Portrait of an Alzheimer’s Patient

Living_Brain_Disorder.jpgLiving with Alzheimer’s disease is challenging for the patient and the entire family. AP Psychology student and elder brother Steven and Robert Griegoliet document the daily life of their grandfather James Conran suffering with Alzheimer’s. “During my grandfather’s last few days at home before his admission into an assisted living home geared towards Alzheimer’s patients, I made a short documentary,” says Robert, who serves as the director, editor, researcher, and cameraman of the project. “The video shows the dementia in a humorous, factual, and heart-touching way. Symptoms of dementia are listed throughout the video along with examples from my grandfather. It was my brother’s final project for psychology, hence his name in the credits, not mine.”

Director, Editor, Researcher, Cameraman: Robert Griegoliet
Kid [with an awesome psychology grade and an even more awesome older brother]: Steven Griegoliet
Grandpa: James Martin Conran

  • Anonymous

    Wow, to see such a personal account on the internet… I am amazed with this piece. My grandfather is in the early stages of this Alzheimer’s. Thanks GNIF BrainBlogger!

  • Robert Griegoliet

    Hey, this is Robert Griegoliet, I am honored to see this video on your site. Please enjoy in honor of my grandfather who passed away recently.

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