Drugs and Pharmacology, Eight Edition

Drugs and Pharmacology Blog Carnival CategoryWelcome to the eight edition of Drugs and Pharmacology. Today, we discuss a variety of topics from anti-depressants and natural sleeping aids and their efficiency to the rise in tooth decay in children and whether fluoride supplementation is the answer.

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Flowing OverEveryone Needs Therapy reports Definition — ADHD:

Hyperactive kids can be nervous, angry kids, too. Treat them. Treat their parents. Get it all done the first time around. Shop for good therapists.

PharmaGossip discuss Taro and Sun call it quits:

One year ago, India’s Sun Pharmaceutical had signed an agreement to acquire Taro Pharmaceutical Industries for $454 million. The latter company is a US-based generic drug maker and, after many delays in the acquisition, Taro finally terminated the deal altogether.

Health Chaos writes on Scoliosis and what to do?:

Why do I have scoliosis? I attribute it to the fact that the “girls” in my generation did no exercise. We read and studied while the boys all played sports. As an adult I was a runner for 30 years, but it was too late then to reverse the damage, and may even have made it worse.

Internet Marketing Blog asks Google Health Launched. Can We Entrust our Health to Google?:

Google has entered into the fray of online health record service via a simply branded service, Google Health. Although this is nothing new on the web parlance, having witnessed other internet players with their own health-related initiatives, including Microsoft and WebMD, we could not simply discount the fact that this is Google taking an initiative on health related issues.

Sensible Self-Improvement reports the Top 10 Natural Sleeping Aids to Help You Through Those Long Nights:

A Warm Glass of Milk: Often thought to be an old wives tale, many of us remember back to childhood when our mom would give us a warm glass of milk to help us get to sleep. Well guess what, it really does work. Milk, along with most other dairy foods contain an amino acid called Tryptophan, which your body converts to Melatonin and Serotonin, both of which are believed to induce sleep.

Flesh and Stone reports that One-quarter of disabled seniors use medicines that are unsafe or ineffective for them:

Thirty-three medications are regarded as inappropriate for people 65 and older, including Xanax, Demerol, Darvon and Procardia, and should be avoided because they are either ineffective or pose a high risk of side effects. In some cases a safer alternative is available.

Brain Stimulant asks Is the Pleasure Molecule Dopamine?:

The researcher Kent Berridge has done extensive research in this area. He has discovered that dopamine does not alter the experience of taste hedonics. Basically this means that dopamine doesn’t alter how good food tastes. So how does this translate into the real world? Well alcohol for instance can make food taste much better. That is often why people drink beer and pizza together.

the skeptical alchemist discusses ScienceCogs — results of a survey on the use of cognitive enhancers:

The buzz was so great that Nature set up a in-house survey, to be voluntarily completed over the Internet, to investigate what the general attitude (in the scientific crowd, that is) to cognitive enhancers is, how much they are used, for what reasons, and so on.

Life, Money & Development provides a Natural Recipe for a Healthy Prostate:

The prostate is a gland of the male mammalian reproductive system, whose main function is to produce a portion of the seminal fluid that constitutes semen. The prostate also contains some muscles that help expel semen during ejaculation. Additionally, the prostate also secrets a bit of proteic contents, including prostate-specific antigen (PSA), magnesium, enzymes, zinc, etc.

Parenting Squad reports Cavities Part 1 — Are Fluoride Supplements The Answer?:

Last year, in what was one of the most comprehensive studies in the past twenty-five years, the CDC determined that, after years of decline, tooth decay had actually risen in children between the ages of two and five.

Dr. Deb discusses Psychiatric Service Dogs:

Psychiatric Service Dogs can enhance the life of many. Children and adults with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Depression, Epilepsy, Phobia, Social Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, Tourette’s, and the list goes on.

Rants of a Gay Lunatic reports on To Take or Not to Take Medicine for Depression:

I have suffered from Chronic Depression for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I suffered immeasurably for whatever reason or no reason. I remember staying at a psychiatric hospital twice, and one time I stayed for a week in the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Medical Transcription Herald offers an extensive Medical Transcription Terminology List (Part 1 and 2):

We are in a world of constant change. New procedures, drugs, instruments etc., come into effect daily or sometimes outplace the old ones. Updating information constantly is essential in any career, as is with medical transcription.

Shaheen E Lakhan, MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN

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