not being able to sleep, eat, think clearly, paranoia, etc. I really hope it isn’t just me having those thoughts about hurting my own family… I just want to know if it might be related with the withdrawal….. the funny thing is I haven’t really craved smoking though. Someone please reply. I want to clear my head of all of this non-sense 🙁

    • Eric

      By the way, I’m on the 4th day after the initial symptoms have showed up, and I am getting better. I just wanted to get that out there.

      • Marian

        Hi dude..I have same simptons ..I want to brake my TV with remote.When go to see my friends want to smashed theyr TV.When talking to someone Im thinking about fighting that peson .Its crazy .. I can control it but still thinking about to fight someone.Weed its not just inocent Plant. I have oversmoked my head!I have quit smoking about couple weeks or months ago.Well time to time roll a Joint and i can enjoyed it ..Weed is g8 i love it ,but it affected my life too much ..Stop smoke weed for few weeks than have single joint ..makes you feel better. ..
        Good luck

        • Eric

          Thanks for replying Marion… And yeah your right, this shit is pretty tough. Day 5 though, and I am still feeling a little bit better day by day. And its funny how you said stop for a couple of weeks and then smoke a bit because that was my initial plan. At this point, I’m not so sure if I’m going to stick with that plan anymore though. I think my biggest fear right now is that I’m not going to fully recover, but I can’t keep thinking like that. I wish you luck too pal. Thanks again.

      • johnbullshitspotter

        Dear “Eric…AND Marian”

        if you arent bsing about these “so called symptoms” just to make cannabis “look” bad for the website…


        please seek psychiatric care asap…

        those “feelings of what you said about HURTING others DID NOT COME FROM CANNABIS NOR THE BREAK IN CANNABIS USE EITHER…

        you have, and probably have had, underlying pre-existing psychological issues that you need to have worked out and have a medical professional help you with your issues…

        I say this with all sincerity… if you two really are for real about your symptoms AGAIN… IT WAS NOT CANNABIS OR THE CESSATION OF USE THAT CAUSED YOUR PSYCHOSIS…




        • Eric

          Why in the world would someone lie about something like this…? Honestly, you might be right. I haven’t had a perfect childhood per say, and maybe I could be suffering from some underlying psychological disorder. But, before anyone of this happened, I was a regular person. Never in my mind had the thoughts of hurting people crossed my mind until now. In fact, I always tried to be as helpful as I could. Until recently I have started to get a grip of things and am starting to return to normal. If you really think that all the problems and complications that people are posting here about marijuana withdrawal are BS, then I believe there might be something wrong with you aswell. Just like you, before I knew what it was, I was convincing myself I was indeed going “crazy” and was seriously considering talking to a psychiatrist. I’m on day 5 that the initial symptoms kicked in and am feeling majorly better. I told myself that if in a week I totally still don’t feel better, I WILL talk to a counselor/psychiatrist because the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone, or even think about hurting anyone…..

          • johnbullshitspotter

            Dear Eric,

            I am surprised you have replied back so soon… and with such clear journalistic grammar and punctuation as well… 😉

            Just so it is clear… CANNABIS was not the “trigger” for your hostility… NOR was its discontinuation of use…

            There is great news for you with regards for your treatment which has been provided in many clinical studies, as CANNABIS HAS been proven EXTREMELY effective as a mood stabilizer and IS SUBSTANTIALLY far more effective than 90% of the ssri’s and ALSO 100% SAFER than ANY pharmaceuticals out on the market today…


            So if you do see a psychologist you need to let them know that CANNABIS has helped you with your condition and that you can save your organs and more importantly your brain from HARMFUL drugs like prozac, xanax, abilify, etc… WHICH ARE HARMFUL FOR YOU AS OPPOSED TO THE SAFE AND RELIABLY EFFECTIVE CANNABIS…

            Thank you for your response, as I do hope, that you do go and get BOTH cannabis and counseling, and very importantly BOTH IN combination…

            And lastly, I also hope that you do go with the knowledge that CANNABIS IS THE ONLY NATURAL, SAFE, AND EFFECTIVE substance that can provide you with the medicinal help you need…

            So that way, you can start to live your life in happy, healthy manner, both physically and mentally…



        • Marian

          To JohnBullshitpotter

          Im not trying to make cannabis bad!I said I do love pot ,I used to be addicted to heroin back in days,Cannabis saved my life.
          Cannabis can help in many ways also it can dammage something when smoking too much like I did.If people thinks its allright to smoke from early morning till late night,they are wrong.
          May due all depents on person .
          I know one friend ,he do grow himself and smoking since 6 am till 11pm ,he is hard worker and working all day ,
          If you guys see his Joints he make OMG. And he is all right no problem at all after all these years.

          My psychosis ?? Just wanna smash someone TELEVISION :)))
          I dont know where it come from .

  • johnbullshitspotter

    Here is just one source for cannabis that should be read BY ALL, to see that any “symptoms” of psychological and or physiological withdrawal ARE VERY MILD… so ifANYONE is experiencing ANYTHING severe like what has been mentioned above in this blog THEN YOU NEED TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING… BECAUSE ANYTHING “SEVERE” LIKE WANTING TO “HURT YOURSELF” OR OTHERS HAS AND HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CANNABIS…

    • Eric


      Hey. Thanks for your advice, I know your only trying to help. Right now, and as of lately since I last replied to you I have been able to think clearly again like I was able to before all of this started happening. I can assure you that, from my knowledge, I had no former psychological disorder or anything of the sort. I am feeling way better than before and am returning to my old self. I am not thinking, and haven’t thought of hurting anyone. Especially not my family. I’m starting to get a grip on things and am starting to be as happy as I was before I stopped smoking some Mary-Jane I agree with you that weed can indeed help many people, but remember, not everyone is the same. I have to clarify that on the first night that this happened, I was so scared I didn’t know what to think. Obviously I was out of sync with what was really going on. If I ever feel like I did before, and I know there is nothing behind it, I will do whatever it takes to keep myself, my family, and anyone else safe. God bless you all and be strong, the way you feel right now will not last long, I promise. Some advice my friend told me was, if your gonna quit, don’t just stop completely out of nowhere like I did. It’s like when you run a mile. Your not suppose to stop moving completely after your done running, or else your gonna feel the brunt of what you did 10x worse, and might suffer some nasty side effects. Your suppose to walk a lap or so until you catch your breath, and that way you won’t feel as bad.If your gonna quit smoking, and have been smoking very potent weeds, hash, hash oil, and eating strong edibles like what I was doing over here in california, just lower your dosage. Don’t stop completely, just smoke less and less and less until you stop. I want to think I’m already out of the woods and am ready to leave this behind me. Good luck all. You can do it.

  • Melbzi

    I am 36 and from Melbourne Australia. I started smoking a joint or 2 a night when I was 23. I have continued to smoke almost every night for the past 13 years. I typically smoke between a quarter of a gram to a gram per night. I never smoke during the day as I have held full time professional work all my life. I typically smoke from Friday night, through to late Sunday evening each weekend. During this time I have stopped smoking for a few months at a time, the longest duration being 9 months in 2008.

    I never smoked bongs, but I have always smoked super strong hydro. Considering I am just over 6 foot and I am 100kgs, I consider myself a light weight as I get stoned very easily. Some nights I would only smoke half a small joint and that would be enough to get the edge off a stressful day.

    prior to starting smoking at 23 I was very anti pot smoking. I have always had trouble sleeping as my 3 year old sister died of cancer when I was 8 years old. This triggered intense vivid dreaming. I was a reasonably well balanced teen and young adult, doing well at school, sport, music and was very social.

    Just before I turned 23 my grand mother died and we were very close. I then broke up with my first love after being together 4 years. Over night I went from a punk rock loving kid, to playing Elliot smith wallowing in self pity and depression. I cut ties with basically all my mates who weren’t muso

    • Melbzi

      Muso’s and smoked pot.

      I quit smoking just over 6 weeks ago.

      The first 2 weeks wasn’t overly difficult as my fiancé and I were just about to head on an overseas holiday and we were excited after 12 months of almost 7 day a week work. My sleeping was okay and I was physically exhausted.

      2 days before our holiday, and 2 weeks into quitting, we found out we were both likely to lose our jobs due to our employee going into receivership. We stand to lose $160k a year in combined income after bleeding for this company.

      The stress from this uncertainty started to make it difficult for me to sleep. My partner has never smoked with me in 5 years. We arrived overseas in a warm tropical climate which helped me swet out the crap and I worked out in the resort gym every day for over 2 weeks.

      The cravings were none existent, however we had a tsunami evacuation and I suffered my first panic attack. I became terrified I was going to die. We had a few thunderstorms during the trip and I became too frightened to walk outside, petrified I was going to get struck by lightening.

      I started falling asleep later and later and getting more adjitated, waking up tired and irritable. Once again, I had no craving to smoke as I promised myself to quit and get healthy as I am about to get married.

      Apon arriving home I suffered a massive panic attack when getting off the plane. I was rushed to hospital with what I thought was a heart attack. Dizzyness, chest pains, pins and needles in my left arm e.t.c. This was 3 weeks ago. I was cleared of all major heart concerns.

      In the last 3 weeks I have had terrible insomnia, pain in my joints, sensitivity to light, headaches and night terrors. I was lucky to sleep 2 ours a night making it impossible to go back to work. Once I would fall asleep I would dream of all the things I was dealing with 13 years ago just before I started smoking pot. I am happily engaged and my lady is a superstar.

      I am feeling depressed, tired and reclusive. If I drive my car, my eyes start to hurt and feel really heavy. My dreams are like LSD flashbacks. I am irritable and snappy. I was prescribed sleeping pills which I took for a week and they had little impact on me sleeping. I am trying to avoid codine for my tension headaches and light sensitivity as the entire point of quitting pot is to rid myself of dependency.

      It’s 2 am and I am wide awake, though my eyes are heavy. The last 3 nights I have had between 5-6 hours sleep which is great, but it’s all been interrupted with me waking from dreams. During this last 2 weeks I have also quit caffeine due to the insomnia which I assume must play some part in the headaches and irritability.

      Anyone who claims there are no withdrawals from pot is either extremely lucky, ignorant or smoked natural bush weed in small doses. I have no cravings to smoke again as I have never been a heavy tobacco smoker. It’s only the sleep I crave which makes me even contemplate calling a mate to pick up a joint. But my will power is stronger this time. I have a family history of heart disease so I need to stop inhaling smoke into my lungs and increasing my heart rate.

      I wish all of you who have made the decision to quit the best of luck in getting through this tough time. It’s obvious to me that if you resort to smoking to suppress something that as soon as you quit, even decades later, the issue with jump back at you. I will let everyone know my progress over the next few months. I have lost about 6-7 kgs in the past 6 weeks.

      If I didn’t have then support of my wonderful partner, I don’t know how I would have been able to face these moods swings and especially the insomnia and anxiety.

      • Anonymous

        Hi All, I have been smoking everyday for the last 12 years. About 30 Cones.I have previously given up twice before when pregnant and never had any withdrawal symptons. Maybe my cronic morning sickness masked them. This time I decided to give up after having the severe flu. I started by cutting back my use gradually down to about 10 cones a day. When I did go over that amount I would start having heart palpatations, which scared the hell out of me. From then on started cutting down more everyday. My withdrawal symptoms then started even during my cutting down. Maybe because I cut down very quickly. The other night I had A couple more then I had been and had a major anxiety attack causing heart palpatations, ( I took myself to hospital because I felt like something was majorly wrong. After 2 ECGs and blood tests nothing was found, I realised that I was having withdrawel symptons. From that point I have not smoked a thing and the withdrawal symptoms have persisted.Its been 3 days now, And they are very real! Nothing I had ever experienced before, sleepless nights, sweaty palms, Hot & Cold sweats, loss of appetite (yet I’m forcing myself to eat to keep energy levels up) and major anxiety. Reading other people experiences has made me realise I’m not going mad. Because I never experienced this the other times i gave up, i never realised how awful it can be. Am now looking forward this all to be over and feel normal again.

        • Johnnyj

          When u sweat your sweating all the pottasium out of your body wich causes heart palpatations take pott. Vitamins when quitting works miracles

  • Anonymous

    I have used heroin for 20 years now and i can honestly say that after being a on and off pot smoker for 16 years that the withdrawl symptoms from weed are way worse. Hell, even the addictiveness of marijuana is worse. Smoke it just one time and your hooked 🙂

    • Badman

      Well, after smoking more and more regularly over the past 33 years, after smoking 1/2 an hour after getting out of bed, after being ‘relaxed’ almost all my waking hours and becoming more and more alone and depressed unless I was high, I again have quit. I’m familiar with the withdrawl symtoms and after 4-5 days will feel much better, my dreams will start to come back, my appetite will return [ lost 20 lbs. in the last 5 months by not eating or being too lazy to cook ], I now realize the effects can last up to two years and a it was a few months ago after almost a full two years off it that I hit a wall and decided…why not, I can handle it. It’s been every morning, noon and night since that day with the exception of a few days when I was out and was not happy or fun to be around. I hate feeling ashamed because I am high and always worry that someone will figure it out and though it will not cost me my job [ re-hab ] it will cost me self respect and the respect of my peers in the industry as well as future upward moves.

      Some can smoke when they like and put it away when they’re not interested…I can’t…and the moment I realized that fact was the moment smoking became less an enjoyable pastime and more an embarrasing addiction.
      So bring on insomnia, restlesness, mood swings, lack of interest and whatever else my body and mind have in store for me. This is preferable to hiding out from life, friends and love.
      Whatever makes you disapointed in yourself about smoking or makes you want to stop is your trigger…pull it…and good luck.

      Personally I can’t wait for my dreams to return, too long have I laid down, fallen asleep and then woken up with nothing to remember, as though a switch had been turned off and then a few hours later the switch was turned back on.

      I want more from life, I want more from me.

  • Johnnyj

    Marijuana withdrawes r 4 real i used to smoke 2 zips a week of regs about 12 yrs ago, i been blazzin only homegrown ever since at 1 zip a week, night sweats from hell when i would quit i have done every drug under the sun. Only weed and hennessy for the last 8yrs so i look at eeed withdraws as nothing i always make sure to take pottasium pills through the night sweats, balances your body out right, then just recently i grew out all super lemon haze a few grows ago all thc no cbd only smoked that for 3months then quit and OMG never had such bad insomnia even after a month, for now on i will always make sure to smoke cbd indicas with my hazez cbd is the polar oppisite of thc and very imporant to balance things out right…

  • Tom


    I’m 61 yrs old and have been toking since I was 15. I stop now and again, but usually for supply reasons more than anything else.

    Frankly, for me, these symptoms that the folks describe sound more like life stress than withdrawl. I myself, have never felt anything like that from quitting. The only side effect I have is I lose a little weight, which is fine with me.

    The positive effects of the product far outweigh any negative effects.

    I am really sorry to hear people sufferring like this, and I hope you all get whatever it is you want from quitting.

    For me and my 90 yr old dad and most of my friends that smoke, I’m sure we’re just gonna keep on toking and enjoying.

    Good Luck

    • I quit and got lazier and Gained weight! sucks! Alot of these comment’s are pure bull shit!

  • Anonymous

    The plant int the picture is over watered.

  • wilbie

    Used to smoke a lot..just my 2 cents…

    went thru booze/opiate withdrawal too many times to count, glad those days are behind me…MJ withdrawal is a walk in the park compared to those.

    Agree with some who have mentioned that these withdrawal symptoms may not be related to the weed at all. The truth is that many self-medicate, oftentimes unknowingly, with weed as well as other drugs to relieve depression and anxiety. Once you stop the weed many are simply experiencing all the depression and anxiety that the weed was keeping at bay. This is a real phenomenon and a quick google search will back it up.

    Legalize the bud. Millions of otherwise law abiding citizens are being branded as criminals, breeding mistrust. Countless man hours and money are being wasted prosecuting pot smokers, often exacerbating the problem. Half of my local police blotter is for marijuana possession, what a waste of police time.

    Legalize it, tax it, and stop all this foolishness. Alcohol’s toll on society is so much greater than that of marijuana: violence, job productivity suffers, unstable homes, spousal abuse, auto fatalities, injuries, physical deterioration (huge health cost burden), the list goes on and on. How long can we as a society continue to tolerate this hypocrisy???
    And remember people when someone suggests that marijuana should be legalized we are *NOT*, repeat *NOT* saying that it is a harmless drug or on the other hand a miracle drug though i do think it does hold some medical promise. We are simply saying that it is not fair or just or sensible to prosecute a person for using marijuana. And if it is legalized there will be controls just as there are for alcohol to prevent underage use and to protect public safety.

    And finally let’s get real! Alcohol is a DRUG, period. If you drink, you use DRUGS. You may not like the way it sounds, may make you squirm or feel a little squeamish, but it’s the truth. If you’re a PTA member and you’re sipping wine at a meeting, you are taking a drug. If you come home after a hard day and have a couple beers while watching the tube, you are taking a drug. People drink because they like the way the drug alcohol makes them feel, pure and simple. We can talk all we want to about connoisseurs, and taste and bouquets, and grapes, and valleys, and single malts and double malts, and fragrances, and years aged yadayada but at the end of the day, if it doesn’t have booze there won’t be anything to talk about it.

  • Angela

    You people have totally helped. I have been smoking since i was 13 and now i’m 25. I did the depressed faze the anxiety, fatige, sleepless, i’m in week for of being sober n am having heaths all day long. This is serious. Thought i was dyeing until i read everyone post. I had no idea that quite smoking pot could do this to me. It will be five Weeks next well and hopefully o will be back to normal. Thank you all for the help

  • 123

    Quit bullshittin bout ur withdrawals hahaah what a load of shit

  • Alex

    well i was smoking since 17 and now 24 past few years was hard smoking cause of free weed smoked like 2 3g a day now i stopped have no problems what so ever and my appetite increase i was 138p 6ft and now after 3 week of smoke free im 169p 6ft and feel great

  • Alex

    yea and more having no withdrawals,when i was smoking i had no dream
    no deram = best sleep and now i have but good once like flying spaceship and stuff like that no nightmares

  • Ben

    For the past 20 years I’ve always followed a month on/month off approach.
    I smoke daily for a month (an ounce a week), then I take a month off *completely* to recover physically, mentally and attend to things that I might have neglected while I was stoned everyday!

    Every single time when I stop smoking, I experience cannabis withdrawal symptoms; insomnia, sweating/night sweats, vivid dreams/nightmares, loss of appetite, irritability, anger, depression/crying/suicidal ideation.
    Usually, these symptoms last around a week for me and then I feel back to normal. The severity of the symptoms seems to vary, but for whatever reason the duration seems to be about the same.
    It definitely sucks, but it’s a reality of life, just like getting a hangover when you’ve had too much to drink. I find it hard to believe anyone who can say they experience no withdrawal symptoms at all – I’m a living testament to the fact that the withdrawal is very real and I’ve been through it so many times it’s like clockwork, and I know plenty of other people who have experience the same.

    So here’s my tips for dealing with the withdrawal symptoms:

    – Speak to your doctor and get some Valium. This is kinda a dangerous one because this drug is definitely addictive, so I usually get my doctor to prescribe me only 5 tablets (yep exactly 5). I take them for the first 5 nights after quitting and that helps deal with the sleep issues including the night sweats – and having a good night’s sleep tends to also stabilize your mood during the day.

    – Drink LOTS of water all day. It’s the only reliable way to flush out your system.

    – Eat low fat/healthy options. I find that it’s the foods high in fat (that you’d probably eat in abundance while stoned) like pizza, burgers, candy etc that makes me feel really sick during the withdrawal period. I find lots of fresh fruits, nuts, dry crackers, soup etc. goes down a lot better until my appetite returns.

    – Surround yourself with (non cannabis using) friends/family and do stuff you enjoy and stay busy. I find the emotional/mental symptoms get much worse when I dwell on it. If you find yourself in that place, get up and do something; go for a walk, watch a movie, call a friend, DISTRACT YOURSELF!

    Smoking pot is NOT a way to cope with all this shit and feel normal again, even though your brain keeps trying to convince you otherwise. I never start smoking pot again unless I feel 100% normal and have my life totally and utterly under control.

    The good news is that the withdrawal symptoms will ease, and I actually find it exciting to return to reality and “feel” things again. But I like life both ways: i enjoy the month I’m stoned, and I enjoy the month I’m not.

    • SAHM

      I stopped smoking 5 days ago. My main withdrawal symptom is a messy house and a pissy attitude. But considering I smoked to clean the house without a pissy attitude, it makes sence. My hubby is very anti pot, so I have smoked behind his back all these years. I ran out and thought I would try to go without it for a few weeks. Hubby wants to know why I am so irritable. Part of me thinks I should just tell him the truth, but I know he won’t understand. I wish he could just accept this about me. But he won’t, so my options are smoke behind his back and be pleasant with a clean house, or be grumpy and have a messy house. Sigh…

  • eric

    first off, i read the majority of the postings and am only submitting what i took away from them and am not interested in dumping on anybody. about seven months ago i stopped smoking cigs with a little help from nicotine gum. some folks smoke cigs everyday until they are in their eighties and don’t have any problems but some just don’t make it that far and i’m getting older and want to try and increase my own chance of making it into my eighties. i also have gotten away from smoking js and even put my bong away and use a vap. there’s a big difference in the amount of tar you get from js to bong to a vap. try taking a hit from each one and blow out through a white paper towel and you can see the difference.

    okay, so i’m forty seven years old and have smoked pot for the most part every day for the last twenty seven years. yes sometimes i’m out for a day or two and scrap my bong for resin to get by.

    i stopped smoking about a week ago because i went on a trip with some friends that have kids and didn’t want to break out my vaporizer around the kidos.

    the first two days, no big deal at all. on day three i kind of lost my apatite and had a bit of a headache and felt week.

    now i’m on day seven and have had nausea, continued loss of apatite, what feels like shortness of breath, vivid dreams, flu like symptoms (week, dizzy and little sweating during sleep) and don’t really want to smoke; even though i have some righteous cush in the pantry.

    i hadn’t planned on stopping all together but now that i’m this far along i’m gonna ride it out. the worst part for me has been feeling weak, light headed and just off in general.

    i’m looking forward to being able to smoke when i go camping and more of a recreational basis than an everyday thing in the future but for now i’m gonna ride it out.

    thanks to everyone who helped me understand i’m not going crazy and that folks react differently to quitting cold turkey. for me it pretty much sucks; and with that i’m gonna have a beer and crash. peace y’all from texas

  • Maryeasethebrain

    I started smoking when I was about 10, I never had an appetite for sweets or anything I work out regularly and it kept me in shape. I quit at 18 I would experience these chest pains that felt like a damnn heart attack I dont think it had any thing to do with mary, maybe the cocaine but it made me quit for a while but I love it too much to quit forever. I started smoking again when I was 21 boy did I feel at home again, when I stopped I began to put on weight a lot of weight once I started smoking again the weight was gone. I needed a better job so I guit again for three years I was probably 24. I started smoking again at 27 and continued for another year. Once again I needed a better job so I stopped, this time my the withdrawals I felt were scary I felt light headed, couldn’t sleep and I began to panicky I thought that for sure I was going to die I rushed myself to the hospital and there they told me that it was definitely withdrawal. I never told them I smoked marijuana one nurse knew, he told me that he felt the same way when he quit. Hands up if you think I smoked again, you damnable right this summer 2012 I lite my first blunt again after college, it was a celebration for maintaining a 4.0 Gpa three years straight and on the deans list of Honor’s (yes I’m black) I beat out all my frat brothers and was top 20 in the university for highest grades and achievements, for me I needed a break so I got blowed. Summer is almost up now today is August 23, 2012 school starts back in 5 or 6 days so I have to quit. I felt a little withdrawal but I lost about 20 pounds in a month without trying just smoking, marijuana helps me lose weight how freaking cool but I have to stop. The withdrawals I am feeling is light headed but that’s all, I believe my withdrawals that made me go to the hospital weren’t actually due to Mary I think it was panick. Anyways what I figured out from all of this is IF YOU DON’T STOP SMOKING NO WITHDRAWLS so smoke on. HOUSTON TX for legalizing marijuana.

  • cmc2012

    Smoked combo of high grade & low grade for the past 7 years–morning afternoon & night. Stopped smoking cold turkey two weeks ago. My withdrawal symptoms (by order of magnitude) include insomnia, constipation, anxiety, depression and a large dip in energy after 2 ‘o clock while at work. I believe that I was smoking pot to mask the depression & anxiety related issues that I didn’t want to deal with. The hardest part now is to really face up to my fears in an unadulterated manner. The sensation of being “high” while on pot eventually dissipated & I realized that I had to change things up. So now I’m on my 2nd week of sobriety from pot & yearn to prolong that sobriety. Ultimately, my goal is to feel the natural high of life again, but it just seems so far off b/c of my current symptoms. When will I feel normal again? It does help to blog away my despair at the moment. After reading all these blogs on symptoms of pot withdrawal, I feel I can relate to others and that I’m not the only one going through this phase. Despite the constipation, lack of energy, & insomnia, I must say that there are other little things that I won’t miss while getting stoned. These include carrying around Visine & worrying about whether my eyes are red & dodging my managers at work until my Visine worked it’s magic in my eyes; worrying about whether my neighbors or family can smell the stuff, especially when it was some super fresh Texas shoreline or some other form of pungent reakage. Also not to be missed is my constant internal debate about whether I should call my dealer & and head to nearest ATM for $50 – $60 worth of pot each week. I won’t miss riding dirty in my car as well for in the past I always had a fresh bowl ready to go as soon I had pulled out of my work parking lot. I definitely won’t miss the taste of the tar from my pipe. Now, though, I feel like weed has taken it’s toll on my breathing b/c my eyes are still rather red–from shortness of breath perhaps. I wonder how long that will last? I am looking forward to looking in the mirror one day & seeing some fresh natural bright eyes staring back at me. I’m on day 15 of not smoking, and I do hope to extend that for as long as possible.

    • cmc2012

      It’s about 12:30am central standard time as I look at the clock. Must go to bed now, but I hope my sleep will be constant tonight. Wishing my self some luck.

      • Anonymous

        get yourself some rich vitamin pure fruit smoothie juice drink up youll fall asleep when you quit your body trips out and flushes itself of thc and potasium and alot of other good vitamins you need but instead of vitamins go the organic way even a glass of milk before bed helps it has alot of potasium eat watermelon watch how much it helps

        • cmc2012

          Glass of milk? I drink soy milk, but will switch to low fat “real milk”, if it does make a difference. My ma always told me that a glass of warm milk helps to aid in effectively going to sleep in the evenings (she don’t know bout the pot thing tho, lol). I like the potassium idea: a nice portion of bananas should do the trick. Fruit smoothie? Not so sure about that for there are so many kinds out there–which fruit? made with yogurt or what? when should I drink the smoothies? So much to contemplate, but the show must go on. After work today I broke down & stopped by the gas station to buy a 24 oz budlite roadie. Could of been worse though– coulda called my dealer instead to hustle a sack. Pat on my back I suppose. Thanks for the tip, anonymous.

  • Alexander

    I have been smoking weed for about 3 years, always very good stuff

    I had to stop or i won’t have enought money to go to amsterdam with my friends. XD

    one thing you should not do (which i tried) is to slowly reduce the quantity you smoke.

    it does not work, you will end up lying in your bed feeling mildly high and craving for another joint just to sleep.

    Do not overdue quantities, if you don’t start smoking too much you are less likely to develop tolerance which in return forces you to smoke more to get high making withdrawal symptoms much worse.

    General rule, smoke as much as you want, but the moment you notice it’s getting out of control, you have to stop right away, preemptive action is better than to deal with these shit symptoms. You know it’s getting out of control when you want to smoke even when/where you shouldn’t (at work, school, with relatives etc etc).

    marijuana does not create addiction the way other drugs do, the habit does. I was addicted to PC (and you should have seen me when my parents took it away from me) this doesn’t mean that if you lick a computer you get addicted to it, but intense use does.

    • Alexander

      forgot one thing, Do not smoke cigarettes trying to overcome the need to smoke something, nicotine effects makes marijuana withdrawal symptoms even worse.

      I thank marijuana though for stopping smoking cigarettes.

  • cmc2012

    Morning of day 18 of sobriety is on hand at the moment. When I was getting stoned constantly, the thought of going for weeks without weed seemed impossibly to do. Beliefs of said sobriety is tangible now & is being incorporated into a true reality. On to withdrawal symptoms–my mood seems pretty normal and not on edge which is something I was really worried about when I initially quit. Mood is one thing, but my thoughts are another. I’m including my personal thoughts as a withdrawal symptom as well. These thoughts include how past romantic relationships fell apart because the other person did not approve of my getting stoned. I’ve no desire to contact these “exes”. There is no need to let them know how I have made this transition, but I do wonder how things would of been if our relationships were still intact w/ my smoking continuing behind their backs. I saw a previous blog of a wife who smoked because it helped her be more proactive to have a clean household, but if she did not have pot, the house would be a wreck. Cleaning a house is not optional, but it seems so unnatural to have to depend on weed in order to do it–she was also using this crutch behind her husband’s back. I had roommate like this once; when he smoked pot, he cleaned and cooked a lot. I felt like I could not achieve anything with out it: I biked & ran a lot while stoned, watched movies & shows while stoned, and even cleaned when I was stoned. I was spending time with family while stoned. I could not bring myself to have dinner with family unless I was stoned. My life was arranged around pot. Period. As of today, these symptomatic, haunting thoughts of the past is pushing me to find myself again. Where am I? I feel as though I’ve travelled from the “stoner’s” world and am home, but I cannot find myself. I am 33 years old now & yearn to find the younger person I had left when I was in my early twenties. It is so frustrating to realize that I had thrown away over ten years of my life due to pot. Now that I am back, I do not know where I am. Stay tuned, everyone.

  • Jimmy Rustles

    If you don’t want to experience these effects, don’t stop cold turkey. Treat it like cigarettes, slowly cut down until you don’t smoke anymore. If you stop completely at once your body will be in shock

    • cmc2012

      Stopping cold turkey like this is my only option. My logic is that even if I did try to ween off of it, I would never quit. I’d be smoking and smoking again. I felt the best thing for me was to quit altogether. Now or never. All or nothing. It was getting out of hand & I couldn’t control it. That night when I had decided to quit, I was on my upstairs patio about to have my ritualistic evening toke. The upstairs patio overlooks a large lake next to my back yard. I then proceeded to clear my pipe, but afterwards there was just something about the smell of the tar accumulating inside the piece that made me wrench. I was thinking to myself, “Is this really how I want to treat my body? Are my lungs as gross as this pipe is?” Asking myself that question generated my attention towards the lake facing my back yard. I had cleared my bowl and was just about to fill it up with more when I made a quick decision to do otherwise. I took a few steps back, with my pipe clutched in right hand, extended my right arm back & threw it with all my might. I quickly heard the loud “dunk” of the piece when it hit the water. Not a splash, but a loud dunk. In my other hand was my Bic, so I put that into my now empty right hand and chucked that into the water as well. Lastly, the last gram of weed that remained in my bag I dumped over the upstairs patio onto the grass down in my backyard knowing very well that tomorrow, it’s destiny is to be with the mowers who would give it it’s final justice, rather, MY justice really. There, it was done. What remained afterwards was a combination of a sense of relief and fear of what to expect when the center of my universe was gone. The first weekend was terrible. Sitting in the living room with my family, all I could think of fighting off the thoughts of calling my dealer. Going to work sober was actually quite pleasant. The afternoons seemed a challenged to overcome because I had that “crashing” sense & all I wanted to do is crawl into a back room & pass out. I almost never drink coffee in the mornings. Just a “One a Day Energy” vitamin along with my hi protein cereal & soy milk. Lunch is usually some low sodium turkey or chicken breast with salad. Then a late snack of fresh blueberries & some plain Yoplait greek yogurt. The first few evenings I had trouble falling asleep, but I am keeping in mind of perhaps incorporating some running or biking immediately after work so that I can “rush” fatigue my body to achieve a quick slumber later that evening. There are so many things that I’m making a conscious effort to consider within this transition, but going back to weed & trying to ween off on it is most definitely not an option. The challenge now is to work towards normalcy and to find myself again. All those years that pot took away from me will never be returned. Where am I?

    • Alexander

      You are right, after reading some posts here my level of addiction is nothing compared to other guys in here. Although it always worked for me to quit “cold turkey” as you guys say =)

  • Anonymous

    man alot of the withdrawel symptoms arent even the weed, you piss out 25% of the THC in your body and you shit out the other 75% of THC stuck in your colon, so your constantly shitting sweating and pissing out alot of stuff that you do need along with the THC, wich is causing insomnia and a bunch of other symptoms i been through the can’t sleep at all to just crashing away, go fruit crazy bannanas watermelon and those bannanna straberry fruit smoothies you buy at the supermarket you will be amazed at the releif. All natural

    • cmc2012

      I think I know exactly which smoothie you’re speaking of—the “Odwalla” brand that’s usually next to the fresh cut fruit in the containers. I’m actually excited to try it out. Thanks for the heads up, Anonymous. I think trying that will do me wonders in the afternoons while I’m at work. It’s about 9pm now & I’ve been feeling a slight headache in the back of my head since this afternoon. I wonder if that’s one of my withdrawals b/c I never get headaches. Hmmm? I just had a glass of fresh squeezed OJ with ice, but tmw night, I would like to try a glass of milk before bed. Good night, to all my fellow bloggers.

    • Unkewl

      No clue where you got your information but its totally off … Most of THC ends up stored in fat cells …. and those figures you threw out are so far off the mark.

  • Lucy

    Cold/hot sweats, eyes burning, tingling all over my body, anxious, insomnia….very, very real.

    • Anonymous

      Listen Lucy it’s not gonna hurt to eat 2 or 3 bannanas and any other fruit you have in your fridge, the amount you need all depends oh how hard you hosed down your system. First try it if no relief come back on here and call B/S.. all fruits help though some more then others, cause there all vitamin rich. Just give it a try.

      • cmc2012

        Just bought some watermelon & a large jug of strawberry/banana smoothie from the grocery store. I am actually taking some of this advice to heart. About to pour some of that smoothie over ice before I go to bed. Hears to day 19 of sobriety!

        • cmc2012

          Going onto day 25 of sobriety. No headaches. My appetite is normal. Mood is pretty good. Sleep is fair to mildly poor–my body woke up at 5:30 am, way early than normal. In the past I would’ve sparked one up and gotten back to my Saturday morning slumber. Most importantly, I’ve not found the need to fight off thoughts of calling my dealer. Overall, I feel my body is transitioning from quitting cold turkey. Yeh, for me.

          • Anonymous

            so the bannanas aint helpen? there so cheap to buy only a $1.25 for like 7 i’ll eat 2 before bed and if i wake up in the middle of the night ill get somethen to drink and eat another one, as long as your not really over weight 95% or more of your symptoms should be gone at 45days at least for me they usually are hang in there.

            look up symptoms of low pottasium, they pretty much all match every single symptom posted on this site. i mean it’s not gonna tottaly get you off the hook but it helps alot

          • cmc2012

            Dear Anonymous. I misunderstood the banana/potassium thing. I was understanding to just eat it during the day, rather than right before bed. If that’s the case, I’ve been slightly off on that part. Must re-adjust. When I hit the store later, I will most definitely buy another jug of the smoothie & a few more bananas. Tune in again, I suppose. Back to the diet & appetite thing: my constipation is finally weened off & I do feel regular again. Tonight, I’ll be spending time w/ family at a restaurant celebrating a cousin’s birthday. I will try not to overdo it on the Chinese food to save room for my late night potassium kick. Day 25 of sobriety is real as ever– I would like to say that the worst is over. In two weeks, I will be in on vacation in the Virgin Islands. That should be interesting–taking my first vacation sober in years. God bless my life & all the things that are positive in it.

  • adsfas

    what nonsense. these look like they were written by the same person.

    • cmc2012

      Strange comment you made, ADSFAS. This is a forum, so why would someone pose as several different bloggers? Mind supporting your claim with explanation?

      Regularly blogging on this web site & voicing my experience of marijuana withdrawal is part of my self-promoted endeavor towards sobriety. My initial fear of the unexpected when I quit cold turkey totally went away when I found this site & communicated my fear of certain withdrawals. I, like many, find this site useful in collaborating with others while in the process of recovering from heavy marijuana use.

      I am on day 31 of sobriety & other than achieving regular nights of sound sleep, most of my symptoms have disappeared. I want to reiterate to ANYONE who is either on the same boat as myself or will be embarking on the same one as a current marijuana user to be mindful that this blog site is available to voice your concerns.

      I mean, geez, it’s not like we can voice this sort of experience on a major social media like Facebook. There’s only exactly three other people who know how marijuana used to be such a huge part of my life, but that is not enough. This site has helped me become more centered for the sake of ensuring my sobriety by sharing my experience of withdrawal to others. I find even the most anonymous responses to my blogs to be helpful.

      ADSFAS, for you to suggest that these different blogs were all created by the same person is totally absurd. Reading comprehension is most definitely not your forte.

    • Alexander

      ADSFAS. You look like you never experienced it. but i hope for you that one day you will start smoking more and more and more, even when you are already high as shiit. then after only year of substance abuse, try to quit, then come back here and say sorry since by then you will have experienced it on yourself. 4 week here too without smoking, but tbh can’t wait to go to amsterdam, sometimes we just need to take some breaks and consider a moderate use instead of an abuse.

    • Firehose

      You pobably aren’t smoking enough, lightweight!!

  • Anonymous

    Weed is not just weed anymore it’s alot bigger then it was, and now you got alot of high thc hazez with almost zero cbd. And cbd is the 2nd most abundend cannibiniod in all marijuana plants, Cbd has anti psycotic benefits and is believed to be the exsact oppisite of thc alwats make sure the strains you are smoking all at least have 1%a or more cbd cause no cbd is bad and the high is missing something, all around best option pick your self uo a bag of some indica cbd before you quit smoking it will also heal your mind it strengthen the part of your mind that thc weakens look it up there scanns done on it proof

  • Anonymous

    I have been smoken for 20 years been growen weed for the last 5 1/2 years.. but hit rock bottom about a year ago the last 3 years i been smoken like i never have before. I mean i havent broke down like a major crack head or anything, but it just feels like i pushed things in my head a lil too far like something’s not right do i think it will heal sure i found this other thread where around 5 people all said the same thing around the 8th month quit it’s like your brain rewires itself and your back to normal. once about 2 yrs ago i preheated and ate an entire oz at once and i caught a case of Schizophrenia only lasted about 2 months, first month much worse then the 2nd that’s when i found out your liver converts delta9 thc to delta 11 thc wich is wayyyy more potent never ate edibles again.. but this time’s different i been orderen more potent strain’s so im gonna quit for a yr hopefully i can go back to my much loved herb Mary jane and take it e-z this time not smoke so heavy well here’s to day 2 lol

  • cmc2012

    57 days sober from MJ. Hurray for me.

  • Anonymous

    i posted the last post the guy’s who’s been blazzin for 20yrs, well i gotta change my mind and say “smoken” weed is harmless ive had some prob’s with eating it. But i just figured out what was really causing my other prob’s, and that was growing constantly handeling and worst of all exhausting my grow room right into my home masked of course through a carbon and filter. I was only exhausting light heat from my room outside, there’s a thing such as “aramatic therapy” it’s getting bigger and bigger enough plants enough aroma will fuck with your sleep, moods etc. especially if your eveer exhuasting into the room your sleeping in lol. Did that once, i just been smoken now im fine.. other effect’s are wearing off

  • I smoke from my early teens till almost 50. I quit for 9 months when I became pregnant. No issue’s. Quit again in my 30’s. Husband was t quit chewing. He didn’t but I held out for 9 month’s again. Ppl told me I should go back to it cause I was screwing up at work and I was a better worker when high! Now it’s my third time to more month will be a yr. I had to quit cause a bitch called my doctor and now I had to sign a paper for a piss test. I loved smoking pot. Now that I’m not I feel lazy morethen ever. If they ever pass the law to smoke..I WILL! My opion if you haven’t smoke for more then a yr, your opion shouldn’t count. One hit, doesn’t tell the truth.

  • LilyPad

    I have been smoking for the last 14 years, multiple times a day (like 5-6 times a day), every day, and I just quit last month. I have to say that I have absolutely NO physical withdrawal symptoms, just vividly dreaming at night. I can’t even remember the last time that I was able to remember my dreams from the night before. I am definitely eating smaller portions than before. I came on here to read other people’s experiences of quitting, and I mean no disrespect, but… all the nausea, night sweats, shakes and insomnia seem very exaggerated and outrageous. I understand we all have different reactions because of our internal chemical make-up, but all those intense symptoms others have reported MUST be due to other factors, not withdrawal from marijuana use. Maybe if you were smoking strictly concentrates like hashish or wax- that stuff I don’t consider “marijuana” anyways. Nowadays people are just trying to make things more intense and potent. Call me old school, but there is nothing like being able to taste and savor the exquisite flavor of green buds. Ahhhhh… it’s been a long run, but I will probably be back again in a year or two. Just need to know who I am without being high all the time again. She is such a benevolent and sweet drug/plant. I truly feel like only deserving people can handle and take care of her. ONE.

    • Haha

      Moron. Did you read that before you sent it? Did you read it after you sent it?

      “She is such a benevolent and sweet drug/plant. I truly feel like only deserving people can handle and take care of her.”

      Please do everyone a favor and smack the shit out of yourself, shut the fuck up, and sit the fuck down.

  • LoganB

    I feel, that everyone’s different. Therefore some may have severe withdrawal symptoms while others bodies are different obviously that there withdrawal symptoms may be so minute that theyre virtually present. Let’s not be rude and call BS on peoples opinions.

  • JaiJai

    Smoking has kinda been my religion for the past three years (Bum Shiva, Bam Bam Bholenath!)… Yes, it’s not so long time compared to many looong time smokers but man was my usage intense and passionate. From morning to the night. Last years daily dosage was about 2grams, half gram bong hits always with one puff. In the end ganja took away my inspiration to live this life, literally. No inspiration to breathe or open my eyes in the morning. So the only logical thing to do was to quit. Nightmare began: hardcore sweating, chest pains, traveling pains in ribs, diarrhea, lost of appetite, insomnia, I feel like I would go mad, everything feels absolutely funky and wrong, huge digestion problems -> bad swelling, I feel like there would be fog blogging my eyesight, huge depression and anxiety, coughing, nose blocked etc etc. This hasn’t been particularly easy, been one month and three weeks without weed and still have some sweating, tummy all puffed up from air (I burp and fart a lot :/ ) and some slack of motivation. And the feel of wrongness remains still. Getting better though. Month by month. Smoking really gave something before but nowadays I have absolutely no interest of tasting it anymore. It feels like this plant taught me what it has to offer, period. I seriously encourage every single one of you to quit who have the willing. Life starts to feel absolutely beautiful with just yoga and arts, not with ganja, yoga and arts. (Not the “bullshit” yoga you do with jumpsuits, the yoga what happens inside your head.) One of the best things for me to do when facing withdrawals has been sauna-ing(?) everyday (yes, I’m from Finland). I also recommend jogging in forest, helped me a lot in summer when I struggled with same symptoms (falled to the dope again…) But now it’s winter so the motivation to jog is pretty low ^^ Remember that your own mind has so much more potential without weed, even if you think otherwise during your “mega ultra philosphical intellectually advanced” smoking rants. I won’t fall to suppress thoughts anymore, I will set them free again. May the force be with you yadiyadiyaa…

  • Ashkan

    Oh man, i read all of these comments; I somke for 6 years and I am a student in college. I can not study more than two hours.I have tried several time to quite ,but I failed after 4 days

    • RV

      Hi there, listen I just read what you said and I sure hope you quit, as I went to see a friend who great guy he is 30 and ended up in mental health unit in the hospital from depression for pot smoking and it was so sad so please try again because
      anything we do will catch up with us !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RV

    My husband has smoked oil and pot for 52 yrs he smoked about 15 oilers or pot a day, he quit 2 weeks ago, and I never smoked the stuff so I can tell you one things some thing is going on with him, either depression because he goes to bed 4 or 5 naps a day and then to bed at 7, I do not claim to have any knowledge but he sure is suffering…………good luck to all

  • tk

    i started smoking a year ago. at first i would smoke half a bowl and get high for hours. i started chasing the high and started doing more and more. i eventually got to the point where i was smoking 6-7 grams out of the bong and 2-3 blunts DAILY.
    i kept this up for a few months and stopped cold turkey.

    week 1: severe night sweats 3-4x a night. extreme loss of apettite. small flu-like symptoms. severe depression and paranoia. severe anxiety. no craving to smoke. light dry cough attacks. diarrhea. light insomnia.

    week 2: moderate night sweats 1-2x a night. moderate loss of apettite. swollen neck glands. mild fevers, dry coughs. light chills and insomnia. slight muscle pains. moderate paranoia, depression, anxiety. no desire to smoke. vivid dreams

    week 3: moderate insomnia, light night sweats. slight chills. light depression, anxiety, paranoia. hands started peeling heavily due to profuse sweating in hands. heartbeats randomly rising. light to moderate fatigue. no desire to smoke. vivid dreams. coughing up resin.

    week 4: moderate flu-like symptoms. very light insomnia and night sweats. very light chills, depression, paranoia, and anxiety. apettite slowly grew. hands peeled less. heart beats very rapidly at random times especially when sleeping. heavy fatigue (out of breathe from laying down -_-). very vivid dreams. sore throats more frequent.

    week 5: moderate paranoia, flu-like symptoms, and chills. small night sweats, moderate growth of apettite. swollen neck glands again. light muscle pain (shoulder and calf). hands peeling stopped and recovery started. moderate fatigue. rapid heartbeats. vivid dreams occur less frequently. no night sweats

    week 6: symptoms slowly fading. very light flu-like systems. very light paranoia. no anxiety, no depression. very light muscle aches. very light fatigue. heartbeats normal. vivid dreaming less. no night sweats

    week 7: this is where i am right now.
    getting small flu-like symptoms. very very light sore throat. light muscle aches. no desire to smoke. no depression. no anxiety. very light paranoia. no night sweats. no fatigue. normal heartbeats.

    these are all the symptoms i had up to today. i have been recording them.
    as you can see the symptoms come and go and reoccur occassionally. then sometimes come back strong.
    i haven’t been going to the gym or exercising. my apettite has grown a lot and i gained weight again.
    so this is my experience with marijuana withdrawals.
    so if anyone says there are no withdrawals, they must have a higher tolerance.

    • Unkewl

      A lot of you I swear are taken opiates as well >.> by the reactions you say your having. Cannabis doesn’t act on the gut in the least so it would not cause this, you could possibly have IBS though. In fact most of the crappy physical withdrawal people attribute to opiates is actually the rebound of the digestive track and bowels. That’s why when withdrawing from opiates you immediately feel better for about a half an hour after getting that nasty bile out of your rear, for lack of a better word^_^. That’s also why withdrawal symptoms from opiates are 70% relieved when you take Imodium during them. Irritable bowel syndrome untreated can cause all of the symptoms most of you experience. During your so called withdrawal from marijuana next time try taking some Imodium. If it relieves a lot of you symptoms I suggest asking your primary care doctor about things to help with IBS because Imodium isn’t something that should be used long term.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks TK, exactly what I wanted to see / observe

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like withdrawal symptoms from a harder substance. Most weed is cut with something so unless you are growing it yourself you don’t know what your smoking. I have had withdrawals symptoms just from switching to a different type of MJ. I have also quit after heavy long term use (4 years, everyday) and experienced not a single withdrawal symptom.

    A lot of these withdrawals symptoms also sound like symptoms of a bad break up lol. Of course there is going to be some pain when you give up something you love :).

    • Firehose

      “most weed is cut with something” ? not sure where you get this from, you must be buying some shit or have crap contacts, you dont sound like an experienced smoker to me. I would strongly disagree with this remark as I’m sure so will many cannabis smokers.

      You experienced withdrawal from switching varieties ? please expand..

  • Anonymous

    I smoked weed back in the early 80s as a child and quit until I was lured back in by a crazy cousin. 13 years later and I have been struggling with life! Cant keep a job or find any people who like me anymore. Well, I just lost a 100K job 1 yr later as a manager not because of anything else except the asocial behavior induced by thc. Im sick of this destroying my life, work and family. I am going through these exact withdrawls as everyone else is describing and its awful. Doing this while Im looking for work for no reason other than I couldnt give up the damn weed. Let me tell you all, if your not smoking with friends, you arent going to get new ones. Its like your just not able to connect with those who dont. The irnony of it all is that I am an extroverted person that normally has lots of friends and is happy all the time. Well, nothing against pot, but dont go it alone unless you plan to become a loser/loner!

  • Tone

    I am 25 and have been smoking atleast an 8th a day since I was 13.
    I recently quit smoking as I am in between jobs. I am on day 4 and I have experienced terrible physical withdrawal symptoms. I have had severe diahrea, constant nausea, insomnia, anxiety, terrible headaches, loss of appetite, chronic sweating, nervousness and hot and cold flashes. Physical withdrawal from long term marijuana use is real.

    • Unkewl

      Now tell the truth, you haven’t done any other types of drugs that you could be withdrawing from? Because what you described sounds a lot like opiate withdrawal.

  • garrett

    to all the people saying that these symptoms are BS, no they are not!

    i had been a pretty heavy smoker but not for nearly as long as most of these people, only about a year. but when i’m about three weeks into quitting and i’ve been having flu-like symptoms the past few weeks. went to the doctor and all labs came back normal (i thought something else was wrong with me since everyone says marijuana isn’t addictive).

    also i’ve been experiencing increased social anxiety, not wanting to be around people, depression, and general inability to tell what’s a dream and what’s real. i haven’t had sleep problems fortunately but i’ve always been a weird sleeper. i also haven’t had any cravings to use more, either.

    but yea, i wouldn’t say the physical effects are that bad (i just feel nauseous about half the day), but the mental ones are kind of scary.

  • Anon

    I just moved, and removed myself from the situation entirely where there is none available. I went through some depression, anxiety, paranoia, basically crawling the fucking walls for around a week or two, it lessened in intensity and then I felt fine. I miss it from time to time, but I don’t miss the person I was when I was smoking over an oz a week living in Oregon. If you have the willpower and really want to quit, you will. Convince yourself that you are being selfish, paying for pleasure so often. It is gluttonous and selfish to seek an escape, or elevated state so often. If at all it should be treasured as an occasional treat in my opinion.

    Good luck to those looking to quit. If you aren’t producing your own, I would suggest taking all the money you spend buying it, and putting it into a vacation somewhere. Get your pleasure elsewhere.

  • Sasha

    I’m def experiencing it. I’m really glad I found this website because i thought i was seriously ill. Im shaking loads, I’ve lost loads of weight and my dreams are awful, im waking up in a panic. I’t is really bad to be onest. I’m craving so much aswell but I’m not going to give in. When I was smoking it was giving me awful anxeity and it was making have really bad social anxeity. Ive been doing it everyday for ten years. Im going back to uni in septembere and I know by then I will be fine. I just want this to really get into the press because if I knew what I did now I would never have took my first puff.

  • fartmaster

    I am quitting now after 9 years of heavy use, definitely feeling a lot of the things described in the post. Lol at the dumbass commentors after, in recent years I have become convinced that “its totally harmless duuuude” is a giant lie among kids who haven’t done it long enough to find out.

  • Ru

    I can say with utter confidence that MJ withdrawal is real. 79 days of no mj and am still suffering pretty bad. I can give a flying fuck about these pro-marijuana advocates that come on here to diss those that are doing nothing but looking for answers and help. I would challenge you to come to a Marijuana Anonymous meeting here in Oakland and Berkeley and try that shit! If you’ve never had a medical marijuana card that you bought from a Cannabis “doctor,” then stfu! You haven’t smoked the REAL shit. I have smoked upwards of 20 years and for the past year have smoked, eaten and drank, yes DRANK, medical marijuana. 79 days in and I am still feeling like shit and can’t sleep. I can care less what these stoner POS “advocates” say. The withdrawals are as real to me as they are to those on here seeking help. These trolls are blazing a blunt while “lobbying” for weed (I put these in quotes because no one in their right minds would ever pay these stoner fucks to work for them). Yes, the withdrawals hit people differently. I have quit at least 6 times before with minimal to no withdrawals.. until now. This time was hella different.
    Night-sweats, extreme paranoia about wtf I had, insomnia, BAD HEADACHES that still persist, depression etc etc and effing etc.
    I won’t respond to any skeptics because i simply dont give a rats ass what they have to say.
    I will however respond to those that seek help. I am farrr from a doctor, but I am going through it and can offer some advice. You can email me at olskoolru at gmail dot com. Skeptics, I’ll just delete your bs emails. Plus you’ll be to lazy and high to become a real spam problem.

    My neck still hurts, my head still hurts, I get deeply depressed. The withdrawals come in waves. A couple of days ago I felt effing great! Then it came back. Something I will just have to power through. My life is beautiful. I have a gorgeous and compassionate wife, my parents love me to death and I have a great job. WHY THE PHUCK did I need to self-medicate with this crap soooo much?? I ask myself this every single day and hate myself for putting my wife through this withdrawal crap.
    Be strong everyone!! You’ll get through this!! You’re not going crazy and you are NOT a weak person! On the contrary, you are incredibly wise and strong for making the decision to stop for good!

    • Unkewl

      I’d get some professional counseling mate, sounds more like you might have a manic disorder. A lot of people mistake what they think are withdrawal symptoms from marijuana when in reality they have something else wrong with them. Good luck

      • Ru

        Hey Unkewl,

        Instead of stalking people’s posts about shit you will never understand… How about you go phuck yourself and get a life. Punk bi#ch.

  • FBH

    I was a heavy pot smoker for over 40 yrs..Didn’t think I could live without it..Really enjoyed the high, and thought it was my matched drug..Never smoked cigs or drank..But my wife needed back surgery and had to detox..I told her you quit and I will quit with you..It’s been almost a yr now..We both have been straight and not lapsing.But having your significant other quit with you really helps, Because if she was lighting up I would’ve smoked too. Side effects were insomnia, vivid lucid dreams and increased appetite.Lower energy level, less motivation and my wife is calling me lazy now..When I was smoking my high energy and motivation for completing detailed projects was awesome.When I was high I worked my ass off and wasn’t considered lazy.Now I’ve gained 25 lbs need to do yard work,but don’t feel motivated to do anything.I feel as if my metabolism has slowed down.
    When I was high my heart would beat faster, I had a more active metabolism and motivation levels. One of the positive side effects of quitting smoking is I have more cash on hand,I’m not constantly using my time smoking or buying weed..
    Do I miss being high? Yes and no..Do I think I’ll ever smoke again? I doubt it..After 40 yrs of being high, it’s nice being high on life in my natural state..So I think I’ll go out and rake leaves for an hour and then take a nap.

  • After reading many of these comments, I am really pleased I never started smoking Marijuana when I had the “opportunity” at college. Thank you for sharing.

  • Philip

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  • jpdjDJ

    It just depends on your body type and immune system possibly.
    I have smoked since I was 16. I now am 32. I have quit 3 times during that time period each for at least 3 months. I have NEVER experienced the things these people are talking about.
    For the first week it’s true I was irritable, a tad nauseated, and felt like laying around a lot even though I wasn’t sleepy. And then by the second week it was over. And it’s not like I smoke just a little. My partner and I can go through a quarter of weed in two days easy.
    With all of these claims of nightsweats, fevers, vomiting, and taking months to get over? Either it’s BS or you guys have some of the worst immune systems I’ve ever heard of.
    Now I’m also a pretty thin guy, and I’ve heard the more body weight you have the longer it takes to get out of your system. So maybe people who are having a hard time have a little more body weight? (That was not meant to be an insult.)

  • jpdjDJ

    Oh, and on another note, whenever I quit I DO NOT go cold turkey. Going cold turkey on anything doesn’t work for me. The 3 times I’ve quit for a little while I will make a chart with my weed allowance for the day that keeps getting less everyday. By the end of the week I’m at 0.
    If you just immediately stop, I have a feeling the body effects would be much more severe. Just have the strength and discipline to wean yourself off. And stop being such wimps!

    • Anonymous


    • antijpdjDJ

      jpdjDJ, Opinionated drivel – waht a knob

  • maz

    Hi all ! . I ve been heavy smoker since 18 till 32 and I did experienced withdrawal simptome it was very strong like flu . it last for week or two.. Lack of energy and sleep ,sweating I could not eat properly ,sadness…. I ve stopped smoking about 4-5 times..
    every time i had those feelings..Now I do smoke only weekends 4 grams ..Monday I can handle without cannabis ..Just sweating and I smell like weed…I think I gained control now..Before I had to smoke otherwise all was wrong..I can do muuch more at work Ican smile again and still enjoy cannabis on weekends ! I love weed ..I love when get stoned and play on guitar its sound better and my brain is more creative .. Weed is good but it have bad side too! thats why i been trying to stop or regulate..Its DRUG ! ! Every one should have control about it ! I ve losted .. People who think withdraval simptome do not exist they simply didnt smoke long egnouf.. they may smoke 1 joint per day .. I did 20 – 25 .. I Had plenty of weed ..My own hidro weed … anywas good luck to people who trying to stop… I found this web site when was sick from no having weed..I wanted some answers.. Good luck !

    • Anonymous

      @Maz, Ive been toking since i was 13,every single day of my life. Been playing guitar for 42 years. Not once have I Improved my art.IT does not REALLY make your guitar sound better.You just think it does.Lyrics on the otherhand in my opinion it helped.
      watch this>

  • Lit

    Well, about all we can do is speak from personal experience. I have smoked regularly, then, at times, I have not. Weird, because I have an admittedly addictive personality. I absolutely can’t handle prescription drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, I have not experienced any of the symptoms mentioned. I have had my IQ tested many times both high and not. It has never wavered more than a couple of points. Factually speaking, it’s always above 135. Highest was 136 and lowest was 130 (drinking). Clearly by this logic, drinking makes me less intelligent. So, why IS drinking legal and pot not? I forget…lol. Oh yea, no I’m not high and haven’t been for quite a while…. So, it appears, it matters more who profits v who doesn’t. What is addiction anyway? I know plenty of sober people who run every single day, and go to orthopedics to have knees drained of fluid every month, yet they continue to run and eat ibuprofen. How is that for an acceptable addiction… Rambler, out…

  • Charley B

    I’m so glad I found this page… Now that I know I’m not the only one.
    I have been a regular chronic smoker for 11 year since I was 15, averaging 1/2 g a day.
    I came to the point admitting to myself that I really had to stop for good.. It doesnt do me no good anymore. I still miss it.. but I don’t miss being that dopey guy anymore or having anxiety issues after smoking it at times.

    I went straight to a detox diet, drinking lots of lemon/lime juice, taking detox tablets as well as things like psyllium husk to clean my system as fast as possible. Being a chronic smoker for so many years made me hit the wall after a week of the detox diet. My body just hated it.. I had severe panic attacks almost every night before sleeping or I would even wake up with a panic attack after a couple hours. I didn’t have any stressful thoughts and generally I’m a happy guy, I couldn’t understand why I would have these attacks. After around 3 weeks of quitting I started taking a medication to reduce the anxiety as I figured the chemical imbalance to the brain caused by the prolonged weed abuse was causing the attacks at night as serotonin is released in your sleep.

    It has now been around 7 weeks since I have quit, 3 weeks since stopping the detox diet and I must say I feel a LOT better, but not 100%. I fight off the cravings and think to myself I don’t want to go backwards and I still get the occasional anxiety/panic episodes.

    For those people having severe anxiety after quitting or still smoke it with anxiety issues, think to yourself, can your brain afford the loss of dopamine any more? The more you abuse weed for years, the harder you will suffer one day. I wish I quit a long time ago, I wish I realised that the anxiety could become permanent but hopefully this won’t last much longer. Meditation, exercise and some medication is what I have to rely on to get over it all. Apparently these issues can last years.. If someone with similar issues reads this, I hope you will recover one day too. Positive thinking and dedication is the key.

    • Unkewl

      You had anxiety before or developed it during your normal life, smoking was just something you did that you ended up blaming for it. Most likely you started smoking to self medicate your anxiety, but after a time self medicating anxiety with cannabis will not work. Panic attacks do suck, but you can beat them as long as you keep trying to get over them as well as accept what they are and understand them better.

  • After I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added-
    checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added
    I receive four emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be a means you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  • Unkewl

    Welcome to the new front … Misinformation and lies, anyone saying they experience withdraw from marijuana is either full of it or experiencing symptoms from something else that they should go to a doctor and get checked out. If you cant stop thinking about smoking marijuana when you quit, then sorry to tell you but you have what is known as a highly addictive nature and anything can pretty much make you feel this way when you discontinue it including certain foods and drinks. You would have a better chance understanding yourself by getting counseling to better understand why you have such an addictive personality and what causes you to be highly suggestible.

  • Anonymous

    it didn’t happen to me!! wow that must mean everyone else is full of shit? your a bunch of fascist pigs!!!

  • Durlabh

    Hi I smoke weed sometimes with friend sometime for a week then again go back to my life. For the past 2 months i smoke almost continuously now i am facing appetite loss. Is it the weed or m simply worried. I have not smoked for two days now…


    Those who were paid to post on this please stand up!

    I really can’t believe there are that many people on here that think their “withdrawal” is from such a harmless substance. You know, when people with stressful lives and mood/eating disorders smoke, it tends to help the user.. so what happens when you stop? It’s not withdrawal…it’s your life you’ve been smoking through. WELCOME BACK! Just like waking up and drinking a pot of coffee everyday for years, if you stop that caffeine consumption, your body doesn’t know what to do. (which by the way caffeine is said to be among the most addictive drugs, on par with nicotine and heroin.)

    Educate yourself before you start throwing accusations people. One day a cure-all for all disease will show up in the form of a substance we’ve banned from use for it’s slandered name. Then we all keep suffering because someone couldn’t open their mind and learn.

    FEAR YOUR GOD so we can tell you what’s right w/o questions.
    FEAR YOUR GOVERNMENT so we can take and control your money w/o questions.
    FEAR THE NIGHT because WE can’t see YOU in the dark
    FEAR THE UNKNOWN because if you don’t know what it is it’s probably trying to kill you.

    Ignorance has and will continue to be the downfall of humanity.

    BTW before posting, as I knew my personal experiences would NOT be enough to justify my posting, I did some research on this subject.

    The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
    Investigate systematically.
    noun. investigation – exploration – search – study – inquiry
    verb. explore – investigate – search – study – inquire

    In case you didn’t know..

    And what was found is a split between blog rambles, fox news articles and the occasional “study” being done on the subject. To sum them all up, Marijuana Withdrawal is real.. in the same sense that STOPPING SOMETHING YOU DO EVERY DAY FOR SO LONG WILL AFFECT YOU! YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE! Don’t be so shocked that you feel different that you run and blame it on the unknown.

  • B

    You guys are all pussy bitches. I have smoked weed my whole life then quit at the drop of a dime to serve my country as a marine for four years. Yeah, your not as hungry, I found myself stressed out from the military saying “man I could use a joint right now and so could this government ass clown yelling. Lol, but that’s about it. I got out honerably and I’m happily smoking again. When I read about this garbage it makes me luagh, weed is not addicting, chocolate is more addicting than weed. You are a bunch of babies if you think your having marijuana with draws. Go grab a fuckn jamba juice if you can’t eat, pussy. Jesus, marijuana with draws is about the silliest thing ever, you all are talking about it like it’s heroin or an actual drug, weed is less addicting than coffee, candy, masterbation. Lol if you’re addicted to weed i suggest you wrap yourself in a plastic bubble Cuz you can get addicted to everything in the world you little bitches.

  • budless

    I’ve been an alcoholic since I was 15 due to severe social anxiety and I drank to self-medicate and to take the anxiety away. I am now 30. I recently quit drinking due to stomach pains and the doctor says I have a stomach ulcer. I started smoking pot and seen it really helped my stomach pain and depression along with the physical anxiety symptoms(not so much the psychological anxiety, though). I thought I had found my replacement “wonder” drug with no side-effects, hangover, or withdrawals. I felt great. I’ve been smoking all throughout the day everyday (3 hits here and there) for the last 14 months and now haven’t had any weed for almost 3 days. My hands are shaking like crazy. One minute I’m hot, the next I’m freezing. I wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. I’ll feel like I could run 10 miles, then a few minutes later have a hard time staying awake. It almost feels like I’m dreaming when I’m wide awake. It even feels as if i’m having a hard time moving around or holding cups with a beverage in them (dropped a broke a plate last night). Feels a lot like when I quit smoking cigarettes 6 years ago. I read tons of things over the net saying there is no marijuana withdrawal. I now know this is bull. Maybe people who smoke once in awhile will be fine, but if you are a heavy smoker and just abruptly stop you’ll surely feel some WD symptoms.

  • Anonymous

    The above arguement should boil down to two basic questions.1. Do you feel different now that you have stopped smoking weed? and 2.What effects,if any, have you noticed?
    As much as it is probably different for everybody depending on a mixture of factors, (such as length of time smoking, volume of consumption, metabolism, life style, mental health issues, diet ….to name but a few) then the most likely answer to question 1 is..Yes. As much as there is people who have had no adverse reaction what so ever, well there is as many,if not more who obviously have seen reactionary changes.
    I smoked 10-15 joints a day for over twenty years without fail, gave up and most definitely went through some of the effects shared by some of the prescribers above. Namely constipation, sweats, headaches and vivid dreams. Weed being a relaxent and stimulant taken over a long period geared my body in a certain way. Once I had stopped I noticed due to my sleep not being now induced that my sleep pattern changed and it took several weeks to return to natural deep sleeping and dreams not to seem so vivid or weird. Different, yes but I probably always dream like this but I just sleep more naturally now and with less anxiety.
    The constipation gradually disappeared (within 3-4 weeks) mainly due to a healthier more active life style in the main but also due to an all round healthier diet. Once normality took a hold I felt less tense, headaches and sweats disappeared.
    Do side effects or withdrawl sympthoms exist….100% YES.
    Do I Feel better ……….100% YES (just took a while to flush the body of all those toxins but was worth the sleepless nights). Stick with it and it does get easier. We were all created differently so you will always get a different answer from every different person you ask…..If you are one of the lucky one’s who had it easy on giving up…well just count your blessings and try to be supportive rather than cinical or unsupportive. There may be a time when you will need a good dose of optimisim too.

    To all weed smokers who have, are ,or just considering giving up…do it and stick with it. Rely and depend on yourself and those around you….not that little buzz that only takes you further away from reality and deeper into trouble. I still miss that first kick….but am not wasting the next twenty years stupidly chasing it. Peace to all

    • Amber

      Day 5 for me after 37 years of heavy daily and nightly use. Night sweats, nausea and vertigo seem to own my soul right now. Should i be kicking cold turkey like this? It’s not that I’m even craving it, because oddly for the first time in my life, I don’t. But do you think that taking a toke once a day for a while (rather than smoking my daily 2 grams of sticky humbolt grown bud) would help ease the symptoms? Once i get through this, i’d be a fool to go back.

      For the record, for all the haters, Wish i smoked it differently to begin with . . . I’m not down on grass, I’m down on my stupidity for over using it all these years.

  • Greg

    HEAVY dro smkr several times a day for 7-8 yrs. To the gungo ho smokrs who say WD isn’t real are completely ful of it or are strong reggie supporters. My first week was hell . Sweats constantly, insomnia, cold/hot flashes, fatigue, you name it. To each its own and every xperienceis unique. God bless stay positive and pul thru everything will be ok.

    • Amber

      You rock Greg! We can do this. Thanks for sharng yiur positivity,

  • Greg

    Exercise is very important as well and drinking good fluids, water, cranberry, etc. Love weed had a blast but the negatives aren’t worth the positives anymore. Looking forward to great health

  • Joe

    People who say they smoked regularly for 15-20 years and have no withdraw – they never really tried to stop, and probably haven’t gone longer than a week or two before they start ‘jones-ing’ and toked up.

    I quit after 20 years….I won’t start again because of the horrible withdraw I went through. Currently 9 months in, still feeling like going through subtle withdraw.

    I started exercising 3-4 times a week to help clear out….that helps.

    Withdraw: Extreme night sweats….lasted several weeks. Felt sick, disoriented, trouble sleeping…all the stuff everyone else felt. Worst of it lasted about 3 weeks….

    I miss it occasionally but those cravings only last a few minutes…I just think about the withdraw and know I won’t give in. Been around other people smoking…was nice not to join in…felt more free…didn’t miss it….

    Weed is like an old girlfriend…..we had some wonderful moments, I loved the f…. out of you but it’s over…not that interested in hooking up again. See ya around…

  • Kris

    I think a lot of marijuana users are people with high anxiety or add – the drug tends to calm that in a lot of people, and that is why it is not a bad drug and should really be legalised and moderated to eliminate the negative qualities. A lot of these withdrawals may be coming back into a state that some form of medication needs to be used for, for existing conditions. In our society we tend to see things as black and white and they rarely are. Also, exercising self control and cutting down is a better way to quit anything – drastically affecting the chemical balances in the body is not good for it. Try giving your weed to a friend and asking them to give it to you at hard moments to ease the withdrawals.

  • BossmanAE101

    I believe these withdrawal symptoms are true. I have been a HEAVY smoker for 15 years. Especially the last 5 years when all this medical grade stuff took over the market. I used to smoke mids real heavy up until about 5 years ago. When I say heavy, I am referring to 20 blunts a day, every day. Then about 5 years ago I started smoking nothing but “Dro”…started smoking a gram or 2 a day and after a few months I was up to a quarter a day if not more. I smoked liked this religiously every day for about 4.5 years until I got arrested 4 months ago and taken to jail for 30 days and put on probation for an “attempt to commit a trafficking offense” and was forced to quit smoking all together IMMEDIATELY when I was arrested and taken straight to jail. First week was not too bad. Had trouble sleeping and was irritable…but that could have been a double edged sword effect due to quitting AND being in jail, which sucked…Then 2 weeks hit and I started to get anxiety quite bad and had never really experienced it before…wasn’t sure it was anxiety at the time either, not until I was released and started researching, I will get more into that as I go. So the last 2 weeks in jail were horrible. Had become depressed, anxious, VERY angry and went from being Mr. nice guy and talkative(how I always am) to Mr. Asshole and leave me alone or you will regret it. So I get out of jail…Get back home to my wife and things were okay the first few days, still feeling slightly irritable and under a lot of stress from dealing with court and probation and back rent and dealing with a court date for my wife a few days after getting out, for a possession of marijuana charge. At her trial I had an anxiety attack (still did not know it was anxiety at this point), got sick in the bathroom over 30 times and just did not feel NORMAL. Then about a week after that…my wife and I went out to eat at a restaurant and I had an EXTREME Anxiety/Panic attack within 10 minutes of being in the restaurant and told my wife, get some to go boxes and I will be in the car, I feel really really weird and I felt WEIRD and felt as if I were dying and had a sense of impending doom and incredible fear and chills rushing throughout my entire body and all sorts of feelings. It was the scariest moment of my life. So she gets out to the car and I say I want to go to the emergency room right now. She is like are you serious? I said “I am dead serious, I do not feel right and am scared to death”…Got to the hospital and they immediately brought me in and started doing blood work and asking questions, finally got to the point where they said you seem to have an “Underlying Panic Disorder” and are experiencing anxiety. After they told me that I felt slightly better but still only thought this has to be from just going to jail…but further reading brought me to think that it was from that and the immediate stopping of smoking weed. This was all over 3 months ago and I am still dealing with these feelings on an almost daily basis. Some days I feel totally fine and others I feel out of it, have stress headaches and anxiety attacks. Some days are really bad still, but not as bad as the day I went to the ER but close. I have since learned to deal with them from reading from other people who experience anxiety and panic attacks and have also started taking xanax when I feel a bad attack coming on. I am only taking these until my 6 months probation is over and can go back to taking my safe and healthy natural meds which made me feel great for years and years. After all the reading I have done and the physical feelings I have had after abruptly quitting after being an extremely heavy user, I do believe there are WD symptons…same with any substance you ingest on the regular. Your body is used to it and then stopping cold turkey can cause all sorts of horrible side effects. Im not downing pot at all…I LOVE WEED! I cannot wait to be off probation in 2 months and get back to smoking. Its always been my natural cure all. So yeah, I had to put my 2 cents in LOL. If you decide to quit smoking I would suggest from my experience, ween yourself off of it. Just like with all medications and cigs. Maybe that would have made it easier than smoking a quarter a day minimum to absolutely nothing in one day. Good luck to anyone who quits and I hope that you do not have the same extreme WD symptoms that I experienced and am still experiencing after 4 months.

  • Ben

    Many people in the world think marijuana is a harmless drug. The movies show marijuana as a joke. And people believe in it, the society belives to much in propaganda…it´s like propaganda is all that matters people´s brain.
    This page shows the real truth that are not shown on the movies. And as the level of THC goes up, many more people are having severe withdrawals that people who smoke weak stuff can´t understant.
    Someone smokes something with 20% of THC and another one smokes something with 1% of THC. And both say that smoke marijuana. Who smokes the weed with only 1% will feel just little or no withdrawals and will say that withdrawals doesn´t exist while the other who smokes the stuff with 20% of THC will have severe withdrawals for months.
    In the future, high grade marijuana will be seen as a hard drug.
    For example, in the 18th century and beginning of 19th century cocaine was more acceptable in society than marijuana is today. Everybody thought cocaine was non-addictive and good for everything. Even the pope was using cocaine that time. The wine pope was drinking had cocaine in it and there was a photo of him on the label. Today everybody know cocaine is addictive and not harmless.
    What the media sells, people buy without thinking twice.

    • Stephen

      I realize this has become a very long post but please stay with me if you have the time.

      I will be 61 in April 2014 and have been smoking cannabis since I was about 17 or 18 years old. Give or take a few years of abstinence this is about 36 years of smoking hashish and more recently bud.

      On or around the end of August 2013 for various reasons I decided to take a break from smoking cannabis. One of the main reasons was the exorbitant cost at over €300 an oz, another reason been that I wanted to experience life without been stoned for a while.

      After about 3 maybe 4 days I began to experience various problems with my health. I noticed that my sinus seemed to be blocked, I started to have headaches and had serious problems with sleeping.

      I was not worried about these symptoms, I had gone without my smoke quite a few times before and after a 2 or 3 anxious and irritable days the symptoms would more or less be gone. I remember once about 20 years ago I gave up smoking cannabis for 4 years without any withdrawal problems.

      The symptoms persisted and after about 3 weeks I began to suspect that something else was wrong. I was experiencing bad flu like symptoms, I had headaches every day, blocked sinuses, bad tightness in my neck and shoulders. I could not sleep, at night-time the symptoms were worse than during the day.

      I started to believe that I was suffering from some kind of allergy, since the symptoms were worse at night-time and nearly all my headache where there when I woke in the morning, could I be allergic to something in the bedroom?

      I removed everything form the bedroom and thoroughly scrubbed the walls floor walls and ceiling with anti-fungal solution. I removed all the bed linen and replaced with new linen. A week went by and I still had the symptoms as intense as before.

      At this stage I was lost for a cause to my symptoms, then I realized that the only thing I hadn’t changed in the bedroom was the mattress. The mattress was the foam body hugging type, so I researched on-line to see if anyone was having an allergic reaction to this kind of mattress.

      There were hundreds of people having allergic reactions to these foam mattresses, all complaining with similar symptoms to mine. At last I had the solution its the fucking mattress all the time!!

      I replaced the mattress making sure the new one had no bad press, I was certain I had found a solution to my problem. Yes you guessed it the symptoms remained as bad as ever, what the fuck is going on. I never had any health problems before in my life.

      I decided to treat myself to a gram of bud, it had been about six or seven weeks since I had a smoke. I got me smoke and had a toke Weeeeeeeee. I gave up smoking tobacco about 2 years ago so I use about a tenth of a gram of pure bud in a pipe.

      I went to bed that night and for the first time in ages I had a reasonable nights sleep, next day I started with my usual pipe of bud and a coffee. I continued in this fashion for about 2 weeks during which time I consumed a little over 2 grams of bud. All my symptoms were gone and I was feeling Gooood.

      Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, does my favourite herb of choice have me by the balls? The herb I told my kids it was OK to smoke. This herb which I often defended as a non-addictive —- could I have been wrong all these years??

      After smoking for 2 weeks I stopped smoking cannabis again . It didn’t take long for the symptoms to return. In another 2 weeks it will be exactly 2 months since I stopped and while a lot of my daytime symptoms have lessened, night times are no better. Am sleeping for only 2 to 3 hours a night.

      From what others are have shared in this tread , I figure I have at least a month or six weeks to go before I can expect to start coming back to normal. There have been times in these last few weeks where I have been tempered to have a smoke.

      Sleep deprivation is wearing me down but I refuse to take them chemical sleeping drugs the doctors are pushing for the big drug manufacturers. I figure one addiction is enough to cope with at a time.

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  • Brian

    I am not as heavy as a smoker as alot of the posters but I would recommend meditation to those that are experiencing mental issues/sleep issues when quitting or taking breaks from marijuana.
    It takes a while to train yourself in effective mediation but even the first session will feel good. This will help with sleepless, anxiety overall well being.
    You can even free guided meditation online.

    • NathanDF

      Great suggestion! Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfullness meditations are a great place to start!

  • Haha

    There are some posts on here that seem really extreme, and possibly due to causes other than quitting marijuana use. But who the hell knows? Anyway, to paraphrase Joe up there, all the folks who say they’re habitual users and either aren’t addicted and/or don’t experience anything out of the ordinary when they’ve stopped using PROBABLY haven’t ever really stopped for any considerable amount of time. And the word PROBABLY is used because they just might, for whatever reason be different..and in this case good for them. But to all the Captain Cool Guys/Gals, I support your right to do your thing so by all means, use it to your heart’s content.

  • Our viewpoint in life often changes how we see things. Sometimes this change is good and sometimes this change is bad but it is our outlook that influences how we act.

    • HAHA

      Agree completely. What a difference a year makes, eh? Or 10 years or 20 years..

  • Steve

    I smoked weed basically everyday since I was 14 yrs old, I’m 35 now (21 years of constant smoking). I’ve been clean now for 6 weeks. The biggest symptom for me is the LONG VIVID DREAMS, not nightmares just weird dreams. I also experienced anxiety and loss of appetite but those symptoms are diminishing. The dreams are crazy and not decreasing yet, I even have dreams when taking a 30 minute nap. When I smoked weed, I RARELY had/remembered dreaming. Its weird but I assume the dreams will occurr less and less over time.
    To the first poster “shitspotter” you are extreeeemely ignorant.

  • hahaha

    what a bunch of whiney little stoners here.

    quitting anything is not hard, just do it and thats all theres to it, going around crying about how hard it is won’t make it easier. smoke and be happy or don’t smoke and be happy, its really not a big deal.

    or start smoking crack instead and feel more energized, up to you!

    • Anonymous

      What most of us are doing here, in a variety of ways, is sharing our strugge with withdrawl. Some struggle, some don’t. Nobody asked you to read our stories – and we sure enough are not “crying” to you.

    • NathanDF

      In most cases – I would argue, in the case of every person posting on this page – people become addicted to substances to deal with pain and trauma. To suddenly stop using can be very difficult for someone who has used the substance as their prime coping mechanism for pain, stress, depression, trauma, etc. It’s not so much about withdrawal as it is about being forced to find a new way of coping, which can be very difficult and adds to the pain, especially feelings of loneliness or loss.

  • Rational_One

    8 Years ago, When I read articles like this I posted the what seems to be typical response of BS utter BS its not physically addictive yada yada yada.

    Now, I am a little more mature about it.

    All of the posters who shout BS. Do you not realize that these “Withdrawal” Symptoms are a psychological adjustment to what is a completely new experience for your brain? What if you were mentally ill before you started smoking or psychologically flawed, guess what now you have to deal with it! What a surprise :\.

    If you have been under a blanket of calm since teenage years, grew up stoned in teenage years grew older and kept toking then you’ve hidden a lot of things from your mind that you would otherwise experience.

    Yes, its normal to have insanely Vivid dreams, Yes its normal to have stomach upsets, Yes its normal to have temperature regulation issues. Why?

    Because your mind is more then capable of making you feel unwell , and mis regulating your body to ensure that you do if you expose it to completely unfamiliar circumstance.

    This is NOT a symptom of Cannabis withdrawal, Its a symptom of reality exposure!!!

    Yes, surprisingly if you don’t do things you would do off weed for two decades afterwards, doing those things becomes difficult. As are experiencing the emotions and chemistry that is now remarkably new for your brain.

    Your brain has been used to pleasant sedation every night, Why would it be good at regulating neural activity while you sleep? Of course you get Insomnia and Vivid dreams.

    Humans adapt and evolve to our environment both genetically (now well proven) and psychologically. Two decades of adaption taking 1-2 months to unravel? And people are calling BS on it?

    Just like I was eight years ago on forum posts like this…

    How do you ‘BS’ posters explain PSTD? That is a psychological adjustment , They didn’t take drugs, Their mind has completely changed, They developed psychological mechanisms (helpful or not ) in response to their stressful environments.

    Likewise, Why would your body regulate calm relaxation during the night, If you had a medication physically addictive or not helping you do that? Or body temperature. Your body is a genius and as a genius it decided to stop wasting time looking after these things as you were.

    Surprise Surprise it needs to adapt briefly (in the context of the Cannabis usage) again.

    BS?, No, science.

    Try running every day for a year, then stop for 3 weeks and see how you feel. I guarantee you you will be miserably depressed.

    Any activity that effects emotions, that is stopped suddenly after years of it occurring will create a feeling of un-wellness.

  • boohoo

    man the fuck up and be glad you are not a heroin addict, how hard can it be to withdraw fron shitty american weed anyway (THC percentage of under 5%)

    • NathanDF

      Often times – I would argue, in the case of every person posting on this page – people become addicted to substances to deal with pain and trauma. To suddenly stop using can be very difficult for someone who has used the substance as their prime coping mechanism for pain, stress, depression, trauma, etc. It’s not so much about withdrawal as it is about being forced to find a new way of coping, which can be very difficult and adds to the pain, especially feelings of loneliness or loss.

    • jr

      i don’t know what the fuck your talking about . out here in California we have bud that is 34% , do your research before you talk my boy

  • bob

    you people complaining are pathetic. Your withdrawal symptoms are no stronger than nicotine or caffeine. You undermined people that try to get better and have withdrawal from REAL drugs. Man up

    • jane

      Hey……..I’ve done the withdrawal from hypodermic drug use. Just keep toking man!

  • jane

    days2: My anxiety is almost unbearable but I can breath without rattling. Heavy night sweats but I am looking forward to dreaming again. No……It isn’t easy. 32 years, every day heavy smoker I am looking forward to a different life, I will not stay stuck in that debilitating rut. I’ve heard it called ‘the new crack’ …the cravings for it make a mint for the dealers and they know it.
    Good luck everyone, sometimes you have to throw your crutch away so that you can learn to walk. I am hoping for a fresh perspective and a beautifully kept garden, instead of sitting there spliffing it out.
    My head is blown but I think my anxiety at losing my battle with it would make me feel just as anxious. I cannot get any food past my lips,I feel constantly sick in the stomach and I have to watch that my irritability does not spill into the room. My daughter does not deserve for me to smoke and she doesn’t deserve my withdrawals. I have been an advocate of weed all my life and always believed the myth that it was not addictive…..Good luck to all those that still smoke too. I feel I am failing even as I write this, I am trying hard but feel so very sick altogether. I hope I can do it…………….Keep going.

  • chris

    My name’s chris I have been smoking pot since I was 12 I will be 20this month I have been smoking pot all my life going stoned to clsss pretty much high everywhere I go I’m trying to quit and I’m only 2 days in and let me tell you this is a very weird experience even though I stoped smoking I’m still very unproductive for the most party all I want to do is lay in bed and watch tv lately mostly today I feel lazy and crapy and I had a bit of aniexty in school quitting pot is really hard for me I have been smoking all my life everyday and I want to try to limit myself too smoking on weekends only I can tell you one thing I know is a fact since quitting these past 2-3 days I dream a lot more and they have mostly been nightmares they remind me of some of my dreams as a young boy I love weed more then anything but for someone who is dyslexic I have a hard time in college and I think quitting would improve my life which is also my future people saying withdrawals are not real are wrong I mean everybody’s differcent mabye there are people who don’t have withdrawals trouble sleeping also happens but it’s not as bad as I remmber last time I quit for awhile anywayz please give me some feedback on what you guys think thanks a lot

  • seanben

    Its is not safe to take marijuana as it causes many health problems so quit this habit before it causes any more health problems.

  • NathanDF

    I’d been smoking bongs heavily for about 7 years, mostly before bed. I had to quit very abruptly after having emergency lung surgery to remove an abnormality on my lung that had resulted in multiple air leaks into my chest cavity causing a 2 minor partial lung collapses and 1 major collapse which brought me to the emergency room needing to have a chest tube put it for a few days. 4 days later I was having emergency surgery. If you’re tall, skinny, male, and athletic I highly suggest quitting smoking. PM me for more info. What happened to me is more common than you may think.

    -Nathan FreeSoul Finn (FaceBook name), Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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  • Richard Parker

    Even marijuana is safer than other addictive substances, still no one must use it or abuse it. People are feeling unease when under that drug. A lot saying they have withdrawal. Others saying there are abnormalities happening to their body. But why are we still using these drugs even though we already know the consequences of using them? We are the one who put our lives on danger.

  • Spiritural Healer

    Hey everyone! I am a holistic health therapist and energy worker. I would just like to share my perspective on what happens to you once you have disided to ‘stop’ or have a ‘break’ from daily marijana use.

    Firstly you are adding a chemical in your body that is somewhat addictive. By recieving a certain substance(THC) your body or ‘temple’ is extremely intelligent. Therefore even tho it may be toxic your body will use whatever it can from the substance before it moves it to your liver to disposove of it etc.

    The more you use marijana the more your body will repeat it process untill………… It discovers that (THC) a assisting tool in Relesing natural endourvanes, releasing muscle tention, stress reliever leading to mood enhancer perfect for zoning out of your so called reality. Etc …… Which leads your brain neglecting to give intrusions to your body to release and adapt naturally as you would if you wernt stoned.

    Your body is highly intelligent and utilises everything you put into it basically you have made your body adapted and function in a differnt way as it has a so called assistant.

    When you stop using marijana you have just shocked your own system. Your body discovers that it is no longer recieving what it is used to for years and starts to re- program itself to function back to what your body remembers before you introduced the substance to the body.

    Because your body was getting so much of it …… It stored it away within your fat cells and I order for it to be released a trigger of the Sweats and hot flashes start because your body is trying everything it can to receive what it’s used to recieving.
    That passed as there is only a certain amount of stored THC in there.

    Meanwhile your brain and body will trick you into thinking it needs it in order to survive or be in a calm state and can even inpersonate a feeling of anxiety just to make you have more as it’s trying everything possibile to take the easily way out.

    Remember that you are in control so tell your body to relax and talk to yourself explain why it’s not good and tell your body to start fun unction how it used to.

    Drink plenty of warm water and lemon to flush out old toxins, drink linden Tea to help relax you as it’s used for insomnia also.

    From a spiritual point of Veiw you need to stay positive meditating with rainbow energy re-energizing and your mind, body and spirit ( helps with the truma your body is experiencing)

    Keep yourself busy for as long as you can untill the urges pass remember urges to smoke only last for 3 minutes at a time and gets weaker as time goes on stay stong and assist your body in releasing stored up toxics in order for you to recover quicker.

    If anyone is seriously concerned please contact me by email: as I’m happy to assist.


  • Sober Soldier

    Take a 2 week vacation from work. Drink cranberry juice, eat bananas when you are nauseated, and take warm epsom salt baths in the evening. Stay in bed, treat it like you are sick with the flu. Try to get out once a day and exercise. When it gets real bad, remind yourself that you are sick, and this is how you are getting better. The worse the symptoms, the better chance you have of staying sober.

Dirk Hanson, MA

Dirk Hanson, MA, is a freelance science writer and the author of “The Chemical Carousel: What Science Tells Us About Beating Addiction.” He is also the author of ”The New Alchemists: Silicon Valley and the Microelectronics Revolution.” He has worked as a business and science reporter for numerous magazines and trade publications. He currently edits the Addiction Inbox blog, and is senior contributing editor for the addiction and recovery website, The Fix.

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