Memory Storage Begins Before Bedtime

Neuroscience and Neurology CategoryMost of us remember pulling an all-nighter and last-minute cramming before an exam despite the fact that your parents and your professors have told you to get a good night’s sleep before an exam. For years, people have believed that sleeping helps to reinforce what we have learned. However the following study reveals the reasoning behind the unanticipated success that most all-nighters have experienced!

To read full story go to Science News.

  • That’s very interesting. However even though the memory may be formed without sleep, I find if I haven’t had a good night’s rest before an exam my stress levels are too high (I haven’t given my cortisol levels their own chance to nap) which does not allow for a relaxed enough state to recall said memories during the test. Or it takes a long time to fight through exhaustion to recall the information. As usual, there are more aspects at play and I always recommend sleep over more cramming!

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