Mystery of Brain Function

Neuroscience and Neurology CategoryWhen I first explored the intricacies of brain function, I was amazed how the brain works in such a sophisticated fashion. My main interest at the time was in higher brain functions – the cortex and its relation to our conscious mind. However, I soon shifted my focus to low brain function, the way the limbic system worked under the hood. In my profession, I always struggle to make distinction between head and heart. It seems like a mystery how the conscious and subconscious minds worked in conjunction with the high and low brain functions. In my next few postings, I would like to explore the functions of the human brain — particularly of the limbic system, responsible for impulsive (or subconscious) behavior.

Jonathan You

Jonathan You is a writer/pastor with a keen interest in science, especially in the area of metaphysics. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and Fuller Theological Seminary. Apart from his writing career, he spend much time preparing for seminars and lectures for his ministry. He runs a series of Successful Christian Living, which involves research on how the human mind works in relations to believer's success.
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