What is a D.O.?

Health_Healthcare.jpgA Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) just might be your family practitioner, cardiologist or even your obstetrician. Surprise! They are not all M.D.s.

The increasingly growing hand of biopsychosocial medicine is pulling back the curtain on various types of medical fields. An example is osteopathic medicine. If you’d like to see a physician for your illness, there are only two fully-licensed choices in America who are are authorized to do everything from prescribe medicine and deliver babies to serving as your family practitioner. One of them is a D.O. and the other is an M.D. Let’s chat about why osteopathic medicine seems to be stepping up to fill the biopsychosocial gap in American medicine today. We’d like to hear from those of you who have been treated by an ostepath or are otherwise familiar with the field.


  • Anonymous

    True, I just found out last week after 2 years that my doc is a D.O.

  • Anonymous

    I found out that my family doctor wasn’t an M.D. when I asked her why she was so “touchy feely.” Had a backache and walked out without a prescription for the first time in 4 months of going from office to office.

  • D.O. Student

    I am a first year medical school student and was accepted into both U.T. Southwestern (M.D.) and into Texas osteopathic school in Ft. Worth, TX. Having finished my first D.O. year now, I know that I made the right choice. This really fits my people oriented personality.

    Don’t just sit there…D.O. something!

  • C. Singer

    I am kind of confused here. If the two D.O. and M.D.s are so different, how come my doctor just told me about a D.O. (some military guy) being recently elected to the National Board of Medical Examiners, which I guess is the group that makes up the exams for M.D. students?

    C. Singer

  • Roger

    Why can’t I get my D.O. treatments paid for by my insurance company?

  • Jack

    This is gonna be fun! My fiance’ has been going through literal hell for the past 2 years going from one D.O. to the other trying to find someone who will cure her problem! I am an electronics engineering consultant to the nuclear industry that had to take a crash course in medicine two years ago because we couldn’t fine anyone that was willing to put aside their ego long enough to properly diagnose my fiance’s problem! FINALLY, after three visits to Harris Methodist Hospital in Bedford, Texas, and one visit to Baylor Hospital in Grapevine, Texas where her gallbladder was unnecessariy removed, I took her to North Hills Hospital where I actually had to threaten them with a lawsuite if they didn’t insert a feeding tube into her stomach, and prescribe Megastrol and Zofran for her, which they did and ended a fourteen month period of her not being able to eat any solid foods. It was during this time that an M.D. and myself came to the conclusion that she has LPR, otherwise known as Larynpharyneal Reflux Disease..So much for your D.O’s! This is a case in point where a totally uneducated electronics engineer had to actually take a crash course in medicine to be able to save the life of a loved one because the ego’s of these stinking charlatans in the Wonderful Bedford, Texas area where you have a literal third world medical comunity.! Thanks to Karl Rove…literally anyone who wants to, may come here from any state, hang a shingle and practice medicine! We have FINALLY found some great doctors at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School…. Need I say more?

  • Evan

    Are you KIDDING me Jack? You could just as easily find an incompetent MD as you could an incompetent DO! I mean, would you agree that there are some incompetent electronics engineering consultants out there? That doesn’t mean that it lessens the credibility of your degree, does it? I am a nurse, and I will tell you that there are many inept RNs, MDs, DOs, EECs among us, but don’t lump the bad in with the good.

Tony Brown, BA, EMT

Tony Brown, BA, EMT, graduated cum laude from Harvard University. He served as an EMT in the US Army stationed in Germany.

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