Son Invents Stroke Equipment So Mom Can Live Normal Life

Anti_Stigmatization2.jpgThe American Stroke Association reports on a son who invents stroke equipment, like the adjustable thumb Froomsplint, so that mom can live a normal life. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Robert Froom:

BRAIN BLOGGER (Tony): Greetings Bloggers. Today we welcome Robert Keith Froom to our anti-stigmatization forum. Hello Keith and welcome.

KEITH: Thank you, it’s great to speak with you.

BRAIN BLOGGER (Tony): Keith, we invited you here today because of some work that you are doing to help neurological patients overcome stigmatization. Tell us a little about that please.

KEITH: Well, It started when my mother had a Stroke and started to have problems with here hand and arm. I asked her doctors and therapist if there was anything they could do for her and it seemed there was some ways to help. We waited along time for a splint but the hospital made one out of a piece of foam and tape. It was a hassle but I would do it to help my mom. After a couple of days I realized this would not work. I came up with a splint in my garage that my mother could manage with here unaffected arm. The therapist and doctor thought it was great. I also made some devices to help my mother support her arm so it would not just hang there, that made her shoulder feel much better. I incorporated these devices into my mother’s everyday living in her home, bathroom and office.

BRAIN BLOGGER (Tony): How might these accessories be used in an office environment to increase the neurological patient’s autonomy and hopefully decrease stigmatization by employers?

KEITH: My mother would like to sit and work on her computer, a device that allows her arm and the splint to rest next to the key board, this kept her arm from constantly hanging which gave her great pain at times. It also worked well for her to eat her meals or to read a book or work at the table. There is one that also assists while using the toilet and bathroom sink. My mom was even interviewed by the American Stroke Association which resulted in a feature story in this month’s edition titled “Uncurling a Hand.”

BRAIN BLOGGER (Tony): Wow! What an honor to have the support of the American Stroke Association. How do you feel about that?

KEITH: It is great to have the American Stroke Association so interested in the company that we have formed around this idea. I think it will really help get the word out about these new devices for others stroke survivors that might benefit from these devices as my mother did.

BRAIN BLOGGER (Tony): Keith, it looks like great things are in store for you and we wish you the best. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Declaration: Tony Brown has since become an scientific advisory board member of R.K. Froom and Company

Tony Brown, BA, EMT

Tony Brown, BA, EMT, graduated cum laude from Harvard University. He served as an EMT in the US Army stationed in Germany.
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