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Neuroscience and Neurology CategoryWhen I first explored the intricacies of brain function, I was amazed how the brain works in such a sophisticated fashion. My main interest at the time was in higher brain functions – the cortex and its relation to our conscious mind. However, I soon shifted my focus to low brain function, the way the limbic system worked under the hood. In my profession, I always struggle to make distinction between head and heart. It seems like a mystery how the conscious and subconscious minds worked in conjunction with the high and low brain functions. In my next few postings, I would like to explore the functions of the human brain — particularly of the limbic system, responsible for impulsive (or subconscious) behavior.


    What is consciousness? How do about ten billion neurons along with complete system give rise the sense of consciousness.
    These questions are not being answered properly till now.

    Neurology of consciousness
    Research scientist of human brain
    Founding member of MAANAS
    Foundation of Mind Awakening and Neuro Analytical Studies (INDIA)


    David Premack, Horace Barlow, Marvin Minsky and Nick Humphrey had suggested earlier that consciousness may have evolved primarily in society.

    Here I want to suggest one of my principle which will be called as the PRINCIPLE OF ASAMANTA

    Principle of ASAMANTA
    In this universe no two living things are identical in their complete materiality. No two plants or two animals or two human being can be found which will be identical. They may seem identical from outside but if we evaluate the total property up to the micro level, ingredient level, and chemical level and at all levels we will find the differences from one to another.
    There are two types of properties of a living being
    Physical property
    Internal property
    All human being have two hands situated at the same position in same manner, attached with different organs of body in same way, muscles bones nerves skin fingers elbow shoulder nails blood flow from the heart to part and from part to the heart in same manner. THESE ARE THE PHYSICAL PROPERTY BUT NOT THE COMPLETE PROPERTY OF HAND

    Properties like artistic property, muscular power, Neuro power, construction, length, diameter, reaction on a certain action, its posture and rhythm of movement while in motion, type of skin, color, texture, hardness, softness, and nature vary from hand of one to the hand of another man.
    These properties vary not only from hand of one person to the hand of another person independently or jointly but also from left hand to right hand of the same person.
    This type of varying properties should be paid more attention to understand why it is so?

    After long research and examination of thousands of persons we have concluded that this happens due to the difference in brain of one person to that of another person.
    This is the root cause which varies the internal properties.

    In our view these physical properties have created a great obstacle in the development of medical science, brain and neuro science and all other research related to find the root cause and curative measures of any disease, disorder, imbalance, and deformation occurring in a particular brain, or in its part because it seems the physical properties of the brain are the sole property by the scientist community, but this is not so.

    The internal property varies due to the variation in brain of one man to another man.

    Since every brain seems similar in structure, similar in function, similarly behaving in pleasure, sorrow, emotion, thinking process, controlling process, and so on, then where is the differences in brain from one to another?

    After study of thousands of persons and correlating it with each other we have found.
    Different brains seem similar in structure but are not similar at all. Structure of brain when seen at micro level, have so many differences from one to another. It has been seen by us in each and every cases.

    Every brain seems similar in modes and steps of function but it is not similar.
    We have found repeatedly during each experiment that during the same set of stress different brain behaves differently.

    During another successive experiment, different brains were mapped and have responded in the same manner what was established after mapping and before experiment.

    It seems brain behaves similarly in pleasure, sorrow, emotion, thinking process, and in controlling process, to all but it is not like that.
    Different brain behaves differently in pleasure of the same nature and in the same surrounding. It has been concluded by us while exposing a number of persons for a sexual adventure in the same surrounding but it had different reactions, of different brain.

    In successive experiment to different group were taken again after pre assessment of their mode and direction of behavior of brain, it also happened approximately same as assessed after brain mapping and before experiment.

    All experiments were conducted by us as a forward step to cross check, what had been read by brain mapping at sub conscious level is correct.

    What is self?
    What is consciousness?
    First for example there was the Darwinian theory of evolution saying men are just a hairless ape, which means you are not the climax of creation, but are in fact, the product of random process of natural selection.

    Yes of course, in fact in our view his step was a forward step to understand the human being.
    I do agree with his thesis up to an extent.

    After that Freudian theory came with a wrong step to understand the human brain.
    According to him you are not in charge of what you are doing, since your behavior is largely governed by unconscious motives and drives.
    According to our research and findings
    Your behavior is completely governed by subconscious motives and drives, not by unconscious motives and drives,

    And now the neuroscientist Mr. Crick had given his hypothesis saying you are nothing but just a pack of neurons
    He must be joking;

    Taking a piece of magnet and asking a group of Physicist that what it is?

    There is Electron inside.
    There is electron proton neutron inside it.
    This is a piece of Iron.
    Nothing, but the pack of Iron atoms.
    Its specific gravity is so and so.
    Its molecular structure is so and so.

    All the answers are not wrong but not right also

    Exactly this is happening at present in the field of brain and neuro research also.
    I can not understand how Mr. Crick had told like this?

    I am also not at all agreeing with the work done by G Rizzolati and V Gallace towards the so called Mirror Neurons.

    According to famous neuroscientist V S RAMCHANDRAN Director, Centre for Brain and Cognition, University of California, San Diego, USA,’ self is not the holistic property of entire brain, it arises from the activity of specific sets of interlinked brain circuits.
    According to him the specific sets of interlinked brain circuit which he calls MIRROR NEURON is critically responsible to develop the sense of self.
    But sorry Mr. Ramchandran I strongly oppose the existence of such type of neurons in the brain which you call as a mirror neuron and are critically involved in the development of self or consciousness.
    Actually as per our findings each and every neuron present in any brain is fully responsible for the development of self.
    On the contrary I am certain and as observed in my research and findings self is the holistic property of entire brain, it can not be otherwise at all.

    While designing a ballistic missile the test fire should not be done on crackers instead of missiles, and exactly this is happening in the research of brain and neuro.

    The brain of a rat or a monkey is completely different from human in its structure, function, configuration and actuation, can be compared, the same as the crackers and the missile.

    How can you compare the brain of animal to the brain of man? It’s amazing;
    In human being some hate humanity some die for humanity, some are terrorists but some are devotee priests, some are cruel but some are kind hearted, some are complete sentimental but some are not sentimental at all, some are so sensitive but some are not at all sensitive, some are foolish but some have extraordinary genius, some have enormous muscular strength but some have the muscular strength only to survive, and so on

    One has to search the answer of self or consciousness in every context and analyze the brain on that universal basics from where one can define all minor and major activity, defining state, limit, and direction, of higher function of all emotion of brain, at each and every instant for each human brain independently.

    Every man bears a different mentality, materiality, behavior, and axis of thought, mental ability, etc.

    Unless and until it can be explored the basics of HOW WHAT & WHY a man is different from that of another the study on brain to any extent will be useless, and it will be impossible to know the basic causes (root causes) of self or consciousness, and proper remedial measures for any mental imbalance, personality imbalance, disorders (brain & neuro) deformations, chronic disease, failure or inefficient functioning of any part of body or brain itself etc.

    We may have reason to agree to an extent with Freud if he had said, ones motives and drives is completely governed by subconscious brain, in our view he was quite close to the truth

    Now the question is what are subconscious motives and drives?

    How it is framed in the brain of every individual making it different from each other in its property, materiality, and behavior.

    Where is the difference in brain from one man to another? I.e. ingredients of subconscious motives and drives.

    How it can be estimated and calculated in each brain?

    In our research on thousands of persons we had treated the brain separately as
    Biological instrument
    Electrical instrument
    Electronic instrument
    Chemical instrument and
    Magnetic instrument and got no considerable result and response from the brain.

    We became puzzle and decided to treat it, in totality.

    And when we had treated it by keeping in mind that it is biological, electrical, electronic, chemical and magnetic instrument all in one, it has responded well.

    After that the task was to establish a relation between these properties of brain.

    On the axis of biological chemical and electrical so much research and findings are available since almost all brain and neuro research centers in the world are examining constantly with reference to these very axes.

    But there is no research at all on brain at the axis of electronic and magnetic property of brain.

    Again it was very tedious job because we were supposed to re examine all the data of thousands of persons, one by one carefully on this new generated axis, which we had already examined before.

    What was found was that there is micro configurational difference in the base of neuron formation in a way in frontal lobe of brain in each and every case.

    It was also found that in frontal lobe of brain eight separate areas, configured differently, four in left part of brain, and four in right part of brain, behave differently and having different properties at sub conscious level and create different type of thrust(motives and drives) at conscious level in response to a certain stimuli.

    But there was found similarity in properties and sequence of formation in left and right brain, i.e. area A,B C ,D, of left brain was found similar in properties and sequence of formation to the area a, b, c, d, of right brain.

    Every area was found divided into three parts longitudinally, along the partition of left and right brain
    Longitudinally each part in one direction has certain properties but in opposite direction it has opposite properties just like a magnet.

    It was found attached magnetically to each other.

    All eight area differently configured by neuron in frontal lobe also was found behaving like an axis.

    All eight axes were found intersecting at a common point in each and every brain, and that common point was the geometric centre (pinion gland) of the brain.

    I call these longitudinal axes as the AXES OF MATI,

    Configuration of neuron at different parts, other than the frontal lobe of brain was also found different and according to that configuration of brain was again divided into nine different parts.

    All nine parts behaves differently on all eight axes in longitudinal direction

    Forming eight axes *three division* nine parts =two hundred and sixteen magnets in longitudinal direction.
    They could be further subdivided.

    It was also found that same area in transverse direction and on transverse axis behaves differently and having same properties in one direction and complete opposite properties in opposite direction again forming two hundred and sixteen number of magnet in transverse direction attached magnetically to each other and forming the brain of a human like a multipolar magnet.

    The axis of transverse direction was found crossing through the geometric centre of brain (pinion gland).

    I call this transverse axis as the AXIS OF GATI.

    Each magnet was found having certain higher function or defined emotion independently for each brain but its state, limit, and direction becomes the state, limit, and direction of the resultant of all magnet in that multipolar system.
    So many opposite forces are being created due to auto interaction of each magnet to all other magnet in the direction of the all four resultants in that system.
    In our view this is the formation of human brain at subconscious level, creating different motives and drives.

    A magnet has certain magnetism in it but when it is attached to other magnet its magnetism increases if attached (naturally) magnetically on one axis, but in the case of brain all magnets of brain is attached with eight axes in longitudinal direction and one axis in transverse direction making it very complex magnetic system.

    In this complex magnetic system on each magnet so many forces act at a time.

    In this complex system one or more magnet independently or jointly becomes dominant due to the specific formation of that magnet and their properties dominate in that complex system.
    Every magnet will have the changed magnetism according to the nature and property of dominant magnet.

    Slight change in the magnetism of one magnet keeping the magnetism of rest all magnets constant the materiality of a man varies considerably.

    That is the constant primary reason why a man is complete different to another in this world.

    Each magnet represents a certain emotion and ability at one axis and another emotion and ability at another axis.
    The above theory of multiaxial differential properties in the cellular multipolar magnetic system of the brain shall be called the NITTIKEN principle

    According to our research and findings this multimagnetic property of brain (thrust at subconscious level) is fully responsible in the development of self or consciousness and it becomes the holistic property of brain.

    Thrust of any brain is nothing but the pressure (thrust) created in brain at sub conscious level and exerting pressure in all direction at conscious level due to cellular (electrical) activity followed by chemical change continuously in the life of the concerned person.

    In this way, the brain automatically regulates and controls the body and itself even at cellular (ingredient, elemental, and property level) biologically, chemically, magnetically ,electrically, and by all other means yet to be discovered by scientists, right from birth to death in order to keep the complete system in equilibrium(at least energy ,least neuro activity and electricity, least chemical activity, least pressure level) etc while making a bridge between situation of exposure in particular surrounding and thrust of the concerned brain

    Thrust of the concerned brain depends upon state configuration and actuation of different magnets at longitudinal axis and magnets at transverse axis which are attached magnetically in a definite design making a man’s personality a multipolar magnetic personality

    State limit and direction of pressure (thrust) or the state amount and property of chemical (neurotransmitter) released at a certain time in a certain surrounding by the concerned part of that particular brain depends upon the potentiality and magnetism of that concerned part of brain and on the resultant of the concerned brain

    In this way
    Have we explained the mystery of self or consciousness?
    Obviously yes in brief.

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