Top 10 Health & Healthcare Stories of 2015

Attaining optimal health and wellness is something we should all aspire to. Some might say it’s one of the most altruistic goals one can set, benefitting friends, family and society as a whole, never mind clearly being good for the self.

As such, it is no surprise that Sara Adaes’ Nurturing the Brain series was a phenomenal hit in 2015, updating us on the scientifically-validated brain benefits of some of the most scrumptious foods in our diets… like chocolate!

Meanwhile, advances in healthcare are raising the optimal health bar for both those with and free of medical complaints, where the latest in treating hearing loss and spinal cord injury were hot topics last year.

Without further ado here are most popular articles published here on BrainBlogger in 2015 in health and healthcare.

1) Running From Aging – Fitness And Brain Health

2) Future Treatments For Hearing Loss

3) Nurturing The Brain – Part II, Chocolate

4) Live, Fast, Die Old – Intermittent Energy Restriction Diets

5) Hope For Spinal Cord Regeneration

6) Nurturing The Brain – Part I, Caffeine

7) The Epidemic Of Prescription Drug Abuse

8) Nurturing The Brain – Part 4, Eggs

9) High-Intensity Interval Training And Brain Health

10) The Black “Whole” of Paranoid Schizophrenia

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Carla Clark, PhD

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