Give a Clinical Trial a Try: It’ll Probably Cost Nothing

Drugs_Clinical_Trials.jpgIf you’re looking for a different approach to a mental health concern, a clinical trial may be a good fit for you. Clinical trials, where new drugs and treatments are tested, are an important step in the study and treatment of mental health disorders. At any given time, thousands of trials go on throughout the country on almost all aspects of mental health. You can probably find one that’s right for you.

These trials are run by a variety of sources, from government agencies to private companies testing new drugs. Check out the US government’s online database of all trials at

Studies can involve everything from experimental drugs and medicines for depression and schizophrenia to specialized therapy and treatments for eating disorders and ADD. Even if you don’t get exactly what you’re looking for in a trial, you’ll most likely benefit from participating. You’ll get expert medical care and probably a better understanding of your particular issue, which should point your way toward more effective treatment. And who knows, maybe the drug or other treatment you received will be your cure!

Shaheen E Lakhan, MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN

Shaheen E Lakhan, MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN, is a board-certified neurologist and pain specialist, medical educator, and scientist. He is the executive director of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF). He is a published scholar in biomarkers, biotechnology, education technology, and neurology. He serves on the editorial board of several scholarly publications and has been honored by the U.S. President and Congress.
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