Welcome back to the GNIF Brain Blogger!

System_Messages.jpgWelcome back to Brain Blogger. A few things have changed since your last visit, the most apparent being that I am your new host Tony Brown. First of all, I would like to thank the former host and project co-founder Ray McIntyre, who, along with our Executive Director Shaheen Lakhan, did a great job in making this project happen. These two guys were able to take an idea and turn it into action, faster than a basal ganglia! Good job guys and thanks for setting the bar so high.

We have a variety of new projects planned for you this year. We will be hosting “Roundtable” — an electronic forum introducing neuroscience topics for discussion and friendly debate. Additionally, we will host the venue “Anti Stigmatization,” a collection of interviews and stories about historical figures and Brain Bloggers who overcame societal stigmatization to make worthy contributions to their community.

We welcome your input and ideas in our effort to make Brain Blogger a communal and educational experience.

Until next time, KEEP THINKING!

Tony Brown
[Former] Project Coordinator
Brain Blogger

Tony Brown, BA, EMT

Tony Brown, BA, EMT, graduated cum laude from Harvard University. He served as an EMT in the US Army stationed in Germany.
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